BLOODbath Results for 3-12-02

The BLOOD logo is shown onscreen as the federation's theme music is played. The BLOOD logo fades away into the intro sequence of the fed, showing various clips of wrestlers, as all wrestling shows do. After the intro is complete, the cameras show the BLOOD arena, packed with fans, tickets sold-out. Pyro explodes onstage as the fed's theme continues playing. The cameras switch to the announce table.

PAT SMITH: Welcome, everyone to tonight's edition of BLOODbath! As usual, we have an exciting night planned for you all! Our lineup this evening consists of six matches. First, we have Jonny Psyko defending his Deadman Title in a "buried alive" match against Scorch. Following that, we have Crusher against Angel of Death in a no DQ, falls-count-anywhere match! Then, we've got Stone Cold Steve Austin against Wang Fang; winner gets a shot at the Hardcore Title in the near future. After that, we've got the Nightmare vs the Virus in an inferno match; winner gets an Inferno Title shot against Angel at the pay-per-view. Next, we've got CrazyCaleb vs Dante for the IC Title. And the main event, the team of Dragaus, Stryker, and Darkside will face the team of Angel, Dante, and their enemy Damien, formally known as Outkast. That match is a street fight match. If Dragaus' team wins, Dragaus and Stryker get a shot at the Street Fight titles against Angel and Dante. This could be a preview of that tonight, folks. Okay, I'm done talking for now...Daniel, anything?

DANIEL KEITH: I would like to point out that the dreaded stable THE SICKNESS has now gained another member. Damien's girlfriend, Raven has joined the federation and, of course, teamed up with her man and his friends. I guess we can get the matches started then...Tonight will start off with a bang: Jonny Psyko and Scorch-buried alive match! The wrestlers have to start inside the ring and make their way to the pit to bury their opponent. Obviously, there are no rules against weapons in this match. Here we go!

JONNY PSYKO vs SCORCH (Buried Alive match; Deadman Title)

The camera zooms in near the stage, where a pit has been constructed right next to the stage. The pit is really a gigantic piece of earth pulled up and moved into the arena. In the center of the pit is a casket-sized grave, and a shovel laying beside it. "Firestarter" starts to play as the lights dim. Flaming pyro shoots down to the stage from the scaffolding above. The flames stop, and Scorch steps out onto the stage. He glances at the miniature graveyard, and then walks to the ring. He slides in and looks to the stage as his music fades. "The Meaning of Life" begins to play as David Draiman steps out onstage with a microphone. The lights go off and white strobes flash at every major drum beat of the intro. Jonny's silouette can be seen standing in front of the curtain, holding his arms out, kendo stick in hand. Draiman screams "Get Psycho!" into the mic and Jonny turns around. He headbangs to the song as he passes the graveyard. He tosses his kendo stick to Draiman and launches himself off of the ramp and into the crowd. He moshes with them as his song is played, Draiman singing it from the ramp. Jonny then dashes through the crowd and jumps over the guard rail. Draiman stops singing and the music fades out. The singer of Disturbed walks around the ring and tosses the mic to the ring announcer. He holds onto the kendo stick as Jonny slides in the ring, staring at Scorch.
Jonny runs at Scorch, but Scorch, being the more agile of the two, dodges Psyko's attack and kicks the back of his leg, making Jonny fall to the ground. Scorch repeatedly kicks Jonny while he is down. Psyko just laughs at him. PSYKO: "Is that all you got?! C'mon! Bring the pain!!"Scorch relentlessly kicks and beats at Psyko, all the while Jonny laughing insanesly. Scorch grabs Jonny by the hair and pulls him to his feet. Psyko elbows him in the gut and clotheslines him down. He signals Draiman, who tosses the kendo stick to him. The ref, just there to call the winner, doesn't do anything about it. Scorch gets to his feet, only to be beat over the head with the kendo stick. He hits Scorch over the head, back, shoulders, and knees, leaving his whole body in pain. Psyko grabs Scorch and tosses him out of the ring. He starts to drag him up the ramp, but halfway up, Scorch grabs Jonny and throws him off of the ramp, landing him in the crowd. The fans catch him, and he has fun crowd surfing, moshing in his own right to the music in his head. Jonny then motions for the fans to let him down, and they drop him...hard. He climbs to his feet and makes his way through the crowd. Scorch, while Psyko was crowd surfing, had walked to the grave and grabbed the shovel. As Psyko climbs onto the ramp, he is hit in the back with the shovel. He grimaces in pain and stands up. Scorch swings the shovel, but Psyko ducks and grabs his head, slamming it into the metal ramp. The shovel is knocked away from Scorch, farther up the ramp. Jonny runs to the shovel and picks it up. He tosses it next to the grave and beckons Scorch to get up. Scorch complies and runs at Jonny, knocking him to the ramp. He drags Jonny to the mini graveyard and throws him next to the grave. As Scorch bends down to push Jonny into the grave, the psychotic one grabs the shovel and slams it into Scorch's legs, taking him down. Jonny jumps up, hits Scorch with the shovel, and then kicks him into the grave. He starts shoveling dirt on top of the fallen Scorch. Once he fills the grave, the bell rings.

