BLOODflow RESULTS: 4-9-02
(The scene opens up and we see a BLOOD ad. It shows various clips of Damien and Dante fighting. The clips flash through, and then we see a picture of Damien's face, with the word "demon" at the bottom. His face then morphs into Dante's face with the words "demon slayer" at the bottom. More words flash up onscreen: "Who will prevail? It will be decided tonight...Demon vs. Demon-Slayer. It all ends here..." The ad fades out as the BLOOD logo fades in and then out with the BLOOD theme playing in the background. The BLOODflow intro video plays and then the camera fades in to show a packed arena full of screaming fans. The camera pans around a couple of times as the arena's lights flash and pyro goes off. The camera then switches to the announce table. Daniel Keith and Pat Smith sit there.)

DANIEL KEITH: Welcome, everyone, to tonight's edition of BLOODflow!! As you can see by this sold-out crowd here around me, some people are ready for the action to get started! We've got a lot of matches tonight, so I'm just going to mention the main ones right now. As you saw from the clip a minute ago, the feud between Damien and Dante will end tonight in a match between the two! I can't wait to see that! I hope Dante beats Damien's a$$ into the ground!! Also, we've got a Hardcore Title match between the Nightmare and Wang Fang. Later in the night, we've got a Street Fight match between 'Dangerous Distortions' and 'Damage, Inc'!! It appears that Dante's gonna have to pull double duty tonight. Also, tonight, Prez Richard is actually going to fight! He has chosen to take on CrazyCaleb, to give him revenge for the whole stolen-credit card deal that occurred a few weeks ago. And the main event later tonight will be a fatal 4-way World Title match between Steeler, Eddy "Darkside" Hunter, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the Virus. That will be a very competitive match. So, Pat, unless you have anything to say, we can get this night started...

PAT SMITH: Actually, I do have something to say--

(Pat is interrupted as "Wasting My Time" by Default plays. Prez Richard Rahl steps out onstage to a big response from the crowd. He walks down to the ring and gets a mic from the ring announcer. He waits for his music to stop before talking.)

PREZ: Unfortunately, I have some bad news to announce. The match scheduled for tonight between Damien and Dante will not take place. (The crowd boos.) Apparently, when Damien kicked Dante off of the stage a few days ago, he did more than just take him out for the night. Dante ended up in the hospital, as I'm sure you all have guessed. He has suffered severe injuries to his neck and back, and has not been able to even stand up since this occurrence. I apologize for the subtraction of this match, as it was one of our main attractions tonight, but there's no way around it. As for the Street Fight tag match tonight, Angel of Death will get to choose a partner to take Dante's place against Dragaus and Stryker. Again, I am sorry for having to take out the Dante-Damien match, but Damien, you brought it on yourself.

(Richard starts to get out of the ring as "Falling Away From Me" plays. Damien steps out onstage, a mic of his own in his hand...)

DAMIEN: What in the h*ll do you mean I don't have a match?!

PREZ: You know as well as I do that Dante is hurt bad. Maybe if you wouldn't pull crap like this you would have an opponent to fight.

DAMIEN: I don't give a sh*t about fighting Dante! I just want to fight! Give me a match against anybody!

PREZ: Since you feel so strongly about it, your punishment for Dante's injuries will be you without a match tonight. Your pay for tonight will not be given to you. I will act as if you are not even in the arena tonight. You are officially dismissed from work tonight. I order you to go home, and stay away from the building. And if you get near me or any of my stablemates, you will face possible suspension. Is that clear?

DAMIEN: All this for taking Dante out?! That's bullsh*t, Prez!

PREZ: Take it for what you will. Maybe it is, but I have made my decision, and for your own good, you had better comply.

DAMIEN: That's f*cking bullsh*t!! I'll show you what happens when you f*ck with a hell-borne demon, Prez. I'll put you through something you'll never forget...

PREZ: Is that some sort of a threat?

DAMIEN: Take it for what you will, Prez, take it for what you will...

(Damien throws the mic to the stage and turns and walks away. "Falling Away From Me" plays as he disappears behind the curtains. Prez Richard slowly gets out of the ring and goes to the back.)

SMITH: Well, it seems as if things remain shaky between the Prez and Damien. On that note, let's go to our first match...


