"The End Of All Things Sacred" PPV (1/24/03)


****NOTE: The first half of the results are written out in its entirety, but I was tired of waiting for Caleb to finish them (it's been over 4 months), so the last section of results is just the matches, the winners, and how they were won. ENJOY****

(The cameras come on, panning around a completely packed sold-out arena, filled with action-hungry fans that are eager for the Pay-Per-View to get started. Suddenly, tons of pyro and rockets explode onstage, the deafening roar of the crowd matching that of the fireworks. The cameras showcase the screaming fans with their signs and the giant cell above the ring and then cut to the announce table, where the announcers are seated.)

PAT SMITH: Good evening, everybody! Welcome to the BLOOD Fed's January Pay-Per-View event, "The End Of All Things Sacred"!! I'm Pat Smith, and alongside me is the esteemed Daniel Keith! Let me tell you, tonight's card is a very explosive one! Anyone who has ordered this one will not be disappointed! Am I right, Daniel?

DANIEL KEITH: You are exactly right, Pat! We have title matches out the ass here for you! The Deadman Title, the HaRdCoRe Title, 1/2 of the Street Fight Titles, the World Title, the Highway 2 Hell Title, the Tag Titles, and the most coveted Bloodshed Title will all be on the line tonight! That was a lot of titles!

SMITH: Yes, it was. Within these matches, Dragonlord, the huge man who interrupted the Highway 2 Hell Title match last show, will be facing the Nightmare, per Damien's orders. The D.A. is here! The Sickness is here! These two teams will never quit fighting! Mortis will be defending both his Hardcore and Highway 2 Hell Titles! We will crown a new Inferno Champion tonight! And in the main event this evening, Stryker, a member of "Dangerous Distortions" will fight against Damien for the Bloodshed Title! I think Stryker has been held down far too long.

KEITH: I agree 100%. I'm glad Damien has finally realized this young man's potential. Because not only will Stryker fight for the Bloodshed Title, but he is also a member of the Fatal Four Way match for the Inferno Title! But, we do have a piece of footage that was recorded earlier today, that will decide whether Stryker will even compete tonight. It all started just a couple of weeks ago, when Stryker realized that he needed to buff up. Here's what happened...

(Onscreen, the footage fades in and we see what happened about 2 weeks earlier, when Stryker was at the gym, ready to train for his match. We see Stryker accept steroids from the gym trainer, Gunther. After the cameras went off the air, they kept taping. we see a slight argument ensue between Stryker and Dragaus, and Stryker takes the steroids, in an effort to buff himself up, so he could compete on the same level as Damien. The footage fades to black.)

KEITH: And here's what happened earlier today...

(Onscreen, we see Dragaus and Stryker enter the building, only to meet Damien, Raven, and Lord Rahl, the owner of the fed. Dragaus and Stryker look at each other, somewhat bewildered, wondering what is going on.)

DAMIEN: Stryker, you think you can actually beat me for my title? Well, first let's see if you can even fight me for my title.

STRYKER: What are you talking about?

DAMIEN: Don't play dumb. We saw you take those steroids the other week. Knowing you, you're probably still taking them. I order you to take a drug test! If we find any traces of steroids in your system, then you can't compete tonight, and I'll suspend you!

STRYKER: But, um...uh...

DAMIEN: If you really want the Bloodshed Title, then you'll go with Lord Rahl and take a drug test.

(Stryker reluctantly follows Lord Rahl, and Dragaus catches up with them. The footage fades out and we see Daniel Keith and Pat Smith again.)

SMITH: Quite a turn of events for Stryker, wasn't it?

KEITH: That it was. I just hope that he'll be cleared to wrestle.

(The arena lights then fade to red.)

SMITH: What's going on?

KEITH: I don't know.

("Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" plays over the speakers, it's eerie, melodic intro hardly preparing the listeners for the metal onslaught that is forthcoming. A row of fire lights down the center of the ramp, casting eerie dancing shadows on the forms of Damien and Raven as they walk out. They walk to the ring, the flames extinguishing in front of them. Damien rolls into the ring, sets his Bloodshed and Tag Titles down, and holds the ropes open for Raven. He signals for a mic.)

