12-31 - the mp42 for beaklss is up on mp42.com now, so check that out even if i forgot to put an "e" there. and in other news a car was stolen by a pizza guy and my toilet was TPed. lots of fun.



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Lyrics for Mooshake
flooded penis

words you might have forget

joyous disguise as an old lady

a cry from a guy

Did I saw you somewhere?


wet dreams

all songs in the world's copyright 2002 too late to pay
Too Late to Pay was really called Too Late Toupee but we think that the "to pay" is better and other bands won't laugh at our band name. It started when Sean and Scott were having sex together and Keith and Addison joined. After our first four-some together it looked like we weren't going to work out as a "band". Our sexual influences were all different, our penis sizes, and many other things, but after we got together again, it looked like things could work out... some how.

After working on my "Flooded Penis" for a couple weeks, we thought we could be a "band".
After "playing together" for some months and putting together together... we had our first show at De La Salle's Dancers Festival AKA DLSDF. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot of positions.

We did a couple more shows and have come up with a lot more positions. We are still "playing" and trying to reach our orgasm to more and more intense and explosive.
Too Late to Pay