CHAPTER 15- Bye Bye Birdie

    My first crack at anything theatrical. Also my first crack at having my ass squeezed by
Adam Newacheck.

The Audition

    Before the audition, we were packed inside the drama room to learn the dance which you
dance to in order to audition for the musical which, coincidentally, includes dancing of the
same form. Which can be shortened by: audition dance routine to dance to for audition. Which
can be abbreviate to: ADRtDtfA.

    Now the audition... I raised my hand when Ms. Barlow, the director formally known as
Wagmanor you can call her Liz (info from Josh Gronner)asked  "who's in a hurry?".
Then I discovered that by just simply raising my hand, I've skipped the procedure of
acting out a monologue. I just need to sing my 32 bars and act out a scene impromptu-ly.

The part

    I got the part of Trainman. Which sounds awkward to me as that I didn't think that "trainman"
was really a word. I was happy that I still have a part. If I filled in that I want leading roles, I
might not (mightn't) get the part.

    At one rehearsal, "American Boy", I realized that I actually have a line! ("All Aboard!").
I leaped with joy.

    At another rehearsal, the finale, I was told that I say my line twice. I pranced with glee.

Numerous Rehearsals (not in chronological order)

Ohlone Festival

FIRST DAY- We used the disc I made which contained the midis. and we turned out to be faster than the disc.
Oh well... I have to stretch the note to bring us back on track. "Hello Mrs. Garrrrrrrrrrrrrrfind is Charity home
from school yet?". Then I went to see the videos some are good, the rap one's too long.....

In the bus, I was being as annoying as I can get singing classics suck as: "99 bottles of beer on the wall..."

After we came back, I urinated into the bush at the school's entrance. Behind the big bush and the wall, the
crack between a small bush and the stairs and a line of bush.

SECOND DAY - Somebody did "RENT" and there's "Peter Pan", they're no frickin' match to US!

Doing the Announcement

    Like every other good boys and girls, I signed up to be the guest voice of the eagles. Actually there
are only 3 who signed up: Me, David Tenenbaum, and some other kid.

    Megan announced one morning that there will be a meeting some certain brunch in March. Apparently
she forgot about it that brunch, and I have to rush out and yanked her by the arm to room F-2.

    David got on in March. And he sounded different....

    When it's my turn on April 11, I was so excited! I even practiced phrases in showers the few days before.
I came to school a tad bit early, and went to the office. Megan came and guided me into a secret room that
can be reach by:

1st door from the left.

Then she placed a stack of papers on a paper cutter next to the phone.

    "What? I thought you had Danny Hill type it up..." I asked.
    (Megan said something, I can't remember)
    "So I talk into the phone? You mean it's not a mic?" I asked.
    "Yea, no." reasonable answer to type when the respond was forgotten, "Sp are you ready?"
    "sure" I answered.
    Megan then pressed * then # then 1 (reference for Senior prank!)

In the circle, the circle of life... BOOM.
Hey everyone this is Ovan Chan contaminating the school's PA system.
(start announcing)
Neutered...... oh, returned! What was I thinking.
(some certain sports division) won by (# here)-(# here) YAY!
Here's Mr. Long for some torture.
(Mr. Long yaps about Junior prom)
Hakuna Matata... and good bye!