BLOOD-"April Anarchy"-4/26/02

(The scene opens up and the cameras are trained in on 2 figures in the SICKNESS locker room. Specifically, Damien and the Nightmare. The two men are in the middle of a conversation concerning their triple threat match involving them and Twisted J.)

DAMIEN: So, is that cool?

NIGHTMARE: You know it is. Twisted J won't survive the night.

DAMIEN: After all he's done, I'm ripping his f*cking head off...

NIGHTMARE: I don't guess you found anything new on Raven, right?

DAMIEN: Nope, she's still missing.

NIGHTMARE: Don't worry, you'll get her back.

DAMIEN: Yeah, but J's gonna suffer for it.

(The camera backs out of the room and the screen switches to the BLOOD intro. The theme music of the BLOOD fed plays as the intro finishes up and we see the arena, packed with fans. The sold-out crowd cheers as pyro explodes onstage and above the ring. The camera fades into the announcers, Daniel Keith and Pat Smith, at their table at ringside.)

KEITH: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the BLOOD fed's April pay-per-view, ANARCHY!!! Obviously, we have a very action-packed night for you this evening! We're going to start off the evening with the match that Damien and the Nightmare were just talking about. It's a triple-threat between Damien, the Nightmare, and Twisted J, which is the vampire-alter-ego of Jonny Psyko. If you'll remember, a few days ago, Damien's girlfriend, Raven, was kidnapped by Twisted J and his juggalo followers. I'm sure Damien's got a little something to say to J about that. Now, keep in mind that the first one to get eliminated loses and goes onto the Royal Rumble later tonight. The match will then end and the two surviving wrestlers will move on to the Blood Title match on BLOODbath. That match will contain the winners of this match, Eddie Hunter, and the winner of the Royal Rumble.

SMITH: That's right, Daniel, and I can barely wait to see what Damien and the Nightmare have in store for Twisted J tonight. Here we go.


(The main arena lights fade down and red strobe lights flash, keeping on beat with the intro to "Dead Bodies Everywhere" by KoRn, which plays over the speakers. The silouette of the big monster known as the Nightmare can be seen on the stage, his clothes covered in blood, as usual. Slowly, trance-like, he walks down to the ring and gets in. He stands with his head down, waiting, as the lights go completely out. They fade back in with a red glow. "Forsaken", by David Draiman of Disturbed, begins to play. A silence falls over the crowd. A line of fire rises in the middle of the ramp. Damien appears on the stage and walks down the ramp, the flames extinguishing in front of him. He rolls in the ring under the bottom rope and stands beside the Nightmare. Simultaneously, both of them raise their arms up and flames explode from the ringposts. "Forsaken" fades out and the lights return to normal. "Black Majic" by Dark Lotus/ICP starts to play. An eerie blue lighting fades in as the song plays. Onstage, 4 figures walk out. Damien and the Nightmare look closely to see who it is. Twisted J leads the pack, dressed in his black-and-blue jersey and black-and-white ICP face paint. Behind him, two of his juggalos drag the struggling Raven. A look of rage overcomes Damien's face and he motions to the back. From in the crowd, out slink 3 gothic figures, dressed completely in black. As they walk around the ring, they bare their teeth and reveal sharp fangs. Obviously 3 of Damien's new army of vampires, they walk up to ramp and stand at the bottom. From around the stage, 4 more vampires appear, all staring at Twisted J with their hollow, ravenous eyes. Twisted J produces a mic from in his back pocket.)

TWISTED J: Don't f*ck with me, Damien. You know that I've got an army of my own. You want to bring it to an all-out war, go ahead, fine with me...

(Damien gets a mic from the announce table.)

DAMIEN: Just let Raven go. It's between you, me, and the Nightmare. Not her.

(Suddenly, from backstage, 2 more vampires run out and attack the juggalos holding Raven. The lights go out, and a few seconds later when they return to normal, about 20 juggalos and 20 vampires are all around the ring, on the ramp, and on the stage fighting. Raven is in the ring, now under the care of Damien. Twisted J, enraged at this, drops the mic and walks down the ramp, pushing the fighting vampires of both side away. Damien is checking over his girlfriend as the Nightmare continues to watch J. The referee, standing in the corner of the ring, waits patiently as J circles. Damien calls out more of his vampire followers, but not to fight. He orders them to take care of Raven, and they comply. Raven and her guards stand outside the ring as the war goes on up near the stage.

Twisted J stops circling and slides in the ring. Damien immediately goes after him, attacking him in a blind fury. The Nightmare waits patiently as Damien tears through Twisted J. The juggalo leader tries to block all that he can, but is unable to defend against all of the vampire's attacks. Damien punches and kicks with all of his might, but Twisted J continues to block most of the onslaught. Damien fakes a punch and karate-kicks J in the side of his head, knocking him down. The juggalo immediately jumps to his feet, laughing.)

