BLOODbath - 5/23/02

(The scene opens up in the BLOOD Fed VIP office, where Prez Richard Rahl is sitting at his desk looking over some papers. He looks up and notices the camera.)

PREZ RICHARD: Tonight I have something very important to tell everybody. Tonight will be a very memberable night for fans and superstars. Tonight I will go out, get in that very ring, and do something that none of you will ever imagine.

(The scene fades out and a black screen is seen and clips of the PPV are shown. Then the screen switches to the BLOOD intro. "Bodies" by Drowning Pool plays as the intro finishes up and we see the arena, packed with fans. The sold-out crowd cheers as pyros explode onstage and above the ring. The camera fades into the announcers, Daniel Keith and Pat Smith, at their table at ringside.)

KEITH: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to BLOODbath, we have a very exciting program for you all tonight. But before it begins, lets talk about Anarchy, April Anarchy to be precise. We would like to thank all of the loyal fans for tuning in and all those that came, it was well worth the money for the tickets.

SMITH: I'd say so. Who would have thought that Dante and Damien would have got in a HELL in a CELL and both of them come out of it alive? I sure didn’t think it was possible, but here in the BLOOD fed anything is possible. Daniel, what do you think was the best match?

KEITH: Well besides the HELL in a CELL, I would have to say the huge stable match. I loved seeing Eddie Hunter, Dragaus, and Stryker get their @$$es kicked. What about you Pat?

SMITH: I loved seeing Damien getting his @$$ put through a steel cage. Dante was great. I think we can expect a lot from that young man. But enough about Anarchy, lets talk about tonight.

KEITH: All right then. Tonight we will see Damien fight Twisted J in a match again, but this time it will be a one on one. No Nightmare to help Damien win this time. Then we are going to see Mortis and Maverick square off. Who wins that one is up for grabs, both men are very talented and skilled at this game. Next we have Wang Fang and Serge, I just hope this one isn't a replay of what happened at Anarchy. (A clip of Wang Fang putting Serge through a table is shown.) Then we will see D.N.A. fight Dangerous Distortions and the winner of that match will go to BLOODflow and fight the winner of the next match. But note this match isn't a title match, so even if D.N.A. loses, they will still keep the Street Fight titles. After that we will see S & S go up against Damien and a partner of his chose. Then we'll see a match that we have wanted to see, Freak and The Nightmare will square off. And my bet is that all hell will break lose. Then Crazy Caleb, Dante, and Preacher will go at it in a Triple threat match.

SMITH: What you really got to wonder about is, will Dante and Preacher work together and take out Caleb or will it really be a free-for-all, every man himself.

KEITH: True that, true that. But I think we will find out the answer to that question later on tonight. But let's tell everybody about the main event. The winner from the Damien/Twisted J match will face Eddie Hunter, Steeler, and Angel of Death in a fatal four-way elimination match for the BLOODshed title. Well there is a run down of the matches, now lets get going.

(The lights flicker and on the titantron we see a bald eagle soaring through the sky and then all of a sudden land on a rock, jutting out from a side of a cliff. The image stays there and then a little fire begins and burns the image away, revealing an eye.)

KEITH: Now what is the meaning of this?

SMITH: Quiet Daniel and we might find out.

(A low humming sound is heard and a soft child-like voice can be heard.)

VOICE: Spinning complacently in the darkness, covered and blinded by a blanket of little lives, FALSE security has lulled the madness of this world into a slumber. WAKE UP!! An eye is upon you, staring straight down and keenly through, seeing all that you are and everything that you can never be. Yes an EYE is upon you, an eye ready to blink. So face forward, with arms wide open and mind reeling. Your future has arrived… are you READY to go?

(The child-like voice fades out and an the crowd are speechless, as well as the announcers. A few seconds pass and then "Between Angels and Insects" begins to play and Silver Eagle appears on the stage. He walks down the ramp, then around the ring. He grabs a microphone from Leslie Hope and then slides into the ring.)

SILVER EAGLE: Let me get one thing straight with all of you right now. Tonight I'm in a rather pissed out mood, so I advise all of you to watch your mouth while I'm out here. The first "asshole" shout I hear I will shut down the show, no matter what. I came out here to address the Damien and Twisted J match. Since both of these two are out of their minds, no normal ref can stop them from killing each other. So there will be a special ref for that match, in fact I will be that ref. Now Damien, I know that it seems like there is a special ref in all of your matches, but this it the last time for a long time. I normally wouldn't do this, but seeing how much you want to hurt J, I feel like a regular ref can't stop you two from killing each other. So as you see, it's not about you, it's about keeping our asses from getting sued by the dead superstar's family.

(Eagle is interrupted when "Alive" plays and Serge comes onstage with a mic in hand.)

SERGE: Why don’t you just shut the hell up. None of these people want to hear you talking wasting. They came here to see some action and not to listen to you. They didn't come to a lecture, they came to BLOODbath. So why don't you get out of that ring and let the show go on?

SILVER EAGLE: You want to get on my bad side Serge? You saw these people what to see action; well they will see action. Tonight in your match against Wang Fang will now be a Pink Slip on a pole. How do you like that bitch?

(Serge drops his microphone and starts to scream at Eagle. Serge falls to the ground as Wang Fang comes up from behind him and hits him with a steel chair. After a few chair shots to the ribs, Fang leaves the stage and heads back to his locker-room. EMT's run out and help Serge up and backstage to the medical unit. )

KEITH: Now what about that. Now Serge knows not to talk trash to the Commissioner when he is in a bad mood.

SMITH: He'll know for future reference if he wins tonight. But after that chair attack, I don't know if he will be at his best.

KEITH: Good point. But let's get to our first match, before somebody else gets in trouble.

Damien vs. Twisted J

(Eagle stands in the ring and waits as "Black Majic" starts up and the lights fade to a flickering blue. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, ICP, walk out onstage with mics in their hands. They sing the song as Twisted J steps out onstage, dressed in his normal black-and-blue juggalo jersey. The two twisted clownz accompany Twisted J to the ring. Twisted J climbs in the ring as ICP continues to sing. The song fades out and the lights return to normal. After a few seconds, the lights completely shut off. On the titantron, a swirling red abyss is shown. At the same time, a deep, demonic voice comes over the speakers.)

