BLOODflow - 6/29/02

(The camera fades in and we see a close-up view of the Tag Team Titles. The camera zooms out, and we see that the two titles are laying on the Prez's desk, the Prez sitting in his chair, feet up on the desk, smiling. The camera fades out and the BLOOD logo fades in onscreen. "Bodies" by Drowning Pool plays as the BLOODflow intro video is cued up. After the intro completes, the camera flashes into a view of the arena, focused on the upper section of the huge room, where a steel cage hangs above the ring. The camera then pans around the arena, showing the masses of screaming, crazed, excited fans ready for the show. We then look as the scene flashes over to the announce table, where our two favorite announcers are seated...)

SMITH: Good evening, everyone! And welcome to another exciting night of the BLOOD Fed!! I'm Pat Smith, alongside Daniel Keith, and we're here to call the action from ringside! As you just saw moments earlier, a gigantic steel cage is suspended above the ring, waiting for the main event: Wang Fang vs The Freak. That'll be a thrilling match, to say the least.

KEITH: Also, tonight, in the earlier portion of tonight's show, the Tag Team Champions will be decided!! That's right, tonight, pitted in what can only turn out to be a very violent, bloody massacre, we have the team of "Dangerous Distortions", made up of Dragaus & Stryker, against what many fans call the most destructive tag team in the history of our sport..."The Asylum". Yes, I hate to say it, but the Asylum, Damien & Jonny Psyko, is back together, and more deadly than ever. With the Tag Titles on the line, you can bet that they'll stop at nothing to obtain them.

SMITH: And, speaking of Damien, what do you think of his recent engagement to his girlfriend, Raven?

KEITH: Well, Pat, all I can say is, that is one screwed-up couple. They are definitely perfect for each other. I'm happy that they're happy, I guess. I hope they have a good eternity together.

SMITH: Okay, Daniel, enough talking, time for some action! First up, we have, returning to the ring from an extended absence, the D.A. member, L-Kano vs the dreaded, feared, all-out killing machine, the Nightmare!


(The crowd silences as they wait for the music of one of the D.A. badasses. The fans rise as one as "Wait and Bleed" hits the speakers. L-Kano makes his appearance known as pyro shoots off from the stage and he walks out.)

LESLIE HOPE: Weighing in at 289 lbs, from Dublin, Ireland, a proud member of the Devil's Advocates, L-Kano!

(Stopping on the ramp long enough to spit at a booing crowd member, Kano makes his way to the ring circles it, soaking up both the cheers and the boos eminating from the adreneline-hungry fans. He grins as he rolls in the ring under the bottom rope, and gets to his feet. He ascends the nearest turnbuckle and raises his arm into the air. The mixed emotions of the crowd are reduced to a steady drone as the different rants and raves of the people mash together into one. Kano's theme music fades out, as does the majority of the crowd's noise.

Quietly at first, in it's simple, childish intro, then rising into a deafening loudness of pure metal, "Dead Bodies Everywhere" blasts into the ears of every person in the arena. The lights fade to black, and then red strobes flash repeatedly, hailing the entrance of the psychopath known as the Nightmare. The bulk of the crowd shouts out jeers, taunts, and boos as the silouette of the 7-foot monstrosity fills the entrance area. The Nightmare slowly steps out onto the stage, the red strobe lights gleaming off of his spiked dog collar and hiding the blood that covers his face and shirt.)

LESLIE HOPE: Towering in at a massive 7 feet, and weighing 295 lbs, he is the monster of a man feared by all, the Nightmare!

(As he makes his way to the ring, a few random objects, mostly soda cups and popcorn bags, are thrown in his direction. When the few items that actually found their target hit him, the Nightmare walks on without even a flinch. He climbs onto the apron, looking into the ring at his advesary, L-Kano, who stands without fear, facing him. The Nightmare climbs over the top rope and continues to practically burn a hole in L-Kano with his apathetic glare. The lights return to normal and the music fades out as the two opponents keep at their staring contest, mentally challenging each other from opposite sides of the ring. The bell rings...the match has commenced.

L-Kano, who, at 6'7" tall, is usually the bigger man of a match, is cut down to size by the 7-foot Nightmare. Kano circles his opponent, trying to decide what to do, how to attack. The Nightmare just stands in the middle of the ring, turning his head to follow him. Kano finally decides to get the action started and lunges at the Nightmare from behind. He hammers the monster with his fist, right in the small of the back. The Nightmare stumbles a bit, letting out a groan of pain, before whipping his head back in Kano's direction.)

