(hell in a cell / highway 2 hell title)

(The crowd looks up as the monsterous cell that is hanging over the ring begins to lower. Slowly, carefully, it is brought down in place, settling in it's resting place around the ring. The referee has the padlock and chain unlocked by a tech crew member, and enters through the door.

The lights fade to a reddish hue as "Wait and Bleed" by Slipknot plays. L-Kano walks out onto the stage, staring at the cell.)

LESLIE HOPE (ring announcer): This match is a one-on-one "Hell In A Cell" contest for the Highway 2 Hell Championship!! Entering first, a member of the "Devil's Advocates", the challenger, L-Kano!!

(Kano raises his arms at the sound of his name. He walks to the cell as the echoes of the crowds boos and jeers run through his ears. He climbs in the ring and waits for his opponent. The wait is not long. The arena lights turn a flickering green. "Feel So Numb" by Rob Zombie starts up. Green smoke flows up from the stage, blocking the view of the entrance. A silouette can be seen stepping onto the stage. The smoke clears, and we see Mortis, holding his skull staff in one hand, and the Highway 2 Hell Title in the other.)

LESLIE: And now, the current Highway 2 Hell champion, the graveyard terror, Mortis!!!!!!

(The crowd responds in half boos, half cheers. Mortis walks around the cell, handing his title and staff to the timekeeper. He walks back around the cell, watching Kano the whole time, and enters through the door. The tech crew member wraps the chain around the side of the door and the doorframe, locking the door securely shut with the padlock. Mortis pulls on the chain a bit, testing it. After finding it strong enough for his liking, he smiles beneath his mask and slides in the ring. He rests on his knees as L-Kano eyes him, deciding his best plan of attack. The ref signals for the bell, and the match starts. Mortis stands, and L-Kano attacks. He hits Mortis with a shoulder block, knocking him down. Mortis quickly gets to his feet and punches Kano in the face a couple of times, following up with a DDT. Kano struggles to stand, and Mortis kicks him in the gut, doubling him over. He runs behind Kano, bounces off the ropes, and then comes back with a facecrusher. Kano raises up and elbows Mortis in the chest, and picks him up over his shoulder. He yells to the crowd, and then drops Mortis with a devestating spinebuster. Kano drags him up and whips him into the ropes, Mortis rebounds off of them, and Kano charges and spears him, wiping him out. Kano grabs Mortis's hair and drags him up once more. Mortis, out of desparation, smacks his arms away, steps back, and **BAM!** connects with a huge superkick to the jaw. L-Kano falls to the ground, and Mortis falls with him, out of breath and out of strength. After a short while of laying on the ground, both men very weakly get to their feet. They are about to fight, when the lights in the arena go out.

The arena is then cloaked in green light. "Seizure Of Power" (from the Resident Evil Soundtrack) plays over the speakers. On the titantron, the black screen is engulfed in flames. The flames then die away, and the head of a black-&-green dragon is staring from the screen. Mortis and L-Kano look to the entrance. They see a man, a very large man, standing at the entryway. A spotlight finds him and follows him as he walks down the ramp. The man is about 7 feet tall, with muscles upon muscles underneath his outfit. He is obviously very strong and very fearless. He has long, stringy, black hair, and a black and green mask, in the shape of a skull, that covers the top half of his face. The bottom half of his face is painted gray and green. Over his head, he has on a gray metal, battle-worn helmet, which has curved, ivory horns protruding from the sides. The man has on a long-sleeved black muscle shirt, with dark green chest and ab armor on the front, and dark green spinal armor on the back. He has on large gray shoulder coverings, with black metal spikes extending from them. He also wears black tights with dark green flames running up the sides, and he has on black boots. Strapped to his back is a large battle axe. The ref's eyes go wide when he sees this. The ref runs out of the ring and out of the cell, sitting beside the announce table, out of harm's way. The man unstraps the axe and leans it against the cell. All action inside the cell has completely ceased. The man takes off his spike shoulder armor and his helmet, dropping them to the ground with a loud clank. He pulls on the padlocked chain a little, realizing that it is very strong. L-Kano and Mortis smile, happy that the intruder cannot get in. Kano climbs up on the turnbuckle, facing the man, and taunts him. The man narrows his eyes and picks up his battle axe. With one mighty swing, the padlocked chain is on the ground. L-Kano drops back to the mat and backs away. The man drops the axe and enters the cell. He very slowly circles the ring, walking in between the ring and cell. L-Kano signals to the announce table for a mic. The timekeeper gets one, runs around to the cell door, and tosses it in the ring. L-Kano picks it up as Mortis climbs the farthest turnbuckle and sits on the top pad.)

