December 12... 12\12\02.
Ovan is aware of his surroundings...
And also above and below him.

No bird's going to poop on him today...
Not one single canary or peacock. Or the most dangerous one of all:

SEAGULLS! Left-overs eating seagulls!

Ovan had been swooping under anything that can most likely cover him: Andrew, Tobey,
Mary, That thing that's in front the halls, Mr. Neary, Janitor's closet... etc.

Which reminded Ovan of a joke: How do you tell a hooker to haul? Heave ho!
At this time, our reader snickers at the randomness... if you haven't done that, you may
do so. GOOD!


In 5th period, Ovan ran into Lineweaver's class and Reenacted a scene in Tarzan with
Mrs. Lineweaver. But before that, let's talk about LUNCH!

Lunch time, Ovan was doing what he normally do, grabbing penises for fun and frolic
around. Just before he can grab Maur's, someone yells "Hide! Bombs away!"

Those darned seagulls comes, everyone ran for shelter, Ovantoo slow to reactis
now covered in a pile of bird doo.

The pile now rumbles, and the top erupts with the roar of Ovan: "WHYYYYYYYY????"
In a distance... high above the sky, seagulls were celebrating and were rapping "Cut Your Butt".

Ovan, the lucky guy, has made into the Guinness book of world record for being accidentally
pooped on 3 times for 3 days  in a row by seagulls.


Later in the day, Ovan and his parents went to a Chinese restaurant in San Ramon, here are
the strange things Ovan noticed about that place:

-One of the waiters (there's 2) looks like Johnny Depp in "Edward Scissorhand", including the
hair style.

-There's a cabinet to the right of the door inside of the bathroom, the bottom rack contains
empty 409 bottles, the middle rack have a box that contains "Guest Check" books, the top rack
have a Kinko's box that says 84 brightness on it and inside contains several big rolls of toilet papers.

-The hand soap's called something like "Medical moisturizing cleansing crème soap", and it smells like
Keithie (Ovanesk) [Christianism] {Teyleristic} <Danish> =Chadicking= @Joshinkle@

-My fortune from the fortune cookie states: "You have talent in your hands"

And that is one of my still counting days in my life.