(The BLOOD Fed logo fades in onscreen. The BLOOD theme plays as the logo fades out and cuts to the intro sequence. The cameras fade in and we see a packed BLOOD arena. The screaming masses of fans are excited and ready for the show to begin. The camera switches to the announce table, where Pat Smith sits.)

PAT SMITH: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the BLOOD FED's show, the BLOODflow!! I'm Pat Smith, here to call the action from ringside. My colleague, Daniel Keith, is apparently backstage getting ready for an interview with the Angel of Death. Tonight's events are to be some very interesting ones, folks. I've gotten a memo of a few match stipulations added to the already pre-arranged matches for the evening. In our first match, the demon-slayer Dante goes up against the feared monster, the Nightmare. This match has been changed to a hardcore match, for the Hardcore Title, no less. That should be a very, very exciting match. Next, we've got Jonny Psyko vs Wang Fang. Now, this match was originally just a basic one-on-one match, but it is now a casket match for the Dead Man Title. After that, we've got a tag team match pitting CrazyCaleb and the Virus against the unlikely team of Scorch and Crusher. And finally, the main event is a match between former best friends. In this ring tonight, Hell's guardian himself, the embodyment of evil: Outkast, will face his former stable-mate and best friend, the Dark Figure, who now calls himself Dragaus. That match will be for the Highway To Hell Title, and contain a special referee...none other than the Angel of Death. Speaking of Angel, I have just received word that we are heading to his locker room now, for an interview with him...

(The camera switches to the inside of the Tribal Warriors' locker room. There, Daniel Keith is sitting in a chair, across from him is Angel of Death. Daniel gets the cue from the cameraman and proceeds.)

DANIEL KEITH: So Angel, you are going to be the special referee in Outkast and Dark Figure's match tonight. Which brings me to my first question, are you going to be a fair ref?

ANGEL: What do you call fair Daniel?

KEITH: Are you going to call the match straight down the line? Or are you going to help one of them win?

ANGEL: I will call the match the way I see fit. But I will warn both of them. If either one hits me, I will beat the sh*t out of them. I will not allow anybody at ringside beside the three of us. And if anybody interferes in the match, that person will have to answer to the Prez.

KEITH: I know that you and Dante are a tag-team now, but nobody knows the name. Have you two thought up of a name? And if you have, what is it?

ANGEL: As a matter of fact, We have a name for our team. And tonight we will let everybody know it. And not a second before.

KEITH: So do you know when you and Dante will fight Dark Figure and Wang Fang for the Street Fight titles?

ANGEL: As soon as Dark Figure and Wang Fang show us that they can handle us, we will have the match. But I think we might be having the match on the first PPV of the Blood fed.

KEITH: Now who do you think will win between Dante and Nightmare?

ANGEL: Well, even though Dante is my friend, my money is on Nightmare for more than one reason.

KEITH: And what reason would that be?

ANGEL: Well, lets just say, that the Tribal Warriors have a very special plan for Nightmare. He will wish he never kidnapped Trish. And after Nightmare sees who he is messing with, he will rethink ever attacking any members of the Tribal Warriors or Cryptic Crystal. That's all for now Keith. Get ready for tonight.

(Angel gets up and leaves the room.)

(The cameras fade out as Daniel Keith gets up and leaves the room. We then see the announcer's table once more. Pat Smith says some other information about the night's events, as Daniel Keith walks down the ramp and takes his position alongside Smith. They converse about the matches, and about who they think is going to win, as all announcers do. As they are talking, Keith stops and listens in his headset.)

KEITH: Hold on. I'm just getting notice that there's something of interest in the back. I don't know what it is, but our cameras are going to cut to it and find out...

(The camera switches and we see one of the arena's hallways. The camera is shaking, the cameraman running to his destination. Loud noises of objects slamming to the ground can be heard in the distance. The cameraman gets to the locker room area and the noises get louder. The cameraman slows down and stops walking when he sees where the noises are originating from. About ten feet down is the door of the Nightmare. Screams of rage and the slamming of objects can be heard eminating from inside. All of a sudden, a loud slam is heard, and the door to the room breaks off it's hinges and flies across the hallway, followed by the Nightmare's locker, slamming into the opposite wall. The camera starts shaking again, this time out of fear. The monster known as the Nightmare emerges from his room, dragging Trish behind him. Trish's mouth is still covered with tape, and her hands are still bound. She has a noose tightened around her neck that the Nightmare is holding the end of, like a leash. She stumbles along behind her kidnapper as the monster turns and faces the camera. The cameraman promptly turns and runs. A few seconds later, the camera falls to the ground and a scream is heard, followed by a thud. The Nightmare picks up the camera and points it at the ground, where the cameraman is found, unconscious, blood flowing from a head wound. The Nightmare turns the camera to himself. He still has Trish's noose in one hand as he handles the camera in the other.)

