[The screen is divided vertically in two. On the left is Mortis stretching while doing the splits. On the right side is L-Kano pumping himself up by slamming his head against a locker]

[The BLOODbath intro. starts up with “Bodies” by Drowning Pool showing short clips of all the wrestlers and sick moves as well as angles. We then cut to the crowd shot where we see that the arena is packed full. The fans are holding up all kinds of signs. We then cut to Daniel Keith and Pat Smith.]

DK: Hello wrestling fans! I am Daniel Keith![The screen is divided vertically in two. On the left is Mortis stretching while doing the splits. On the right side is L-Kano pumping himself up by slamming his head against a locker]

[The BLOODbath intro. starts up with “Bodies” by Drowning Pool showing short clips of all the wrestlers and sick moves as well as angles. We then cut to the crowd shot where we see that the arena is packed full. The fans are holding up all kinds of signs. We then cut to Daniel Keith and Pat Smith.]

DK: Hello wrestling fans! I am Daniel Keith!

PS: And I am Pat Smith!

DK: And we have an excellent show for all of you tonight!

PS: We have a Hardcore #1 Contender Tournament as well as a main event with a Hell in a Cell! It’s going to be unbelievable!

Steeler vs. Crazy Caleb

[“Her Ghost in the Fog” starts as Steeler makes his way out with Coby Dick of the entrance way to a mixed reaction.

Leslie Hope: The following match is the first round of the Hardcore Tournament. Coming to the ring Steeler!

[Steeler slides into the ring and climbs a turnbuckle and raises his fists in the air. The cameras go off.]

DK: Look at Steeler! He looks like he is pumped up for his match!

PS: Well he has to be. I mean look he who is going to face!

[Steeler’s music is cut off as “Black and White” by Static-X starts up as the crowd is mixed when Crazy Caleb comes out.

Leslie Hope: Coming to the ring, Crazy Caleb!

[Crazy Caleb pumps his fist in the air and the pyro goes off. Caleb then runs into the ring and tackles down Steeler. The bell rings.]

DK: And this match is underway!

[Caleb picks up Steeler and starts punching him. Steeler reverses the 4th punch and gets Caleb in an armbar. Elbow to the shoulder by Steeler. Another elbow to the shoulder. Steeler irish whips Caleb but Caleb reverses and irish whips Steeler and hits Steeler with a dropkick. Caleb picks up Steeler and hits a suplex. Caleb rolls out of the ring.

PS: Looks like Caleb is looking for some toys to play with! Ha Ha Ha!

[Caleb throws in a couple of trashcans with some trash can lids. A chair as well a stop sign and a handicapped parking sign. Caleb rolls back in.]

DK: Caleb picks the handicapped sign for his first choice!

[Caleb raises the sign above his head to hit Steeler but Steeler hits a low blow. Caleb drops the sign and Steeler hits a DDT on the sign. Steeler covers. ….1……………2……..Caleb kicks out. Steeler grabs the stop sign and starts slamming it into Caleb’s back. Steeler then goes for the Bow and Arrow lock. The ref checks on Caleb. Caleb doesn’t give up and Steeler lets go. Steeler walks over and gets the two trash can lids and slams them together. He goes over to Caleb but Caleb grabs Steeler and hits a belly to belly suplex. Caleb grabs both lids and starts hitting Steeler over the head with each lid over and over again. Steeler is dazed and Caleb hits a fallaway slam. Caleb climbs the turnbuckle but Steeler catches up and hits a top rope superplex on Caleb]

DK: What impact!

[ Both men get up and Caleb starts fighting back and knocks Steeler down with a punch. Caleb comes with a clothesline as Steeler is getting up. Caleb then drops a knee to Steeler’s groin. Steeler screams and gets up and starts jumping up and down. Steeler and get a foot to the gut. Caleb then piledrives Steeler onto the stop sign. Caleb covers 1…………..2……………3!]


