I started this journal for a good cause, not for it to be used against me. I like having somewhere that I can write/type things that I am thinking(mostly because I am not for writing as much as I do with my hands onto paper.)But it seems that people read this, then report what I say to other people to get me in trouble or to get people mad at me. I don't appreciate that in the least.
I can not wait until I get out of highschool, so I can get away from every immature, traitorous, asinine, cretin that I have been placed with. I was told that the world after highschool is similar, but at least then it will be easier to get away from it all. And maybe then I will be appreciated just a little bit.

So to everyone that I gave my trust to and who abused it and used me-- I wish you the best in life, and hopefully one day you'll grow out of your hideous teen age skin. Hopefully you'll learn how to really get through life. Until then, I bid you farewell. Like you'll miss me anyway....
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