DAMIEN: Welcome, everyone, to "The End Of All Things Sacred"!!! (The crowd cheers hysterically.) Tonight, I am scheduled to face Stryker, of the "Dangerous Distortions", for my Bloodshed Title. That is, if he passes his drug test. You see--

(He is interrupted as "Black & White" begins. Stryker, with Dragaus at his side, steps out onto the stage, a mic in one hand and a sheet of paper in the other.)

STRYKER: Oh, no need to worry, Damien. You will be facing me tonight!

DAMIEN: How in the hell did the test not find steroids?

STRYKER: Oh sure, it may have found marijuana, alcohol, hints of acid, PCP, and Ectasy, but there's no steroids in me, and that was the stipulation! Your ass is going down tonight!

(Damien's face twists into that of extreme anger. He throws the mic down as Stryker and Dragaus calmly walk to the back, heading to their locker room. Damien storms to the V.I.P office, with Raven trailing shortly behind. The cameras cut back to the announce table.)

SMITH: Well, that was certainly a suprise, Daniel. Stryker actually passed the drug test....for steroids anyway. It looks like we officially have a match!

KEITH: That's right. And right now we're going to our very own graveyard for a Deadman Title match!

(The cameras cut to the ring, where, down on the floor, resting near the ring, a heavy brown oak casket lays open.)

SMITH: Now, in this match between Minion and Peak, the object is for one of them to put their opponent in the casket and close the lid. It is quite an unorthodox match, but hey, we're in the BLOOD Fed.

MINION(c) vs PEAK (Casket Match ; Deadman Title)

("Death Blooms" by MudVayne hits the PA. Minion walks out, brandishing his Deadman Title, as his girlfriend, Gabrealla, walks slightly behind. Most of the fans boo them. He stands on the stage, looking at the casket.)

LESLIE HOPE (ring announcer): This match will be a "casket" match for the Deadman Title. Entering first, the Deadman Champion, a member of the Devil's Advocates, Minion!

(As he looks, Peak runs out, unannounced, through the entryway and deals Minion a blow to the back of the head. Gabrealla, startled, jumps back. She then goes to help out her man, but Peak flashes her a look of anger and she wisely backs away.)

KEITH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is quite an odd matchup that Damien assigned. He put Minion and Peak, both members of the same stable, the DA, against each other. As we can see, Peak is strictly business, only the gold belt in mind as he gets the first hit.

(The ref, standing at ringside, only present to declare the winner, signals for the bell. Peak grabs Minion and hits him with a hard suplex on the steel stage. Minion groans in pain, but gets up. He goes to kick Peak, but Peak sidesteps it and crashes into him with a clothesline. He drags Minion up by the hair and, after headbutting him a couple of times, puts him in a reverse hammerlock.)

SMITH: Peak has a modified hammerlock on Minion, a basic move, but I must point out that submissions have no effect in this match. The only way to win is to put your opponent in the casket.

(Peak drops an elbow to Minion. He goes to repeat the move, but Minion rolls away and Peak's elbow smacks the steel hard. Minion stands and kicks Peak in the head a few times, and then whips him into the titantron supports, where Peak's back collides with the metal. He howls in pain.)

SMITH: Remember, using foreign objects or slamming your opponent into the supports is totally legal.

(Minion grapples with Peak as he staggers foreward, and then pulls off a belly-to-belly suplex, almost tossing him off of the stage. Minion drags Peak down the ramp and slams him into the side of the ring. He stands on top of the crowd barrier and waits for Peak to get up. When he does, Minion jumps, looking for a flying clothesline. But Peak moves out of the way, causing Minion to hit the ring apron with his ribs. Peak whips him shoulder-first into the ringpost. Peak moves in to get Minion again, but Gabrealla, nearby, yells at him. He turns as she lifts up her skirt and reveals a red thong.)

KEITH: Holy crap! Did I just see what I think I saw?!

(The fans cheer, and Peak is obviously distracted. Minion uses the advantage and drops Peak down with a reverse DDT. He picks him up and German suplexes him towards the casket, causing Peak's back to hit the edge of the casket. Peak grabs his back, very worn-out, not struggling. Minion closes the casket lid and lays Peak on top of it. He ascends the top turnbuckle.)