We come back from the commercial to find Minion and Dragaus fighting in the entrance way. Minion throws Dragaus into the ring. Minion climbs in and they lock up. Minion starts hitting Dragaus with elbows to the head. Minion then hits a body slam follow by an elbow drop. Dragaus quickly gets up and starts hitting back with shots to the gut. Dragaus then hits Samoan Drop. Dragaus slides out of the ring and takes his time checking under the ring for some hardcore weaponry. Minion climbs the turnbuckle and does a cross body block to the outside on Dragaus just as he is looking up! Minion covers. 1…………………..2…………….Kick out by Dragaus. Minion starts to lay in the stomps. Then he starts to drag Minion up the aisle. Halfway Dargaus hits a chin crusher on Minion.

DK: A desperate move from Dragaus!

Dragaus hits a back body drop on the concrete. Minion yells out in pain. Dragaus climbs up onto the barricade and waits. Minion is up and Dragaus jumps off and hits a DDT!

PS: Did you see that Daniel!? Dragaus just did a DDT in mid air!

Dragaus covers. 1…………….2………….kick out by Minion. Dragaus argues with the ref. Dragaus starts to slam Minion’s head into the concrete. The ref pulls Dragaus away. Dragaus and the ref are arguing. Minion crawls and does a school boy pin on Dragaus. 1……………….2…………..Kick out by Dargaus. Dragaus hits an inverted atomic drop on Minion. Dragaus drags Minion to the back and the ref and cameras follow. Minion reverses a irish whip and irish whips Dragaus into a bunch of steel pipes. Minion is bleeding heavily from the back of his head. Minion picks up Dragaus and drags to where there is an office with a big glass window and a table inside. Dragaus fights back and hits a super kick on Minion. Dragaus then goes and picks up a steel pipe and slams it over Minion’s gut. Dragaus does again and again and than he sees the glass and smiles. The crowd goes wild know what might happen. Dragaus picks up Minion but Minion fights back and does a underhook suplex right through on Dragaus! Dragaus hits the table and rolls off. Minion slowly gets on the table and stands on it. Somehow he does the “Darkness Falls” on Dragaus off the table! Minion covers. 1……………..2………………3!


Peak and Stryker are found fighting in the parking lot! Stryker does a eye gouge on Peak and then spears Peak into the side of a car and starts laying in punches. Peak starts to fight back and starts to fight back and hits a head butt on Stryker. Peak grabs Stryker’s head and starts slamming it onto the hood of the car. The crowd counts along as Peak does it ten times. Peak than goes over and pulls a fire extinguisher out of its place. As Peak turns Stryker hits a flying clothesline on Peak. Stryker hits a reverse DDT on Peak and covers him. A ref comes out of nowhere and counts 1……………2……..Kick out by Peak. Stryker picks up Peak and tries to suplex him. Peak reverses and suplex’s Stryker against the concrete wall!

DK: My god! Peak just suplex Stryker against the wall!

Peak picks up Stryker and does a hip toss. Stryker cries out in pain. Peak locks in a headlock but Stryker stands up and reverses it into a snap mare followed by a kick to the spine. The crowd goes Wooooo. Stryker then puts a full nelson on Peak. Peak breaks out of the hold and kicks Stryker in the gut. Peak then throws Stryker against the car. Peak gets Stryker on top of the car. Peak picks up Stryker who is barely standing. Peak hits a brain buster on Stryker on top of the car. Peak covers. 1……………2……………3!

PS: Peak is your winner!

Peak drags Stryker off the car and opens the front passenger door. Peak puts Stryker’s right arm in the car.

DK: What is Peak doing? No, no, no!

Peak slams the car against Stryker’s arm. There is a crack and Stryker cries out in a howl of inhuman pain.

DK: Why did he do that? Why?

PS: Peak is sending a message Daniel. You don’t mess with Peak!


Twisted J is walking on the way to the ring from when suddenly from the boiler room Serge attacks him from behind with a chair. J falls on his hands and knees. Serge goes for another chair shot but J moves out of the way. J hits a leg drag on Serge. J picks up Serge and throws him through the doors into the boiler room. J grabs the chair and goes into the boiler room and starts hitting Serge with the chair. J chokes Serge with the chair. J waits for Serge to get up again and tries to hit him with the chair but Serge ducks. Serge hits a side slam on J. Serge puts a choke hold on J yelling insults at J. Serge with a couple of knee drops. J gets back up dazed. Serge tries to go for the “Death Hold” but J escapes it and hits a powerful body slam. J looks over and sees a big wrench and smiles. He goes over and grabs the wrench and tries to hit Serge but Serge ducks behind J. J turns around and Serge lock in the “Death Hold”

DK: The Death Hold! The Death Hold!

