12-31 - the mp42 for beaklss is up on mp42.com now, so check that out even if i forgot to put an "e" there. and in other news a car was stolen by a pizza guy and my toilet was TPed. lots of fun.



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Lyrics for Mooshake
flooded penis

words you might have forget

joyous disguise as an old lady

a cry from a guy

Did I saw you somewhere?


wet dreams

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                                               Sean Fizzgerbil (Ass cheek bongo drums)

                  Date of Birth - 6/2/68

Influences - Lead Zippin', Jack Osbourne, Rush Hour, YMCA, and Dick Van Dyke

Equipment - Ass Drums, 16' Honda 2002, 20' 1950's Zildjizz A,  Slabian
camara, ass hammered and crappy anus (that i hate)

Quote - "There is nothing like raw American pork."




Addison J.orgrisen (Seabass)

Date of Birth - 3/7/98

Influences - Alexander Briley(Village People), Superman, Harold Kahn(Macy's), Hit Counter, Alkaline Battery, Incubator, Any Given Sunday, Thursday's Underwear

Equipment - Polyester Mini Seabass, Concert Custom Michael Jackson, Fender-bender Pedal Tuner

Quote - "What the Schubert-moo-bee?"



Scott Layoff (Lead Styrofoam)

Date of Birth - 2/21/70

Influences - Randy Newman, Helen Isaac Van ,
FD Hickingbotham(TCBY), Jimi Handle, Jimmy Pager(Zippin'), John Frustrate(YMCA). Tony Lobby.

Equipment - Fender-bender 69, Digimon RP-100, Fender-bender 1991 Heavy Metal Sarcastic (Black Blender) /w Floyd Rose "Tres monos",  Hash brown Japanned guitar, Jim DuLoc Jimi Handle Cry Baby Fuzz/Shrek

Quote - "Can I Mao your Zedong?"



Keith Belch (Grape juice department)

Date of Birth - 4/21/48

Influences - Never Seems Forever, Assjaw, Spiderman, Tursday, System Alley-oop Going Up

Equipment - Peanut Studio Pro 112, Custom Peephole (Goldielocks), Digimon RP-100

Quote - "Always wear a helmet for a condom."

PS: Keith is also a partner in the law firm of Simon, Fitzgerald, Cooke, Reed & Belch.

Too Late to Pay