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Fallwell's Famous Fallacies

Those of you that know me know that I'm pretty tolerant, however, if there is one type of person that I cannot stand, it is the ignorant, close-minded bigots that force their bullshit ideas on others. There is a serious difference between sharing your ideas and enforcing them. One of the people that does this quite frequently is a man named Jerry Fallwell. The most openly discriminatlve human being I have ever heard, Jerry Fallwell never ceases to amaze me in his audacity and the exent of his hatred. Maybe I dont know what I'm talking about but as a messenger of God, should you be driven by love, and not hate? Doesn't that put you on the same level as Satan or whatever? (Note: I have nothing against Christianity as a religion, just the self-absorbed asshole Christians who misconstrue what the Bible says and shut out the opinions of others) Anyway, here are some of my favorite Fallwell quotes:

The Wit and Wisdom of Jerry Fallwell

Hahahahaha...I laugh at the sheer ignorance of some people...