(Pyro goes off as Crusher's theme plays over the speakers. Crusher walks out onstage, taunting to the crowd. He runs to the ring and slides in as his music fades. "The Meaning of Life" then starts to blast over the P.A. system. The white lights in front of the curtain flash at every major drum beat. David Draiman, the singer of Disturbed, walks out onstage with a mic. He waits for the point in the song and yells into the mic "GET PSYCHO!!". At that point, Jonny Psyko steps out onstage. He holds his arms up, raising his kendo stick in one hand and a mic in the other. He and David walk down to the ring and get in. Jonny hands David the kendo stick. He then looks at Crusher.)

PSYKO: You know, normally I would actually fight you with all of my heart and soul, and use all of my strength to beat you, but I'm going against that tonight, Crusher. Why? Simply because, #1, this isn't for my title, and #2, you're not worth it. Face it, you suck. End of story. So David, if you will, please.

(Draiman, without warning, cracks the kendo stick over Crusher's head. Crusher falls to the ground. Jonny picks him up, taunts, and performs the "Psykobomb". He then pins the helpless Crusher. 1...2...3. Psyko stands up and raises his arms in victory.)

RING ANNOUNCER: Your winner, by pinfall, Jonny Psyko!!

(Psyko and Draiman then leave the ring and head to the back, proud of their easy victory.)

KEITH: Well, how do you like that? What a shallow way to win a match! But, what else do you expect from the members of THE SICKNESS? Ladies and gentlemen, I'm just receiving word that there is some sort of commotion in the back. We're going to take you there now...

(The camera switches to the back hallways of the arena, where we see Damien storming through the halls, overturning or breaking anything in his path. Raven follows close behind him as he wrecks anything he sees.)

DAMIEN: The Prez wants to f*cking not pay me, fine. He wants to ban me from the building...I can see that didn't work. He's not getting a moment of peace until he takes all that back. I could've lived without the match, but all of that bullsh*t punishment he put on's not happening.

(Damien continues to rant and curse the Prez under his breath. Raven puts her hand on his shoulder and pushes him against the wall. She kisses him and then looks into his eyes.)

RAVEN: Don't just talk sh*t about the something about it. Make him pay.

(Damien agrees in his head and then walks down the hall, with Raven following behind him. The camera then switches back to the announce table.)

SMITH: It looks like things aren't turning out exactly the way Prez Richard planned them to. Speaking of the Prez, we are now going to his match against CrazyCaleb.


("More Human Than Human" by White Zombie starts to play over the speakers. CrazyCaleb makes his presence known as he runs out onto the stage, screaming for no reason. He runs down and slides in the ring as orange lights flash all over the arena. He holds up the Prez's credit card and laughs. At that point, "Wasting My Time" plays. Prez Richard steps out onto the stage. He walks down to the ring and gets in.

Caleb throws the credit card down and runs at the Prez. Richard simply sidesteps him and trips him to the ground. Caleb gets up and lunges at Richard, clotheslining him down. The Prez climbs to his feet and the two lock-up. Richard pulls off a powerslam, and follows up with a jumping elbow drop, landing his elbow into Caleb's chest. Richard drags Caleb up by his hair and punches him in the jaw. He irish-whips Caleb into the corner and performs a running knee. Caleb falls to the mat and Richard positions himself on the turnbuckle. He leg drops Caleb and spits on him. The Prez then signals for his trademark, "Swinging Death". The crowd cheers at this. But, they also cheer at another thing: Damien is seen slowly walking down the ramp, a steel chair in his hand. Richard, turned the other way, picks Caleb up and performs "Swinging Death". Caleb hits the mat in unconsciousness. Damien slides in the ring and waits as Richard stands up. Richard turns around just in time for Damien to crack the chair over his head. The Prez is wiped out, lying on the mat. The ref, seeing the blatant interruption, signals for the bell. Damien, already enraged at the Prez, slams the chair over the ref's head, knocking him out as well. Damien throws the chair down and gets out of the ring. He walks to the back, cussing out the Prez the whole way.)

RING ANNOUNCER: The winner of this match, by disqualification, Prez Richard Rahl!!

SMITH: Well, I think, for now, that settled the whole Damien-Prez situation. I know that there are going to be severe punishments for that attack on the Prez, though. Damien is going to wish he never did that.

KEITH: Damien'll get what's coming to him. He had no reason to attack the Prez like that! He deserves whatever consequences come to him! It looks like there's some activity occuring in the back...let's go there now.

