BLOODflow - September 11th, 2004 BLOODflow 9-11>

September 11th, 2004

(Onscreen, there is an image of “Ground Zero” from the 9-11 New York City attack. The image changes to show the brave firefighters, police officers, and rescue workers that helped to save so many lives that day. The image fades out and the words “In Remembrance Of Those Who Gave Their Lives” shows up. The words then fade away and the cameras fade in to the packed crowd at the Haven Hunter Arena. BLOODflow is beginning. Pyro goes off at the stage area. As the cameras pan around to show the fans and their signs, we hear Pat Smith’s voice.)

P.SMITH: Welcome, everyone to BLOODflow!! We are coming to you from Haven Hunter Arena, from deep inside Verbanium City! I’m Pat Smith--

D.KEITH: --and I’m Daniel Keith--

P.SMITH: --and we are ready, as usual, for an action-packed night of good ol’ wrestling!

D.KEITH: Well, Pat, I don’t think that tonight’s lineup will leave you hungry for excitement, because we’ve got some great matches on tonight’s show! The first event will be an over-the-top-rope Battle Royal, where Wolferene, The Nightmare, Minion, Jonny Psyko, and somehow Twisted J, will fight for supremacy. Whoever comes out the winner will then be named the Number 1 Contender for the Bloodshed Title!

P.SMITH: But, the Number 1 Contender will not know their future opponent until after tonight’s main event. Because at BLOODbath, by defeating Rigiher, Damien was able to secure tonight’s match-up, where he and Rigiher will fight for the Bloodshed Title!! That’s right, a Bloodshed Title match will be taking place in that ring right there tonight! I can’t wait!

D.KEITH: Me either, Pat, but you can’t forget that we have one other title match scheduled...a rematch between Minion and Wolferene for the World Title! At our last show, the match was ruined by our resident monster of a man, The Nightmare, and Prez Richard decided that he wanted everyone to see who was better, Minion or Wolf, without any outside help. As you can see above us now, a steel cell is hanging above the ring. Now, we don’t know if it will be implemented, but Wolferene has asked Prez Richard to make his match a Hell In A Cell match, so we’ll find out later what Richard’s decision is.

(Before the announcers can talk any more, the lights dim down a bit and “godeatgod” plays over the speakers.)

P.SMITH: Well, we all know what that means. It seems like the illustrious Damien is making an entrance.

(As Pat stated, Damien and his wife, Raven, emerge from backstage. Raven’s sexy choice of attire for tonight is her usual black stripper boots, and black-&-red pinstripe miniskirt, and a black spaghetti-strap top. Damien is in his usual black leather ‘rockstar’ pants and a black mesh t-shirt. The couple slowly walks down the ramp and around the ring. They walk over to the announce table and Damien has a few words with Pat. Pat motions to the timekeeper, who brings over two extra chairs and headsets and sets them behind the table. Damien and Raven sit down and each put on a headset.)

P.SMITH: Ladies and gentlemen, it appears as if Damien and his wife will be joining us for a little bit. Damien, if I may ask, why are we graced by your presence?

DAMIEN: Cut the bullshit, Pat. I know you and Danny-boy hate us, so don’t try and brown-nose our asses, alright? (He looks down to the other end of the table and gives a little wave to Daniel Keith.) How you doing, Danny-boy? (Daniel just shakes his head and doesn’t say anything.) Whatever. I know we haven’t gotten along in the past, Danny, but hey, I thought the past was the past. Ah well, have fun jacking off down there. Anyway, Pat, to answer your question, Raven and myself have joined you so that I can scope out my next opponent.

P.SMITH: With all due respect, Damien, the winner of our first match, the Battle Royal, will be Number 1 Contender for the title which you do not own yet.

DAMIEN: “Yet” is the key word there, Pat. By the time this night is over, I will have my championship back, and the winner of this match will be facing me on the next show. I like to be a ready champion, which is why I am here to study the strategies of the winner.

P.SMITH: Don’t get too overconfident, Damien. Rigiher is our Bloodshed Champion for a reason--

DAMIEN: He’s not my champion.

P.SMITH: I understand that. But he is champion right now, and he is champion for a reason. He is quite a competitor, and is not one to be taken lightly.

(Raven speaks up for the first time since arriving.)

RAVEN: Listen, Pat, you fat fuck, my husband has already stated that the title is his, so it will be!! So for your own fucking safety, I suggest that you and your little mute bitch over there not argue with the next Bloodshed Champion! Damien could pick you apart in a second, and you know it!

(There is silence for a moment as Pat looks at Daniel and then focuses his attention on the announce table, doing anything to avoid eye contact with his “guests”.)

D.KEITH: (Muttering under his breath, not realizing that he’s talking out loud) Well, we can see who’s got the balls in this relationship.

(Damien hears this and quickly stands up, glaring at Daniel, who sits very timidly on the other side of Pat Smith.)

DAMIEN: Excuse me, Daniel? Would you care to repeat that comment?!

D.KEITH: No I would not...sir.

DAMIEN: Good. Now just sit there and shut up.

(Damien sits back down in his chair.)

P.SMITH: Do you think we might be able to get this night started now?

DAMIEN: By all means, go ahead.

P.SMITH: Thank you. I was wondering--

(BOOM!! Flames explode onstage, making everyone jump, except for Damien and Raven. The song “Pet” starts up, and Gabriel “The Nightmare” Alcaine makes his way out onto the stage. As he walks down the ramp, Leslie Hope stands in the ring and announces his entrance.)

The Nightmare vs Jonny Psyko vs Minion vs Wolferene vs Twisted J (Over-the-top-rope Battle Royal match ** Winner becomes #1 Contender for the Bloodshed Title)

LESLIE: The following match will be an over-the-top-rope Battle Royal! The match will be performed gauntlet-style. Once a competitor is thrown over the top rope, so that both of his feet touch the ground, he is eliminated, and the next competitor will come out. Whoever is left in the ring by the end of the match will be the Number 1 Contender for the Bloodshed Title, facing the champion on BLOODbath! Entering 1st, standing at 7 feet, 2 inches, The Nightmare!

(By this time, The Nightmare has climbed in the ring.)

P.SMITH: Ah, Damien, it’s your hired hitman. You know, he’s probably got the best chances in this match. His size is definitely a positive factor for him.

D.KEITH: Yes, I was going to--

DAMIEN: Shut the hell up, Daniel. I didn’t say you could speak yet. Pat, yes, Gabriel does have a bit of an advantage in this contest. The wrestlers are going to have to catch him off guard in able to eliminate him.

(“Surfacing”, by Slipknot, begins to play.)

LESLIE: And the 2nd man in this match-up, the King Of Hardcore, Jonny Psyko!

