CHAPTER X- The Real Frickin' Circle of Life

    The following Chapter will be in first person and will be extremely emo... yet still
have a bitter funniness attach to it. The purpose of writing this is either to show how I could get
so emo on small things like this or to gain sympathy, to make you say "poor kid, I feel so sorry

    We're going to war. This is what you would expect when Bush takes over the throne.
And while they're at it, oil companies can jack up the prizes stealing as much money as possible
from suburbia, AKA a place where White Americans could have their peaceful country life.

    From that moment on, it would build up like an avalanche.

    All these crap going on makes me want to kill fictional people... therefore, I MUST
have GTA3. It's been a year since I hope to get a copy and now the price dropped from $50 to $30,
and I ache for one NOW. But my mother disagree and still fret over the price.

    Why didn't I just go get a damn job? The matter is I CAN'T. I felt this negative energy coming out
of my mother that I shouldn't work since that I suck even at house works. So I cooked up the coolest
plan of all: Starting a show. Most of the money, since that I don't have a job, will go to me. It'll be like
the Follies only the cash goes in my pocket instead of the school. The plan started to work, somewhat,
but NOW it failed because the assholes are BUSY at other activities. Although I felt sorry at constantly
encaging them and controlling them. But on the other hand that's what Directors do. I was soft-hearted.
I knew that I shouldn't let the opportunity go... I did anyhow... they have the right to do the things they
wanted to.

    I've been also secretly saving money for the family: not buying a REAL graphing calculator ($70) and still
using my lame-ass Chinese thingamajig which doesn't even calculate points, letting my extra teeth grow and
not removing them, going on a bread diet, not asking for allowance, watching less movies at cinemas,
still using dial-up, using my old glasses which grew moss and made a dent on the sides of my head for 4
years, not doing drugs and/or smoking, masturbating... etc.

    What'd they gave in return? $500 for a frickin' speed reading class even if I could read quite fast. Do you know
WHAT I can spend on with $500? I can not only get my copy of GTA3, I still have money to get a VIP pass to
see The Lion King on Broadway, pre-order The Lion King DVD, buy the whole Sims collection, and STILL
have money for buying GTA director's cut and GTA2 and a large pizza from dominoes.

    And still, they needed more. My mom always trying to sculpt me at being a good example of myself.
For example, just then (from when I wrote this) at the dinner table, I was being picky and picked out the
asparagus tips to eat. And She told me to eat the stem for a change because outside of the house, others
might wanted to eat the good bits. That was a lesson about giving in to others. That just broke my heart
right there... I DID gave in! I honestly DID... I gave FREE performances, I burn CDs for FREE, I give
hugs for FREE, I cancelled the show just for the cast, I lend people stuff, I go to school even when I'm sick,
last year in February I even stayed for a 40 point English assignment when my Mom Dad Sister and Grandma
went to LA. I forget people even I was being used... it's hardly ever ME.

    And all that rage build up, making me want to kill... making me want to reduce my stress and kill fictional