PS: Come on Twisted J breaks out of it!

Twisted J drops the wrench and starts punching Serge to no avail. J drops down to one knee. Serge grins as he tightens the hold. J with a last ounce of strength picks up the wrench and slams it against the left knee of Serge. Serge screams as he falls down holding his knee. J is still almost out. Slowly J gets up and grabs Serge left leg and locks in a single crab. He begins pulling. Serge screams and is on the verge of tapping out but he forces out of it. J gets ticked off. J pulls out a table from the corner and sets it up. He sees a ladder and sets it up right beside the table. J picks up Serge and throws him onto the table. And lays in a few good punches. J starts climbing the ladder and is on top.

DK: No! Don’t do it J! Don’t do it!

J screams and jumps off the ladder with a big splash but at the last second Serge moves out of the way and J goes crashing through the table. The table is not broken but shattered. J moves onto his back and does not move. Serge crawls over and covers J. 1…………….2………………3!

Commercial Break

Minion is sitting in his dressing room all by himself in a steel chair. He hears a knock on the door.

Minion: Who is it?

Voice: Pizza!

Minion: I don’t remember any pizza!

Voice: I’m sorry sir but the address is right here on this order.

Minion getting angry gets up and stomps toward the door and opens it.

Minion: List here you piece of sh-

Before Minion could finish the pizza is shoved directly into his face. He screams as he claws at the pizza on his face.

Minion: My eyes!

Crazy Caleb walks in.

Caleb: A cheese pizza with the extra ingredient of mace to go with it!

Caleb grabs Minion and rams him into the lockers. Caleb opens a locker door and shoves Minion’s head in it and slams the locker door on Minion’s head. Minion is busted open again. Caleb grabs Minion but Minion does a fireman carry follow by a triangle hold. Caleb breaks out and does a falling head butt to Minion’s own head. Caleb grabs Minion and whips him against the wall. Caleb goes for a splash but Minion moves out of the way. Caleb hits the wall with a thud. Minion hits a German suplex on Caleb. 1………………2…………..Kick out by Caleb. Minion goes to the other side of the room and gets in a ready position. Caleb stands up and Minion charges. Caleb moves and Minion stops himself. Minion turns around and is met with cold steel of a chair from Caleb. Minion is hit a second time and drops down to his knees. Caleb revs the chair back like a baseball bat and hits Minion right in the face. Minion falls back and is knocked out cold. Caleb covers. 1………………..2…………………3!

Serge is getting his knee checked by a trainer. The trainer moves the leg up a bit

Serge: Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Get away you lousy son of a b####!

Serge pushes the trainer away and holds his knee. The trainer goes out of the room. Suddenly Serge hears footsteps and thinks that it is the trainer.

Serge: I thought I told you……..

Serge looks up in time to see a clutch get him square in the face. He flips over landing on his stomach as well as his knee. He screams out in lots of pain. Peak has the clutch still in his hands and starts attacking Serge’s knee with it. Peak picks up Serge and hits a DDT. Serge is almost out. Peak grabs Serge’s legs and puts him in a elevated crab. Serge tries to hold out but the pain is too much and he taps out. Peak lets got and raises his arms. He then walks off.

Crazy Caleb has a ref by his side as he is looking for Peak.

Caleb: Peak! Hey Peak where are you?

Caleb goes into the catering room. Before him is a table full of all kinds of food. Caleb looks surprise.

Caleb: I think the Hardcore title can wait.