???: The day of reconing is at hand. The Age of Man has come to a close. The Inferno shall awake, and devour the pathetic souls of all living beings. The creatures of Darkness shall rise and rejoice as the blood of the innocent is spilled on the streets. The demons will rise from the abyss and make their way into the earth. Their path out of Hell shall be a long, hard road, but they shall prevail and wreck havoc on everything in their way...

(The voice fades and the lights come on red, slowly fading in and out. The song "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" by Marilyn Manson begins to play. A ring of flames shoots up in the center of the stage. The flames reach about 10 feet high as a wooden cross lowers from the rafters, hanging above the flames. The cross lowers down to the top of the flames, and is set on fire. The inferno circle lowers, revealing Damien standing in the middle, the burning cross hanging directly over his head. A look of rage gleams in his eyes as the fire lowers to the stage and goes out. He walks down the ramp and stops at the edge of the ring, staring at Twisted J, not once glancing at the ICP. Damien rolls in the ring and jumps to his feet. As he stares at his opponent, the ICP jump in the ring and attack Damien from both sides. Damien gets pummeled by the two clownz. Something inside him then "snaps", and he goes bezerk. Slashing wildly in all directions, he throws the ICP off of him and then grabs Shaggy by the back of his shirt. He pulls him back and spits the "Blood Mist" in his eyes. Damien kicks Shaggy in the back and then tosses him out of the ring. Violent J, the other clown, wisely gets out of the ring to attend to his fallen comrade.

Using the distraction to his advantage, Twisted J lunges in and attacks Damien from behind. The bell rings to officially start the match. J beats the vampire to the ground and clutches his throat with a darkness choke. He keeps the hold on until Damien's face turns from his usual pale color to a light blue shade. Eagle walks over and kicks Twisted J in the face, obviously breaking the hold. Twisted J spins around and faces Eagle, a look of contempt on his face. He screams at Eagle and is about to punch him, but Eagle threatens to disqualify J. This shuts J up. Damien takes advantage and deals J a low blow. Needless to say, Twisted J falls to the ground in pain. Damien grabs J's legs and kicks him repeatedly in the groin, until Silver Eagle knocks Damien down. Damien, like J, jumps up and is ready to attack the ref, but hesitates. Then, as Eagle thinks Damien is about to turn back to J, the vampire superkicks him in the jaw. Damien laughs at Eagle and turns back to J...not a smart move. As he kicks J in the ribs, Eagle slowly climbs to his feet. He spins Damien around and hits him with "Eagle's Landing", knocking him out. Both opponents are on the mat, unmoving. Eagle gets a mic handed to him.)

SILVER EAGLE: New rule in the BLOOD fed, if both opponents are knocked out for more than 10 seconds, they recieve a BLOODBATH!!!

(The crowd watches in curiosity as Eagle raises his hand with 1 finger up. The crowd yells "1" and he raises another finger. They yell "2", etc...all the way on to "9". As they're about to chant "10", Twisted J moves around and attempts to get up, but is unsuccessful. The crowd yells "10", and Eagle gets out of the ring. He lifts the apron and pulls a couple of buckets of blood out from underneath the ring. He gets back in and raises the buckets over his head. The eyes of both Twisted J and Damien spring open as they smell the scent of blood. Eagle douses the two with the blood and both of them begin to lick the blood off of their skin, feeling a sense of renewal, energy. After getting their fill of liquid, the two vampires turn back to each other and resume their fight. Damien gets the upper hand, and Violent J of the ICP begins to climb onto the apron, but Eagle kicks him off, sending him to the cement floor. While Eagle is focused on him, Shaggy slides in the ring and attacks Damien, slamming his head into the mat. Shaggy then jumps out of the ring before Eagle sees what happened. Twisted J rolls over and goes for the pin. Eagle begins counting. 1...2... No! Before he gets the 3-count, Eagle notices that Damien's foot is on the rope and stops the count. Twisted J hits the mat with his fist. He drags Damien up and kicks him in the stomach, doubling him over. J hits Damien with an inverted DDT and follows up with another pin attempt. 1...2... Eagle flicks off Twisted J and stops the count. J jumps up and lunges at Eagle, but Eagle kicks him in the gut and performs the "Swinging Death", knocking J out. Eagle drags Damien up and shoves him towards J. Damien falls to the ground, his arm slumped on top of J's body. Eagle begins the count. 1...2... As he is about to count to 3, Damien rolls off of J and stands up. Eagle looks questioningly at Damien, but the vampire refuses to explain. He waits until J awakens and stands up. Damien looks into J's eyes as he is regaining his wits. When J is fully aware of his surroundings, Damien runs at him and hits him with a running-karate-kick to the jaw. J falls to the ground, but almost immediately gets back up. Damien side-steps around behind J and performs "Diablo's Rage" sending Twisted J into unconsciousness once again. Damien then covers J. Eagle leans down and counts. 1...2...3. Eagle signals for the bell and raises Damien's arm, declaring him the winner.

ICP, on the outside of the ring, has a short temper tantrum before sliding in and attempting to take out Damien. They attack and begin to pummel Damien once again. Then, out of nowhere, "I Disappear" by Metallica plays. Running down the ramp are Dragaus and Stryker. They slide in the ring and fend off the ICP. Twisted J, meanwhile, remains unconscious, courtesy of Damien's "Diablo's Rage". Dragaus extends his hand to help Damien up. The vampire accepts and gets to his feet. The ICP slide out of the ring and drag Twisted J out with them. They carry him to the back as Damien and "Dangerous Distortions" stare at them as they exit. Damien, Dragaus, and Stryker then walk to the back as Damien is announced the winner of the match.

KEITH: So, it seems as if the treaty between Damien and the "Dangerous Distortions" is actually being honored by both parties. And what a hell of a match! Why in the hell did Eagle help Damien at the end of the match? What are the Tribal Warriors planning this time? And furthermore, why didn't Damien accept Eagle's help? After Eagle beat down Twisted J, it was a free win for Damien. But, as we saw, Damien got up and waited until J was ready. Oh well, go figure.

(The camera switches to the backstage, where the Prez meets Silver Eagle as he comes through the curtain.)