(His music plays for a little while, but Jonny is nowhere to be seen.)

P.SMITH: Where is he? Damien, you’re his best friend, maybe you can tell us where Jonny is...

DAMIEN: Let’s get something straight right now. I used to be his best friend. I haven’t seen the bastard since BLOOD Version 1 closed down. Richard hired him back once Version 2 started up, but I haven’t seen him. So obviously, I’m as oblivious to his location as you are.

P.SMITH: Interesting. Well, what’s going to happen?

(Jonny’s music is cut off as Prez Richard comes out onstage with a mic.)

RICHARD: Apparently, Jonny Psyko has chosen not to show up to tonight’s event... which means that Twisted J will not be competing in this match either. So, instead of our original format, I’m going to modify the parameters of this match. Minion and Wolferene, I want you two to come out to the stage, please.

(Minion and Wolferene walk to the stage, not fighting or arguing as usual, since they are both curious as to what will happen.)

RICHARD: Since we only have 3 competitors in this match, all of you will be competing at the same time. I want all 3 of you fighting in that ring in 10 seconds. The over-the-top-rope rules still apply. Go.

(Not wasting any time, Wolf and Minion run down to the ring and get in. The bell rings to start the match.)

P.SMITH: Well, that’s a good way to solve that problem.

DAMIEN: Sure is.

D.KEITH: May I speak now?

DAMIEN: You just did, Danny-boy. But go ahead.

D.KEITH: Thanks. I would like to point out that with all 3 men in the ring, if Minion and Wolf were to team up, it would be much easier to eliminate The Nightmare.

DAMIEN: As if that weren’t painfully obvious. God, is that what you had to say? You just lost your speaking privileges again. Shut up.

P.SMITH: And I hate to go against your statement, Daniel, but I don’t think that we’ll be seeing Wolf and Minion on the same side for anything. It would surprise me greatly, seeing the feud that they’re having with each other over that World Title.

(On the outside, referees Jack Frost and Sam Johnson are there to eliminate the competitors. In the ring, the 3 men are staring at each other, no one willing to make a move. Raven takes her headset off and stands beside the ring, to cheer her brother on.)

RAVEN: Come on, Minion, make a move!

(Her brother obeys and lunges over with a punch, knocking Wolferene down, since he was closest. The Nightmare stands back and watches as the other two go at it, Wolf having got up and repaid the punches. Wolf, the street fighter, is able to take Minion down with a few more punches, and he then begins kicking his enemy in the ribs. Minion is able to block and shove enough to get to his feet. He and Wolf begin exchanging punches again, moving around the ring, until Minion is stopped as he backs into The Nightmare. Wolferene steps away, allowing The Nightmare to hoist Minion up and drop him down with a huge sidewalk slam.)

P.SMITH: Ooh. A very powerful first move by The Nightmare. It looks like Minion and Wolferene forgot about the 3rd man in the ring.

(The Nightmare sets his sights on Wolferene, who does not back away, but puts up his fists, ready to fight. The monster closes in, so Wolferene unleashes a few shots to the head, which seem to have no effect. Gabriel Alcaine grabs Wolf’s arm and whips him into the farthest corner, following up with a huge running clothesline. The Nightmare then whips Wolf into the opposite corner. He drags Minion up, and then whips him into Wolferene, sending both men to the mat.)

P.SMITH: Looks like The Nightmare is in full control of this match-up.

DAMIEN: It doesn’t matter who’s in the lead at the beginning of the match. It just matters who’s left standing at the end.

P.SMITH: Very true, but you must admit that the 1st advantage always helps.

DAMIEN: Ok, I’ll give you that.

(The Nightmare pulls Minion up and leans him against the nearest rope. He then steps back a couple of steps, and charges with a big boot aimed at Minion’s head, trying to kick the man out. Minion quickly responds by dropping to the mat and pulling the top rope down, sending Nightmare’s leg over the rope, racking him. Minion then shoves the big man over the rope, but The Nightmare is able to hold on and roll back in the ring under the bottom rope.)

DAMIEN: See, just like that, Minion can come back.

(Minion lays the boots to the downed giant, but is then taken down himself with a hard bulldog by Wolferene. Wolf picks Minion up and sends him into the corner. He sets Minion up on the turnbuckle, and then runs up, grabs Minion’s arm, and throws him back, taking him down to the mat with a super-arm-drag.)

P.SMITH: Impressive move from the Wolf-man.

(The Nightmare, now standing and angry, goes to clobber Wolferene, but Wolf sees it and ducks the attack, hitting the monster with a gut punch, doubling him over, but not taking him down. Wolf sees to this by kneeing the monster in the crotch. The Nightmare goes down.)

P.SMITH: And remember, that is totally legal in this match, as the only way to win is to send your opponents over the top rope and to the floor.

DAMIEN: Looks like that’ll take even a giant down.

(With The Nightmare out of the way for now, Wolferene returns his focus on his biggest enemy, Minion, who is just now getting up from the super-arm-drag. Wolferene grabs Minion’s head and drives him into the mat with a spike-DDT. He kicks him a couple of times, and then drags him up by the hair. Wolferene sends Minion into the ropes, and then runs and hits him with a shoulder block, sending Minion over the top rope. Minion almost topples to the outside, but Raven, who is right there, holds his legs to steady him. Referee Sam Johnson reprimands Raven for getting involved, but does not do anything beyond that.)

P.SMITH: And for those of you that are keeping score at home, yes, Minion’s sister, Raven, did just cheat and help keep him in the match.

DAMIEN: You keep talking bad about my wife and you’ll be trying to talk with your jaw wired shut.

P.SMITH: Gotcha.

(Minion gets in the ring and falls to the mat, hurting, as Wolferene argues with Raven over what just happened. Minion gets up as Wolf turns around. Suddenly, Wolf just blasts out with punches, hitting Minion with lefts and rights, and then slings him down to the mat with a crossface submission.)

P.SMITH: That’s the “Wolf’s Revenge”! Wolferene just locked in the “Wolf’s Revenge” on Minion!

(After a little bit in the submission, Minion begins tapping out of desperation, knowing full well that he cannot submit in this match. Raven climbs up on the apron, distracting Wolf and causing him to release the hold and go over to the ropes to get Raven. He swings with a punch, but Raven drops to the ground before it could connect. Damien stands and stares with anger at Wolferene for almost decking his wife. Wolf looks at Damien and points.)

WOLFERENE: Tell your little bitch to get back where she belongs!

(Damien takes a step towards the ring.)

P.SMITH: Damien, sit down. Come on, your wife’s not hurt. Sit down.

