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“KOI!” yelled Brio from a distance, “Come on! We have to go!”

Jynx looked back and replied, “I’m coming! Hang on!”

Koi was a pet name that Brio had given to Jynx.

“I have to go,” Jynx said to her friend Achaia, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Jynx turned and ran towards Brio, and gave him a big grin, “Sorree!”

“Oh you always have to talk to her anyway...” Brio then laughed, “Let’s go.”

The two of them walked to her car in the light of dusk, got in, and drove away from the mall.

“So what have you done today?” asked Brio.

“Eh, the same old stuff-- nothing!” Jynx giggled at him.

He smiled and said, “Koi, we need to go to the coffee place, turn here.”

Jynx took a right and pulled into the parking lot of Point of View, the local book and coffee store. They stepped out of her car and strolled inside. While inside, Jynx found a book about the paranormal, and ran to find Brio in the Foreign literature section.

“Look what I found!” Jynx exclaimed, “Isn’t this so cool!?”

He looked at her and rolled his eyes, sliding the book out of her hands to read the back of it.

“Don’t you already have this book?”

“No,” she replied, “I have the book about UFOs and the paranormal...”

He smirked and gave the book back to her, “Lets go get some coffee.”

Now it was her turn to roll her eyes.

“Ok,” she conceded with a goofy look upon her face.

Brio stepped up to the counter, and ordered a cafe mocha with some mint syrup, his usual. Then he turned to Jynx and asked what she wanted. Jynx shrugged.

“I don’t know, I’ll just have what you got.”

The cashier rung up their coffees and Jynx’s book, and Brio handed the cashier the money.

“Thank you, have a nice day.”

They sat down at an empty table and chatted for a while. They spoke their normal conversation: random things. Jynx happened to bring up Demoro, as he was kind of Brio’s friend.

“So what has he said about me today, eh?” wondered Jynx.

“He hasn’t said a thing, I’m sure he waits until I am not around to hear him to say something. Koi, you need to stop worrying about what he says...”

“I know I do, but it’s just so un-nerving when he glares at me in the hall then whispers in minionish friend‘s ear.”

Brio sighed as he stood up and made a gesture to Jynx to hurry with her coffee. She took the last sip and tossed the empty cup into a trash can. She looked confusingly at Brio,

“Why are you in such a hurry? I am the one with the keys!” He stared at her with a stoic look and said,

“Just come on, I’ll tell you in the car.”

Then he grabbed her hand and led her to the door. They got into the car, and listened to the engine turn for a few seconds before it started. After driving in silence for ten minutes Jynx decided to break it.

“So where are we off to?”

“Over here,”

Brio said as they came to what Jnyx thought was an empty lot, but it wasn’t empty at all; it had about fifteen people standing and waiting. There were just a couple of lights, a few of which were burnt out.

“We have to talk to them, they wanted us to meet them here.”

Jynx and Brio stepped out the car onto the slightly wet gravel. Jynx looked around and noticed all familiar faces. Demoro, Alexander, Beta, and Biondo were among them. Biondo came up to Brio and gave him the punch in the arm that he always gave, and said,

“Hey, you came.”

Brio smiled slightly and said, “Yeah, I had to.”

Jynx became very curious as to what was happening, so after looking to see who she knew, she turned and walked to Beta and asked, smiling, “What is so important that Brio would want to leave the coffee shop early?”

Beta looked oddly at her and said, “He didn’t tell you... good. If he had I doubt you would have come. We needed you here.”

“Tell me what?” Jynx asked in a distressed tone, as her smile faded.

“We are going to settle some things.”

Ignoring the tremble in her hands, she questioned, “Am I in any danger?"

“We don’t know yet, but that’s up to Brio.”

Jynx became very worried about her well being, as well as that of her boyfriend. She turned and looked at Brio, who looked very distressed himself. He started to look around, as if waiting for something. He spotted Jynx looking at him, put on a quick smile, and he went to her.

“What is going on, Brio?” she half yelled.

“To tell you right now would mean both of our lives, all of our lives here.”

Jynx looked around warily--she was starting to shake. She was very afraid of what was going to come. But deep inside of her, Beta’s words echoed, “We needed you here.”

Suddenly, she noticed someone there, someone that she had never seen before. She grabbed for Brio’s arm; he had noticed them before her. And the group started to walk towards the unseen face. The new-comer was a he, as Jynx could infer from his voice and appearance. But he looked older than all of them--they were between the ages of seventeen and nineteen; the new comer looked about twenty-eight. The group neither greeted nor banished him, they just stood there, watching and waiting.
Without warning, he collapsed, and left standing where he once stood, was an apparition. It was a glowing orange, pink and blue; in the shape of a human. Everyone took two steps back, and Jynx watched as a path was cleared towards her. Brio stepped behind her, and held onto her shoulders.

