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Word on the streets is that I changed the poll of the not-so-weekly week, 
updated the links page, and added a poetry corner to our website in order 
to cure adolescent insomnia...say one thing bad about our poetry 
and I'll tell mom the babysitter's dead!! 

New List = Feckin yeah yeah!

Yeah you wish you up-dated the "Babble of a Different Brand" Section on your website!! I am Lisa hear me roar..

I, Lalitha Varanasi, do solemly swear to improve this site 10 help me god.

It's snowing! Oh what joy! Happy New Year to whom ever it may concern...
My new years resolution is to not be so goddamn lazy.
But it looks as though I've already broken it seeing as how I've done nothing but sit 
in front of my computer for the past 2 days.But hey, whatever. 
I updated the "Babble of a Different Brand" section, so check it out!
There will also be a new rant in the near future that I know you're just itching to read!
Does anyone actually come to our website? I didn't think so...

Well well well, Looks like we got a news section. 
I know I'm ecstatic. Check here for our weekly updates, or don't, what do we care?
We do hope that every one will have a splendid holiday break. 
Lalitha's excited about San Diego, 
but thats just because she's never experienced the joy of hangin' 
with the old folks in Boca Raton, Florida every winter...Like me.  
Yeah, so we all know who's going to have the better vacation, 
sorry to bust that sunny, sea-breezed, californian bubble of yours Lalitha.