(Damien listens to Pat and sits in his chair, continuing to glare at Wolferene. Wolf breaks eye contact and turns around to see The Nightmare waiting for him. The monster charges and delivers a powerful clothesline, toppling Wolferene over the ropes and onto the floor in front of the announce table. Referee Sam Johnson signals to Leslie.)

LESLIE: Wolferene has been eliminated.

P.SMITH: God! The Nightmare damn near took Wolferene’s head off with that one! Now it’s down to just Minion and The Nightmare...the two former best friends.

(Damien throws down his headset and jumps on Wolferene, pummeling him with punches. Wolferene, who is already disoriented, has no way to properly defend himself.)

P.SMITH: I can only assume that this beating is for Wolferene almost hitting Raven a few moments ago.

(Damien drags Wolf up and sends him flying headfirst into the steel steps, with a sickening CLANG resounding throughout the arena.)

P.SMITH: Oh! He didn’t have to do that!

(Damien stands at ringside with his wife, watching as The Nightmare turns back to the recovering Minion.)

P.SMITH: Well, Daniel, I guess since Damien is at ringside, you’re allowed to talk again.

D.KEITH: Thank God. I wonder how that little pounding will affect Wolf in his title match with Minion later tonight.

P.SMITH: You bring up a good point, Daniel. But I think both men will be severely hurting by that match.

(The Nightmare knees Minion in the gut, doubling him over. He hoists Minion up, about to give him the “Darkest Dream” powerbomb, but Minion slams his fist into the monster’s face, causing both men to fall to the mat. Thinking quickly, Raven steps over Wolferene’s unconscious body and grabs the chair that she was sitting in earlier, and slides it into the ring. Minion grabs it and, as The Nightmare gets to his knees, CRACK! The chair bashes into Nightmare’s skull, sending him back to the mat. Minion drops the chair and falls back, leaning against the turnbuckle, exhausted. Damien and Raven cheer Minion on from the outside.)

P.SMITH: Minion, evening up the score with that chair. You know, without Raven here at this match, it looks like Minion would have been defeated a while ago. Personal opinion, of course.

D.KEITH: But she is here, and Minion survives that much longer.

(Suddenly, The Nightmare sits up, appearing unharmed. Minion’s eyes widen. Gabriel Alcaine stands up and whips his head around to look at his opponent. Minion, out of anger and desperation, charges at The Nightmare, but is grounded by a big boot. The Nightmare drags Minion over to the far corner, away from his family members, and then begins to ascend the turnbuckle.)

D.KEITH: What’s this? I don’t think going to the top rope is a good idea in this match, and even more so for The Nightmare. When was the last time we saw him go up top?

P.SMITH: I couldn’t tell you, Daniel. And I couldn’t agree with you more.

(Before The Nightmare can pull any high-risk maneuver off though, Minion gets up and lunges at the rope, shaking it so that The Nightmare racks himself, landing in a sitting position on the turnbuckle. Minion climbs up with him, standing both of them on the top pad, apparently trying for a superplex. But unluckily for him, The Nightmare grabs his throat, and leaps off of the turnbuckle, sending Minion down to the mat with at massive “Chokeslam To Hell” all the way from the top.)

P.SMITH: Oh my God!! That truly was a chokeslam to Hell! The Nightmare just decimated Minion with a chokeslam off of the top turnbuckle! He has got to be out after that!!

(The Nightmare picks Minion up over his shoulder and tosses him over the top rope, sending his unconscious body toppling to the ground. Referee Jack Frost signals for the bell as Damien and Raven rush over to the other side of the ring to attend to Minion.)

LESLIE: Minion has been eliminated! The winner of this match, and the Number 1 Contender for the Bloodshed Title, Gabriel “The Nightmare” Alcaine!!

P.SMITH: Well, there you have it, The Nightmare comes away with the win. I guess that Damien’s promise about he and Minion winning all of their matches has been proven wrong.

(By this time, Wolferene is staggering up to his feet. He groggily walks to the back, holding his head. Damien and Raven help Minion to his feet and, each putting an arm over their shoulders, walk him to the back, to their locker room. “Pet” plays as The Nightmare raises his arms in victory, the fans booing with discontent. After a little while of celebrating and cursing the front-row fans to their faces, he leaves to his locker room. The camera switches to the announce table.)

P.SMITH: Well, The Nightmare is the Number 1 Contender for the Bloodshed Championship. On BLOODbath, he will face the champion, whether it be Rigiher or Damien, for the title. Now we take you back to the ring for a special presentation from our commissioner, Silver Eagle

(“Psalm of the City of the Dead” by ZAO plays as Silver Eagle, the BLOOD Federation Commissioner, walks on stage. Silver pyros go off as Eagle walks down the ramp and enters the ring. He walks over and grabs a microphone from Leslie Hope. The crowd, seeing that he is about to talk, quiets down a bit.)

EAGLE: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m here to let you all know something. The BLOOD Federation now has a true official theme song. The band that wrote this song, wrote it just for us. They’re an up-and-coming band here in Verbanium City, and if I remember correctly, they just got signed by Angel Blood, the entertainment company that is based here in Verbanium City. So I now present to you “Gulidaus’ Chalice”.

(“Psalm of the City of the Dead” plays again as the six members of “Gulidaus’ Chalice” walk onstage. Some members of the tech crew come onstage also to help set up the equipment. Jeff Helwof, the lead singer of “Gulidaus’ Chalice” walks down the ramp and enters the ring while the rest of the band help set up the equipment. Eagle hands Jeff a microphone.)

EAGLE: Everybody please welcome Jeff Helwof.

(The crowd cheers.

JEFF: Thank you all very much. It feels great to be here in the Haven Hunter arena.

EAGLE: Now Jeff, while we wait for the equipment to be set up, why don’t you let us know how this all came about.

JEFF: Well Eagle, myself and the rest of the band came up with the idea for this song a little over a year ago, around the destruction of the Haven Hunter arena. And seeing that it was based off what happened here in the BLOOD Fed, we decide that once we finished the song, we would ask management if it could be the official BLOOD Fed theme song. And here we are.

EAGLE: And depending on how well the crowd likes it tonight, it will be.

JEFF: That’s great, but I have to tell you all something. The song isn’t 100% complete, so it may sound a little un-connected at times. But we are open to ideas, so if anybody thinks of anything that can help to make the song better, we would like to hear it.

EAGLE: Well Jeff, it looks like everything is set up, so go on and get up there.

(Jeff hands Eagle his microphone, who then hands it to Leslie Hope. Once Jeff reaches the top of the ramp, the lights go dim and the arena gets silent. The band begins to play.)

We look up to the crimson sky
we feel that we have changed
we aren’t like how we were before
did we want this after all?