NIGHTMARE: Hey, Prez. Don't worry, he's not dead. I respected you that much. You said not to kill any BLOOD employee...but you didn't say anything about hurting them. He'll be in the hospital for quite a while now, but he's alive...hehehehe...F*ck you, Prez. And Dante, you're next...

(The image turns to static as the monster slams the camera to the ground. The camera again switches to the announce table as the two announcers sit wide-eyed, in shock of what just happened.)

SMITH: What is it going to take to control that monster? It seems that even the Prez has no control over him! The Nightmare just straight-up cussed the Prez out! I have a feeling that whoever is in the Nightmare's path had better get the h*ll out of it!! It seems that we now have to go to a commercial break...We'll be back in a minute.

(The scene fades out and a commercial pops up. In it, Dante is advertising a sword, modeled after the kind he usually carries with him. After it ends, there is a Budweiser commercial and some promo for Jet Li's new movie. The BLOOD Fed then comes back on.

THE NIGHTMARE vs. DANTE (Hardcore match-Hardcore Title)

The arena's fans get quiet as the lights fade to black. The ominous red strobes, characteristic of the Nightmare, start up, flashing throughout the arena. "Dead Bodies Everywhere" starts up and the Nightmare steps out onstage, Trish in tow, the noose-leash still around her neck. The monster has the noose in one hand and a bundle of chains in the other. The Nightmare pulls the rope and pulls her along as he slowly, meticulously walks down the ramp, climbs over the top rope and into the ring. He hangs his head down, waiting, as his music fades and the lights return to normal. "Freedom Fighter" by Creed plays, and Dante steps out onstage. He has a mic in hand. The slayer stares at the Nightmare, who still has his head hung, seemingly not listening.)

DANTE: Okay, everybody, I know this is a hardcore match, but Tribal Warriors, I'm asking that you don't come down and help me out. This match is between me and the Nightmare, and I want to leave it that way. I say again, do not come out and help in the match.

(The Nightmare climbs out of the ring, pulling Trish with him, and walks to the nearest turnbuckle post. There he secures Trish to the post with the chain, locking it with a large padlock. She struggles to get free, but to no avail. The monster climbs back in the ring as Dante gets a fiery look in his eyes. The slayer drops the mic and runs down to the ring. He slides in and runs at the Nightmare, slamming into him with all of his weight. The big man stumbles a little bit, but doesn't go down. Dante tries again, but gets a boot to the face. Dante rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair from the crowd. He slides back in and weilds it in front of him. The Nightmare just stands and stares at him, obviously not afraid. In a flash, Dante cracks to chair over the big man's head, but the Nightmare remains standing. Dante tries again, and the Nightmare steps back a step, but again remains standing. Dante goes for a third shot, but the Nightmare catches the chair and pulls it out of the slayer's hands. Dante's eyes go wide as the chair is slammed over his own head. The slayer goes down to the mat. The Nightmare smiles and hits him with the chair again, this time right on the back. Dante yells in pain.

The monster gets out of the ring and removes the noose from around Trish's neck. He gets back in and puts it around Dante's neck. He ties the end of the noose around the top rope. The monster picks Dante up and tosses him over the ropes. The noose is pulled tight as Dante is being hung off of the ring, his feet a mere foot from the ground. He grabs at the noose, trying to loosen it, as the Nightmare picks up the chair and exits the ring. The giant slams the chair into Dante's helpless form as the slayer continues trying to free himself in between chair shots. The slayer's face turns a red-violet color as the blood and air are being blocked off. The Nightmare drops the chair and walks away, and Dante pulls himself onto the apron, trying to untie the noose from the rope.

Meanwhile, the Nightmare pulls a table out from under the ring. He sets it up near a turnbuckle, and some of the crowd cheers, some gasping, knowing what is coming next. The Nightmare climbs in the ring as Dante finally unties the noose and rolls inside the ring, struggling for breath. The Nightmare picks him up and throws him backwards into the turnbuckle near the table. The monster picks Dante up and sits him on the turnbuckle. The big man climbs out onto the ring apron. He grabs Dante by the throat and looks out into the crowd. He then hits Dante with the "Monster in the Closet", slamming the slayer through the table outside the ring. Dante is obviously unconscious, his body lying among the shattered table. The Nightmare places his hand on Dante's chest. The referee counts the pinfall: 1...2...3. He signals for the bell. The ref starts to raise the hand of the Nightmare, but the monster slings his arm away and glares at the ref, who quickly backs away.)