PREZ: Listen, Eagle. I don't care if you are commissioner, I do not want you authorizing any Pink Slip matches without my consent. Understood? I do not want to lose either Wang Fang or Serge.

EAGLE: Sorry, Serge was really pissing me off. I had to hit him with something that would make him regret screwing with me.

PREZ: I see where you're coming from, but I don't want any of my wrestlers fired unless I approve of it beforehand. Got that?

EAGLE: Yeah, okay. It'll just be a regular match between them then.

(The camera switches back to the announcers.)

KEITH: Well, it looks like the Serge vs Wang Fang match is back to Pink Slip stipulation any longer. I guess Eagle got a little out of hand with his power.

SMITH: Incoming news: We have just recieved word that after suffering an injury at the hands of the DA, the Nightmare has been ordered by doctors and the Prez to stay at home and recover his health. So, apparently, the match between the Nightmare and the Freak will not take place. I understand that we will have a replacement wrestler to challenge the Freak...none other than the Vice Prez, Eddie "Darkside" Hunter! What a bad mistake for this guy! Hunter's still recovering from his injuries sustained from the DA stable match. Damn, these DA guys are true poison to this fed. They're destroying everyone! By the time they get done, there won't be anyone healthy enough to wrestle!! Why the hell did the Prez allow these asswipes into the fed?! Anyway, onto our next match...we get to see the DA member, Maverick fight...who was it, Daniel?

(Daniel shuffles his papers and looks at the schedule.)

KEITH: Umm...let's see here...match #2...Maverick vs..........Mortis......I'm going home. See you after the match, folks.

(Daniel begins to get up, but Mortis' voice comes over the speakers.)

MORTIS: Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. Don't be leaving now. The party's just getting started. Take your seat, Danny boy. The fun's about to begin.

Maverick vs. Mortis

(The fans boo as the lights fade out and green spotlights light up, shining at the stage. "Feel So Numb" by Rob Zombie starts to play. Pyro-rockets shoot into the stage and explode as Mortis shows up. He is dressed in his black-and-green "skeletal" wrestling attire. In his hand he holds a staff with a skull on one end. He makes his way down to the ring and gets in. As he raises the staff in the air, the fans boo him.)

KEITH: Yeah! That's right, fans!! Boo him off of the planet!

(Daniel shuts up as Mortis flashes him an evil glare from inside the ring, apparently having heard him. The lights return to normal and Mortis' music stops. On the titantron, the image of Mortis is overtaken by flames, and from behind the flames is the face of a greenish hell-hound. The demon dog barks, and then "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit plays. Coby Dick, the vocalist of Papa Roach and the manager of the DA, appears onstage. He screams "INFEST!!!" into a mic and Maverick walks out beside him. Maverick looks down to the ring, sizing up his opponent, before heading down the ramp, Coby following. He slides in the ring and faces Mortis. The two men stare at each other as the bell rings to start the match. Neither man moves.

Then, as if on cue, both Maverick and Mortis lunge at each other and lock up. Maverick knees Mortis in the stomach and pulls off a hanging vertical suplex. Mortis gets to his feet in time to receive a running neckbreaker. Mortis jumps up and elbows Maverick in the mouth, following up with a suprise drop-toe-hold, sending Maverick to the mat. The dead man Mortis pulls Maverick to his feet and clotheslines him down. He pulls Mav up again and pulls off a DDT. Maverick, lying on the mat, reaches out and grabs Mortis' ankles. He pulls hard and trips Mortis, sending him down to join Maverick. Maverick quickly climbs to a standing position and begins to kick the fallen Mortis. Maverick lands the first kick, but Mortis blocks the second. Mortis then shifts to a kneeling position as Maverick tries for a third kick. Mortis grabs his leg and the knee and twists, getting a Dragon-screw on Maverick. The DA member grabs his knee as he rolls on the mat. Mortis gets up and pulls Maverick to his feet, Maverick hopping on his good leg to stay up. Mortis hits him in the gut and pulls him onto his shoulders, holding Maverick in a fireman's carry. Mortis then angles his opponent backwards and swings him around, dropping him into a falling neckbreaker. Mortis stands and stares at Maverick, who is laying on the mat. Without warning, as Mortis nears, Maverick kicks upwards, his foot hitting Mortis' jaw. Mortis goes down. Maverick slides out of the ring and picks up a steel chair. He gets back in the ring as Mortis is beginning to get up. Mortis gets to his knees, still groggy from the kick, trying to regain his senses. As he shakes his head clear, Maverick sizes him up and baseball swings with the chair, cracking it into the side of Mortis' head. Mortis goes down once more, not moving this time. The ref moves in to get the chair away from Maverick, but the DA member slams it over his head, too. The ref falls to the mat, knocked out. The bell rings and Leslie Hope, the ring announcer, comes over the speakers.)

LESLIE HOPE: Due to disqualification for assaulting the referee, Mortis has been deemed the winner.

(Not seeming to care about losing, Maverick turns back to the motionless Mortis. He raises the chair and slams it into Mortis' back. He then repeatedly cracks it into Mortis' skull, until blood begins to flow from beneath his mask. Maverick throws the chair down and climbs out of the ring, as paramedics run past him to get to Mortis. They load the unconscious man up on a stretcher and roll him out as Maverick makes his way to the DA locker room.)

SMITH: As I said before, the DA members suck. They're destroying everyone! Who will stop them?

KEITH: And now, it looks like our match between DA member Serge and Wang Fang is about to get underway. Let's go back to the ring...

Serge vs Wang Fang

(The crowd quiets down as "DNA" by Xzibit starts to play. The fans cheer when they see Wang Fang, followed by Jet Li, run out onstage and then down to the ring. Fang jumps onto the apron and then, using the top rope, catapults himself in, landing on his feet. He hops up onto the nearest turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd as Jet Li rolls in the ring. Fang's music fades as Serge's music hits. Serge walks out onstage, threatening and insulting Wang Fang from the stage. He walks down to the ring and slides in, intent on destroying his opponent. Serge seems pretty confident, he being the larger man in the match.