All just to be a BLOOD superstar
To fight hard and live large
Kicking ass like some out-lasted glass
Entering a world where nothing is impossible

Demons, Angels, Vampires
all searching for lost souls
consuming all they interact with
they are gods among the living

Ravage rampages awaken in the night
Disturbing the city’s once peaceful night
as chaos runs amuck who can save them now?
no one, for God left this city to die
as it gets trampled into the ground

wars are being raged
when one ends, another begins
the taint of evil touches everyone
as it spreads throughout the city

All just to be a BLOOD superstar
To fight hard and live large
Kicking some ass like some out-lasted glass
Entering a world where nothing is impossible

the smell of death reeks from the alleyways
as the killing spree begins
this is evil’s breeding ground
and it just got overcrowded

one more time
one more life
one more death
one more innocent soul
one more sacrificial lamb
being dragged up to the slaughter

to these brutes, life is meaningless
and you aspire to become one of them
oppress freedom and embrace slavery
join the cause and become an immortal

wake up!
as the tide of battle sways
life begins to equal nothing
wake up!

wars are being raged
when one ends, another begins
the taint of evil touches everyone
as it spreads throughout the city

All just to be a BLOOD superstar
To fight hard and live large
Kicking some ass like some out-lasted glass
Entering a world where nothing is impossible

(The bands finishes their song, and the fans roar with excitement.)

EAGLE: Now that is what I call a song. Now, onto more important offense to the band, but this announcement pertains to the Bloodshed Championship. As all of you have seen a few minutes ago, The Nightmare won the battle royal for the Bloodshed #1 Contender spot. Well, seeing that none of the referees can tell when The Nightmare bleeds, due to his, uh, odd visage, we are going to make his match a special match. On our next show, BLOODbath, it will be a “3 out of 5 wins” match. As for all the rules, I will explain them in detail later on. Have a good rest of the night, everyone!

(Eagle hands Leslie his microphone and walks up the ramp as “Psalm of the City of the Dead” plays.)

P.SMITH: A “3 out of 5 wins” match for the Bloodshed Title? I wonder what Eagle’s talking about. Well, we now have to go to a commercial break. We’ll be back in a moment.

(The cameras fade out, going into the commercial. The screen is black. Out of the shadows, a young man walks down a dark alley. He seems scared, hurrying along, seemingly escaping something. All of a sudden, he falls to his knees, clutching his head, screaming in pain. Blood flows out of his nose, mouth, ears, and the tear ducts in his eyes. The young man falls facedown on the ground, dying in a puddle of his own blood. Then we hear the narrator: “’Hemorrhage’, the new high-powered energy drink, sponsored by the BLOOD Federation. It’ll either keep you up, or put you down...for good.” The screen fades to black again, and then we see the arena again.

D.KEITH: We welcome you back to BLOODflow. We are just getting ready to have The Nightmare’s second match of the evening, this time, in a one-on-one bout against Jonny Psyko.

P.SMITH: Well, Daniel, we saw in our first match, that Jonny has not shown up to the arena. So, unless he got here between the end of that match and now, I don’t think that The Nightmare will have an opponent.

D.KEITH: Good point, Pat. We’ll see, I guess.

(BOOM!! The Nightmare’s trademark fire explodes onstage as his theme, “Pet”, starts. The monster walks through the entranceway and down the ramp.)

The Nightmare vs Jonny Psyko

LESLIE: Making his way to the ring again, Gabriel “The Nightmare” Alcaine!

(Gabriel climbs into the ring and stands next to referee Sam Johnson, towering over him. His music fades. Instead of Jonny’s theme, though, “Reach”, by The Juggernautz, hits. Prez Richard comes forward from backstage with a mic.)

RICHARD: Well, Nightmare, it seems that Jonny Psyko is still absent. So, you get an easy win. There’s nothing I can do about that. Sam, if you could start the mandatory 10-count, then The Nightmare will win by count-out.

(The Nightmare shakes his head and gets a mic from Leslie.)

NIGHTMARE: Wait! WAIT!! I came here to have a fight, and so I shall. Richard, you had better give me someone. I don’t care who it is, but you sure as hell had better come through...unless you want me to make an appearance in the World Title match...

RICHARD: You know damn well what your punishment will be if you interfere!

NIGHTMARE: True...but I might see the suspension as being worth it...unless you give me a “No Disqualification” match.

RICHARD: ‘No Disqualification’? Are you crazy? I’m not sending someone out here to get decimated by you in a ‘No DQ’ match!

NIGHTMARE: Your choice, then. Let Minion know that I’ll see him soon.

(Richard thinks for a moment, before deciding in The Nightmare’s favor, attempting to avoid any further intrusion in the World Title contest.)

RICHARD: Fine. Fine, I’ll have someone out here. Just wait a minute.

NIGHTMARE: Good. That’s what I want to hear.

(Richard heads backstage to look for an opponent to take on this suicide mission. After a minute, some fast-paced music plays, and an average-built young black man in red-&-white wrestling tights comes running down the ramp and slides in the ring.)

P.SMITH: Folks, this young kid is Carl Dynamite. 22 years of age, he wrestles at the “Torture Chamber”, our BLOOD training federation. I had heard that he came up to Verbanium City to meet with Prez Richard about moving up to the big league, and it looks like he’ll get his chance...against the most ruthless, vile, monstrous creature that I’ve ever had the opportunity to dislike. I don’t like Carl’s chances here.

D.KEITH: Me either, Pat. I hope Carl isn’t fond of walking. Because I am almost positive that he won’t be doing that after this massacre. I mean, hey, he could surprise us, but he’s up against The Nightmare. The giant outweighs him by at least 100 pounds!

(Carl Dynamite stares up at his opponent, The Nightmare almost a foot taller than him. Gabriel Alcaine just starts to laugh as Sam Johnson signals for the bell. Dynamite circles the ring, trying to decide what the best plan of attack would be.)

P.SMITH: It looks like Carl’s trying to develop a strategy for taking on this behemoth.

D.KEITH: I know a good

(The Nightmare, bored of waiting, lashes out with a massive lariat, but Dynamite, being much smaller and quicker, ducks under the attack and nails him in the back with punches and kicks, startling the monster and shoving him towards the corner. The Nightmare swings with a backhand blow, but Dynamite ducks that too, grabbing Nightmare’s arm and sweeping his feet out from under him, sending him to the mat.)

P.SMITH: Well! It looks like this Dynamite kid may actually have a chance! His superior speed and agility could earn him the biggest victory of his young career!

D.KEITH: See, I told you he could do it.

P.SMITH: Actually, Daniel, you said the he wouldn’t be able to walk out of--

D.KEITH: Hey, let’s not argue semantics here. There’s a match going on.

