This is a must read... (To me at least, I've got nothing to hide...)
if you're offended by personal sex stories of your friend (if
you're my friend) please go back... but if you watch too much
MTV's Vice (and/or not my friend), scroll down and read on.

It's not that funny but it sure makes you think and put some disturbing
images in your head...











I was caught masturbating today... about 7:45PM it's not that embarrassing though
(thanks to that year of Drama, I can control my feelings! Drama... worth it!).
One day, the big handed Maur had asked me "it's embarrassing get caught masturbating
by your parents huh?" then I answered, "It would be embarrassing if I caught
my parents masturbating, I would say 'Geez, Mom, Dad, why don't you two just have
sex together? I won't mind.'"

I thought that my mom is wise, but she lied to me even I'm a teen, tsk tsk!
She said that masturbating too early will harm your penis... I've learned that
just as soon as you've cross puberty, it's ok no matter how many times you masturbate.

Well, this is kind of like the second time though, the first time is in February,
but all she see is porn on the monitor, regardless of my shirt covering my ejaculating
penis. (oh, perfect timing god...)

This time, I have porn on my screen and I did covered my ejaculating penis (perfect
timing again, Mr. God) but my mom noticed the slightly pulled down pants (I guess she
didn't notice that I'm ejaculating). Yes, like other teens the "s" word did appeared
in my head, I just closed all the windows on my monitor and hear my mom say her line.

I was thinking that I will do it in the shower but I was just in a hurry... to relief myself
since that I'm going on the tour tomorrow.

Masturbation is like getting rid of the thoughts and be clean to me, it's not about "lust".
(well, sometime you need lust to extract that gooey substance, it's just a tool)

This little incident will be in my mind forever, and April 24 will be a bad day to masturbate.
and next I'm going to do the top 10 embarrassing moments thing...

I still have the mood to masturbate though, and next time, I have to be careful...
and watch the timing... when mom's not home... it's dick out for Ovan...

**And this is before the Disneyland tour, On Saturday 4/27/02, the day to go home from
Disneyland. I don't want to go home... and face all those crap... but I have to anyways

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