The two men size each other up. Wang Fang, although greatly outweighed, doesn't seem to be intimidated. Serge smiles, knowing this will be an easy match.They are both brought out of their daze when the bell rings to commence the match. Serge turns to the ring and slides in beneath the bottom rope as Jet Li gets out. While climbing to his feet, Serge taunts Fang and tries to get him angry. Fang just stands and stares at him, apparently not affected. Serge finally gives up the taunting thing and charges as the Chinaman. Fang sidesteps Serge's running attack and karate kicks him in the back, sending him hurtling to the ground. Serge hits the mat and quickly gets up. He lunges at Fang and locks up with him. Serge, being the bigger man, easily overpowers Fang and pulls off a gutwrench powerbomb. Fang hits the mat with a thud. He slowly stands, only to get kicked in the stomach from Serge. Serge then lifts Wang Fang up in a Fisherman's Suplex maneuver, but drops him onto his head, performing a DDT of some sort. Fang is laid out. Serge leans down to pick the little man up, but Fang opens his eyes and kicks Serge straight in the forehead. Serge, more suprised than hurt, stumbles back a couple of steps, allowing Fang to jump up and land a running kick on him, sending him to the mat. Serge gets up, and Fang grabs his arm. He irish-whips him into the ropes, and Fang runs to the other side of the ring, bouncing off of the opposite ropes. The two men meet in the middle of the ring, and Fang hits Serge with his trademark move, "Ether". Serge goes down, unmoving. Without wasting a second, Wang Fang jumps onto the nearest turnbuckle and turns towards his opponent. The crowd cheers as they anticipate the coming maneuver. Fang leaps off of the turnbuckle and performs the "Harlem Haze", completely knocking out Serge. Fang goes for the pin.1...2...3. The bell rings and Fang jumps to his feet. The ref raises his arm as Jet Li slides in the ring. They celebrate their victory before beginning to make their way backstage.)

LESLIE HOPE: Your winner, by pinfall, Wang Fang!

KEITH: Great match! Well, there's one DA member out of out hair for now. Man, that Wang Fang never seems to disappoint us, does he, Pat?

SMITH: No, Daniel, just when you think he's done for, Fang manages to pull another trick out of his sleeve.... I'm told that we are now switching to backstage. For what, I don't know.

(The camera changes and we see the inside of the Sickness locker room. Damien is pacing around the room, which is void of people, other than him. He is muttering to himself.)

DAMIEN: Fuck. What am I going to do? The tag match is scheduled as Serge and Steeler vs. me and the Virus. Well, the Virus quit and Serge just got fired. I know that Steeler is going to have one of his other DA buddies to take Serge's place. Who can I get? Psyko, yeah right. He's as good as dead, in Twisted J's mind. Raven, she's still in her coma. CrazyCaleb, who knows where he is. I haven't been able to get him in one place long enough to say hi to him in the last couple of weeks. Shit! I don't have any other Sickness members. I guess I could get Dragaus or Stryker to help me, but I don't fully trust them yet. And besides, they're in the tournament, I can't have either of them as a partner and then have to fight them at the next show if we both win.

???: Maybe I can help, then.

(Damien turns at the sound, seeing that someone had entered the room while he was talking to himself, and he hadn't even noticed when the door was open. He looks at the visitor. The camera remains focused on Damien, keeping the visitor out of sight.)

DAMIEN: What the hell are you doing here? I thought you weren't allowed back.

???: The Prez will get over it. I didn't feel like letting you go against two people without a partner.

DAMIEN: Fine with me. Thanks, man. You couldn't have come at a better time. We're up after this next match.

???: No problem. Anything to help you out.

(The camera then switches back to the announcer's table.)

KEITH: Well, I wonder who this mystery partner of Damien's is...It'll be interesting to see who it is.

SMITH: Yes it will. And we'll find out after this match. But right now, we've got a tag-team match between "D.N.A." and "Dangerous Distortions". The winners of this match will go on to face the winners of the next match on BLOODflow for the Tag Team Titles. Here we go.

Dangerous Distortions vs D.N.A.

(A hush comes over the crowd as "I Disappear" starts to play. The lights go down and flickering white strobe lights flash. A thick cloud of mist floats out through the entrance and hangs over the stage. Slowly, the mist creeps down over the ramp and hangs over the middle of the ring. It settles down onto the mat and the strobes stop flashing, shrouding the arena in darkness. When the regular lights come on a few seconds later, the mist is absend from the ring and Dragaus and Stryker occupy its place. They stare at the entrance, waiting for their opponents. "Set It Off" by P.O.D hits the speakers and "D.N.A.", made up of Dante and the Angel of Death, walk out onstage. They run down to the ring and slide in simultaneously. The bell rings, and the two teams look at each other. Dragaus motions for Stryker to stay in the ring as he climbs out onto the apron. Dante and Angel look at each other before Angel volunteers to get on the apron. Dante turns to Stryker and the two meet in the middle of the ring and lock up. Dante hits Stryker in the face and dropkicks him down. Stryker immediately jumps up and knees Dante in the gut, doubling him over. Stryker follows up with a scissor kick to the back of Dante's neck, sending him to the mat. Dante rolls to his corner and reaches up, tagging Angel in. Angel quickly gets in the ring and runs at Stryker, but receives a foot in his face. Stryker whips Angel into the Distortions' corner, and tags Dragaus. Dragaus climbs in the ring as Stryker holds Angel in the corner. Stryker moves out of the way just in time for Dragaus to connect with a big boot to Angel's head. Angel staggers out of the corner and falls to the ground. Dante gets in the ring and runs at Dragaus and Stryker, catching them both with a double-clothesline. Dante helps Angel to his feet as Dragaus and Stryker get up. Both members of D.N.A. run and hit Dragaus and Stryker with a dropkick, sending the dark ones flying back into the turnbuckle, both men slamming into each other in the corner. Angel runs and body splashes both of them, and they fall to the mat.