SMITH: Oh no. You cannot be serious. Minion is not going to--

(Minion leaps off, hitting Peak with "Darkness Falls".)

SMITH: Can you believe that?! Minion has no regard for his own safety!

(The impact hurts Minion as well, but causes Peak to become motionless. Minion rolls him off of the casket, opens the lid, and dumps him inside, shutting the lid. The ref signals for the bell. He hands over the Deadman Title to Minion and raises his arm.)

LESLIE: The winner, and still Deadman Champion, Minion!

(Gabrealla jumps into Minion's arms and kisses him. They walk to the back, leaving Peak in the casket.)

KEITH: Well, Minion comes out with his first successful Title defense. I was wondering if he'd even have the title, after what Twisted J did to him a couple of days ago.

SMITH: Yeah, when Twisted J stole the belt from him, I thought we'd automatically have a new Champ. But then Damien suprised me, implementing his Presidency, demanding the the title be returned to Minion. You know, when Damien did that, my respect for him went up a notch. I know that me and you, Daniel, haven't had very pleasant experiences with Damien in the past, but ever since he became the Prez, he's really improved BLOOD, in my opinion.

(Suddenly, the arena lights turn green. Green smoke billows from the stage. "Feel So Numb" plays. Mortis appears onstage, his Hardcore belt in one hand and his Highway 2 Hell belt in the other. He walks down to the ring and drops the titles. His head turns to the casket.)

SMITH: No. Don't tell me Mortis is going to start the match now. Peak isn't even out of the casket yet. Does he have no respect?

KEITH: This is a Hardcore Title match. Respect doesn't enter into the equation.

MORTIS(c) vs PEAK (HaRdCoRe Title)

(Mortis lifts the lid of the casket and drags Peak out. Peak is still injured from the previous match and is not fighting. Mortis punches him in the face repeatedly, holding his head. He whips Peak into the barrier, his back again being slammed against some hard inanimate object. Mortis grabs Peak and leads him up the ramp. The ref grabs Mortis' titles and follows. When they get to the stage, Mortis hits Peak with a Fisherman's Suplex. The sound of body crashing against metal echoes throughout the arena.)

SMITH: Oooh. That's gonna hurt. I feel bad for Peak. I mean, the man just lost a brutal casket match, then Mortis, who doesn't have the decency to wait a few minutes for Peak to recover, drags him out of the casket and subdues him to this kind of punishment.

(Mortis slams him a couple more times on the stage before leading him through the entryway and to the backstage hallway. He punches him in the face a few times, dragging him onward down the hall. They get to a drink machine, where Mortis tries to slam Peak into it, but Peak blocks it. He grabs Mortis' arm, steps back a couple of steps, and whips him into it. Mortis' head crashes through the plastic in the front, slamming into the inside of the machine behind. A few random drinks pop out the bottom.)

KEITH: Hehe. Now I know what to do if I'm out of change. Pat, I'll just slam you into one of those things and get a drink!

SMITH: I don't think so, Daniel.

(Peak gets a surge of energy and whips Mortis across the 6 foot-wide hallway into the other wall. He knees Mortis in the gut and follows up with a scoop slam on the tile floor. Mortis gets up and comes back with a swinging neckbreaker. The two then battle down the hallway, until Peak throws Mortis into a metal door at the end of the hall. The door swings open and Mortis tumbles out onto the cement floor of the parking lot. Peak reaches out to pick up Mortis, but the Hardcore Champ punches him in the stomach. Mortis then throws Peak into a nearby Toyota Camry, hitting the passenger door hard. Peak falls to the ground, leaving a huge dent in the car door.)

KEITH: Ouch. They just don't make cars like they used to, do they Pat?

SMITH: I don't know. Go ask Peak. I'm sure he'd be glad to tell you!

(Mortis pulls Peak over to a large, hunter green, Ford F-350 truck. He opens the tailgate and rolls Peak into the truckbed.)

SMITH: This can only spell disaster.

(Mortis lifts Peak up and positions him for the "Flatliner". Peak, however, blocks it. He elbows the side of Mortis' head and performs a huge powerbomb onto the truckbed.)