RING ANNOUNCER: Your winner, and still Deadman champion: Jonny Psyko!!

Jonny raises his arms in victory as a fan in the crowd throws him some raisin cake. Jonny catches it, nods to the fan, and eats, celebrating. David Draiman joins up with him on the ramp, and the two walk back to the locker room, eating cake.

KEITH: Well, as much as I hate to say it, Jonny Psyko is still the Deadman Champion. I guess we'll go on to the next match: Angel of Death vs Crusher. Remember, this is a no DQ, falls-count-anywhere match. Pretty much, anything legal except killing the other man. Let's go to the ring as it's about to get underway.

ANGEL OF DEATH vs CRUSHER (no DQ; falls-count-anywhere)

As Crusher's theme starts to play, Crusher walks out onstage. He walks down the ramp and gets into the ring, no taunting. The lights fade and "When Worlds Collide" starts up. White lights flash randomly and the Angel of Death steps onstage. He looks towards the ring, and then runs down, sliding in the ring. The two men duke it out, fighting each other with great ferocity. After a few minutes of straight fist-fighting, Angel being the stronger of the two, punches Crusher right in the chin and takes him down. Without warning, the arena lights shut off. After a few moments, flashing red lights start up, revealing that Crusher is not in the ring. Angel looks around, and finds him laid out, spread-eagle on the top of the announce table. The announcers look with confusion at the body of Crusher. A deep, evil laughing can be heard over the speakers. Angel looks all around him, trying to find someone, anyone who could be doing this. His eye catches movement up on the titantron. He squints to see what it is, as the red lights continue to flash. A large man is standing on the metal frame of the titantron that extends outwards. The man is in a white hooded robe, the hood obscuring his face. The robe is stained in many, many places with blood. The man is holding a life-size manniquin, dressed up to look like Angel. The manniquin has a noose around it's neck. The man in the robe ties the end of the rope to the titantron frame, and drops the manniquin off. It reaches the end of the rope, and swings in midair. The man points at the hung figure, and then points to Angel. The lights once again go off. After a few moments, the red lights start up again. Crusher is now unconscious in the ring, with Angel looking towards the titantron, trying to find the man. The hung maniquin is still there, but the robed man is gone. The lights go out again. After another short while, they lights come on and return to normal. The robed man is standing behind Angel, who is still focused on the titantron. The big man's bloodstains on the robe shine out bright crimson, obviously fresh. The man pulls back the hood and reveals himself to be the Nightmare. He takes the robe off and tosses it to the ground in front of Angel. Angel looks down at the robe, and then spins around to find the Nightmare towering over him. The Nightmare kicks Angel in the stomach and violently throws him into the turnbuckle. The monster sets Angel on the tope turnbuckle and climbs out onto the apron. As Angel starts to get down, the Nightmare grabs his throat. He then hits him with the "Monster in the Closet", chokeslamming him to the cement floor below. He picks up the fallen Angel, rolls him in the ring, and follows him in. The Nightmare grabs Crusher's motionless body and drags him over to Angel. He lays Crusher on top of Angel and looks over to the referee. The ref, obviously scared, quickly gets on his knees and counts the 3 count. The Nightmare grabs the ref by his hair and pulls him to his feet. The ref signals for the bell, right before the Nightmare throws him over the top rope, his body slamming into the side of the announce table. The Nightmare raises his arms and the ring ropes burst into flames. He looks down at the unconscious Angel. NIGHTMARE: The Inferno awaits... The Nightmare climbs up onto the turnbuckle, carefully avoiding the flames, and drops down to the floor. He walks up the ramp, walking past the hanging maniquin as he heads to the back.