Without warning, the lights fade out and the arena is covered in darkness. A deep, demonic laughing can be heard over the speakers. The lights come back on, and Dragaus and Stryker are still lying on the mat....along with Dante and Angel. Both Dante and Angel are lying face-up, with their arms crossed over their chests. Both men have a crimson mask of blood, their foreheads having been busted open by an unknown force. The ref looks around in confusion. Dragaus groggily gets to his hands and knees and, noticing that his opponents are down, crawls over to Angel and lays his arm over him. The ref, helpless to do anything else, kneels down and counts the pin. 1...2...3. The ref signals for the bell and points to Dragaus and Stryker, declaring them the winners. Dragaus slowly stands up and helps Stryker up.)

LESLIE HOPE: Your winners, by pinfall, Dragaus and Stryker, "Dangerous Distortions"!

(After Leslie announces "Dangerous Distortions" as the winners, the lights once again fade out. After about 20 seconds, the lights come back up, and, in place of Angel and Dante's unmoving bodies are two coffins. Both coffins are made of dark brown, almost black wood, and both have a cross on the top, painted in what seems to be blood. The lights fade out again. A few seconds later, they come back on, and Damien is standing in between the coffins. Almost immediately, the lights fade out again. When they return to normal, Damien is gone, but the coffins remain, along with both Dragaus and Stryker smiling, thankful for the assistance.)

SMITH: Um, Daniel, what in the hell just happened?

KEITH: I don't know for sure, Pat, but it looks like Damien just held the funeral services for Dante and Angel. It appears that his treaty with "Dangerous Distortions" is still intact. To tell the truth, I didn't think that they would end up helping Damien out, or vice-versa. But, I was proven wrong...

SMITH: As you always are. Anyway, next up, we get to find out Damien's partner, because his tag match is next.

Steeler & ??? vs Damien & ???

("Infest" by Papa Roach begins to play, and Steeler walks out onstage with his new partner, L-Kano, who is taking the place of the recently fired Serge. Coby Dick accompanies both men out and sings the song "Infest" as it is played. The three walk down the ramp and walk around the ring. Coby waits on the outside as Steeler and L-Kano slide in. "Infest" fades out and the lights go down. "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" begins to play as the arena lights come up red. On the Titantron, we see the face of Marilyn Manson, singing the song. His face morphs into that of a grotesque demon. Blood pours out of the demon's mouth as the whole image is consumed in flames. Hanging over the stage, a flaming cross is lowered until it hovers about 10 feet above the stage. Damien walks out and stands beneath it, stretching his arms out and hanging his head back, laughing. He walks down the ramp and climbs onto the apron as the flaming cross is raised back into the rafters. Steeler and L-Kano stare at him as he bekons for a mic. A mic is tossed to him from the announcer's table and he catches it and looks at the DA members. Damien's music fades out.)

DAMIEN: Well, Steeler, I see that you found yourself a replacement partner. Guess have I. And let me tell you, he's not very happy with you two right now. Let's bring him on out.

(Damien looks to the entranceway as the lights fade out and red strobes flash. The crowd semi-cheers as they recognize "Dead Bodies Everywhere" being played. The Nightmare walks out, his clothes covered with blood, as usual, and his face a disfigured, bloodied mess, his bullet wound and blood bright as ever against his pale white face. He gets onto the apron and climbs over the top rope, staring at Steeler and L-Kano. Damien steps in the ring.)

DAMIEN: You see, the last time the Nightmare was here, he got taken out by the "Devil's Advocates". Now, if I am correct, you Steeler, and you Kano, are in the "Devil's Advocates". So, let's think about this for a minute. Crazed, violent, psychotic serial killer meets up with two of the men who attacked and injured him. I'm not seeing a good outcome for those two men, do you? I suggest you run now, before you both get torn limb from limb.

(Damien tosses the mic out of the ring. Steeler and L-Kano stand their ground, not afraid of Damien or the Nightmare. Damien, knowing that the Nightmare wants revenge, steps out onto the apron to let his partner get the first shots in at the DA. L-Kano tells Steeler that he can handle it, and Steeler takes his place on the apron. Kano slowly walks up to the Nightmare and then lunges in, shoulder-tackling the monster. The big man stumbles back a few steps, but remains standing as Kano steps back, rethinking his plan of attack. The Nightmare chooses not to give Kano time to think and grabs him by the throat, choking his air off. He launches Kano back into the turnbuckle and stands there, waiting for Kano. L-Kano pauses for a few moments, getting his breath back. He wisely walks over to his corner and tags in Steeler. Steeler gets in the ring and runs at the Nightmare. Instead of clotheslining him, as the Nightmare expected, Steeler dropkicks the monster in his knees, knocking him down. Steeler follows up with a boot to the Nightmare's head. As the giant tries to get up, Steeler grabs his head and rams his knee into it. Steeler leans down and puts the Nightmare in a guillotine chokehold. The Nightmare uses his long arms to reach the ropes. The ref orders Steeler to let go of the hold. Steeler complies. The Nightmare, being close to his corner, tags in Damien. Damien gets in the ring and eyes Steeler. The two men, who will be meeting in the main event later in the night, stare at each other, daring the other to make the first move. Damien decides to take up the offer. The vampire moves in and elbows Steeler in the side of his head, but Steeler quickly hook-kicks the back of Damien's leg, making him faulter and half-fall to the ground. Damien jumps up and kicks Steeler in the side and pushes him back into the turnbuckle. Steeler catapaults himself out of the corner and practically runs over Damien, knocking him down. Steeler waits in the nearest corner as Damien slowly gets up. He runs at his opponent, but Damien turns towards him and spits the "Blood Mist" in his eyes, temporarily blinding him. Damien hits Steeler with a superkick to his jaw, knocking him out. He goes for the pin. 1...2... No! L-Kano gets in the ring and breaks up the pin just in time. The Nightmare climbs in over the top rope and grabs Kano by the back of the neck. He tosses him back into the ropes and connects with a big boot to his face. Damien, hovering over the KO'd Steeler, motions to the Nightmare. The Nightmare nods his head and climbs out of the ring. He lifts up the apron and finds a table. After pulling it out, he sets it up at ringside. The Nightmare gets in the ring and picks up the fallen L-Kano. He sets him on the turnbuckle closest to the table and climbs out onto the apron. He clutches Kano by the throat and then performs the "Monster in the Closet", slamming him down off of the turnbuckle, all the way down, through the table. Kano is, needless to say, unconscious. The Nightmare yells in pain and holds his back, as he injured it even further while performing the "Monster in the Closet". Damien covers the still knocked out Steeler. The ref counts the pin. 1...2...3. The ref signals for the bell and raises the arm of Damien while pointing to the Nightmare, who is still standing on the floor.)