L-KANO: I don't know who the hell you think you are, but me and Mortis have got a match going on! So you'd better take your Jolly Green Giant ass out of here!

(Mortis, not wanting to anger this giant intruder, sits on the turnbuckle as Kano rants.)

L-KANO: Hey,. what's your name? I want to know whose ass I'm about to beat!

(Kano tosses the mic at the man, who is still standing outside the ring. He catches the mic as it reaches him.)

MAN: I am Dragonlord. Now, come beat my ass...if you can.

(The man drops the mic, and climbs into the ring, going over the top rope. L-Kano runs at him, going for a spear. His shoulder hits Dragonlord's chest armor with a thud, and Kano falls to his knees, holding his shoulder, having not even budged the big man. Dragonlord picks him up and launches him flying through the air, into the nearest turnbuckle. Kano comes out fo the corner, shooting his body at Dragonlord. The big man meets him with a big boot. Kano rolls out of the ring and staggers to the door. He leans down and picks up Dragonlord's battle axe. Although Kano can pick it up, he finds the axe too heavy for him to swing efficiently. He drops it and retrieves a steel chair from the announce table. He gets back in the ring, weilding the chair. He runs and cracks the chair over Dragonlord's head. Dragonlord staggers back a step, but remains standing. He punches L-Kano down. He picks up the chair and lays it flat in the center of the ring. He drags Kano up and whips him into the turnbuckle opposite Mortis. He sets Kano up on the top turnbuckle, and then hits him with the "Dragon's Flame" (see bio for description of move), slamming him down into the chair on the mat. L-Kano is very knocked out. Dragonlord looks at Mortis, while pointing at Kano. Mortis drops down off the turnbuckle and covers Kano. The ref fearfully counts the pin. 1...2... Dragonlord kicks Mortis in the ribs. He drags him to the ropes and performs the "Scream Of The Guillotine" (also see bio for move description). He then re-enters the ring and kicks the ref in the stomach. Dragonlord grabs the ref and jackknife powerbombs bim to the mat. He stands in the middle of the ring, 3 unconscious people surrounding him.

The timekeeper, realizing the chaotic situation, repeatedly rings the bell. Dragonlord pulls Mortis back into the ring and lays him next to the other two men. He picks up the chair and begins beating the men with it. Onstage, Damien, Twisted J, and CrazyCaleb show up. Damien has a mic.)

DAMIEN: Hey, Dragonshit! Drop the chair and get away from those men now!! That's a command from me, the Prez!!

(Dragonlord continues the beating.)

DAMIEN: That's it! C'mon, boys!

(Damien drops the mic and runs down the ramp with Twisted J and Caleb. They run through the cell doorway and slide in the ring. Dragonlord swings the chair at them, but Caleb and J sulmultaneously dive low and tackle the big man's knees, taking him down. The chair shot barely misses Damien's face. The three members of "The Sickness" lay the boots to Dragonlord. CrazyCaleb pulls Dragonlord to his knees. He holds the groggy giant as Twisted J walks over and picks up the chair. He holds it directly in front of Dragonlord's face. Damien sets himself up and **CRACK!!!** he superkicks the chair into Dragonlord's face. Caleb lets go, and Dragonlord falls, face-first and unconscious, to the mat Damien gets the mic that was on the ground.

DAMIEN: That's what happens when you don't listen to the orders of the Prez! (He looks around the ring) Get some paramedics down here, now.

(The cell is raised. Almost immediately, two groups of paramedics come down to the ring, each group rolling down two stretchers.)

DAMIEN: This match can obviously not go on. There is no winner, and the title still belongs to Mortis. We will have a rematch at the Pay-Per-View, "December Desecration". At the beginning of the night, Mortis will defend his Hardcore Title against the winner of the tournament, Peak. At the end of the night, Mortis will defend his Highway 2 Hell Title against L-Kano.....Oh, and also, I'm putting my Bloodshed Title on the line at the PPV. Now, to Dragonlord...I know you can't hear me, so I'll make sure you see a tape of this when you wake up. Dragonlord, since you seem to have no respect for me or the wrestlers of my fed, I'm going to give you a taste of your own medicine, as they say. At "December Desecration", you will have your first match in the fed. You will face someone of equal size and power. You will face The Nightmare! Good night.

(The crowd cheers at the announcement.)

DANIEL KEITH: Did you hear that, Pat? This big man, Dragonlord, fighting the monstrosity we know as The Nightmare, at the Pay-Per-View! That match alone is going to blow off the roof! Not to mention the two Title matches involving Mortis, and Damien's Bloodshed Title match!! "Desecration" is going to rock the house!!

(As the paramedics strap all of the unconscious people onto the stretchers, Damien, CrazyCaleb, and Twisted J walk out, heading to the back.)