CHAPTER21- My Dear Aunt Sally

Great, my mother's dead... and her face's too messed up to see (the nurse said).

So I didn't even bothered to go and look, but I saw that on her record that she's
not even Latino
so now I know why I don't look Latin.

I did a little research in the hospital, the nurse gave me info about my mother,
but there's only one relative on the record, Sally Bradford: sister.
Aunt Sally... I got her address, I have to find her and at least make this small family big.

Must be married too, Bradford doesn't sound Latino.

    "Please, don't go!" my dad pleas as I pack my bags.

    "I have to, this family's too small"

    "You can't go alone... I can drive you."

    "Oh yeah... forgot about that..."

So we left our apartment complex and headed for:

5923 West by Southeast Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 98581

Watch out Aunt, we're coming to Las Vegas! (Jazzy Vegas song plays as car drives away toward the sunset)