RING ANNOUNCER: The winner, by pinfall, and new HaRdCoRe champion...The Nightmare!

(The Nightmare pulls out a key from a chain around his neck and tosses it onto Dante's chest. "Dead Bodies Everywhere" starts to play as he as given the HaRdCoRe Title. He then turns and starts to walk away.

As the monster gets to the ramp, the Angel of Death, Silver Eagle, and Death Knight all run down and attack him. The Nightmare knocks Angel and Eagle down, but Death Knight dodges the monster's attack and kicks him in the groin. Eagle and Angel get up and help Death Knight pummel the Nightmare to the ground. Death Knight pulls a table out from beneath the ring and sets it up. He conveniently finds a gas tank and a box of matches under there as well. Death Knight covers the table with gas and lights a match, dropping it on the table. The table is set aflame as Eagle and Angel drag the giant to his feet. They get him up onto the apron, and Eagle and Angel hold him up from each side. Death Knight gets in the ring. He runs and performs a sunset-flip-powerbomb to the monster as the other Tribal Warriors let go of their hold. The monster is slammed through the burning table, sending red-hot splinters flying everywhere. The fire dies out after a few moments. The three Warriors go around the other side of the ring. Eagle gets the key and unlocks Trish from the ringpost as Angel and Death Knight lift up Dante. They carry him up the ramp, Eagle and Trish following. The Tribal Warriors disappear behind the curtain, leaving the Nightmare laying in the smoldering table. All of a sudden, as the cameras fade out, the Nightmare sits up. He gets to his feet and makes his way to the back, rage in his eyes. The cameras completely fade out and go to a commercial.

When the show returns from the commercial break, the cameras are fixed on Daniel Keith and Pat Smith at the announce table.)

KEITH: Boy, Pat, did Nightmare get a beat-down or what?

SMITH: He sure did. Dante told the other Tribal Warriors not to come down during the match, and they respected his wish. They came out after the match, however. But Dante didn't tell them not to do that. Hehe, I think it's kinda funny. The Nightmare, after all of his chaos and destruction he's made so far, finally got a taste of his own medicine.

KEITH:I agree, Pat. Okay, it looks like we are ready to start the next match.

JONNY PSYKO vs. WANG FANG (casket match-Dead Man Title)

(The cameras show the ring, where a black casket is sitting at ringside. The crowd silences as "The Meaning of Life" by Disturbed starts up. The arena lights start to flicker and a silouette is seen onstage. The man is holding up a kendo stick wrapped in barb wire. When the part of the song that says "Get Psycho" hits, the man, Jonny Psyko, turns around and runs across the stage. He jumps off into the crowd and moshes with them. Finally he jumps out of the crowd and runs to the ring. He slides in and holds up his kendo stick. He hits himself across the head with it a couple of times and yells to the crowd for no apparent reason. Psyko's music fades and "DNA" by Xibit starts up. Wang Fang, with his manager, Jet Li, steps out onstage. He looks at his opponent, and then at the casket.

He runs down to the ring and slides in. Psyko hits Fang with the kendo stick repeatedly as Jet Li walks down to ringside. Psyko continues to beat Fang with the stick, but Fang uses his lightning-quick speed to dodge the last attack and knocks the weapon out of Psyko's hand. He does a few martial arts moves to the psychotic one, and then kicks him in the face, knocking him down. If you look closely, you can see someone trying to stealthily move through the crowd, but failing miserably at it. Upon closer inspection, we see that it is CrazyCaleb. Caleb says "screw it" to the stealth crap and runs through the crowd. He jumps over the rail and lands on Jet Li, slamming him to the ground from behind. The Virus dashes out from the other side of the crowd and pulls the ref out of the ring. He grabs the ref and gives him the "Terminal Illness", knocking him out.