(In the ring, Gabriel gets to his feet, but is met with a perfectly-executed dropkick from Carl Dynamite that sends him stumbling back against the ropes. Dynamite then rushes up and run into him with another dropkick, sending The Nightmare tumbling over the ropes and to the floor. Dynamite rolls out of the ring as The Nightmare is leaning over on his hands and knees, trying to catch his breath.)

P.SMITH: Uh-oh. I don’t think this is the best idea from Dynamite. I know he’s on the winning end right now, but to get on the outside with The Nightmare, you’ve got to have some guts.

D.KEITH: And knowing The Nightmare, he’s going to try and show us Dynamite’s guts here soon...literally.

(Carl Dynamite starts to pull Gabriel up, but the bigger man, obviously faking exhaustion, takes the kid right down to the floor with a huge throat-thrust.)

D.KEITH: That’s it right there. Get ready to record the time of death. Dynamite’s done for.

(The Nightmare picks Dynamite up to his feet and launches him headfirst into the steel steps, sending the top portion of the steps flying into the crowd barrier.)

P.SMITH: Remember, this is a “No Disqualification” match. The Nightmare can do whatever he pleases, and not get punished for it.

(Gabriel hoists the kid up over his shoulder, and rams him headfirst into the turnbuckle post with a loud THUD. He drags Dynamite over to the announce table and leaves him laying on the floor. He grabs a steel chair and, leaving Dynamite laying, hooks the kid’s ankle in the folding part of the chair. Gabriel ascends to the ring apron.)

P.SMITH: No! No, dammit, no!

(The Nightmare jumps off of the apron and stomps with all of his weight, landing fully on the chair, seemingly crushing Dynamite’s ankle. Dynamite howls in pain as he writhes on the ground.)

P.SMITH: Well, there’s a shattered ankle. Is all of this worth Minion’s well-being in his match? Richard just sent this kid to the slaughter!

D.KEITH: Carl Dynamite needs to learn what happens in the big leagues. He’s getting a taste of it right now. He wanted to move up. This is what can happen.

P.SMITH: He’s a human being, for Christ’s sake! He’s got family that cares about him, just like you or me!

(The Nightmare, being next to the announce table, hears all of this and laughs at Pat Smith. He picks up the chair and tosses it on top of the table, startling the announcers. He drags Dynamite up and slams his head on the corner of the announce table. Dynamite falls to the ground, face-down, motionless. The Nightmare pulls him away from the table and picks him up by his tights. As he is lifted off of the ground, blood is streaming down his face and forming a small puddle on the floor next to the announce table. The monster rolls the kid in the ring and then he gets in. He picks the kid up and locks him in the “Tree Of Woe” position in the nearest turnbuckle, hanging him upside down, locking Dynamite’s good leg in. Blood is covering Dynamite’s face, dripping off of his head and onto the mat. The Nightmare kicks him in the gut a few times. Dynamite, hanging upside-down still, is staring blankly at the mat and moaning in pain. The Nightmare steps back and then charges, spearing his midsection back into the turnbuckle pads. Gabriel unhooks the kid’s foot from the turnbuckle, allowing him to drop to the mat. He exits the ring and grabs the chair that was used to shatter Carl’s ankle, returning into the ring with it. He lays it down flat in the middle of the ring, and drags Dynamite to his feet. He positions him next to the chair, and then grasps his throat. He heaves him into the air, crashing him down onto the chair with a “Chokeslam To Hell”. Gabriel drops to his knees and places his hand over Dynamite’s heart, his pinfall cover very nonchalant. Sam Johnson, happy to end the annihilation, slides down and counts... 1...2...3! The carnage is over.)

LESLIE: Your winner, by pinfall, The Nightmare!

(Many boos resonate around the arena as a lot of the fans got behind Carl Dynamite during the earlier part of the match. The Nightmare turns Dynamite over, smothering his face into the chair, covering it in his thick, red blood. The Nightmare slings his head back, getting the hair out of his face, and stands. He paces inside the ring as “Pet” plays, contemplating whether or not to punish this newcomer even more. As he paces, a medical crew brings a stretcher down to the ring and begins to carefully load Carl Dynamite onto it. Gabriel lets them.)

P.SMITH: I ask again, was this worth it? I usually agree with everything that Prez Richard does. He’s a very fair man, you can’t argue with that, but was this right of him? I don’t think it was. In lieu of risking The Nightmare’s involvement in the Minion/Wolferene match, he sent out this kid, Carl Dynamite, a 22-year-old kid that was just trying to make a name for himself in this business...Richard sends him out to get butchered by a man who makes a living butchering people. That’s all he does.

D.KEITH: Whether it was the right thing to do or not, it already happened, so it can’t be changed. Maybe this was fate’s way of telling Carl Dynamite that wrestling wasn’t for him. Did you ever think of that?

P.SMITH: But this wasn’t a wrestling match! It was a goddamn sacrifice! That’s exactly what it was, and you know it!

D.KEITH: Hey, buddy, this is the BLOOD Fed. Things like this are going to happen. Our name is “BLOOD” for a reason, Pat.

(The Nightmare’s music cuts off and “The Reach”, by The Juggernautz, starts up. Prez Richard comes forth onto the stage, mic in hand. Behind him, 10 police officers follow.)

RICHARD: Alright, Nightmare. It’s time. The Minion/Wolferene match is up next. These officers will escort you to the back, where you will be held in a locked room, 5 guards inside, 5 outside. I’m not taking any chances with you tonight. I would send you home, but this way, I’ll know exactly where you are. Guards, if you would, please.

(The Nightmare calmly climbs out of the ring as the 10 officers surround him. One officer locks handcuffs onto his wrists, the cuffs barely able to fit. They accompany the monster to the back, to his temporary prison. Once they are out of sight, Richard walks down to the ring to address the fans.)

RICHARD: So, it seems that the big question of the night is, are we going to see flesh and steel mix? Everybody’s wondering if that steel cell above me is going to come down for this match. Well, I’m one that likes to see our loyal fans satisfied, so in just a few moments, you all are going to witness a Hell In A Cell match for the World Title!

(The fans go nuts.)

RICHARD: I’m going to get out of the way, so we can get this thing started.

(The fans continue to cheer loudly as Richard gets out of the ring. The lights go down, and white flashing spotlights illuminate the cell as it is slowly lowered to the floor. Once it is in place, referee Sam Johnson checks the walls to make sure they are all sturdy. He then stands by the cell door as the lights return to normal.)

P.SMITH: You heard the Prez, folks, the World Title is on the line, and so are the wrestlers’ bodies, in this brutal cell match.