(The camera changes to the back hallways, where the Nightmare is making his way to the backstage area. He is stopped by the newest tag team in the fed, Maverick and Steeler.)

MAVERICK: Hey, uh, Nightmare...nice makeup. Anyway, I'll get right to the point. You're a d@mn good wrestler, and a d@mn intimidating force. Me and Steeler, here, were saying that we could use a guy like you. So, basically, we're giving you an invitation to join our stable.

NIGHTMARE: What stable? Looks to me like it's just you two. Big stable, boys.

STEELER: We've got a couple of our friends that are gonna be in this fed soon. They'll be joining our stable. So what do ya say? You'd be very good. You'll go far if you side with us. Be a part of the D.A.

(The Nightmare turns and starts to walk away, before Steeler grabs his shoulder.)

STEELER: Just give us an answer by the pay-per-view.

(The Nightmare continues walking, without saying anything. He arrives at the backstage area.

THE NIGHTMARE[c] vs WANG FANG (24/7 Hardcore Title)

(The sound crew is cued. The arena lights go off and the ominous red strobes flash. "Dead Bodies Everywhere" begins to play over the P.A. and the Nightmare steps out onto the stage. He slowly walks to the ring and tosses his title in. He rolls in under the bottom rope and stands up. "DNA" hits the speakers as Wang Fang and Jet Li run out onstage. Wang Fang has a mic.)

WANG FANG: Hey Nightmare, before we get into this match, I want an agreement. I know lately, you've been hanging around with Damien and his group. I request that this match, although hardcore, be a one-on-one. I don't want any of THE SICKNESS coming out to help you. Can you agree to that?

(The Nightmare grabs a mic from the announcers.)

NIGHTMARE: Fine, no SICKNESS members will come after you. But, that means you gotta agree to the same conditions. I don't want Dragaus or Stryker to help you out. And, I don't want your little friend, Jet Crash, or whatever his name is, out here either.

FANG: It's Jet Li, and I can go with that. Agreed. Jet, if you would go to the back, I got some monster a$$ to kick.

(Jet nods, bows to Fang, and exits to the back. The Nightmare tosses his mic out of the ring as Fang drops his. Fang runs full speed at the ring and slides in.

He releases a barrage of lightning-quick attacks on the big man, who stumbles back a bit, but doesn't fall. Fang then performs a running karate-kick to the Nightmare's face. The Nightmare goes down. Fang jumps up, attempting to land a falling fist drop, but the Nightmare rolls out of the way. He grabs Wang Fang's leg and pulls him down. He punches Fang in the face and gets up. After kicking the karate master repeatedly, the Nightmare climbs onto the middle turnbuckle, looking to perform a knee drop. But Fang, being extremely fast, runs and dropkicks the monster. The Nightmare doesn't fall off of the turnbuckle, but slumps back, sitting on the top turnbuckle pad while trying to catch hhis breath. As this time, Fang jumps up on the corner ropes and wraps his legs over the Nightmare's shoulders. Wang Fang tries to hurracanrana the big man off of the turnbuckle, but the monster catches him. He then raises Fang up in the air, and since Fang was in a powerbomb position, the Nightmare performs "The Death Sentence" to him. The Nightmare laughs and climbs off of the turnbuckle and down to the floor. He lifts up the apron and pulls a table out from beneath the ring. He sets it up on the floor near the turnbuckle. The Nightmare gets back in the ring and picks up Wang Fang. He sets him on the turnbuckle and climbs out onto the apron, ready to hit him with the "Monster in the Closet". As he gets ready, however, the Angel of Death runs down to the ring, followed by a referee. Angel runs over to the corner where the Nightmare and Fang are. He does a running dropkick to the Nightmare, knocking him off of the apron. The Nightmare falls off of the apron and goes through the table. Angel jumps out of the ring and pins the fallen Nightmare. Angel's ref counts the pin. 1...2...3. The ref raises the hand of Angel. Most of the croud look around in confusion. The ring announcer comes on.)

RING ANNOUNCER: The new winner of the 24/7 Hardcore Title: Angel of Death!!!

(Angel grabs the Hardcore Title and exits the ringside area, before the Nightmare wakes up and realizes what happened.)

KEITH: Well, how about that? The Hardcore Title was just won by someone who wasn't even in the match! That's great! Hold on, we've got yet another occurence in the back. How many times are we going to get interrupted, Pat?