Onstage, Dragaus and Stryker run out to help Wang Fang from the impending onslaught, but are stopped as a tower of flame bursts from the middle of the ramp. Outkast runs out and hits the two dark figures with a lead pipe as Caleb and the Virus slide in the ring and help Psyko triple-team Wang Fang. Dragaus gets up and dashes at Outkast, intent on making him pay, but Kast, still armed with the pipe, easily takes Dragaus down. He beats Dragaus with the pipe as the ramp-flames die down. Stryker climbs to his feet and runs at Kast, but Kast throws the pipe at his legs, making him stumble to the ground. Kast kicks Stryker in the ribs, hard, pushing him to the edge of the stage. He waits as Stryker regains his breath and slowly gets to his feet once more. As he stands up, Kast superkicks Stryker off of the stage. Stryker flies off of the stage and lands on the cement floor with a thud, 10 feet below. He doesn't move at all as paramedics run out and load him onto a stretcher. Dragaus already on his feet, tackles Outkast from behind and beats him while he's down. As Dragaus hits Outkast in the face, the demon spits the "Blood Mist" into Dragaus's glowing green eyes, temporarily blinding him. He grabs Dragaus and throws him off of the stage as well. Dragaus doesn't hit the ground hard enough to get knocked out, but he howls in pain and agony. Outkast turns to the ring and watches the match.

Inside the ring, Wang Fang is getting the crap beat out of him, to put it lightly. The three SICKNESS members put Fang on the turnbuckle, and Psyko performs his patented "Psykobomb" off of it. The Virus and CrazyCaleb slide out of the ring as Psyko drags Wang Fang out. Jet Li gets up and tries to help, but is beat down once again by Caleb. Psyko tosses Wang Fang inside the casket and closes the lid. The bell rings.)

RING ANNOUNCER: The winner of the match, and your new Dead Man Champion, Jonny Psyko!

(Psyko runs around the ring and gets the Dead Man Title from the ring announcer. He runs back to his Caleb and the Virus and celebrates as the three meet Outkast on the ramp. Psyko starts to walk to the back, but Outkast holds him back.)

OUTKAST: What? You think you're done with him?

(Jonny smiles as Kast walks around the ring and gets the chain that was used to tie Trish to the ringpost. The Virus and Caleb tilt the casket on its end, and Kast wraps the chain around it, securing it shut, and puts the padlock on the chain. He then lifts up the ring apron, revealing the Angel of Death's gas tank and matches. Caleb and the Virus lower the casket to the ground, and Psyko grabs the gas tank. He douses the casket in fuel, and Outkast picks up a match. He tosses it to Jonny, who lights it. Jonny drops the match on the casket and it is set ablaze. The four members of THE SICKNESS get in the ring and taunt to the crowd as "Down With The Sickness" is played. Paramedics run out, extinguish the fire, and help Jet Li to the back as a group of them breaks the chain and pulls a burned Wang Fang out. They load him onto a stretcher and wheel him to the back, helping Dragaus to the back on their way past. Outkast gets down to the floor, grabs the ref, and pushes him in the ring. Kast climbs in and signals for a mic, which is tossed to him.)

OUTKAST: You know what, we already got CrazyCaleb and the Virus out here, so let's go ahead and have their match! Crusher, Scorch, get your a$$es down here!


(Scorch and Crusher step out onstage. The bell rings, signaling the beginning of the match. They look at the ring, filled with the 4 wrestlers of THE SICKNESS, obviously not wanting to go down there. Behind their backs, David Draiman, vocalist of the band Disturbed as well as the manager of THE SICKNESS, walks up, chair in hand. He cracks it over both of their heads and they fall to the ground. CrazyCaleb and the Virus walk up the ramp and grab Scorch and Crusher. They put them over their shoulders and walk to the ring, followed by David Draiman. Caleb and Virus push their opponents inside the ring and slide in. Draiman tosses his chair in and climbs in as well. Caleb and the Virus roll Scorch and Crusher on their backs and pin them. The ref refuses to count the pinfall...until Outkast steps up to him. Kast smacks him over the head and pushes him to the mat. The ref looks at Outkast, Jonny Psyko, and David Draiman towering over him, and then turns and counts the pinfall. 1...2...3. The ref signals for the bell and then dashes out of the ring.)

RING ANNOUNCER: The winners, by, uh, pinfall...CrazyCaleb and the Virus!

(Caleb and the Virus give each other a high five and THE SICKNESS gets out of the ring and walks to the back, leaving Scorch and Crusher in the ring. The scene cuts to a commercial break...

A commercial is shown advertising the upcoming release of KoRn's new album. After that, an ad comes up dealing with the soon-to-come BLOOD Fed Pay-Per-View. The show then comes back on. "Damage Inc." by Metallica plays, and the Angel of Death and Dante step out onstage. Angel walks down the ramp, followed by Dante, who is limping and holding his back because of his injuries sustained by the Nightmare earlier in the show. They get in the ring and Angel gets a mic.)