(“Crushing Adamantium” hits the speakers. Lights around the entrance-area begin to flash rapidly. Wolferene enters onto the stage, jumping a little bit and throwing punches in the air and smacking himself on the head, pumping himself up. He gets on the ramp and throws a series of punches. On the last punch, golden pyro shoots up behind him.

LESLIE: Coming to the ring at this time, standing at 6’2” and weighing 190 pounds, the challenger, Wolferene!

(The fans cheer loudly, rooting for his win. He enters through the cell door as Sam Johnson opens it and slides in the ring, bouncing against the ropes to test their give. The lights fade out completely, and red spotlights shine on the stage. “Fiend” by Coal Chamber plays. Minion walks out, brandishing the World Title, much to the dislike of the fans.)

LESLIE: And now entering, the World Champion, Minion!

(On his way down the ramp, he holds it up, taunting the fans with it as he yells insults to them. He gives the title to referee Jack Frost, who has come down to be at ringside, to lock the participants in. Jack hands the title to Leslie to keep on her table. Inside the ring, Sam Johnson is ready to officiate this vicious fight. Wolferene is squatting down in one corner, staring at the champion as he enters the cell, and then the ring. Minion turns his head, popping his neck. He moves to the center of the ring as Sam Johnson signals for the beginning bell.)

P.SMITH: Well, we are now officially underway in this World Title match-up. With The Nightmare completely banned from ringside, how do you think this match will turn out, Daniel?

D.KEITH: Like last time, I’m gonna have to put my bet on Minion, especially with this match being put in the steel hell that it is. I know that Wolferene has guts and a will to survive, but having guts just doesn’t win this kind of match. Minion has a bonafide mean streak in him, and we’ve seen it time and time again, and his ferocity and cruelty is what is needed to win tonight.

P.SMITH: That’s a good point, Daniel. But along with that ferocity, Minion has also been known to get sloppy when he’s frustrated. If things don’t go his way, then he just plows ahead, sometimes not thinking and making simple mistakes. And as we all know, Wolferene has endurance. I think that once Minion gets a couple of 2-counts on Wolf, he’s going to get aggravated at not winning, and will then get sloppy at his attack.

D.KEITH: We shall see, Pat. We shall see.

(Minion and Wolferene tie-up in the center of the ring. Minion, being the obviously stronger man, shoves Wolf back into the corner. Wolf moves in and they tie-up again, ending it when Minion shoves him into the corner for a second time. After a 3rd tie-up, Wolf learns his lesson and knees Minion in the gut, following up with an elbow to the side of the head. Minion staggers back a bit, but then charges forward with a lariat. Wolferene ducks and lands a blow on the back of Minion’s head, more for insult than injury.)

P.SMITH: That’s what I’m talking about. Minion just got frustrated because Wolf hit him a couple of times, and he bull-rushed into a lariat attempt, allowing Wolf to easily dodge it and get another hit in.

(Wolferene tries to lock in a Lion Killer headlock as Minion is facing the other way, but Minion swings his arm around, connecting with a backhand to Wolferene’s face, sending the smaller man to the mat. Minion quickly moves in and picks him up into the air, taking him down with a powerslam.)

P.SMITH: Ooh! I could feel the ground vibrate with that! What power!

D.KEITH: Like I said, Minion is in control.

(Minion pulls Wolf to his feet and whips him into the farthest corner. He then charges and lands a huge clothesline. He grabs Wolf’s arm and throws him back to the opposite corner. Attempting to repeat the move, his 2nd clothesline attempt is foiled as Wolferene gets his boot up in time to connect to Minion’s face, dropping him down.)

P.SMITH: A nice counter by Wolferene.

D.KEITH: You would say that.

P.SMITH: What are you talking about? I’m calling the match. I’m an announcer. It’s my job. It’s supposedly your job, too.

(Wolferene drops down on top of Minion and hits him with lefts and rights. Minion blocks and rolls his body to the side, causing Wolf to stand up, unable to hit him. Wolf is ready as Minion stands up, locking the bigger man in a guillotine chokehold and then sweeping his feet out from under him. Somehow, Minion is able to squirm out of the hold before too much damage is done.)

D.KEITH: That was a close one. I’ll hand it to Wolferene, he knows his submissions.

P.SMITH: He grew up on the street, fighting his way through life. I guess he learned that stuff in order to survive.

(Without missing a beat, Wolferene grabs Minion’s left leg and locks in an ankle-lock. Minion yells in pain and grabs the ropes, but this match, being a “no disqualification”-style match, does not do anything.)

P.SMITH: Minion’s grabbing the ropes there, hoping for a hold-break, but the cell match stipulations do not call for rope-breaks. This match definitely has “No DQ” written on it.

(Minion is able to roll his body back, kicking his way out of the hold. He scrambles to his feet, clutching the ropes, trying to regain his balance. From the other side of the ring, though, Wolferene charges, looking for a spear, but Minion sidesteps it at the last second, sending Wolf flying through the ropes and smashing to the floor, falling just inches short of the cell wall.)

D.KEITH: That was certainly a crash-&-burn situation for Wolferene.

(Minion climbs down to the floor. He drags his opponent to his feet, and then sends him shoulder-first into the ringpost. He picks him up again and shoves him face-first into the cell wall, grating his head on the chain links.)

P.SMITH: And this is where the brutality begins.

(Minion punches Wolf in the stomach and then tackles him into the ring apron, Wolf’s back slamming into the edge. Wolferene howls in agony. The CrimsoN member grabs Wolf and slams his back into the apron again. He then takes Wolf by the arm and sends him running into the nearest cell wall. He picks Wolf up and rolls him in the ring.)

P.SMITH: Wolferene is starting to look done here. After suffering defeat earlier tonight, not to mention the attack by Damien, I don’t know how much longer this street fighter can go on.

(Wolferene is staggering on his feet, holding the ropes so he won’t fall over. Minion whips him into the opposite ropes, and meets him on the return, going for a clothesline. But as Minion’s arm is about to connect, Wolferene sidesteps it and grabs Minion’s arm at the shoulder, pulling him down to the mat and locking on his crossface submission, “Wolf’s Revenge”.)

D.KEITH: What?! How did that happen?!

P.SMITH: It’s “Wolf’s Revenge”! That’s the second time tonight that Minion has fallen victim to this attack! This time, he’s got no one to help him!

D.KEITH: You’ve got to quit speaking too soon.

P.SMITH: What are you talking about?

(Daniel points to the entranceway, where the rest of CrimsoN [Damien, Raven, & Gabriella] are walking down the ramp.

P.SMITH: Oh God, no. They’re not going to ruin this match, are they? The first try at this was ruined by The Nightmare, and now CrimsoN?! Dammit, that’s not right!

D.KEITH: Why don’t you tell them that?

P.SMITH: What’s that Damien has in his hand? I see something, but I can’t tell what it is.