KEITH: Uh oh. That's not good. It looks like all L-Kano did was piss the giant off.

(Kano lands a few punches on the Nightmare's face, but the bigger man takes them and waits...waits for his opportune moment. After Kano hits him a few more times, the Nightmare comes back with a blow of his own, slamming his hand in Kano's throat, catching him completely off guard. As Kano gasps for air, trying to breathe, his back is slammed into by the Nightmare's knee, sending him to the mat. He rolls over, locates the Nightmare in his vision, and leaps up, flying at the monster with all of his weight. The sheer momentum of Kano takes both men down. Kano, finding that he has the advantage, grabs the Nightmare's head and slams it into the mat once...twice...three times, before he is pushed away. The Nightmare staggers to his feet, clutching his head, as Kano gets up, runs, and clotheslines him down. In a world of pain, the Nightmare slowly climbs to his feet, his head still throbbing from the blows against the mat. Kano runs at him once more, but the Nightmare catches him with a big boot to the face. The Nightmare drops to his knees and punches at the fallen Kano. He then gets up and puts the boots to him, sending wave after wave of pain through his body. The Nightmare picks him up and clutches his throat.)

SMITH: Look at this! It looks like we're about to see a chokeslam!

(L-Kano, rers Jonny to get onto the apron. Jonny, after a couple more hits in on Stryker, exits onto the apron. Jonny holds Stryker in place from the other side of the ropes while Damien takes a couple of steps back and then superkicks Stryker in the jaw, his head flying back with such force that it hits Psyko in the face and sends him flying to the floor. Behind Damien's back, however, Dragaus sneaks into the ring and Germen Suplexes him away from his corner. The ref turns and commands him to get out of the ring, which he does without arguement. Damien struggles to his feet, as Stryker, still propped up in the Asylum corner, fights to catch his breath and regain his strength. In the meantime, Jonny reclaims his post on the apron. Damien moves over to his corner and punches Stryker in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him again, just to be sure. He pulls him to the center of the ring, lifts him up, and then drops him down in a brainbuster DDT suplex. He swiftly slides over and goes for the pin. 1...2...No! Dragaus enters the ring and interrupts the pinfall! Damien jumps up and lunges at Dragaus, but Dragaus retreats to his corner, climbing onto the apron once again. Stryker, out of desperation, trips Damien and crawls to his corner, tagging in Dragaus. Dragaus, being the fresh man with a lot of energy stored up, goes at it with Damien. The two men duke it out, pulling out all the stops, until Jonny Psyko settles the score by jumping in and helping the vampire double-team Dragaus. Stryker regains his energy and enters to help his parter, but Psyko sees him and does a running-jumping clothesline to him, knocking the wind out of him, putting him back on the mat. As Stryker falls to the mat, Damien kicks Dragaus in the gut, doubling him over. Jonny sees an opportunity and looks at Damien. Damien nods his head and Jonny performs his patented "Psykobomb", slamming Dragaus down hard. Damien pins Dragaus. 1...2...3!)

KEITH: The Asylum wins the match! We have new Tag Team Champions!!

(Prez Richard Rahl rises from his position at the announce table, grabbing the Tag Titles as he walks to the ring. He climbs in as Dangerous Distortions roll out, disappointed at their defeat. The Prez looks at Damien and Jonny, smiling.)

PREZ: I knew that if anyone could get these titles, it'd be you two. Congradulations, guys.

(The Prez extends his arms, holding out the titles for the taking. Damien and Jonny accept, take the titles, and then raise them high in the air as their theme, "My Plague", plays over the speakers. Raven awaits their exit at the ramp, taking hold of Damien's hand when he and Jonny get out of the ring. The three head back to the Sickness locker room to celebrate the newly earned Tag Titles.

3.) The Deadman vs. The Cruzer - Deadman wins
4.) Travis vs. Manic - hardcore match - Travis wins
5.) Bry-Fry vs. Silver Dust - Inferno match - Silver Dust wins
6.) Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Darth White vs. Gawd - Rey wins
7.) CrazyCaleb vs. Eddie Hunter - Buried Alive match - CrazyCaleb wins
8.) Wang Fang vs. The Freak - Cage match - Freak wins