BLOOD Fed Results: 2-18-02

(The scene opens up and we see the BLOOD Fed logo onscreen. Some heavy metal music is playing in the background. The logo fades and the cameras show a packed BLOOD arena. The fans are screaming and cheering their heads off, ready for the night's events to start. The camera switches and shows the announcer's table, with Daniel Keith and Pat Smith present.)

DANIEL KEITH: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Monday Night BLOODbath!! I'm Daniel Keith...

PAT SMITH: And I'm Pat Smith. Folks, we have a lot of excitment tonight just ready to explode. Our lineup for the evening is as follows: First off, we have a HaRdCoRe match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and BLOOD newcomer The Virus. Now, Daniel, I can hardly believe that Stone Cold can win this match, in all honesty. He's got all of the odds stacked against him. A HaRdCoRe match, and against The Virus, who is a member of THE SICKNESS, along with the dreaded Outkast, and the insane freaks known as Jonny Psyko and CrazyCaleb.

KEITH: I agree, Pat, I don't foresee a victory in Stone Cold's immediate future, as far as tonight goes, at least. However, this is only a HaRdCoRe match, not a no DQ match, so I believe the no-interference rule is still in force. But I don't think that's stopped the Virus or his friends before...

SMITH: And after that match, we have an triple threat Inferno Title match between the Angel of Death, Scorch, and Crusher. This match seems to be Scorch's specialty, so it'll be fun for him.

KEITH: True, but you can't count out the Angel of Death or Crusher. They are both great competitors and will, if not win, give Scorch a run for his money, so to speak.

SMITH: And finally, our main event of the evening pits the unlikely tag team of the martial arts master Wang Fang and the Dark Figure together in a no DQ match against probably the most destructive team in wrestling today, The Asylum, Jonny Psyko and Outkast. And we both know what these two can do.

KEITH: I'd rather not think about that, Pat. I've got enough bad memories of these two from the HEWWF. Unluckilly, though, I've got to hand it to Psyko and Outkast. They know how to completely demolish their enemies, and they're d@mn good at it! And with the no DQ stipulation, it could easily be Fang and the Dark Figure against the whole stable of THE SICKNESS! Because whenever you're against one member of THE SICKNESS, you're against all of the members of THE SICKNESS. Now, it seems as if the matches are about to get started.


(Right on cue, we hear the familiar sound of shattering glass as Stone Cold's theme starts. The Rattlesnake steps out onstage with a determined look on his face. He walks down to the ring and grabs a chair from the fans on the way down. He tosses it into the ring and climbs in. He does his trademark "4 corners" taunt and he struts around the ring, waiting for his opponent. Stone Cold's theme fades, and he picks up the chair and looks to the stage. "Rockin' Like A Hurricane" starts, and we see The Virus walk out onstage. In one hand he has a 2x4 wrapped in barb wire and in the other he carries a trash can. The Virus slowly makes his way down the ramp. He turns and sees a group of security guards walking out and forming a line on the stage. He tosses the trash can in and slides in the ring.

Stone Cold, ready for him, slams the chair into the Virus's head. The Virus tries to get up, but it hit on the back by the chair. He grabs Stone Cold's ankle and pulls him to the mat. The Virus jumps up and weilds the 2x4 like a baseball bat. Stone Cold gets up and is hit in the stomach with the piece of wood. He doubles over, clutching his stomach, and the Virus drops the 2x4 and slams Stone Cold down head-first. The Virus walks over to the trash can and picks it up as Austin climbs to his feet. As the Virus turns to hit Stone Cold, the Rattlesnake jumps on him with a Lou Thesz press. Austin hits the Virus in the face repeatedly and then talks mouth to him as he is down. Austin gives the Virus the middle finger, and then beckons him to get up. The Virus gets up, only to be knocked down again. Stone Cold grabs the chair and beats him over and over with it.

The camera pans out, and we see Outkast and the rest of THE SICKNESS run out onstage. They try to run down to the ring, but are stopped by the security guards. The guards hold Outkast, CrazyCaleb, and Jonny Psyko back as the Virus continues to get beat with the chair. The guards drag the 3 wrestlers backstage and keep them there. The Virus is almost unconscious as Stone Cold continues his relentless assault. All of a sudden, the arena lights fade, and red strobe lights flash throughout the arena. KoRn's "Dead Bodies Everywhere" starts to play over the speakers. Austin looks around in curiosity. The camera zooms in to the crowd, and the Nightmare is seen running through the fans. The Nightmare jumps over the security rail and slides into the ring. The lights return to normal as Austin gets a look at the Nightmare. Stone Cold raises his chair to hit Nightmare, but the monster kicks it into Stone Cold's face, knocking him down. He grabs Stone Cold and raises him up onto his shoulders. He steps back and climbs up onto the turnbuckle. The Nightmare, for the first time, smiles, and then slams Austin down to the mat with the "Death Sentence". The Virus slowly, painfully climbs to his feet and puts his hand out to thank the Nightmare for saving him. The Nightmare stares at Virus, and then grabs him by the throat. He lifts him up into the air and violently chokeslams him to the mat. The referee calls for the bell. He begins to raise the Virus's arm as winner [because Austin was hit first], but the Nightmare steps in his way. He points at both Austin and the Virus, then points to the mat, and then performs the “cut throat” symbol. He stares at the ref with cold, dark eyes. The ref, obviously scared, motions for the ring announcer to come to the ring. The ring announcer walks to the ring and the ref whispers something in his ear. He exits the ring and returns to his table. He gets a microphone.)