KEITH: Mortis has to be out after that!

(Peak covers him. The ref slams his hand against the side of the truck. 1...2...3!!! Peak painfully climbs to the ground and the ref raises his arm, signifying him as the victor. He is handed the Hardcore Title from the ref. He holds it up in the air, letting the camera get a good shot of him.)

LESLIE: The winner, and new Hardcore Champion, Peak!!

(The camera cuts back to the announce table.)

SMITH: Ladies and Gentlemen, as you just saw, we now have a new Hardcore Champion! My congradulations go out to Peak. He came into this fed just a few weeks ago, and already he has fought his way through a hardcore tournament and has now won the Hardcore Title. I can only wonder where he will go next. I wouldn't be suprised if he dethrones Damien and becomes the Bloodshed Champ.

KEITH: Don't forget, Pat. Later tonight, in the main event, Stryker will attempt to dethrone Damien in this very ring, which, ironically, hasn't been used yet. But it will in this next match. The Nightmare will go up against the impressive Dragonlord, in Dragonlord's first match. Now, this match is taking place due to Damien's "punishment" on Dragonlord. Let's see just how punishing it is.


("Seizure Of Power" plays over the speakers. The huge figure of Dragonlord walks onstage and down the ramp, all decked out in his spiked shoulder armor and his metal helmet. The 7 foot giant enters the ring over the top rope, to a less-than-happy crowd.)

LESLIE: This will be a standard, one-fall matchup. Entering first, in his first match here on BLOOD, Dragonlord!

(Dragonlord removes his armor and lets them fall to the floor outside the ring with a loud clank. He turns to the stage. Dragonlord's music fades. Slowly, quietly, the intro to "Dead Bodies Everywhere" begins. As the heavy music blasts in, red strobe lights flash wildly all over the arena. The Nightmare emerges through the entranceway. L-Kano is trailing slightly behind him.)

KEITH: Remember, after Dragonlord's interference at BLOODbath, L-Kano said he would be the Nightmare's manager, so Dragonlord would get what he deserved.

(L-Kano pulls a mic out of his back pocket.)

L-KANO: Hey, Dragon! Tonight, you're gonna get your punishment! You know, we've got a cell up there. (He points to the giant cell hanging ominously over the ring.) I know that it's for Mortis' match later on, but I figure, what the hell, why not use it now? Although it took some self-control, I went to Damien and got this match changed to Hell in a Cell!!

(The cell starts to lower as Dragonlord looks up at it. The Nightmare and L-Kano walk down the ramp. The cell settles on the floor around the ring, and a ref runs down to open the door. The Nightmare walks through the door and climbs in the ring.)

SMITH: That's a suprise, that this has now turned into a Hell in a Cell match! This should be quite a fight, with these two 7-foot tall giants up against each other.

(The two men stand toe-to-toe, eye-to-eye, neither one moving a muscle. Dragonlord makes the first move. He lands a huge punch on the Nightmare's head, knocking it back. The Nightmare turns back to Dragonlord, anger in his eyes. He knees Dragon in the gut, and then elbows the back of his neck as he doubles over. Nightmare hammers the back of his head, after which he lays the boots to him. The Nightmare drags Dragonlord up by his hair and whips him into the ropes. When he runs back, Nightmare lands a big boot to his chest. He picks up Dragonlord again and throws him into the corner. The Nightmare sets Dragon on the top turnbuckle. He climbs out onto the apron.)

SMITH: Uh oh, it looks like...yes, it is! The "Monster In The Closet"!

(The Nightmare grabs Dragonlord by the throat and unleashes the "Monster In The Closet", slamming Dragonlord into the cell wall. The Nightmare rolls him back into the ring. He picks his opponent up and sets him up for a powerbomb. He slams Dragonlord down with the "Flight Of Fear".)

KEITH: Ouch! Dragonlord just took the "Flight Of Fear"!!

(Nightmare goes for the cover. The ref counts. 1...2...3! The bell rings and the ref raises the Nightmare's arm.)

KEITH: The Nightmare almost had a flawless victory! He got punched once, but other than that, he completely dominated the match! This once impressive Dragonlord was cut down by this monster, the Nightmare!!

