CHAPTER19- fun...

The nurse IS hot... if I'm a guy, I would get up and rape her...
but her attitude... wooo! What a bitch!

She never pays any attention to anyone, she just runs around in her
uniform with the carts, doing sloppy shots that only last for a quarter of a second.
Then, PLOP out goes the needle, throw some cotton balls at the patients and
said "help yourself" then she ran off with her cart. Even though it's fast, she can
do it in an erotic, sexy sorta way... her boobs just echo to her chest movements,
but it only seems sexy if you record it with a camcorder and play it on slow...

Otherwise, she'll look like a female chimpanzee in heat.

She finally paid attention to me one day...
"It's time to take your medicine, Mr. Gokrey"

"I'm not..."
She shoved around 35 pills down my throat before I can say "gay uncle".
I quickly swallowed those pills before she ran away, thinking a way to stop her.

"'Fear dot com' is a good movie!" I yelled.

She suddenly stopped and turned around choppily "What did you said?" Yes! My plan
worked! But she's not even looking at me... what a BITCH!

"I said... that I'm not Mr. Gokrey, I'm Jennifer Lopez."

"Oh my god! Really? you're J-lo? I saw 'Enough', I'm your biggest fan!"

"No, I'm not..."
She extracted a small portable notebook

''Give me an autograph... I'll be right back!"

She ran away, giving shots to the patients in the next room.