RING ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, this match has been deemed “no contest” on account of a, uh, double interference disqualification. Neither man is the winner.

(The Nightmare then turns and exits over the ropes. He walks up the ramp, never once turning to the ring to view his chaos.)

KEITH: Well, that was quite a surprise. I didn’t see that one coming at all. The newcomer Nightmare, who had nothing to do with this match, and no association to either of these men, just came down and literally demolished the two competitiors.(A replay of the Nightmare’s attack is shown.)This happened just moments ago in the ring. After security held THE SICKNESS at bay, the Nightmare ran in through the crowd and took down Stone Cold and the Virus. I have a feeling that this is nowhere near the last we’ve seen of the Nightmare.

SMITH: No, Dan, I think there will be a lot more destruction where that came from. Next up, we’ve got the triple threat Inferno Title match between the Angel of Death, Scorch, and Crusher. Now remember, for one man to win, both of his opponents must have been set on fire. After one man is set on fire, he is eliminated, and the other two fight until one has been set on fire as well. The man that is not burnt is declared the winner. Well, here we go…


(As Daniel Keith and Pat Smith are speaking, ring technicians are setting up the inferno bases under the ropes. When they finish, one signals the pyro crew and flames shoot up from 3 of the 4 sides. The one side nearest the entrance ramp remains unlit, to allow the wrestlers to enter the ring. Crusher's mystery music starts up. Some of the crowd cheers, but most aren't excited. Crusher runs down to the ring and gets in. He waits as Scorch's theme, "Firestarter" hits. Scorch appears on the stage. He taunts to the crowd and then makes his way to the ring. He jumps in and he and Crusher start fighting, not waiting for the Angel of Death. As they beat each other down, "Crawling in the Dark" blasts over the speakers. The Angel of Death steps out onstage. He looks at his two opponents, already fighting. Angel runs down and gets in the ring. The fourth side of the ring lights up in flames. Angel gets in the fight, and the three men duke it out.

It is an all out brawl that none of the wrestlers are winning. The referee on the outside just stands and watches the fight. Crusher grabs Angel and tries to throw him into the fire, but Angel reverses and clotheslines him to the ground. As he does that, Scorch deals Angel a low blow, and then bulldogs him to the ground. Crusher gets up and tackles Scorch into the turnbuckle. Scorch comes back with a kick to the face and Crusher falls to the ground. Angel runs over to Crusher and picks him up. He then kicks him into the stomach and performs the "Wings of Death", knocking Crusher breath from him. Scorch picks Crusher up and tosses into the ropes and holds him there. Crusher's pants catch on fire, and he screams in pain as the flames run up his leg. Angel picks him up and dumps him over the ropes and out of the ring. Angel and Scorch stare at each other. Scorch runs and knocks Angel to the ground. He mounts the turnbuckle, and waits. As Angel climbs to his feet, Scorch hits him with the "Scorched Earth". He climbs the turnbuckle again. After a little while, Angel regains his senses and groggily stands up. Scorch is about to perform "Scorched Earth" again, but Angel kicks the ropes, making Scorch lose his balance and fall to the turnbuckle, straddling it. Angel grabs him and throws him off of the turnbuckle, out of the ring. Angel climbs the turnbuckle and launches himself outside, connecting on Scorch with a flying clothesline. He grabs The Fiery One's legs and puts him in the "Gates of Death". He picks Scorch up and throws him towards the ring. Scorch's body slams into the side of the ring, just inches from the flames. Angel picks him up and puts him on his shoulder. He drops Scorch into the fire, and Scorch's body is, itself, scorched. Angel laughs sadistically as his opponent burns. Paramedics run down and push Angel out of the way. They pull Scorch from the fire and strap him into a stretcher. Angel laughs as Scorch is wheeled out. The ref calls for the bell and hands the Inferno Title to the Angel of Death. "Crawling in the Dark" hits again, and Angel walks to the back, laughing the whole way. He raises the title and disappears behind the curtain.)

SMITH: Well, that was exciting! The master of the inferno, Scorch, just got burned, Daniel! How do you like that?

KEITH: It was certainly a suprise. I guess that the Prez picked a good man in the Angel of Death. He'll do some good things in this fed, I'm sure. Now, I'm getting a message that there's something going on in the back. Let's cut there right now.

(The camera changes and we see the parking lot. CrazyCaleb is crouching down, hiding behind a car, waiting for something. A BLOOD employee pulls up in his car, finding a parking spot. As he walks to the arena, Caleb jumps out from behind the car and screams loudly. The man jumps and falls to the ground, scared to death. Caleb smiles and laughs.)

CRAZYCALEB: Hehehe...I love doing that!!