LESLIE HOPE: Your winners, Damien and the Nightmare!

(Damien slides out of the ring and walks over to the announcer's table. He orders Daniel Keith and Pat Smith to get up. They intelligently stand up and move away from the table. Damien removes the monitors from the table's top and tosses the headsets to the ground. He the rips the top off of the table, revealing that it is hollow, there is a big box inside. He breaks the table's side's off and reveals that there is a coffin inside. It is black wood, with a red cross painted on the top, identical to the coffins of Angel and Dante earlier. The Nightmare reaches in the ring and grabs Steeler's foot. He drags him to the apron, and then caarefully hoists him onto his shoulder, grimacing in pain at the added weight to his hurt back. Damien removes the coffin lid and the Nightmare drops Steeler into the coffin. Damien replaces the lid begins to laugh. The arena lights then fade out. After a few moments of darkness, they return to normal, revealing that Damien and the Nightmare have disappeared. The camera switches to the announcer's table.)

KEITH: Well, it sure looks like the Nightmare got his revenge on the DA! I wonder, now that the Nightmare is present in the building, if this will affect the next match. It was originally supposed to be the Freak vs the Nightmare, but it was then changed to the Freak vs Eddie Hunter when we found out that the Nightmare was injured. It appeared like during the match, when the Nightmare pulled off his trademark maneuver, "Monster in the Closet", that he injured his back even worse than before. That is not going to be good for him. I guess that's why the doctors and the Prez ordered him to stay home. He should've listened.

SMITH: I agree with you there, Daniel. The doctors had a good reason to take him out of the events tonight, but the Nightmare obviously thought he could tough it out. We'll just have to wait and see if he's good enough for the next match...

The Freak vs The Nightmare

(The lights go down as "Freak on a Leash" by KoRn is played. The lights flicker for a few seconds before red pyro goes off from the stage. Red and blue lights flash, creating a strobe affect, and we see the Freak walk out onstage and then drop to his knees, scanning the crowd. A metal chain is attached to his dog collar around his neck. The chain is being held by the Preacher, who followed him out. The Preacher stands beside the kneeling Freak and waits for a few seconds before giving the leash a tug, prompting the Freak to stand and walk down to the ring. The Freak rolls in under the bottom rope and the Preacher releases the leash and climbs in through the ropes. He picks up the leash again and beckons for a mic, which is handed to him by Leslie Hope. The Freak drops to his knees again as he starts to involuntarily twitch before regaining control of himself. The Preacher, apparantly used to this, pays the Freak no attention. The old man waits for the crowd to calm before speaking.)

THE PREACHER: It seems like our target has returned to the building. Nightmare, or should I say, Gabriel, we know that you are in the building. I believe that since you are in fighting condition, you need to walk out here and finish what you started all those years ago. The Freak hasn't forgotten what happened, and I know that you surely haven't... Gabriel, you "know" that you're better than the Freak, so why don't you come out here and prove it to the world?

(The Preacher waits for a few moments. Then, in the background, we hear "Dead Bodies Everywhere" playing. The Titantron flickers on, showing the Nightmare. Behind him stands Damien. The Nightmare looks at the camera.)

THE NIGHTMARE: Why do I need to prove to the world that I'm better? I know it, you know it, the Freak knows it. And I think I already proved that on the day I slit your parents' throats, Freak. What would you say?

(The Freak jumps up and lunges at the entranceway, at the Titantron, at the image of his enemy. The Preacher pulls the leash, pulling the Freak back towards the center of the ring. The Freak claws at the leash, trying to get himself free, but doesn't succeed. On the Titantron, the Nightmare just laughs.)

THE NIGHTMARE: What's wrong, Jebediah? Can't control your little pet? Tell him that he needs to focus his anger and build it up, learning to control it, if he ever wants to think about destroying me. I don't want to kill you two just yet, so I'm going to have to withdraw myself from this match. But your time will come, Jebediah, your time will come. I'll be more than happy to shove two of my knives through those throats of you and the Freak. But not yet. Until that time, I'll see you in your nightmares...

(The Titantron flickers off and the Freak starts to calm down, his chest heaving as he begins to regain his composure. The Preacher's eyes remain focused on the Titantron, his gaze practically burning a hole where the Nightmare's face was. He is brought out of his daze as "Bang Your Head" by the Motley Crew starts to play over the speakers. The Vice Prez, Eddie "Darkside" Hunter, steps out onstage. The Preacher unhooks the leash from the Freak's collar and climbs out of the ring as Eddie Hunter makes his way down the ramp. Eddie gets to the ring and jumps up onto the apron. He enters through the ropes and stares at the Freak, who is slightly twitching, his thoughts still on the Nightmare. He looks past Eddie at the Titantron, waiting for the Nightmare to reappear. Eddie waves his hand in front of the Freak's face, but the Freak doesn't move. The bell rings to start the match, but still the Freak doesn't move. Eddie shrugs his shoulders and stares at the Freak, partially amused. He waits to see how long the Freak can stay in this posistion, not moving, staring at the screen. The Preacher climbs in the ring and shakes the Freaks shoulders, getting in his face, trying to obtain his attention. He yells in the Freak's face "Eddie Hunter first, then the Nightmare!". The Freak shifts his eyes to Hunter, who is leaning against the turnbuckles, waiting with a smirk on his face. The Preacher, satisfied enough with the Freak's response, exits the ring. Eddie begins to walk around the ring. The Freak's eyes follow his movements, but he doesn't attempt to catch Eddie.

