BLOODbath - July 23rd, 2004
July 23rd, 2004

(As BLOODbath comes on, we see footage from the Bloodshed Title match that occurred on BLOODflow. It shows Rigiher defeating both Damien and Wolferene to become champion. The footage fades away, and the roar of the fans at Haven Hunter Arena grows louder and louder. The camera shows a wide shot of the inside arena, and the pyros begin to go off as BLOOD Fed’s theme song plays. The fans yell and cheer, showing off their signs and t-shirts.)

PAT SMITH: Welcome, everyone, to BLOODbath! As you saw on the footage, on BLOODflow, Rigiher was awarded the Bloodshed Championship! Congratulations to him! We come to you live out of Verbanium City! I’m Pat Smith, along with Daniel Keith.

DANIEL KEITH: Tonight, our new Bloodshed Champion will take on Damien, in a non-title match-up. If Damien wins tonight, then on the next show, he will have a chance to win “his” title back.

P.SMITH: Very true, but before that, we have a grudge match between Minion and The Nightmare. Minion wanted this match, due to personal reasons of The Nightmare kicking him out of his home.

D.KEITH: Minion had better keep on his toes. After what The Nightmare did on BLOODflow, I would be hesitant to get near him.

P.SMITH: And then, later in the night, the winner of Minion and Nightmare will face Wolferene.

D.KEITH: Our main event tonight pits newcomer Mickey O’Neil against our commissioner, Silver Eagle, in a ‘Hell In A Cell’ match.

P.SMITH: This match stems from a visit to a tavern, where, for one reason or another, Mickey knocked Eagle out cold. Eagle wants revenge, and a cell match is the perfect way to get it.

D.KEITH: But we have to keep in mind that the “Irish Bastard” is a gypsy bare-knuckle boxing champion. And that makes him harder than a coffin nail.

P.SMITH: You bring up a good point, Dan—

(BOOM!! The announcers nearly fall out of their seats as fire explodes onstage and The Nightmare’s new music, “Pet” from A Perfect Circle, plays. Gabriel “The Nightmare” Alcaine comes out.)

LESLIE HOPE: Entering now, standing 7 feet tall and weighing 325 pounds, The Nightmare!

P.SMITH: Well, I suppose we’re going to have the match now.

D.KEITH: That explosion scared the crap out of me, you know.

P.SMITH: Yeah, same here.

The Nightmare vs Minion

(Pulsating red lights accompany his walk to the ring. As he gets in, his music fades. A few moments later, “Fiend” by Coal Chamber comes on. Unlike his normal entrance, Minion charges the ring and slides in, rushing The Nightmare and tackling him to the ground. Minion climbs onto The Nightmare’s chest in the jiu-jit-su mount position and starts wailing on him with rights and lefts. Referee Jack Frost signals for the start bell.)

P.SMITH: As the match gets underway, keep in mind that Official Jack Frost is in just as much danger as the competitors, especially with The Nightmare involved. Remember that BLOODflow Senior Official Jim Lawrence is in the hospital because of The Nightmare.

D.KEITH: Looks like if Minion keeps this beating going, The Nightmare will be the one in the hospital.

(Just then, The Nightmare shoves Minion off of him.)

D.KEITH: Spoke too soon. You know, Pat, it’s kinda hard to decide who to cheer for in this match.

P.SMITH: Indeed. I hate both of these men. But I hate Minion less, so I’m rooting for him.

(The Nightmare backs into a corner to catch his breath. Minion charges again, but The Nightmare blasts out of the corner and hits Minion with a huge clothesline that lands him on his neck. He drags his former best friend up by the hair and proceeds to slap him in the face a couple of times.)

D.KEITH: Ooh. Although not painful, that has got to leave a mark on Minion’s pride.

P.SMITH: That’s right. Those slaps look like they’re more for insult than injury.

(The Nightmare slaps him a 3rd time, and Minion blocks the 4th, and retaliates with a knee to the gut. He backhands The Nightmare in the face and then hoists him onto his shoulder, struggling a little bit.)

P.SMITH: Look at the power of Minion, to be able to lift a man of The Nightmare’s size!

