Tarzan & Jane


Genre: Children, Sequel                                                                                                                       

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    Hey, hey, Tarzan, why the long face? Is it me or Tarzan's face is getting longer and
longer by the moment? And his hair changed color, from THIS BROWN to THIS BROWN!
Some how it's a different Tarzan we used to know and love... And uh... Terk? She grew and...
well... everything's DIFFERENT!

To let you understand what I'm saying...

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The final evaluation:

Story: C-

The story is that it's Tarzan and Jane's first anniversary, and Jane wants to do something
special. Tantor, Terk and Professor kept dissing at Jane for bringing up crappy ideas by
telling their "old" adventures (which is new to us, but to them it's a flashback)... One of them
say "Don't have a party! Remember when you and Tarzan had a party? (Flashback)".
It goes on for 3 times, and they seems to look like TV episodes of Tarzan (I'll come back
to this later). I'm already quite sick of the plot and then there's a twist ending.
(me trying to strangle myself!)

Graphics: D

I keep scratching myself on the head and wonders if this IS a Disney "movie". It looks more
like a third-party "Made in China" disney-faking video you might find in dollar tree and laugh at.
The animation is quite choppy because they hardly move their body at all. And the scenery, no
computer graphics, na-da. So the action sequences looks more like Johnny Quest than "Crouching
Leopard Hidden Tarzan"

Sound: C

Although it's 5.1 Surround Sound, it doesn't sound like it. But... Jim Cummings voiced
and that's it. The other characters are practically random people from the streets.

Extra DVD crap: C

There's a game, well 2 games, one is to build a tree house, the other is look at screen shots
from the TV show (if there's one). No, seriously, it's a game where you "build your own adventure"
(out of screen shots from the TV show), and how do you build it? it's a multi-path selection thing,
mostly "do you want to go and explore, or go back to the tree house with Jane and be a wussy and
the game will end." And there's this Mandy Moore talking (for 2 minutes) about the song she sang
for in the "movie", that song's call what... oh, "singing to the song of life". All the bad things about
the movie didn't even make me want to hear the whole song, I rather go for "Circle of Life". (CoL
gets the special CAPITAL letter treatment.)

Overall: C

I tell you what the good thing in the DVD is... the preview of "Treasure Planet".

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