Eddie suddenly jumps in the Freak's face and yells "BOO!!!". The Freak remains strsight-faced as Eddie starts to laugh. Then, without warning, the Freak shoots foreward and tackles Hunter, slamming him onto the mat. The Freak, in a blind rage, begins to pummel Eddie's face with his fists, not slowing or stopping his attack until Eddie knees him in the stomach, knocking the breath out of him. The Freak rolls off of Eddie and the Vice Prez gets to his feet. He kicks the Freak in the ribs, knocking him back down. Outside the ring, the Preacher shouts at the Freak to get up, but the Freak is too busy trying to locate his ribs, which were practically snapped by Hunter's kick. The Freak rolls out of the way of a second kick and jumps up to his feet. He blocks an oncoming punch from Eddie Hunter, and then retaliates with a blow of his own, which is blocked by Hunter. Not happy with the stalemate, the two back off and try to rethink their strategies. Nothing comes to mind, so naturally, the Freak launches himself at his opponent, unsure of what he's going to do. When he reaches Hunter, he extends his arm partially out and then spins, elbowing Hunter right in the face. Eddie falls to the mat, blood streaming from both his mouth and nose. He shifts into a sitting position as he wipes the blood from his face. He gets up as the Freak stands there watching, happy with the bloodshed that he caused. He moves foreward, in an attempt to take Eddie down again, but Hunter kicks him in the stomach, doubling him over. He picks up the Freak in a powerbomb position, and then performs "No More X!", slamming the Freak down to the mat...hard. Eddie goes for the pin. 1...2... No! The Freak gets his shoulder up, just in time! Eddie stares in disbelief, thinking that he had the match won. The Freak remains lying on the mat, trying to catch his breath. Eddie picks him up, and the Freak backhands him in the face, the chain that is wrapped around his arm connecting with the already bloody nose. Eddie takes a few steps back, holding his face in pain, giving the Freak enough time to unwrap the chain from his arm. He punches Eddie in the face again and quickly wraps the chain around Eddie's neck. He whips Eddie in one direction and runs the other, yanking the chain and Eddie violently down to the mat, performing the "Freak On A Leash", his trademark maneuver. While Eddie is down, the Freak jumps up on the turnbuckle, measures his descent, and hits him with the "Tortured Soul". The Freak immediately goes for the pin. 1...2...3! The ref raises the arm of the Freak, declaring him the winner.)

LESLIE: And your winner, by pinfall, the Freak!

(After Leslie announces this, the lights go off and the Titantron flickers back on, showing the Nightmare's grotesque face, and Damien behind him.)

NIGHTMARE: Nice job, Freak, now let's see if you can take me out as easily as you did Hunter. (He raises a large knife in view. He licks the blade, and then points it at the camera.) I've got this waiting for you, if you can ever find me. And I've got one more blade for the old man over there. How long have you two fuckers been chasing me, huh? Years and years, and yet, even though you're in the same place as me, you still come up empty. How sad. Hey, Freak, say hi to your parents for me.

(The Titantron goes blank. The Freak runs to the edge of the ring and jumps over the ropes. As soon as he hits the ground, he takes off, chasing after the Nightmare, not knowing his location but trying to get there. The Preacher realizes it is hopeless to try and chase him, and slowly walks around the ring, thinking. He is brought back to reality as his music, "End of Days-remix" plays. The Preacher slowly gets in the ring and waits for his opponents...)

The Preacher vs Dante vs CrazyCaleb

(The Preacher stands in the corner as "Dead Cell" by Papa Roach comes on the speakers. The lights flash on and off, and Dante steps out onto the stage, his head bandaged, due to the earlier attack in the dark by Damien. He slowly makes his way down the ramp and slides in the ring. The Preacher walks up to him as he gets in.)

THE PREACHER: Listen, I know that I can't take either one of you on in a straight match, so I'm asking if you would just take care of CrazyCaleb for me. Honestly, he could practically rip me in half. You'll beat him down, and maybe let me get the pin, and, in return, the Freak and I will help you when you need assistance...

DANTE: Frankly, I don't need help from you or your little Freak, but I'll take care of Caleb for you. As for you getting the pin, well, we'll just see about that when the time comes.

THE PREACHER: Thank you, Dante. I owe you.

DANTE: Damn straight you do.

(Both men turn to the entryway as "More Human Than Human" comes on. Orange strobe lights come on, and we hear the sound of maniacal laughing over the speakers, drowning out the music. The laughing fades out as the figure of CrazyCaleb is seen running through the crowd, his black-and-orange hair flowing through the air. He reaches the guardrail and hops over it, as Dante and the Preacher turn to see him. Caleb runs to the apron and rolls into the ring, under the bottom rope.

He gets to his feet as the bell rings to commence the match. Dante immediately moves in and sucker-punches Caleb in the stomach. Caleb stumbles back a bit, caught completely off-guard by this. The Preacher watches as Dante moves in once again for the attack. He punches Caleb in the face and the irish-whips him to the far corner. Dante runs at Caleb, attempting to land a body splash, but Caleb gets his leg up in time, Dante's body slamming against his knee. As Dante clutches his chest and stomach, rolling on the ground, Caleb shifts his gaze to the old man standing in the corner. The Preacher gets a little nervous, knowing that he is easily overpowered, and knowing that his only friend, the Freak is absent from ringside. He is relieved as Dante comes up from behind Caleb and hits him with a falling reverse DDT. Dante begins to drag Caleb up, but Caleb pulls something out of his pants. We can see that it is his metal nutcrackers! Caleb deals Dante a low blow with them, hitting Dante with his patented "Nutcracker Suite". Dante goes down holding his crotch. Caleb tosses the nutcrackers out of the ring and pins Dante. 1...2...The pin is broken as the Preacher walks over and kicks Caleb in the head. The kick doesn't do much damage, except really piss off the Crazy One. CrazyCaleb slings his head in the direction of the Preacher. The old man backs up as Caleb gets to his feet. He slowly stalks the Preacher, but is hit in the head by a desperation blow from the injured Dante. Caleb whips around to face Dante, and Dante whips him into the corner. Dante painfully walks to the corner and beats Caleb senseless. He raises him to a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Dante then climbs up with him and brings him down with the "Devil Trigger". Caleb is definitely knocked out. Dante, though, is down as well, trying to regain his breath. The Preacher watches, waiting for Dante's signal to go for the pin.

The camera switches to the back, where we see the Nightmare and Damien watching the match on a monitor.)

NIGHTMARE: Hey, uh, Damien, shouldn't you be helping CrazyCaleb or something? I mean, he is your friend, or at least he used to be. I don't know anymore. But besides, he's in your stable. Shouldn't you offer him a bit of assistance?