He whispered in her ear, “I am here, just don’t be afraid. This is why we needed you.”

The apparition began to walk the cleared path, and come to Jynx and spoke. Its voice was a monotonous tone, and had a strange sadness to it.

“Do you know why you are here, Koi?”

Jynx looked around to see that all eyes were on her, and that Brio’s hands were still on her shoulders.

“No I don’t, no one has told me.”

“You are here, because you are our only way, the only way to make things the way they have to be.”

“The way things have to be?! What is going on?! Why do you need me?!” Jynx yelled in a shaky voice.

Brio turned her around to face him, and he spoke to her, “We are fighting an evil, and in another life, you had too. In that life you defeated it, but now, its descendents have come back to avenge the death of the evil. Just like this spirit in front of you, the evils take that form.”

Jynx glared at him with a snarled lip and in a furious voice said, “I fought an evil once before... so what? I can’t recall any of it! How am I supposed to help you?!”

Brio continued calmly, “You fought an evil that your superiors thought was good. When you killed this evil spirit your superiors punished you by turning you back into a mortal. This is why you lead the life you do today. But now the spirits that were once your superiors know that the spirit you killed was evil, and you are the only one who can help--all of the other spirits that faced this monstrosity have moved on.”

“So you knew about this all along? Are you my boyfriend because of this? To lure me into helping you kill off-- whatever it is that you are fighting?” said Jynx, looking longingly into Brio’s eyes. “No, my love, I wanted you before I knew who you were,” came his truthful reply.

The spirit behind Jynx began to speak again, “Koi, we need you, you are our last prospect. You are the only one that holds what we need to make everything right once more.”

Jynx turned back to the spirit, “I don’t want to be your last way, I don’t know any of what you’re talking about.”

She fell to her knees and began to cry into her hands. Brio grabbed her shoulders and helped pull her back up and looked her in her eyes.

“Koi, you will know what it is that you are supposed to do,” he got a tiny smile on his face, “And it’s up to me to help you find what it is.”

“Brio, why? Why do you have to help me? Why did I have to be the one you need...”

Jynx sobbed.

Brio gave a small laugh, “You are so full of questions! Just look into your soul, that’s where all the answers are.”

The spirit spoke once more, “I will also assist you in finding what it is that you must find. I am only a messenger, so I will only go as far as I can.”

“Well, where am I supposed to go, and what am I supposed to do?” asked Jynx.

“Look inside of you.” Brio and the spirit said in unison.

Jynx looked around, she saw all of the faces of her friends, faces that stared back at her with such a need. She looked down and ran her foot through the gravel, and sobbed another sob. This is just like those stupid movies... she thought to herself.

Then she looked back up, and she was no longer in the parking lot, surrounded by people. She was standing in the middle of a field of the greenest grass she had ever seen, and all around her there were glowing apparitions. Jynx looked down again, and noticed that she was glowing too. She held out her hands and moved them around, but they didn’t look like hands, they looked like clouds of mist moving around.

For a while, all she could do was stand there and gawk at herself, then she glanced up to see a larger apparition advancing towards her. It was glowing orange. Jynx frantically began to look around but there was no one else in sight. All the other spirits had vanished, and then she looked down at herself and saw that she was now glowing pink.

Looking up once more, the large apparition was still coming in her direction. Then it stopped dead in its tracks, reared its head backward and shrieked, then jerked itself around. There standing behind it was a spirit that looked just like Jynx; it was glowing pink, but she looked more human than Jynx did at the moment, and she was holding something in her hand. Jynx gazed closer at the spirit. It was her, and the weapon in her hand was a large staff with a great gold pendant on the end. At that moment, Jynx became very terrified.

Is she going to kill that thing with a large STICK?! Her thoughts yelled.

Then as soon as she could think it, the spirit in front of Jynx raised the staff straight above her head, and the air began to pick up beneath her. Blue sparks commenced to spout out of the staff and gather into long streaks of swirling lights. After a few seconds of the lights gathering, the form whirled the staff around in the air and struck it down to point at the large, threatening apparition. Once more, the glowing creature screamed, but this time, it fell to the ground. Jynx’s clone form rested her staff and approached the creature. She peered at it for a while then all of a sudden looked around. Jynx froze-- her form seemed to be looking at her, but she didn’t react. Then, the form got a frightened look on her face, spun around, and there stood six of her superiors. Each of them had a somber look on their face, and one began to speak.

“Koi! You have just executed one of your Greaters. And for what reason? We told you that Malvagio was not our enemy!”

Koi looked down, and ran her bare foot through the grass, then she looked back up.