RING ANNOUNCER: Your winner, by pinfall, Crusher!!

The camera switches to the announce table, showing the two announcers with a stunned look on their faces.

SMITH: Well, if that doesn't make a statement, I don't know what does. The Angel of Death just lost a match to Crusher, of all people, if you can believe it. But Crusher was not without help. The Nightmare, Angel's opponent for the Inferno Title at the Pay-per-view, beat down Angel and made Crusher win the match. But it was all legal, as the match was no DQ. I'm told that we now have to go to a commercial break.

The cameras cut to a commercial. After a set of ads are done, the show returns.

KEITH: Welcome back to the BLOODbath!! As we just saw before the break, Angel of Death just lost a no DQ match to Crusher because of the Nightmare's interference. Okay, next, we've got a hardcore match between Stone Cold and Wang Fang. The winner of this match will get a Hardcore Title shot against the Nightmare at our next show BLOODflow, I'm told. Here we go...


Stone Cold's theme starts up and the Rattlesnake walks down to the ring. He does his signature "4 corners" taunt and then waits for his opponent. "DNA" by Xhibit plays as Wang Fang walks out onstage, followed by Jet Li. The two men run down the ramp and slide into the ring. Austin looks at both of them, and then motions for Jet Li to leave the ring. He doesn't listen. As Austin is about to beat down Jet Li, Dragaus and Stryker can be seen running through the crowd towards the ring from opposite directions. They jump the rail, and then slide into the ring. Simultaneously, the 4 men beat down on Stone Cold. Austin tries to fight them off, but the numbers are just too great. Wang Fang gets on the tope rope as his friends lay out Austin. Fang hits his opponent with the "Harlem Haze" and pins him. 1...2...3. The ref raises the hand of Wang Fang as his signals for the bell.

RING ANNOUNCER: Your winner, by pinfall, Wang Fang!!!

Fang spits on Austin and he, Jet Li, Dragaus, and Stryker get out of the ring. They walk up the ramp and to the back.

SMITH: Well, it looks as if Wang Fang gets a Hardcore Title shot against the Nightmare at the next show! I hope he beats that monster to death. And speaking of the Nightmare, our next match is an inferno match pitting the Nightmare against the Virus. The winner of this gets an Inferno title shot at the pay-per-view. Earlier in the evening, the Nightmare interrupted Angel's match and told him the Inferno is waiting. I think that means he's pretty confident about winning tonight's match against the Virus.


The lights abruptly fade to black and red strobe lights start to flash. "Dead Bodies Everywhere" then begins to play.

SMITH: Well, speak of the devil, literally. Here comes the Nightmare.

The Nightmare walks out from backstage and walks down to the ring. His music fades as he stands with his head down. "Rockin' Like A Hurricane" starts and the Virus runs down to the ring and slides in. He immediately goes after the Nightmare, who still stands with his head down. Virus knocks the bigger man down as flames shoot up from the apron. The two men duke it out, surrounded by a flaming wall on all sides. Suddenly, thie lights go out, allowing only the flames to illuminate the fight. A deep laughing is heard over the speakers, as the Nightmare knocks his opponent to the mat. The monster walks over to the corner. The lights return to normal and, as the Virus lies on the mat, gallons and gallons of blood pour down from the rafters above, splashing all over the Virus. He is covered from head to toe in the red liquid. He gets up and tries to sling it off of him, but only slips on the puddle and falls back down. As he is distracted, the Nightmare picks him up and launches him to the ropes, where the Virus finds out that the bloody liquid is quite flamable! The Virus goes up in flames as the sick laughing is heard again. The ring flames die down as a team of paramedics rush down to the ring to help the Virus. The Nightmare simply exits the ring over the top rope, and walks backstage, smiling behind his makeup.

RING ANNOUNCER: Your winner, by, uh...arson, The Nightmare!!!

The paramedics extinguish the Virus' flames and wheel him to the back on a stretcher.


Dante wins, Dante is new IC champ. After match, Prez runs out and beats down Caleb as revenge for Caleb stealing his credit card

During match, Dragaus and his team get knocked unconscious. Angel and Dante then turn to Damien and beat him down with kendo sticks. Then then set a table on fire, and slam him through it. They put Damien in the ring on his back and leave the ring. Darkside wakes up and pins Damien. Dragaus, Stryker, & Darkside win. Dragaus & Stryker get Street Fight title shot.