DAMIEN: What in the hell has he done for me lately? While I've been out either kicking Twisted J's ass or getting my ass kicked by Twisted J, where in the hell has he been? Out at some strip joint, probably. Who knows...He hasn't helped me, I don't help him. I don't even think he's visited Raven in the hospital yet. What kind of friend is that?

(The camera switches back to the match, where we see the Preacher finally give up waiting and go for the pin on CrazyCaleb. The ref counts the pin. 1...2...Dante, who is now standing up, kicks the Preacher in the head...very hard. The old man rolls off of Caleb. Dante looks down at the Preacher.)

DANTE: Well, I've decided that you don't get to pin him.

(Dante picks the Preacher up and gives him the "Dead Man's Drop", sending him into unconsciousness. He turns and pins Caleb. 1...2...3. The ref raises Dante's arm, but Dante slings it away and gets out of the ring.)

LESLIE: Your winner, by pinfall, Dante!

(Dante grabs a steel chair from the front row and tosses it into the ring. He climbs in as Caleb begins to wake up. Dante grabs the chair and stands waiting, as Caleb slowly gets to his feet, turned the other direction. As he turns around....WHAM!!!...Dante bludgeons him with a chair to the face. He proceeds to beat Caleb with the chair, although Caleb is already knocked out. After a few more chair shots, Dante throws the chair out of the ring and exits, leaving Caleb there. Paramedics rush down and load the motionless CrazyCaleb onto a stretcher. They wheel him out in a hurry.)

KEITH: Well, um, that's quite a way to end a match. I think Dante drove his point home with those unnecessary chair shots, don't you agree?

SMITH: Yes, definitely. Dante had already won the match, there was no reason for bringing in the chair, other than the fact that this is the Blood Fed, and things like that are basically encouraged. Oh well, onto the next, and final match for the evening. A Fatal Four-way for the Bloodshed Title. Remember, the last person left not bleeding with win the Title.

Eddie Hunter vs Steeler vs Angel of Death vs Damien (Bloodshed Title)

("Bang Your Head" is played for the second time in the night, and the Vice Prez, Eddie "Darkside" Hunter, walks onstage. Already pretty worn out from his earlier match with the Freak, he slowly, almost wearily, heads down to the ring and gets in. His music fades out as "Her Ghost In The Fog" takes its place. Steeler makes his first appearance of the evening, slightly limping on his hurt leg. He makes his way down to the ring as pyro goes off onstage and the lights flash red, white, and blue. He rolls into the ring and waits in the corner opposite Eddie Hunter. "Blood Brothers" by Papa Roach begins to play. The lights fade and white strobes flicker. On the Titantron, we see a cluster of angels flying through the air, swords in their hands, heading into battle. The lead angel throws off his white cloak, revealing it to be the Angel of Death. The Titantron video then fades into various clips of Angel fighting. Beneath the Titantron, Angel walks out, scoping out the two of his three opponents in the ring. He walks down the ramp and climbs in the ring. The ref stands in the middle of the ring, warning the three not to begin fighting yet, as there is still one more wrestler left to enter. The lights in the arena go completely black. "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" starts to play. A deep, raspy, demonic voice comes on the speakers, speaking over the music.)

???: Once the Darkness grips its cold, deathly chokehold on you, your only option is to give in. The Darkness always prevails in its struggles. Resistance is useless. Don't fight it, just accept the cold, harsh truth: that everyone that was ever condemned to walk this earth is condemned to be damned for all eternity. This is the hour when Darkness reigns.

(The lights flash, just for a second, and in the middle of the ring, we see Damien. But just for a second, as the arena is consumed in darkness. The lights fade in to normal, and the music and voice stops. In the ring, there is only Eddie Hunter, Steeler, and Angel. No Damien. The ref shrugs his shoulders and signals for the bell to start the match, which then rings. The three men meet at the middle of the ring and begin to brawl, the intent of each one being to make someone else bleed. As they fight, the lights go off again. A little bit later, when they come back on, Steeler and Eddie Hunter are lying on the mat, face-up, arms crossed over their chest, and their faces covered in blood. In between their bodies stands Damien, his arms slightly extended outward, his figure perfectly still, except for his breathing. The ref, seeing the blood on Steeler and Hunter, has no choice but to eliminate them from the match. They just don't know it yet, both men being unconscious. Angel stands on the other side of the ring, staring at Damien and his handiwork. Damien's eyes, previously looking down at his victims, shift up, gazing at Angel. Then, all of a sudden, we see Prez Richard run down and slide in the ring, a steel chair in his hands. He stands in between Angel and Damien, his focus on Damien, the chair raised in warning. Angel smiles at having his friend come help him out. Damien looks at Prez Richard, then at Angel, then back at the Prez. A smile creeps across his face and he holds his arms out at his sides, as if to say "Come on, both of you, come and get me". Prez Richard then turns and cracks the chair over the head of Angel, knocking him flat out, and busting him open in the process, the chair hitting where Damien had already cut him open earlier in the night. The ref signals for the bell and gets the Bloodshed Title handed to him. He walks over to Damien, raises his arm, and awards him the title. Damien takes hold of it and looks at the Prez as "Long Hard Road..." begins to play again. The Prez spits on Angel and looks back to Damien. Richard smiles and then exits the ring. Damien nods his head in thanks as Richard walks away. Damien raises the title in the air before leaving the ring and heading to the back.)

SMITH: What in the hell is going through the Prez's mind?! I know he had a semi-treaty with Damien, but to blast your friend, or should I say "former friend", in the face with a chair?! That makes me lose my respect for Prez Richard. I'm sickened by what just happened. Not only did the Prez affect the outcome of the match, but he basically handed the Bloodshed Title to Damien! I'm just sick.

KEITH: Well, Pat, just don't puke on my new shoes. And I do have to agree with you. I'm suprised that Richard would throw away his friendship with Angel and award the Bloodshed Title to....Damien, of all people. They've never been on each other's good side. This completely confuses me.

SMITH: Well, folks, it seems like we're out of time! I guess we'll find out the side effects of this match and Richard's betrayal of Angel at the next show! Have a good night, everybody!!