Jynx looked down, and became transfixed on herself, then looked back up. She was now at a place that resembled a dock and there were posts sticking up out of the water with small pots that held flames inside on top. The sun was at a mid-set, and the small fires seemed to glow brighter. Jynx gazed around her and she stopped, to her right there was Koi standing on the water. She was holding her staff out as if to aid in keeping her balance on the water. The wind was blowing through her hair as she stared forward and began to walk straight ahead. To Koi’s right on the dock there stood the remaining six of her superiors, holding their staffs, each Greater lit up in a different color; blue, indigo, violet, green, yellow, and red. Koi was no longer glowing, she was still walking further out into the water, nevertheless holding her balance. Then she stopped, still not facing her superiors. Each of the Greaters raised up a staff of their color and each of them began to spark different colors.

Jynx looked closer at Koi and saw her tensing herself, and tears were rolling down her cheeks. Sparks began to emit from the staffs of the Greaters. The sparks swiftly turned into flames, and the many colors gathered high in the sky, then abruptly struck down on Koi. She shook violently and began to rise into the air, off the water. The lights then disappeared as suddenly as they began. Koi Fell into the water and struggled for a moment. She swam to the side of the dock closest to her superiors, and pulled herself up. Standing seemed to be a difficult task for Koi, so she lay there as there as the colored spitirs spoke.

“You defied us, Koi. Your argument as to why you killed Malvagio was just about as pointless as your argument of why she was uniquitous!”

“I did what I had to do!” Koi yelled breathlessly, “If I didn’t tell then all of you, and I, wouldn’t be allowed to live! It didn’t matter to me whether what I did was right to all of you, I know what I did, and I know I was true.”

The blue spirit spoke in a blatant tone, “You will remain mortal for the rest of eternity. And there is no just reason as to why we shouldn’t banish you from this world!”

Koi struggled to stand as her superiors watched with inquisitive eyes. “Do what you have to.” she said gasping for air.

Jynx began to understand what was going on.

This is unerringly what Brio said... she thought.

Her eye closed so she could take it all in, and when she opened them, she was back in the empty gravel lot. She was surrounded by the familiar faces again, and she was on the ground. Brio quickly came to her, pulled her up, and cradled her in his arms.

“What did you see?” he whispered.

“I saw Koi, spirits...”Jynx murmered, “And...”

“Don’t worry about that now, you can tell me later.”

Jynx smiled warily, and looked up at him, “I’ll tell you in the car.”

Brio laughed and brushed the hair out of her face.

“Hey!” Biondo shouted, “Not to ruin the sentimental moment or anything, but, uh, we’ve really got to go.”

“Well derrr!” Demoro spat.

Everyone rolled their eyes, and the spirit spoke once more, “Koi, will you help us now?”

Jynx gave a sigh of exasperation and said, “I suppose I have to,” she looked around at everyone and smiled half-heartedly, “You all need me, what else are you supposed to do?”

A look of relief crossed the groups’ faces, and Brio took Jynx by the hand and led her back to her car. Jynx got a puzzled look on her face and asked Brio,

“Why are we getting back into the car, I thought we had to go settle this?”

He looked at her and smirked,

“We are more modernized now, and do not have to travel like a caravan. So now I will drive you to where we have to go, and they-- will follow.”

Jynx glared at him,

“This is not the time to be a smart ass, Brio.”

She threw him her keys and they stepped into the car.

While in the car, Jynx fell asleep to the droning of the motor, and the tap of rain on the windshield. Brio looked over at her and smiled to himself. He continued to drive through the rain while gazing at the surrounding mountains. It began to rain harder and Jynx woke up with a groan.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“Oh! You’re awake.” Brio said startlingly.

“Yeah-- so where are we?”

“I’m not exactly sure. I just kind of drove.”

“Oh... okay...” Jynx said with a questioning look.

The rain continued to pelt the windshield for another minute, then suddenly it stopped, and light shone through. Both Jynx and Brio leaned forward to look through the window to see if what happened was real. There, in front of them, stood the largest and greenest mountains either of them has set theirs eyes on. And in the valley of the mountains there was an enormous lake shining red-orange from the sun. The scene was perfect, and it would have been quite romantic if it weren’t for Biondo tapping their bumper with his car every ten seconds.

He obviously isn’t in the mood to be serious. Jynx thought to herself.

Everyone pulled their car over to the side of the road and got out. There were about six cars pulled off on the side of the road, and sixteen confused faces to go along with them.

“So you don’t know where we are?”

Jynx asked with a slight tone of sarcasm.

“No, but I do know where to go from here,” Brio said in reply.

He then began to walk off the road and onto the grassy hillside. Jynx looked back, gave everyone a look of “come on!” and proceeded to run to catch up.

The group continued to walk uphill with Brio leading the way with Beta making remarks about getting his shoes dirty. When they got to the top of the hill there was the spirit they had met in the lot, along with another person.