TWISTED J: Is that all you've got, Damien? I thought you were stronger than that.

(Damien looks at his advesary and smiles his cruel, evil smile.)

DAMIEN: Don't worry. I won't dissapoint you. I'm just getting started. You should know that.

(Damien lunges at Twisted J, but J premeditates the attack and sucker-punches Damien in the gut. The vampire goes down to the mat holding his stomach. J laughs at him again, but forgets that there is another man in the ring. The Nightmare walks up behind J and clotheslines his back, knocking him forward to the mat. Twisted J gets to his feet and faces the big monster. He runs at him and field-goal kicks him in the groin. The Nightmare falls to the ground in pain. Twisted J turns around just in time to recieve the "Blood Mist" from Damien, who is now on his feet. Temporarily blinded, Twisted J swings his arms violently, attempting to connect a punch on anyone that is near. Damien waits until he sees an opening, and then connects with a superkick to J's jaw, causing J to fall to the ground. The Nightmare gets up and drags J up by his hair. He wraps his hand around his throat and lifts him in the air. Bringing him down, he chokeslams him straight to the mat, straight to unconsciousness. Both the Nightmare and Damien wait a couple of minutes until Twisted J begins to regain his senses. He slowly climbs to a standing position and, as he does so, Damien sneaks around behind him. Twisted J then gets hit with "Diablo's Rage", Damien's signature move. Damien pins Twisted J. 1...2...3! The ref raises the arms of Damien and the Nightmare.)

LESLIE HOPE (ring announcer): The loser, who will advance to the Royal Rumble: Twisted J! The survivors, who will advance to the Bloodshed Title match on BLOODbath: Damien and the Nightmare!!

SMITH: I'm not even going to try and explain that match! That was too weird! A vampire war on the outside, a double-team with a serial killer and a vampire against a vampire juggalo on the inside! What next?

(The two winners exit the ring and move around to Raven and her bodyguards. Up onstage, the vampires and juggalos have all either been knocked out, or have given up the fighting and left. Damien kisses his girl and both of them, accompanied by the Nightmare and the vampire guards, make their way to the back. In the back, the Nightmare is confronted by the Devil's Advocates, the stable of Maverick, Steeler, Serge, and L-Kano. The Nightmare and the vampires, including Damien and Raven, stop.)

STEELER: So, Nightmare, what's it gonna be? Are you in with us? Are you going to become part of the D.A.? Remember, you said you'd give us the answer by tonight.

(The Nightmare looks at the D.A., thinking for a moment.

NIGHTMARE: I'm going to have to decline the offer. You see, I'm down with the SICKNESS, and they've got a lot more to offer than you. So, Damien, with your permission, I'd like to join the SICKNESS.

DAMIEN: Welcome to the group. (He looks at the D.A.) Sorry guys, but it looks like we're not needed here anymore. Have a good night.

(Damien, Raven, the Nightmare, and the vampire guards then turn and walk away from a less-than-pleased group of the D.A.)

(On their way down the hall, Damien turns to Raven.)

DAMIEN: You okay? He didn't hurt you, did he?

RAVEN: Not too bad. I'll be fine. My injuries will heal soon.

DAMIEN: You gonna be all right for your match against Trish?

RAVEN: Sh*t! I forgot about the match! When is it?

DAMIEN: Actually, I think it's next...

RAVEN: Well, then, back to the ring.

(Damien and Raven tell the Nightmare to head back to the SICKNESS locker room. He tells the vampire guards that at this point, they are not needed, but to hang around the arena in case the occassion calls for them.)


(Damien and Raven then make their way to the backstage as they can hear "Freedom Fighter" being played over the speakers. Onstage, Trish walks out, taunting the crowd with her ravishing looks. Smiling, she walks down to the ring and climbs in under the middle rope. She struts her stuff some more until her music fades out. "Forsaken" then begins to play as the lights dim and fade to red. A line of flames rises from the center of the ramp, extending the whole length of the ramp. Raven, accompanied by Damien, walks out onstage. She has a mic in her hand.

RAVEN: Hey, Trish, where's your boyfriend? Is he still gone? He won't tell you where he went, huh? Some boyfriend. I've got my man here to back me up...looks like you're all alone. And it looks like you're about to get torn apart.

(Raven tosses the mic down and she & Damien walk down the ramp, the flames extinguishing in front of them. The vampires circle the ring, stalking their prey.

SMITH: Yes! A chick fight!!

KEITH: Calm down there, Pat. I wouldn't want to get off on either of these two ladies. They both have very strong, intimidating, and violent boyfriends. I wouldn't want to make either of them mad.

SMITH: Good point.

(Damien and Raven turn to each other and kiss before Raven climbs up on the apron and gets in the ring. She hisses at Trish, who, although not scared, doesn't advance to attack.