CHAPTER 16- Talent Show & the other talent show


    Ahh, it the talent show again... full of talented (me) and non-talented (the rest) people.

The Audition

    It was lunch time. 4-16? I was nervous as hell and missed some low falsetto notes.

The ONLY Rehearsal

The Show

That Saturday was the busiest Saturday I've ever encountered yet...
First I was in Hayward for the CMEA festival in Jessica Vincent's ride, her lil' bro's doing a "Buzz
Lightyear VS Spiderman" thing. Then like an hour before the Talent show, I ran home to
pack my finger puppets and change into my "special occasions" outfit. And ran back and still have hmmm...
8 minutes (I think) to get ready.

The talent show starts with A familiar song... (lyrics' directly from MTV's music awards, that's why)
(Why was there a pause there you ask... it's for Chad's line "Whoa Tyler, I think that they
want us to start the show") And yes, I helped Chad and Tyler to make it possible... the week before the

We had 3 Chicago acts... just like the Ohlone with Bye Bye Birdie... except it's Chicago...

Then some more people do their crap... then it's intermission, and I... do my mission.
it's more like a pre-show... I walk around with my Elmo doll doing his voice. Which was
sensational, but not that many people cares.

There WAS supposed to be a song after intermission, but the spot was given to improv.
(I changed the lyrics on this one) Then... it's my turn to take over the stage.

Chad: Hey Tyler, can you feel this? (pokes tyler)

Tyler: no...

Chad: How about this? (pokes in different area)

Tyler: no.

Chad: How about... (raises fist, ready to punch)

Tyler: Whoa, violence is not the answer, Chad.

Chad: Alright, can you feel the love tonight? (offers hug)

Tyler: (backs away) No thanks, but after the next act I will.
All aboard! Here's Ovan Chan doing "CYFtLT".

Chad: Ovan, that guy with the Elmo doll at intermission?

Tyler: yeah.

Chad: cool!

The Kayhan plays his song about cutting off your fingers. With his instantly-made-up band, Eye Pickle

Then... more mayhem. And all acts are done. The judges was given time to waste, and I volunteered to go
build a pyramid. When they finally announce the winners, I pretend to be the usher that's really excited about
his job, thinking that I wouldn't win anyway. And alas, I didn't. And then there are more thanks given out...

By this point, the tech crew was pooped. And Adam probably said, "alright, let's just go leave this s***"
Eventually, the last song was cut off. STUPID TECH PEOPLE!


This is the section that's really worth the reading... here are some possibilities why I didn't win.

This year's performance compare with my freshmen year: The best I can give with a lower budget.

Actually... I might have a better future than some of the winners:

Omar- I dance for Missy Elliot now.
Ovan- Hey, she was there at my talk show last week. I would've seen you if she did a song.

Aspect- We play for clubs.
Ovan- I RUN clubs.

Sam Ray- I'm in a world-class orchestra.
Ovan- I'm world-class.

Lindsay- I sold Trillion copies and now crowned as the queen of Mormon Pop.
Ovan- I'm humble and doesn't brag about myself.

There's always next year... for me to loose again.