(The referee on the outside of the cell, Jack Frost, moves out to intercept the group, but Raven & Gabriella pull him aside, arguing with him as Damien sneaks past and stands next to the cell, catching Minion’s eyes. Minion, while still in the “Wolf’s Revenge” sees Damien slip a steel pipe into the cell through the chain-link wall. Wolferene and referee Sam Johnson do not see this.)

P.SMITH: A steel pipe! That’s what Damien had! That bastard!

(Minion, gathering up all of his strength, powers out of the submission hold and throws Wolferene back. Wolf, who just now realizes that CrimsoN are out there, looks around nervously, making sure that they have no way in. The door is locked shut, and the key is in Jack Frost’s pocket. Satisfied, he moves over to Minion, but Minion takes him down with a powerful punch to his temple. Minion drops to the mat, exhausted from being in the crossface for so long, and rolls out of the ring. He finds the steel pipe that Damien slipped through the cell and picks it up, holding it up high for everyone to see. The fans all boo.)

D.KEITH: And remember, the use of that pipe is totally legal, due to the “No DQ” factor in this match.

(Minion climbs back into the ring, wielding the pipe like a baseball bat. As Wolf gets to his knees, Minion raises up the pipe to clobber Wolf’s brains in. But Wolferene, thinking quickly, hits Minion with a low-blow, causing the CrimsoN member to drop the pipe and fall to the ground, clutching his crotch in pain. Minion tries to get back up, but Wolferene grabs the pipe and BAM!!, he bashes it into the bigger man’s head, knocking him out.)

P.SMITH: That’s got to hurt! I think that Minion is on dream street.

(Damien, realizing that Minion’s end is near, dashes over to Jack Frost and lays him out with a punch to the head. He grabs the key out of Jack’s pocket and runs over to the cell door to unlock it. Meanwhile, Wolferene drops the pipe and covers his opponent. Sam Johnson drops down for the count. 1...2...3! Sam signals for the bell.)

LESLIE: The winner, and new World Champion, Wolferene!!

P.SMITH: I can’t believe it! Wolferene pulled off an amazing win! We have a new World Champion!!

D.KEITH: No! That can’t happen! Wolferene cheated! He used a foreign object!

P.SMITH: ...that Minion was about to use, might I point out.

D.KEITH: That doesn’t matter. He didn’t use it, did he?

P.SMITH: No he didn’t, because in complete irony, Wolferene was able to get the pipe away from Minion, and use it to get the win.

(Damien, enraged at his brother-in-law’s loss, gets the girls’ attention. Raven and Gabriella accompany him as he unlocks the door to the cell and enters.)

D.KEITH: Doesn’t look like Wolferene will have much time to celebrate his newly-won championship.

(The 3 conscious members of CrimsoN climb into the ring. Minion begins to rouse awake and is able to pull himself into a corner to regain his senses. Wolferene stares at the door, trying to figure out a way to get past Damien, Raven and Gabriella, and get to the exit. It doesn’t look too promising. Damien allows Sam Johnson to exit the cell. It is then that Wolferene notices the pipe. It is in the center of the ring, halfway between Wolferene and his adversaries. At the same time, both Wolf and Damien dash to the center. But while Wolf is going for the pipe, Damien saves himself the trouble and goes for Wolf. Wolferene grabs the pipe, but receives a vicious kick to the side of the head by Damien and falls down, the pipe rolling out of the ring.)

P.SMITH: Ouch! A knockout shot by Damien.

(Seeing that Damien has things under control, Raven and Gabriella move over to Minion, to try and help him out. Back on the other side of the ring, Damien pulls Wolferene up and painfully slams him down with his finishing maneuver, “Diablo’s Rage”.)

D.KEITH: There’s “Diablo’s Rage”. If Wolferene wasn’t knocked out by that kick, he’s out now.

(Damien helps Minion up and along with their women, they walk to the back as CrimsoN’s theme, “Don’t Pray”, plays. The cell is slowly raised as Sam Johnson re-enters the ring to wake Wolferene. The new World Champion is awakened a few moments later, his head throbbing with pain. He rolls out of the ring, grabs his new title, much to the delight and cheering of the fans, and sorely walks to the back as his music plays.)

P.SMITH: There goes our new World Champion. That was a well-fought victory. Before we get to our main event, we’ve got to take another commercial break. We’ll return shortly.

(The screen goes black. The commercial comes on. We see a full moon high in the sky, with a few trees waving in the wind in front of it. The moon’s color then fades into a bright red color, as we hear a wolf howl off-screen. Then, images flash from one to the other very quickly, all the while horrific sounds of violence, torture, and monstrous creatures play in the background. Among the images are bloody fangs; people running, scared for their lives; shadows of creatures that are unknown to Earth; and countless bodies being lit up by the moonlight on an abandoned beach. The narrator speaks. “From out of the darkness come creatures so terrifying, so gruesome, so horrific in their brutality, we can only live in fear. Their powers are unknown, except for their extreme hunger for death. This Halloween, either survive the onslaught, or become just another shredded body. ‘Remnants Of Midnight’ – they’re waiting.)

(BLOODflow comes back on. The camera is focused on the announcers’ table.)

P.SMITH: Welcome back. As we just saw, a new World Champion was crowned in the cell, as Wolferene defeated Minion! We go now to the ring, for the 2nd title match of the evening, our main event, for the Bloodshed Title.

(The lights fade down, only showing a small portion of light. “godeatgod”, Damien’s theme, begins, and the Sire of the Arakrist Clan of Vampires walks out onstage, alone.)

P.SMITH: This is interesting...Damien is approaching the ring by himself. This has to be some sort of trap for Rigiher.

D.KEITH: I agree. Damien has shown that he will do anything to get that Bloodshed Title. And this match has “No Disqualification” rules on it, since the only way to win is by making your opponent bleed. I don’t like Rigiher’s odds.

(Damien walks down the ramp.)

LESLIE: This match-up is for the Bloodshed Championship! The only way to win is to cause your opponent to bleed. Now approaching the ring, the leader of CrimsoN, Damien!

(He slides in the ring and waits as the lights return to normal and his music fades. “Light At My Feet” starts to play. Rigiher comes out, the Bloodshed Title strapped around his waist. He cautiously walks to the ring, looking behind him every few steps, half-expecting one of Damien’s friends to be there.)

LESLIE: And the Bloodshed Champion, Rigiher!

(The crowd erupts in a roar of excitement for Rigiher, most cheering him on towards a win. Rigiher gets in the ring, still watchful for any enemies. Damien gets a microphone.)