(Minion drives the bigger man into the mat with a big powerslam. He goes back to the mounted punches. The monster of a man shoves him away and sits up, appearing unharmed. The Nightmare stands and stares at Minion.)

D.KEITH: Does The Nightmare ever stay down?

(Minion moves in for the attack, but The Nightmare grabs him by the throat, signaling for the “Chokeslam To Hell”.)

P.SMITH: Uh-oh. Minion’s in trouble now.

(But as the monster is about to lift him up, Minion elbows him in the side of the head, causing the hold to be released. He whips The Nightmare into the ropes and sidewalk slams him upon his return. He pulls The Nightmare to his feet and whips him to the farthest corner. Minion hits him with a running clothesline. As The Nightmare staggers out of the corner, Minion sits up on the top turnbuckle pad and gets Nightmare in a headlock, hoisting him in the air.)

P.SMITH: Minion locked in “Drainage”, Daniel!

D.KEITH: That he did. Since they’re in the corner, Minion only has 5 seconds to keep the hold on or else he’s disqualified.

(After the 5-second count, Minion releases the lock and The Nightmare drops to the mat.)

P.SMITH: I’ve never seen The Nightmare beaten this much before.

D.KEITH: Minion’s got something to prove, Pat.

(As Minion walks over to his enemy, the monster elbows him in the gut. He shoves Minion back against the ropes and then charges for a lariat to knock Minion out of the ring. With a split-second to spare, Minion drops to the mat, pulling the top rope down, causing The Nightmare to topple to the outside, in front of the announce table. Minion rolls to the floor as The Nightmare is standing. The Nightmare grabs him and whips him towards the steps. Minion is able to stop just in time, avoiding a lot of pain. Nightmare moves in to finish his task, but Minion mule-kicks him in the knee. As Nightmare is leaning over, Minion grabs his hair and launches him headfirst into the barricade.)

D.KEITH: Ow! The Nightmare has to be out after that shot!


P.SMITH: Referee Jack Frost is up to 5, out of the mandatory 10-count.

(Minion slides into the ring.)

J.FROST: Six!...Seven!...

(The Nightmare remains unmoving.)

J.FROST: Eight!...Nine!...

(No movement.)


(Jack Frost signals for the bell as The Nightmare sits up. Jack is raising Minion’s hand in victory.)

P.SMITH: Minion pulled off a win! Now that is something I did not expect.

D.KEITH: A countout-win though. That doesn’t really prove anything.

P.SMITH: A win is a win, Daniel. All it will have in the record book is “Minion defeated The Nightmare”.

LESLIE: The winner, by countout, Minion!

(The Nightmare, enraged that he lost to his biggest adversary, climbs in the ring and hits Minion from behind. He knees him in the stomach and throws him through the ropes to the outside. He drags Minion over to the announce table and puts Minion’s head between his legs readying him for the “Darkest Dream” powerbomb.)

D.KEITH: Well, Pat, I’m outta here.

(Daniel Keith, Pat Smith, and Leslie Hope quickly climb over the audience barrier and stand with the front row fans, out of harm’s way. But instead of receiving the “Darkest Dream”, Minion drops to the ground and deals the monster a low blow. He then gets up, grabs Leslie’s chair, and cracks it into The Nightmare’s forehead. The monster goes down. Minion drops the chair and walks to the back, “Fiend” playing in the background, content with his victory. The announcers and Leslie return to their normal positions.)

P.SMITH: We narrowly avoided another broken table. But thanks to Minion, The Nightmare has not caused any destruction.

D.KEITH: I tell you what, I’m quite surprised that Minion pulled off a win here tonight The Nightmare doesn’t lose too often.

P.SMITH: That’s true, Daniel, but I think Minion’s determination was fueled by the fact that Nightmare injured Minion’s girlfriend, Gabriella, a couple of days ago.

(Suddenly, The Nightmare sits up, unhurt, and angry.)

D.KEITH: This can’t be good.

(To everyone’s relief, though, The Nightmare storms off backstage, rather than injuring an innocent person.)

P.SMITH:Well, folks, Damien and Rigiher is next!

(Instead of cutting to the ring, though, the camera moves to the backstage area, where we see The Nightmare roaming, extremely mad, through the backstage halls, seemingly searching for Minion. As he is seething with anger, Logan Mitchell, the head BLOOD interviewer, very unintelligently approaches him.)

