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Regal Cinemas Sucks Shit

Regal Cinemas Sucks Shit

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Regal Cinemas Sucks Web site
Regal Complaint Site

Let's talk about Regal Cinemas. After all this page was pretty much inspired and originally created by the ideas and thoughts of people who work at Regal Cinemas.

Many people have worked at Regal Cinemas and most of them started up making pay at five dollars and fiveteen cents. They end up making around six dollard and fivety cents by the time they quit or get fired for some bull shit.

Who is to blame who all the broken promises, and all of the excuses? The Managers of course. At least as far as the Managers at Regal Cinemas Warrington Crossings 22.

People like Wojo, Bolton, Wade and many others are nothing but corrupted jack ass' that think of nothing more but to look for a easy way out of trouble. To do this they tend to use Regal employee's as Scape Goats to cover their own ass. No matter how small or stupid the situation is.

The official Regal Cinemas Sucks Web Page covers many parts about how lame Regal is. Though I feel that it is the Managers most of all that need work.