Caleb walks over and smells the aroma of foods. Suddenly he is attack from behind by Peak! They go at it. Both of them hitting punches. Caleb gets the advantage and knocks Peak onto the dessert table. Caleb grabs a bowl of ice cream and breaks the bowl over Peak’s head. Peak pushes Caleb away with his feet. And grabs a big turkey leg and slams it against Caleb face. Caleb is knocked off balance and lands on one of the empty tables. Peak puts on a dragon sleeper but Caleb reverses it into a released northern lights suplex through the table. Both men are down. Caleb gets up first follow by Peak. Caleb hits a back breaker on Peak. Caleb jumps onto Peak with his feet knocking the breath of Peak. Caleb picks up Peak and throws him against the soup table. Caleb grabs a chair and when he reaches Peak he raises the chair over his head. Suddenly Peak throws a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup in Caleb face. He lets go of the chair and covers his face howling in pain. Peak does a implant DDT on Caleb. Peak signals that it is over and picks up Caleb. Caleb hits a chin crusher on Peak. Caleb with a hip toss on Peak. Caleb climbs onto the dessert table. Suddenly Peak jumps up onto the dessert table and does a T- Bone suplex to Caleb off the table through two others!

DK: It’s mayhem! Pure mayhem!

PS: That’s a scene of devastation Daniel!

After about a few second slowly both Caleb and Peak get up at the same time both hurt. Caleb tries for a punch but Peak reverses it into a Double Arm DDT! The ref counts 1………………..2………………….3!

DK: Peak is the number one contender! Peak is the number one contender! He goes on to face Mortis for the Hardcore title!

PS: I can’t believe it! I can’t believe!

DK: We have to go to a commercial!
Commercial break

DK: We are back and we have Logan Mitchell with the new number one contender!

We cut to Logan Mitchell with a tired but happy Peak with his arm around Andria.

Logan: So Peak did you ever think you would be able to win this tournament including when you were the only rookie in with a bunch of veterans of Blood fed.

Peak: Shut up f#####! I knew I was going to win it! I knew I was able to kick everybody asses! I proved myself that I am no rookie! I proven that I can be a bad ass if you happen to pi$$ me off!

Logan: Do you happen to have any comments for the Hardcore Champion Mortis?

Peak: Mortis? That chump? It is pretty simple what’s going to happen when he gets in the ring with me! You see……………

As Peak talks about what he is going to do to Mortis. The camera moves back and we see Mortis behind Peak and Andria to a big cheer from the crowd. Peak and Andria don’t even know Mortis is behind them. Mortis strokes his chin nodding his head. He is show amusement. Peak finishes.

Peak: What are you gawking at Logan?

Peak turns around and is startled to see Mortis there as well as Andria but both quickly regain their composure.

Peak: What do you want? You want to kick my a$$? Is that it? You want to prove to the whole world that you are such a pussy that you have to kick my a$$ when I went through three matches!? Huh!? Answer me!

Mortis just smiles. Then he laughs and walks by Peak. Peak has a confused look on his face.

Commercial break.

MAIN EVENT:MORTIS vs L-KANO (hell in a cell / highway 2 hell title)

(The crowd looks up as the monsterous cell that is hanging over the ring begins to lower. Slowly, carefully, it is brought down in place, settling in it's resting place around the ring. The referee has the padlock and chain unlocked by a tech crew member, and enters through the door.

The lights fade to a reddish hue as "Wait and Bleed" by Slipknot plays. L-Kano walks out onto the stage, staring at the cell.)

LESLIE HOPE(ring announcer): This match is a one-on-one "Hell In A Cell" contest for the Highway 2 Hell Championship!! Entering first, a member of the "Devil's Advocates", the challenger, L-Kano!!

(Kano raises his arms at the sound of his name. He walks to the cell as the echoes of the crowds boos and jeers run through his ears. He climbs in the ring and waits for his opponent. The wait is not long. The arena lights turn a flickering green. "Feel So Numb" by Rob Zombie starts up. Green smoke flows up from the stage, blocking the view of the entrance. A silouette can be seen stepping onto the stage. The smoke clears, and we see Mortis, holding his skull staff in one hand, and the Highway 2 Hell Title in the other.)

LESLIE: And now, the current Highway 2 Hell champion, the graveyard terror, Mortis!!!!!!