LESLIE: The winner, by pinfall, the Nightmare!

(Outside the cell, L-Kano motions to the back, waving frantically. On cue, Maverick, Serge, Steeler, Peak, and Minion all run through the entranceway and down the ramp. They join L-Kano as he enters the cell and they all get in the ring. The lone ref in the ring makes a futile attempt to stop them, but he gets hammered to the ground. The D.A. swarm in and beat down Dragonlord as he tries to get up. The 7 men tear Dragonlord apart, each man hitting him with their signature moves. L-Kano says something to the Nightmare. The Nightmare then rolls Dragonlord out of the ring and rips his skull mask off. He takes Dragon's head and slams it into the steel cell wall over and over and over. Dragonlord's forehead gets busted open, and crimson blood covers his face. The Nightmare sets him up and takes him down once more with the "Flight Of Fear". As soon as he does this, a team of paramedics run down to help the beaten and bloodied Dragonlord, but the DA members keep them out of the cell as the Nightmare continues to beat on him.)

SMITH: When will the DA get a heart?! I know that Dragonlord isn't a fan favorite or anything, but come on! Every man has his limits!

(At that point, about 5 referees run down to try and hlp, but they get beaten down the moment they enter the cell.)

SMITH: This is just sick!

KEITH: Hey, Dragonlord brought this upon himself when he interrupted L-Kano's match at BLOODbath. He wasn't provoked!

(The DA finally get bored and leave, walking away as "Killing In The Name Of" plays. Maverick and L-Kano stay at ringside as the paramedics start to load Dragonlord onto a stretcher.)

SMITH: Well, that was quite a display of animosity held by the Devil's Advocates.

Hell's Gatekeepers wins by Maverick hitting the "Royal Flush" and pinning Dragaus.

MAVERICK vs MANIAC(c) (1/2 of the Street Fight Titles)
Maverick wins by hitting the "Flaming Ace" after nailing Maniac with the Street Fight Title behind the ref's back.

CRAZYCALEB(c) vs SERGE (World Title)
CrazyCaleb wins by pinfall after Damien runs in and hits Serge with the "Hellraiser" while the ref was distracted.

MORTIS vs L-KANO (Hell In A Cell; Highway 2 Hell Title)
Mortis is already very hurt from his Hardcore match earlier in the night. L-Kano wins without a problem.

MAVERICK vs STRYKER vs STEELER vs DELIRIOUS (Inferno match; Inferno Title)
Maverick and Steeler work together to eliminate Delirious, then they eliminate Stryker. Maverick then "backstabs" Steeler, setting him on fire, making Maverick the winner and new Inferno Champ.

DARKSTALKERS(c) (w/Raven) vs SATANIC NIGHTMARE (w/Gabrealla) (Tag Team Titles)
Minion and the Nightmare are dominating the majority of the match, due to various miscommunications and mishaps involving Damien and Twisted J inadvertantly hurting each other. Finally, Damien gets fed up with all of the confusion, hits Twisted J with "Diablo's Rage", and exits the ring. He and Raven walk to the back, allowing the Nightmare to get the pin, winning he and Minion the Tag Titles.

DAMIEN(c) (w/Raven) vs STRYKER (w/Dragaus) (First Blood Match; Bloodshed Title)
During the match, Damien is surprised by Stryker's increase in skill. As a last-ditch effort, Damien spits the "Blood Mist" into Stryker's face when the ref is turned away. The ref sees blood on Stryker's face, and calls for the bell, awarding Damien the win. At that time, Lord Rahl comes out, demanding that a replay be shown. The ref sees the mistake, and orders for the match to be restarted. Lord Rahl decides to take over the ref's position. The match restarts, and the fight is very brutal. Damien finally busts Stryker open by slamming his head into the corner of the stairs. Damien wins, and is still the Bloodshed Champ. However, as Damien and Raven are celebrating in the ring, Ice Moon runs through the crowd, sliding in the ring, and hits Damien with "Freezerburn", knocking him out. Ice Moon turns and performs the "Freezerburn" on Raven as well, taunting the two as the camera fades out.

***THE END***