LOGAN MITCHELL: Nightmare, excuse me, Nightmare. If I could have a word...

NIGHTMARE: No, you may not.

(At this, it is obvious as to what Logan should do: walk away. But BLOOD’s interviewer is not a bright man, by any stretch.)

LOGAN: I just wanted to get your thoughts on your match that just took place. How do you feel about Minion’s win over you?

(Gabriel Alcaine narrows his eyes and leans down to the eye-level of Logan.)

NIGHTMARE: You’re not very fond of breathing, are you, boy?

LOGAN Look, I’m just doing my job, Nightmare.

NIGHTMARE: You have a brave tone in your words, Logan, and for that I commend you. But don’t mistake bravery for brains.

(The Nightmare quickly grabs Logan by the throat and shoves him against the wall, choking him.)

NIGHTMARE: Logan, you are now going to see the extent of my mercy by being allowed to walk away today. I’ve got other things on my mind, and I do not want to be bothered by a pest such as you. I suggest you stay out of my way, unless I specifically ask for your presence. And if these standards are not met, well... you know what I am capable of.

(Logan, with wide eyes, nods his head and whimpers a little bit. The Nightmare releases his grip and walks away. The camera shifts back to Daniel Keith and Pat Smith.)

P.SMITH: Well, quite eloquent words for a murderous bastard. The Nightmare belongs in Hell.

D.KEITH: Uh, Pat, you may not want to talk bad about The Nightmare.

P.SMITH: Oh, that was out loud... Right-e-o. On to Damien and Rigiher.

Damien vs Rigiher (Non-Title Match)

(As the lights dim and then turn red, “(s)AINT” by Marilyn Manson begins to play, heralding the coming of the Vampiric lovers. Damien and Raven come out onstage and begin their walk to the ring.)

LESLIE Entering at this time, being accompanied by his wife Raven, weighing in at 260 pounds, Damien!

P.SMITH: Remember, this is a non-title match. If Damien does indeed beat Rigiher, then on BLOODflow, he will get a Bloodshed Title shot against the champ.

D.KEITH: That’s right, Damien thinks that Rigiher’s winning the title was a fluke; beginner’s luck; so he’s aiming to prove to Rigiher who the “true” champion is.

(Damien kisses his wife and then slides in the ring. The lights return to normal, and Rigiher’s music, “Light At My Feet”, begins to play. He shows up onstage, brandishing the Bloodshed Title.)

LESLIE: Making his way to the ring, the Bloodshed Champion, Rigiher!

(The fans cheer their champion as he climbs into the ring and hands the title to referee Jack Frost. Jack hands the belt to the timekeeper, and then signals for the bell.)

P.SMITH: Alright, we are officially underway in this match. Daniel, what’s your prediction of the outcome?

D.KEITH: Pat, I’m hoping that Rigiher can pull out the win, because my past altercations with Damien tend to make me hate him. But unluckily, I see Damien having the advantage here. He has the motivation, in that if he wins, he gets a title shot. And, of course, Raven is at ringside.

P.SMITH: Ah, yes, Raven, ever the wild card. She’s been known to get involved in matches, serving as a distraction to aide her husband in a victory.

D.KEITH: Mmmm. Yeah, she’s a distraction.

(Daniel looks off dreamily into space.)

P.SMITH: Daniel, she’s married to the being that you hate most in the world.

D.KEITH: Oh yeah. Damn.

(Inside the ring, Damien and Rigiher begin to circle each other slowly, deciding which course of action to take. Damien starts off the action with a low karate kick to Rigiher’s knee, knocking him off balance.)

P.SMITH: Damien with a martial-arts kick. His style is so unpredictable sometimes. You don’t know what’s coming next.

(Damien hits another low kick, followed by a left-gut-punch, and then takes Rigiher down with a right hook. Rigiher shakes his head around as he gets back up, now knowing a portion of what is coming. Damien goes for another punch, but Rigiher ducks it and sweeps his legs out with an STO. Damien is driven into the mat.)

D.KEITH: Rigiher showing what he’s capable of... to borrow a phrase from The Nightmare earlier.