(The crowd responds in half boos, half cheers. Mortis walks around the cell, handing his title and staff to the timekeeper. He walks back around the cell, watching Kano the whole time, and enters through the door. The tech crew member wraps the chain around the side of the door and the doorframe, locking the door securely shut with the padlock. Mortis pulls on the chain a bit, testing it. After finding it strong enough for his liking, he smiles beneath his mask and slides in the ring. He rests on his knees as L-Kano eyes him, deciding his best plan of attack. The ref signals for the bell, and the match starts. Mortis stands, and L-Kano attacks. He hits Mortis with a shoulder block, knocking him down. Mortis quickly gets to his feet and punches Kano in the face a couple of times, following up with a DDT. Kano struggles to stand, and Mortis kicks him in the gut, doubling him over. He runs behind Kano, bounces off the ropes, and then comes back with a facecrusher. Kano raises up and elbows Mortis in the chest, and picks him up over his shoulder. He yells to the crowd, and then drops Mortis with a devestating spinebuster. Kano drags him up and whips him into the ropes, Mortis rebounds off of them, and Kano charges and spears him, wiping him out. Kano grabs Mortis's hair and drags him up once more. Mortis, out of desparation, smacks his arms away, steps back, and **BAM!** connects with a huge superkick to the jaw. L-Kano falls to the ground, and Mortis falls with him, out of breath and out of strength. After a short while of laying on the ground, both men very weakly get to their feet. They are about to fight, when the lights in the arena go out.

The arena is then cloaked in green light. "Seizure Of Power" (from the Resident Evil Soundtrack) plays over the speakers. On the titantron, the black screen is engulfed in flames. The flames then die away, and the head of a black-&-green dragon is staring from the screen. Mortis and L-Kano look to the entrance. They see a man, a very large man, standing at the entryway. A spotlight finds him and follows him as he walks down the ramp. The man is about 7 feet tall, with muscles upon muscles underneath his outfit. He is obviously very strong and very fearless. He has long, stringy, black hair, and a black and green mask, in the shape of a skull, that covers the top half of his face. The bottom half of his face is painted gray and green. Over his head, he has on a gray metal, battle-worn helmet, which has curved, ivory horns protruding from the sides. The man has on a long-sleeved black muscle shirt, with dark green chest and ab armor on the front, and dark green spinal armor on the back. He has on large gray shoulder coverings, with black metal spikes extending from them. He also wears black tights with dark green flames running up the sides, and he has on black boots. Strapped to his back is a large battle axe. The ref's eyes go wide when he sees this. The ref runs out of the ring and out of the cell, sitting beside the announce table, out of harm's way. The man unstraps the axe and leans it against the cell. All action inside the cell has completely ceased. The man takes off his spike shoulder armor and his helmet, dropping them to the ground with a loud clank. He pulls on the padlocked chain a little, realizing that it is very strong. L-Kano and Mortis smile, happy that the intruder cannot get in. Kano climbs up on the turnbuckle, facing the man, and taunts him. The man narrows his eyes and picks up his battle axe. With one mighty swing, the padlocked chain is on the ground. L-Kano drops back to the mat and backs away. The man drops the axe and enters the cell. He very slowly circles the ring, walking in between the ring and cell. L-Kano signals to the announce table for a mic. The timekeeper gets one, runs around to the cell door, and tosses it in the ring. L-Kano picks it up as Mortis climbs the farthest turnbuckle and sits on the top pad.)

L-KANO: I don't know who the hell you think you are, but me and Mortis have got a match going on! So you'd better take your Jolly Green Giant ass out of here!

(Mortis, not wanting to anger this giant intruder, sits on the turnbuckle as Kano rants.)

L-KANO: Hey,. what's your name? I want to know whose ass I'm about to beat!

(Kano tosses the mic at the man, who is still standing outside the ring. He catches the mic as it reaches him.)

MAN>: I am Dragonlord. Now, come beat my ass...if you can.

