(The "Chaotic Breakdown" preview commercial finishes and the TV screens go black. Very subtley, the BLOOD Fed logo fades in onscreen, the crimson liquid dripping off of the letters. The image shatters and falls away, revealing the sold-out arena of screaming fans, the excitement captured by the cameras. The camera scans the arena, viewing the masses of action-crazed people. Signs dot the crowd, reading "Get Down With The Sickness!", "I SURVIVED THE L-KANO CRACKER!!", "My Mom Is A Juggalo!", and one in the front row that reads "Raven is my bitch!". Many, many other signs are present, showing the fans' true alliances. As the camera pans around, we hear the voices of Daniel Keith and Pat Smith, the BLOOD announcers. The camera then cuts to the announce table.)

PAT SMITH: Welcome, everyone, to the BLOOD Fed's first October Pay-Per-View, "Chaotic Breakdown"!! This will be a night full of strife, a night full of bloody action, and no doubt, a night full of utter chaos.

DANIEL KEITH: You've got that right, Pat. Tonight we will see "Dangerous Distortions" in their first Street Fight Title defense since they won the titles. Also, the long-time-enemies Damien and Mortis will go up against one another, fighting for Damien's Highway To Hell Title. Steeler will defend his coveted World Title against the craziest man in the sport, CrazyCaleb. And the Bloodshed Title, the highest prize in this federation, now held by Damien, will be placed on the line tonight in a match between Damien and Angel! Tonight will be a night of chaos!

SMITH: I understand now, ladies and gentlemen, that before the action gets underway, there is something developing in the back. Let's cut there now...

(The camera fades out and then back in to the black door of the Prez's office, where the Prez, Damien, is inside. The door is cracked open, and the camera peeks in, only able to view Damien's desk, where the vampire sits in his luxurious leather chair. His fiancee, Raven is leaning on the chair, her arms wrapped around his neck. He is arguing with someone else, but the visitor remains unseen, the door blocking the view of them.)

VISITOR: What do you mean he's not allowed at ringside?! That's bullshit!! What the hell has gotten into you, man?! I thought you were my friend!

(Damien has a slightly amused look on his face. His eyes then narrow, and his smirk disappears.)

DAMIEN: Get the hell out of my office.

VISITOR: Fuck you, man!

(Damien smiles as the visitor's footsteps can be heard nearing the door. The cameraman scoots back to the other side of the hall, the camera still trained on the door. It opens, and out walks Minion, Damien's own soon-to-be brother-in-law. Minion notices the camera.)

MINION: What the hell are you looking at?!

(He turns and storms down the hall, obvious contempt flowing through him. The scene flickers and we see the announce table once more.)

SMITH: What has gotten into Damien lately? I mean, I know he's always been a vicious son-of-a-bitch, but he's handicapping his own future brother-in-law! Minion knows he can't beat Twisted J...Damien knows that Minion knows he can't beat Twisted why is Damien doing this? What has gone on between the two to make this conflict so great? And furthermore, why isn't Raven helping her brother out?

KEITH: Well, I think the answer for that is a choice that she had to make: To side with her brother, Minion, whom she has hated for years, or to side with Damien, her future husband, the love of her life...and afterlife, as the case may be.

SMITH: Thats a good point, Daniel. I guess we'll see what happens as the story unfolds. For now, le's go to the ring to start of f the night with some big action!

KEITH: That's right! This first match of the evening will be for the Street Fight Titles, and I can only wonder who L-Kano's partner will be...

(The arena lights fade down, enveloping the arena in a thick, black shroud. Onstage, at the entryway, a white light begins to shine. "I Disappear" plays. The lights turn blue and green, as two glowing green eyes appear on the Titantron. BOOM!! Pyros shoot off of the stage. The smoke from the fireworks begins to swirl around until it takes the shape of two men. In the dim light, the audience can make out the forms of Dragaus and Stryker carrying their Street Fight Titles down the ramp.)

LESLIE HOPE: Now entering, they are the current Street Fight Champions, Dragaus and Stryker, "Dangerous Distortions"!!

(The Distortions' theme music fades out as the lights turn a deep red. The crowd is taken over by an eerie silence. Suddenly, red pyros shoot up and "Wait and Bleed" begins to play. L-Kano makes his appearance on the stage.)

LESLIE HOPE: Now entering, he is the alleged son of Satan...L-Kano!!

(L-Kano raises his arms as he heads towards the ring. Lowering his arms, he stops about halfway down the ramp, turning his head back to look at the entryway. Every member of the crowd cranes their neck to the entrance...Dangerous Distortions both look to the stage...everyone is eager to see who the partner of L-Kano will be. Without warning, a man covered in blood-red robes and a black mask covering his head runs through the crowd and swiftly slides in the ring. He is carrying a shovel with him. As he stands, he takes aim with the shovel. Dragaus notices the movement of the mat and turns around. WHAM!!! Dragaus is laid out, the shovel blasting his face, breaking his left cheekbone and splitting the skin. Blood begins to run over the unconscious man's face. As Stryker turns, the masked man slams the shovel's wooden pole against his side, knocking the breath out of him. Stryker gets beaten with the shovel a couple more times as L-Kano walks down to the ring with a smile on his face. He slides in the ring and starts laying the boots to Stryker, not worrying about Dragaus, since he is knocked out.

1. DANGEROUS DISTORTIONS(c) vs L-KANO & A WRESTLER OF HIS CHOOSING ***Street Fight Titles*** DDwins 2.DAMIEN(c) vs MORTIS ***Highway To Hell Title*** Mwins 3. STEELER(c) vs CRAZYCALEB ***World Title*** CCwins 4. DARKSTALKERS (Damien & Twisted J) vs SERGE AND STEELER ***Standard Match*** DSwin 5. DARTH WHITE vs MAXX POWER ***Standard Match*** Neither, Nightmare interferes 6. TWISTED J(c) vs MINION ***Deadman Title*** Mwins 7. MORTIS(c) vs SERGE vs STRYKER ***HaRdCoRe Title*** Mwins 8. DAMIEN(c) vs ANGEL OF DEATH ***Bloodshed Title*** Dwins