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Hello there. Litha and Lisa would like to take this oppertunity to welcome you to our humble We are ever so glad you could make it. We are continuously adding things to enhance your visit and make everything more pleasurable. However, we implore that you read our disclaimer-ish thing before continuing your journey into the unknown and, upon completion, proceed with the utmost caution. Apart from that...feel free to while away your time perusing through our quaint yet homely little website. If you find anything that you dislike about our website, please notify us immediately and we will be sure not to care. Okay kidlings, have fun! Don't stay out too late now! Oh, and even though it might not be safe to let your children come near us...we don't bite (too much) so please do not hesitate to sign our guestbook and tell us how much you want to violate us. It would happy us greatly to hear from the lot of you. The end.

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Precautions, Directions, and Random Disclaimer-like Things:

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