Today is the first day of Odd day of school! YAY!
I want to change my General Physics class to Physics.

Unexpectedly, my mom repeated her "4/24/02" speech again while driving.
What I did was act dumb and respond. She talk about how China's last king
had sex so early that he's "not able" when he's 30. What I think is that it's
some psychic thing... I didn't argue because she's driving.

Before going to sleep, I slept with my window opened, I heard a female moaning
from next door... What a weird day it is today...



I went to the driver ed class, total of 7 hours... the teacher, Jack, was funny so
time flies faster

6:05- "4/24/02" incident repeats... kind of... I guess that this time she knows that
I know that I'm feeling guilty... she don't even bothered... that I'll feel bad eventually
and stop, she got me wrong... she got all the teenagers in the whole wide world wrong...
Girls... jeesh!

RELATED TIP: windows key and "M" minimizes all windows



I helped out setting up the dance, I was the one to made the "Welcome to the Kick-off
Dance" sign stick! I might be the first one who released a guy's urine in the girl's locker
room, 2nd cell to the right (not star, cell), the toilet seat was down, so some of my
urine is on the seat!

You can't lock the disabled (big) cell (the most right one). Someone forced the door through
the lock.

I also put some of the "water bottle $1.00" ice in my underwear, it's so cold it burns my balls!



We're reading "The Scarlet Letter" for our English class, this book is so hard to understand...
It makes me wanna invite the class to a field-trip to Nathaniel Hawthorne's grave, dig him up,
open his coffin, and piss and crap on him then put him back.

On page 72, I found a quote that made me shiver... "The trying nature of his position drove the
blood from his cheek, and made his lips tremulous."


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