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Shouts Outs


If I have forgotten you, please tell me, and I will add you ASAP.  I am so sorry!

Beth:  OMG.  It's a bunny!  Make it stop waving!  You're covering its eyes!  It can't breathe!  We have so many inside jokes it is unbelievable.  I am so glad that we are friends, but we need to lay off on the fun times in dressing rooms and closets.

Austin:  You're a good guy.  Band would be so boring without your craziness.  *cough*whip cream*cough*

Emily B.:  Howdy!  We have been through so much together!  Thanks for always listening.  Remember-- I am here if you need me... ALWAYS.

Irene:  How's it going, my Homegrill?  Pencils.  Moonflicker.  Lylas.

Michael S.:  Where is my 1000 yen?  Eh?  Fun times.  You're a wonderful guy!  Don't change, okay?  That's what I thought.  ;) 

Michael R.:  BUDDY!  You are so amazing.  I am so glad I met you!  :)

Matt H.:  Hey, hey!  You are sooooooooo nice!  :)  Thanks for always listening and talking to me at lunch when I get bored. 

Matt D. aka MD:  Hi.  What's going on?  It is nice to talk to you, and I am always willing to listen to your probs.  And thanks for listening to mine.

Stephi M. AKA The Other Me:  I MISS YOU SOO-O MUCH!  Hope you are doing well up there in Canada.  :)

Jeanette:  Please hold while we secure your spot in heck.  LoL.  That is great!  I miss you a lot!  Have fun at CPHS.

Aaron:  You are a nice person and pretty cool also.  Good luck in the future.

Jason/Bling:  You are fun to talk to.  If you need to talk, you know I am here to help you out.

Jared:  Jerard!  You are an awesome guy!  Chemistry labs wouldn't be the same with out you, and band would be boring without your yammering.  Just kidding! 

Tasena:  What's up?  I'm good.  How are you?  Not much here either.  Hehe.  You're really cool!

Emily F.:  You're a really nice person!  Thanks for everything.