SMITH: I don't know, but let's check out what's going on.

(The camera switches to the VIP office, where Prez Richard sits in his office chair with a bag of ice on his head. The rest of the Tribal Warriors, minus Dante and Angel, sit in the room as well. Angel enters the room, carrying his new Hardcore title.)

SILVER EAGLE: Nice work on getting the title, Angel. Of course, you know that Nightmare's gonna try and kill you now.

ANGEL: Yeah, but I'll deal with it. I can take him on. Hey Richard, what are you gonna do about Damien? You know you can't let him get away with that.

PREZ: I don't know yet, but he's not going to like it, I can guarantee that.

(Suddenly, a knock on the door is heard. Angel opens it to find the Outsiders, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, standing there.)

SCOTT HALL: Hey yo. Is the Prez in here?

ANGEL: Yeah, but what do you want?

KEVIN NASH: A match.

(Angel moves out of the way and the Outsiders enter the room. The walk up to the Prez's desk.

NASH: Hey Prez, we want a match, and we want one now. Bottom line.

PREZ: Fine, I don't want to f*ck with anybody right now. Go out to the ring. You'll have a couple of opponents shortly.

HALL: That was too easy. What's the catch?

PREZ: There is no catch. I just got beat over the head with a chair and I don't want to argue with anyone. So get out there if you want a match.

(The Outsiders happily leave and go to the backstage area. As they go there, Prez Richard calls the other team on his cell phone. At ringside, the NWO theme starts to play. Hall and Nash walk out and go down to the ring. They get in and taunt, and then wait for their suprise opponents. After a few moments, "Infest" by Papa Roach begins to play over the speakers. The Devil's Advocates, Steeler and Maverick, appear onstage, to the delight of the crowd. They make their way down to the ring.)


(The ref signals for the bell as they climb up on the apron. Hall and Nash, in their corner, play rock-paper-scissors to decide who will start out the match. Hall wins the game and gets to start. Steeler lets Maverick in first to face Hall. Hall and Maverick lock up. Both men being about the same size, neither easily overpowers the other. Hall does however, hook his leg behind Maverick's and slam him with an STO. Maverick jumps back to his feet and bekons Hall. The Outsider obliges and runs at Maverick. Maverick, instead of going for a powerslam as Hall thinks, drops him down with a drop-toe-hold. As Hall tries to get up, Maverick kicks him in the head. Maverick tags in Steeler, who immediately puts a reverse leg lock on Hall. Scott Hall gets out of it quickly, though. He tries to tag in Kevin Nash, but Steeler catches him and drags him back to the center of the ring. He puts a modified headlock on Hall and tries to put him to sleep, but Hall elbows Steeler in the ribs and back-suplexes him. Hall, tired, lunges himself at his corner to tag Nash, but falls short. Steeler once again gets up and drags Hall to the center of the ring. He whips Hall to the D.A. corner and tags Maverick. Maverick gets on the turnbuckle as Steeler lifts Scott Hall up on his shoulders. Maverick jumps off, grabs Hall's neck, and performs a super-flipping-neckbreaker. Hall hits the mat and is knocked out. Maverick goes for the pin.! Nash runs in and kicks Maverick off of his partner. Steeler, in retaliation, runs in and spears Nash down. Hall starts to regain his senses as the ref orders Nash and Steeler to go to their respective corners. Hall quickly crawls over to his corner and tags in Nash. Big Kev grabs Maverick by the neck and tosses him to the ground. Steeler jumps in the ring and runs at Nash, but receives a big boot in his face for his services. Maverick, low to the ground, lunges and clips Nash's knee as he kicks Steeler. The big man falls to the ground on top of Maverick. Maverick pushes Nash off of him and signals to Steeler that Hall is getting up. Steeler runs at Hall, but the Outsider gets on the apron and the ref gets in between them. Steeler returns to his corner. Nash hobbles over and tags Hall. Scott Hall comes in and runs at Maverick, but Maverick counters with his infamous "Royal Flush", knocking Hall out. Steeler runs over and kicks Nash out of the ring as Maverick pins Hall. 1...2...3! Maverick and Steeler raise their arms as the bell rings.)

RING ANNOUNCER: Your winners, by pinfall, Maverick and Steeler, the Devil's Advocates!!

(Maverick and Steeler walk to the back as Hall and Nash try to regain their senses.)