DAMIEN: You don’t have to worry, Rigiher. I told the rest of CrimsoN to stay in the back during this match. I know you’re probably thinking that I’m lying, but you can trust me. I want to prove to this whole damn world that I can beat you on my own! You have my title, and I will get it back.

(He tosses the mic to Leslie and turns back to Rigiher, who is handing his title over to Referee Sam Johnson. Sam holds the title up in the air, showing the crowd what is on the line, and then hands it to Leslie for safekeeping.)

P.SMITH: Bold and confident words from Damien. It seems like it’s a must-win situation, in his mind.

D.KEITH: True. I don’t think Damien will stop at anything before getting “his” championship back, Pat.

(The starting bell rings. Damien and Rigiher move in to the center, wasting no time, exchanging a few punches and kicks before Damien knocks the other man down with a perfectly-aimed roundhouse kick to the head. Rigiher shakes his head around, gets up, and moves back in. Damien lands a low kick to Rigiher’s knee, followed by a rib-kick. But on this occasion, Rigiher grabs Damien’s foot, expecting the kick, and then launches forward, grabbing his neck and sweeping his feet out.)

P.SMITH: A nice STK by Rigiher. The champ looks to be putting some new moves in his repertoire lately.

(Damien immediately jumps up on his feet, on guard against any further attack. Rigiher approaches the Vampire and whips him into the corner. He runs in for a jumping splash, but Damien takes him out of the air with a thrust-kick to the jaw.)

D.KEITH: Rigiher was grounded with that attack.

P.SMITH: You can say that again.

D.KEITH: Okay. Rigiher was grounded with tha--

P.SMITH: Shut up, Daniel.

(Damien leans down to pull Rigiher up, but stops and begins to smile as he looks to the entryway. On his way down the ramp is The Nightmare, walking down with a chair in hand.)

P.SMITH: Here’s how trustworthy Damien is! His hired hitman, The Nightmare is obviously coming down to take care of Damien’s enemy for him! What a pathetic loser! Damien can’t even fight his own matches! And look, The Nightmare’s even brought along a chair! In fact, yes, that is blood on that’s the same chair he used earlier. Somehow, he was able to apprehend that chair! Dammit, this isn’t right! I thought he was supposed to be under guard!

D.KEITH: I guess that was just for the Minion/Wolferene match. Since it’s over, Richard felt that he was no threat.

P.SMITH: Gabriel Alcaine is always a threat!!

(Damien stands up and backs a few steps away from Rigiher as The Nightmare climbs over the top rope. He looks at Damien and smiles back at him.)

P.SMITH: This is not right! And Sam Johnson can’t do anything about it, because of the “No Disqualification” rules!

(The Nightmare raises the chair to slam it into Rigiher...but instead, changes direction and clobbers Damien in the head with it, wiping him out.)

P.SMITH: What the hell?! I can’t say that I’m unhappy, but Damien’s hired help just double-crossed him! This is weird.

(The Nightmare pulls Damien’s head up and bashes him with the chair for a second time, busting him open. Blood begins to run down Damien’s face. Sam Johnson, seeing the blood, can do nothing but end the match in favor of Rigiher. He signals for the bell.)

LESLIE: The winner of this match, and still Bloodshed Champion, Rigiher!!

(The Nightmare, satisfied that his job is done, exits the ring and leaves through the crowd, shoving past the annoying fans that come too close to him. Rigiher pulls himself to his feet groggily as Sam Johnson raises his hand in victory. He doesn’t know what happened to give him the win until Sam Johnson explains The Nightmare’s interference to him. Rigiher shrugs and accepts the win, glad to not have a threat to his title. But in the back of his mind, he knows that the monster responsible for giving him the win is the same monster that will try to rip him apart at BLOODbath.)

P.SMITH: Rigiher, still the Bloodshed Champion, seems to be content with his win, even though he was not the deciding factor. He looks a little out of it though, Daniel.

D.KEITH: That he does, Pat. He’s probably thinking the same thing that I would be thinking in this situation...’Why did The Nightmare help me in this match, only to face me on the next show for my title?’ I know that Rigiher is more brave than I am, but I would be quite nervous if I were him.

(Rigiher walks to the back as his music plays, leaving Damien laying bloody in the middle of the ring. On his way up the ramp, he is passed by Minion, Raven, and Gabriella, who have come down to help their leader. They surround him in the ring and check on him as he comes to. Suddenly, in a blur, Wolferene runs down to the ring and slides in, slamming his new World Title into Minion’s head and shoving the girls down. The crowd roars with excitement. He drops down to Damien, who is still laying on the mat, and strikes him with hard lefts and rights, causing Damien’s head to bleed even more.)

P.SMITH: It looks like Wolferene still has some unfinished business with the members of CrimsoN.

D.KEITH: Why? He got the World Title! Isn’t that enough? Why is he still pursuing this feud? He’s going to get himself in a heap of trouble if he’s not careful.

(Minion gets up and blindsides Wolferene with a running knee to the head. He pulls him up and slams him into the turnbuckle, thrusting his shoulder repeatedly into Wolferene’s torso. Minion moves back as Raven and Gabriella move in and start to beat on Wolf.)

D.KEITH: See? There’s the heap of trouble! Wolferene made the wrong decision tonight!

(The crowd cheers again as two figures run down to the ring, armed with chairs.)

P.SMITH: That’s Eddie Hawkins and Overdrive! A few days ago, CrimsoN attacked these 2 young men in their match. Apparently, they desire revenge.

D.KEITH: Eddie Hawkins and Overdrive? They’re not even official members of BLOOD’s roster!

P.SMITH: They’re members of the Torture Chamber, our training federation. I guess that’s enough.

D.KEITH: Yeah, but that’s the Torture Chamber. This is BLOOD. The big leagues. They’re not supposed to be here!

P.SMITH: Well, including Carl Dynamite, who didn’t fare so well in his earlier match against The Nightmare, that’s 3 Torture Chamber wrestlers who have showed up tonight.

D.KEITH: We’re getting overrun with our own employees! What’s this world coming to?

(Raven and Gabriella slide out of the ring and pull Damien out, but they don’t have enough time to get to Minion. Minion turns around just in time to receive a chair in the chest and a chair in the back by Hawkins and Overdrive. He falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring in pain, his body slamming on the floor. Wolferene joins Hawkins and Overdrive in the middle of the ring and shakes their hands in approval and gratitude. He raises their hands in the air, and the crowd cheers their heads off, as CrimsoN despondently shrinks away to the back.)

P.SMITH: Look at that Daniel...Wolferene, Eddie Hawkins, and Overdrive victorious in the ring! They sure taught CrimsoN a lesson! Well, we’re out of time, ladies and gentlemen, see you next time! I’m Pat Smith, alongside Daniel Keith, signing off!