CHAPTER 9- Mystery guy on answering machine...

'Twas Janurary 5th, night before the first school day of 2003 starts.

Ovan tossed and turned in his bed and can not sleep.
He was worrying about his first day in the new year, 'cause it's going to
be a boring even day and he had a bunch of work to do...
He had to redo his essay on Public Humiliation as a punishment because
he's not allowed to be "silly" on a serious topic (it's actually hard for him to
make it silly), so Mrs. Constable (now currently pregnant for the second time...)
should take it as granted!

But no, on his "silly" essay, she made this comment that isI'm being sarcasticreally
making a good manner and a comfortable atmosphere for a fellow student. she states:

Try reading like the way she wrote it: (this is a better transcript I typed, some characters
can't be read on your PC, so this is a pic of it)

OUCH! How humiliating, looks like Mrs. Constable knows more Arabic than Ovan...

Ovan spent countless hour to think up a less "silly" essay to rewrite about and couldn't help
but putting something extra in it and made the font white... (and he didn't changed it when he
printed it, since the font of the "messages" are white).

*** The following section will be in first person view.

During the night, about 2:00 AM, my phone rings... the answering machine starts it's
purpose of answering.

A man in a strange accent is heard:
"*BEEP* Hello this is Tony in Sigma (inaudible) driver (inaudible)... hello? hello? (pause) hello?
hello? hello? hello? (pause) hello? hello? (long pause) hello?..... (sound of phone hanging up that
lasts for 5 seconds)."

Apparently our friend don't know what an answering machine is... (my mom erased the
message, pity) Then this guy called again, here's the conversation on mom's side:

"Hello?..... what?" Then my mom handed my phone to my dad, hoping that my dad knows
this person. After a head scratching moment my dad realized that it's a delivery guy for
Panda Express, my dad's old job as a manager, but now my dad's working at Todai (the
Cupertino one, not the Sun Valley one, although my sister works there. She wears glasses
and most of the time she have a pony tail and a pink safety pin-shaped earring.). So my
parents told that guy that my dad doesn't work there anymore, and they hung up.

Shortly, that asshole called again, and now my mom is furious! Here's what she said:


More or less (probably more) that's what she said as I squirm in my bed to the yelling.
And alas, that guy didn't call us after that.

BUT, on Jan 6... he called again while we we're away, luckily I have it recorded.

Your browser needs to play mp3 to hear

Here's what he said (Italic means it's uncertain): "Hi, Mrs. Chang this is Tony
in Sigma. I just wanted to confirm with you, that rout that.. that we're going to put those
keys at, your.. your stop, it IS gettin' delivered tonight. (pause) Uh... made a mistake,
OK? It's leaving, it's, actually tomorrow, it's tomorrow uh afternoon at 10:30 so it's gonna
be uh delivered tomorrow, OK? So I told you the wrong information you were right.
It'll be delivered Thursday um... oh, Wednesday night, OK? (pause) thank you.
Actually Tuesday night. So it'll be delivered Tuesday night. Thank you. (hangs up)"

Here's my reaction (pretenses indicates the time of response) : "(rout) like a disturbance?
(keys at) What? (stop) This is not making any sense... delivered tonight? Leaving tomorrow?
Afternoon at 10:30... don't he mean evening? (you were right) Right about what? About you
disturbing us? Or about my dad not working there anymore? (delivered Thursday) tomorrow's
Tuesday... (Actually Tuesday night) It sure take you a long time to realize that. Yeah... bye