KEITH: Maverick and Steeler, the Devil's Advocates; a pretty good team, I must say! They'll go a long way in this fed, I'm sure! Hold on...I'm being told that the Scorch-Crusher tag team match will not take place tonight, as neither Scorch or Crusher showed up tonight! Their suprise opponents, I guess, will just have to wait until the next show. Then maybe Scorch and Crusher will decide they want to be paid. I assume that means we are going to move on to our next match: Dangerous Distortions vs Damage Inc. I wonder who will take Dante's place tonight...


("I Disappear" by Metallica blasts over the speakers. The lights in the arena flicker and flash. A smoky substance fills the stage area. It floats down and hovers over the ring. The lights stop flickering and turn off, and when they come back on a couple of seconds later, Dragaus and Stryker are there. They look towards the entranceway. "When Worlds Collide" plays, and the Angel of Death steps out onto the stage. He walks down to the ring and stands on the apron. He looks back at the stage and waits. His music fades out and a new theme starts: "The Way You Like It" by Adema. The crowd wonders who this is, as the theme has not been heard before. Dragaus and Stryker glance at each other and then watch the entranceway for Angel's partner.

Behind their backs, however, a figure runs in with a chair in his hands. The person is Death Knight. He slides in the ring and, as the two dark figures turn at the sound, he slams them both in the face with the chair. They go down to the mat. Angel jumps in the ring and the ref signals for the bell to officially start the match. Death Knight throws the chair out of the ring and drags Stryker to his feet as Angel drags Dragaus up. Death Knight grabs Stryker and performs a massive powerbomb on him. Stryker's body hits the mat hard and bounces a couple inches in the air before landing again. Angel looks at Dragaus.)

ANGEL: This is for betraying us back when we thought you were loyal!

(Angel gives Dragaus the "Wings of Death". Dragaus falls to the ground as Death Knight pins Stryker. The ref counts it. 1...2...3!)

RING ANNOUNCER: The winners, Angel of Death and Death Knight!

SMITH: Well, what a suprise! Death Knight, the mystery partner! Although he did technically cheat, he proved that he is smart! Looks like we are now down to our main event. Ladies and gentlemen, the final match of the evening: A fatal four-way match for the BLOOD World Title! Let's get it on!

THE VIRUS vs STEELER vs EDDY "DARKSIDE" HUNTER vs STONE COLD (World Title; no current champion)

(The crowd boos as "Rockin' Like A Hurricane" is played. The Virus steps out onto the stage and then walks down to the ring. He waits as "Her Ghost In The Fog" plays. Steeler, the submission expert, walks to the ring and waits in the corner opposite Virus. "Bang Your Head" then plays over the speakers. Eddy "Darkside" Hunter makes his appearance and makes his way to the ring. He waits for the last man in an empty corner. Stone Cold's theme plays and he walks down to the ring. He gets in and stands in the last empty corner. The 4 men stare at each other, waiting for the bell. The bell rings and the match officially gets underway. All 4 men collide in the middle of the ring and an all-out brawl ensues. It ends up to where Steeler and The Virus are fighting inside the ring, and Stone Cold and Darkside are outside brawling. Darkside slams Stone Cold through the announcer's table, as is necessary for all wrestling shows to be good. Darkside wails on Stone Cold, beating him senseless. The ref tries to get Darkside off of Stone Cold, but Darkside refuses to stop. Inside the ring, the Virus is doing some wailing of his own. He knocks Steeler to the mat repeatedly, but Steeler finally counters and catches the Virus in an ankle-lock. Steeler is positioned poorly, however, and gets kicked right in the face by the Virus. The Virus picks up Steeler and signals for the "Terminal Illness". As he is about to perform the maneuver, though, Steeler's best friend, Maverick, runs down. Maverick, behind the Virus, clotheslines him from the back. Steeler rolls out of the way, and as the Virus gets up, Maverick kicks him in the groin. Maverick grabs the Virus and slams him down with the "Flaming Ace". He slides out of the ring as Steeler gets the ref. The ref slides in and counts the pin. 1... Darkside turns and sees what is happening. He runs and slides in the ring. 2... Darkside lunges at Steeler. 3... He is too late! Steeler gets the pinfall!

RING ANNOUNCER: The winner, and new World Champion, Steeler!!

KEITH: We have a new champion, folks! Steeler has won the World Title! We're out of time, everybody, we've got to go! See you next time!!