(The man drops the mic, and climbs into the ring, going over the top rope. L-Kano runs at him, going for a spear. His shoulder hits Dragonlord's chest armor with a thud, and Kano falls to his knees, holding his shoulder, having not even budged the big man. Dragonlord picks him up and launches him flying through the air, into the nearest turnbuckle. Kano comes out fo the corner, shooting his body at Dragonlord. The big man meets him with a big boot. Kano rolls out of the ring and staggers to the door. He leans down and picks up Dragonlord's battle axe. Although Kano can pick it up, he finds the axe too heavy for him to swing efficiently. He drops it and retrieves a steel chair from the announce table. He gets back in the ring, weilding the chair. He runs and cracks the chair over Dragonlord's head. Dragonlord staggers back a step, but remains standing. He punches L-Kano down. He picks up the chair and lays it flat in the center of the ring. He drags Kano up and whips him into the turnbuckle opposite Mortis. He sets Kano up on the top turnbuckle, and then hits him with the "Dragon's Flame" (see bio for description of move), slamming him down into the chair on the mat. L-Kano is very knocked out. Dragonlord looks at Mortis, while pointing at Kano. Mortis drops down off the turnbuckle and covers Kano. The ref fearfully counts the pin. 1...2... Dragonlord kicks Mortis in the ribs. He drags him to the ropes and performs the "Scream Of The Guillotine" (also see bio for move description). He then re-enters the ring and kicks the ref in the stomach. Dragonlord grabs the ref and jackknife powerbombs bim to the mat. He stands in the middle of the ring, 3 unconscious people surrounding him.

The timekeeper, realizing the chaotic situation, repeatedly rings the bell. Dragonlord pulls Mortis back into the ring and lays him next to the other two men. He picks up the chair and begins beating the men with it. Onstage, Damien, Twisted J, and CrazyCaleb show up. Damien has a mic.)

DAMIEN: Hey, Dragonshit! Drop the chair and get away from those men now!! That's a command from me, the Prez!!

(Dragonlord continues the beating.)

DAMIEN: That's it! C'mon, boys!

(Damien drops the mic and runs down the ramp with Twisted J and Caleb. They run through the cell doorway and slide in the ring. Dragonlord swings the chair at them, but Caleb and J sulmultaneously dive low and tackle the big man's knees, taking him down. The chair shot barely misses Damien's face. The three members of "The Sickness" lay the boots to Dragonlord. CrazyCaleb pulls Dragonlord to his knees. He holds the groggy giant as Twisted J walks over and picks up the chair. He holds it directly in front of Dragonlord's face. Damien sets himself up and **CRACK!!!** he superkicks the chair into Dragonlord's face. Caleb lets go, and Dragonlord falls, face-first and unconscious, to the mat Damien gets the mic that was on the ground.

DAMIEN: That's what happens when you don't listen to the orders of the Prez! (He looks around the ring)Get some paramedics down here, now.

(The cell is raised. Almost immediately, two groups of paramedics come down to the ring, each group rolling down two stretchers.)

DAMIEN: This match can obviously not go on. There is no winner, and the title still belongs to Mortis. We will have a rematch at the Pay-Per-View, "The End Of All Things Sacred". At the beginning of the night, Mortis will defend his Hardcore Title against the winner of the tournament, Peak. At the end of the night, Mortis will defend his Highway 2 Hell Title against L-Kano.....Oh, and also, I'm putting my Bloodshed Title on the line at the PPV. Now, to Dragonlord...I know you can't hear me, so I'll make sure you see a tape of this when you wake up. Dragonlord, since you seem to have no respect for me or the wrestlers of my fed, I'm going to give you a taste of your own medicine, as they say. At "The End Of All Things Sacred", you will have your first match in the fed. You will face someone of equal size and power. You will face The Nightmare! Good night.

(The crowd cheers at the announcement.)

DANIEL KEITH: Did you hear that, Pat? This big man, Dragonlord,>fighting the monstrosity we know as The Nightmare, at the Pay-Per-View! That match alone is going to blow off the roof! Not to mention the two Title matches involving Mortis, and Damien's Bloodshed Title match!! "The End" is going to rock the house!!

(As the paramedics strap all of the unconscious people onto the stretchers, Damien, CrazyCaleb, and Twisted J walk out, heading to the back.)