ANGEL: As I stated earlier in my interview, Dante and I have formed the newest tag team in this federation. We call ourselves "Damage Inc.". If you want to know why, go ask the Nightmare...I'm sure he'd love to tell you. Prez Richard has given us the Street Fight titles, which we will hold until a better tag team comes along to dethrone us, which will never happen. So if, say, CrazyCaleb and the Virus want to get the Street Fight titles, they've gotta get through us. But Caleb and Virus, if you do challenge us for the titles, you'd better not expect help from your buddies like what just happened moments ago, cause that will not take place. You two had better actually learn to wrestle if you want to become a real tag team. With that said, Dante, if you would step out of the ring, the main event is about to take place.

OUTKAST vs. DRAGAUS (Hell in a Cell match-Highway to Hell Title)

(Dante gets out and stands at ringside as Angel throws the mic to the ring announcer and removes his shirt, revealing a referee shirt. Above the ring, a cell lowers. It touches the ground, and Angel gets out of the ring and opens the door, standing by it. The arena lights go black. White strobe lights start flashing, as "Haunting Me" by Stabbing Westward starts up. A cloud of mist hangs over the stage, and then swirls into the form of Dragaus. He walks down the ramp, nods his head at Angel, enters the cell, and climbs in the ring. His music fades out and the crowd is silent. The lights go red, and "Violence Fetish" by Disturbed plays. Pillars of flame explode from the stage. Outkast steps out, followed by David Draiman. They walk down the ramp up to the cell. David keeps his eye on Dante and walks around to the opposite side of the cell. Kast walks past Angel and gets in the ring.

Angel closes the door as Outkast and Dragaus stare each other down. Outkast makes the first move and dashes at Dragaus, but the dark figure sees it coming, and dodges the attack. Dragaus moves in and the two have an all-out brawl. Dragaus gets the upper hand, and knocks Kast down. Outkast rolls out of the ring and points up. He laughs and opens the door.

Kast climbs the outside of the cell and stands up when he gets to the top, looking down and bekoning Dragaus to follow. Dragaus gets out of the ring, along with Angel, and the two climb the cage. Dragaus runs at Outkast to attack him, but Outkast lowers his shoulder and spears him. Angel watches as Dragaus gets back to his feet and meets Kast with a fist to the face. He picks Kast up and suplexes him onto the cell, the whole cage shaking. Angel walks up and, out of nowhere, deals Dragaus a low blow. He knocks Dragaus down to the cage and kicks him while he's down. Outkast gets to his feet and Angel steps back, telling Kast to take care of him. Outkast get a suspicious look on his face, but moves in and starts beating Dragaus. Angel moves back in and he and Outkast pummel the helpless Dragaus. Angel stops Kast and then whispers something into his ear. Outkast smiles and then walks around the top of the cell, testing the strenth of the cage. He finds a spot that satisfies him, and then motions to Angel. Angel drags Dragaus over there and lifts him up. Outkast grabs Dragaus and performs "Diablo's Rage" to him, slamming him through the cage, Dragaus finally landing on the mat about 15 feet below. The announcers jump up with shocked disbelief as Dragaus was practically snapped in half when he landed. Outkast and Angel drop down to the mat and Kast rolls Dragaus onto his back and pins him. Angel counts the pin: 1...2...3. Outkast still looks at Angel with suspicion as Angel raises his arm as the winner.)

RING ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, and new Highway To Hell champion, Outkast!

(Angel leaves the cell and gets the title belt. He hands it to Outkast as he leaves the cell. Outkast, still paranoid about Angel, takes the title and walks to the back with David Draiman as "Violence Fetish" plays over the speakers. Angel and Dante walk to the back after a few moments. The camera cuts to the announcers.)

PAT SMITH: Well, how about that? The Angel of Death, as referee, double-crossed his old stablemate, Dragaus, and actually helped out his long-time enemy, Outkast, making him Highway to Hell Champion! I don't believe it!

DANIEL KEITH: I don't either, Pat. Something doesn't seem right. But I guess we'll see what develops in the future...This has been some night! We now have a new HaRdCoRe champion: the Nightmare...a new Dead Man champion: Jonny Pysko...and a new Highway to Hell champion: Outkast...of course, the Highway to Hell title fits that demon! He's straight from Hell!!

SMITH: Well, folks, it seems that we're out of time! We've gotta go! Thanks for watching and we'lll see you at the next BLOOD show!! Good night, everybody!