(He runs off into the arena, leaving the man to catch his breath. In the backstage area, he runs into Daniel Keith, who has left his announce table to catch up with Caleb.)

KEITH: Caleb! CrazyCaleb, hold on a minute! I wanted to talk to you.

(Caleb stops running down the hall and looks at Daniel, his eyes twitching from time to time, displaying his fragile, unstable disposition. His talks in a low, disturbing voice.)


KEITH: Well, I just wanted to get a word with you, to talk about your entry into the BLOOD fed.

CALEB: Oh, okay! So what's up?

KEITH: Well, after you disappeared from the HEWWF, wrestling fans have been wondering where you've been, and then all of a sudden, you show up here. What have you been doing? Where have you been?

CALEB: (Back in his deep voice.) I don't feel like telling you. You don't need to know about that. It's my business. Not even Kast or Jonny know about that. So shut up.

KEITH: Okay, sorry, I didn't mean anything by it. About Outkast, though, how do you think he's going to fare in tonight's match with him and Jonny Psyko against Wang Fang and the Dark Figure?

CALEB: Well, of course my boyz are gonna win. There's no doubt about it. (He laughs a little bit, and then pushes Daniel.) Get out of my way.

(CrazyCaleb walks down the hall as Daniel Keith shrugs and returns to his announcing position.)

KEITH: Well, you heard Caleb's comments. I don't know why he won't talk about where he's been over the past few months, but I'm sure we'll find out soon. Right now, though, let's go to the ring for our main event.

WANG FANG & DARK FIGURE vs. THE ASYLUM (No DQ match, no tag format)

(The crowd silences as "DNA" by Xzibit starts to play. The lights flash, and then....BOOM!!! Pyro shoots out from the stage. Wang Fang, followed by his manager, Jet Li, runs out onstage. The two men run down to the ring and jump over the top rope. They go to opposite turnbuckles, taunting to the crowd. Jet Li points to Fang, and raises his arm. "DNA" fades away. "Haunting Me" by Stabbing Westward starts to play. The lights fade out. A flash occurs, and the lights return to normal. The Dark Figure is standing in the middle of the ring, ready to fight. He gives Wang Fang a five as Jet Li gets out of the ring. D.F.'s music dies down, and the lights start to flicker. "Everything Ends" by Slipknot blasts over the P.A. Two silouetted figures walk out onstage. In the flickering light, we can see that it is Outkast and Jonny Psyko. The two men that make up "The Asylum" run down to the ring and slide in. An partial brawl occurs. Jonny fights Wang Fang, as the Dark Figure and Outkast stand there, staring each other down. Dark Figure says to Outkast, "You make the first move. I'm not going to hurt you until I have a reason."Outkast smiles and jump kicks Dark Figure in the head, knocking him down. The ref stays in one corner, trying not to get involved in all of the madness. Psyko and Fang are fighting each other equally, as Jet Li cheers on his team from the outside.

All of a sudden, The Virus, still sore from his match, runs through the crowd and jumps over the security rail. He attacks Jet Li from behind and runs in the ring. He and Psyko double-team Wang Fang as CrazyCaleb runs out and helps Outkast beat down the Dark Figure. The ref can't do anything about it, because of the No DQ stipulation on the match. Jet Li jumps in the ring and attacks the Virus. The Virus, much stronger than Jet, easily pounds him to the ground as Psyko pummels the fallen Wang Fang. The Dark Figure, still being beaten by both Outkast and CrazyCaleb, tries to escape the ring, but is pulled back in.

Without warning, Silver Eagle and the Angel of Death run down to the ring, armed with chairs. Prez Rahl is overseeing the action from the stage. Eagle and Angel slide in the ring. Angel cracks the chair over Outkast's head, knocking him to the ground. He turns and slams it into Caleb's head, knocking him down as well. Eagle wipes out the Virus with his chair, and then turns and beats down Psyko as well. Angel and Eagle continue hitting the members of THE SICKNESS with their chairs as Wang Fang, Jet Li, and the Dark Figure get some hits in on their opponents. They lay Outkast and Psyko in the middle of the ring, and Dark Figure and Wang Fang pin them both. The ref counts the 3-count...easily. All of THE SICKNESS are layed out, motionless. The ref raises the arms of the Dark Figure and Wang Fang as the winners. They, along with Jet Li, congratulate each other. They turn to Eagle and Angel, thanking them.)

WANG FANG: Thanks, Angel. Thanks Eagle. We appreciate it.

ANGEL: Don't think this makes us friends. We did it because it was Outkast and his friends. Remember, now we fight for the Street Fight titles.

(Fang and D.Figure nod their heads as Eagle and Angel drop the chairs and leave the ring. They meet up with Rahl on the stage, and the "Tribal Warriors" walk to the back. Fang, Jet, and the Dark Figure raise their arms once more, and walk to the back.)

SMITH: That was a match! An upset victory, I think. Most people expected "The Asylum" to win this, but that was obviously not Rahl's plan. This has been a very exciting night, folks!! I'm Pat Smith, alongside Daniel Keith!! We'll see you next week!!!