(Rigiher wastes no time and drops to his knees, laying out punches on Damien’s torso and head, Damien blocking the whole time. The Vampire shoves Rigiher away using his legs and then rises, without using his hands, to a standing position. Rigiher starts to get up, but Damien gets a right kick into his ribs, sending him back to his knees. Damien moves in for a huge roundhouse to Rigiher’s head, but the being from the Nightmarish Dreamworld drops his head out of the way and chop-blocks Damien’s knee, sending him down. Rigiher gets up and stomps on Damien’s chest and stomach, but is again shoved away by Damien’s legs. Damien upon, rising, knees his opponent in the gut and slams him down with a snap-suplex. Rigiher grabs his back in pain.)

D.KEITH: Damien giving us a sample of his technical knowledge with that perfectly-executed snap-suplex.

(Damien pulls Rigiher back up and drops him down with a backbreaker. The Vampire stomps on his victim a couple of times before pulling him back to his feet. He whips Rigiher into the ropes and nails him with a huge running karate kick to the chin.

D.KEITH: Oooh! I don’t think Rigiher’s liking that, Pat.

P.SMITH: Nope. Damien damn near took his head off with that kick!

(Damien taunts to the crowd as Rigiher lays motionless on the mat. Damien moves over to pick him up, but Rigiher hits him in the stomach and then lays him out with a sweeping STO.)

P.SMITH Looks like Rigiher was playing possum. Very smart tactic.

(Rigiher drops down and locks in a reverse sleeper hold. Referee Jack Frost checks to make sure the hold is legal.)

P.SMITH: Rigiher will have to be careful not to choke Damien with this hold, or else he’ll be disqualified, giving the win to Damien.

(Damien doesn’t tap out, but slides to the side and is able to slip his head out of the lock. He comes back with a left hook punch to Rigiher’s jaw. Rigiher falls to the mat and then instinctively rolls away, to avoid further punishment. Damien goes over to a corner and begins to remove the turnbuckle padding. Jack Frost moves over to stop him. Behind their backs, Raven slides into the ring as Rigiher is standing and kicks him straight in the groin. She gets out as Rigiher hits the mat. Damien stops fiddling with the turnbuckle and slides over to Rigiher, covering him, so Jack Frost doesn’t have time to question Raven. 1!...2!..... Rigiher kicks out.)

P.SMITH: Rigiher barely got out of that one! I hate to say it, but that was smart how Damien acted like he was removing the pad, giving Raven the time to move in and attack. Too bad for him that it didn’t pay off.

D.KEITH: Well, Damien will do anything to win this match. He “needs” his title back.

(Rigiher is on the mat, clutching his crotch in pain as Damien climbs the nearest turnbuckle.)

D.KEITH: This is different. We don’t see Damien going to the top very often. I wonder if this is a smart move on his part.

(Damien leaps off of the turnbuckle and with perfect aim, lands a guillotine leg-drop across Rigiher’s throat.)

D.KEITH: What do you know, it worked out.

(Damien goes for a pin. 1!...2!... Rigiher kicks out again. Damien slams his fist against the mat in frustration.)

P.SMITH: It appears as if Damien is getting irritated at Rigiher’s will to win.

(Damien picks Rigiher up and whips him into the ropes. Upon his return, Rigiher surprises everyone by laying Damien out cold with the “Burning Blaze”!)

D.KEITH Holy crap! Rigiher must have pulled that out of his ass, because nobody, especially Damien, saw that one coming!

(Raven, noticing that her man is down for the count, jumps up on the apron as Rigiher drops down for the cover. Jack Frost moves over to try to get her down. The crowd chants “1!...2!...3!”, but to no avail, as Jack Frost is busy arguing with Raven. Damien kicks out of the cover and Raven drops to the ground. Rigiher gets up and starts yelling at Raven, realizing what has happened. She yells back and strips off her shirt, showing off her bra, and throws the shirt at Rigiher. He tosses it back and flips her off. This argument gives Damien just enough time to knee Rigiher in the back and slam him down with the “Hellraiser”.)

P.SMITH: Damien just hit the “Hellraiser”. He might have the win if he can cover Rigiher now!

(Damien drops down to cover his opponent. Jack Frost counts. 1!...2!...3! Damien wins! Jack Frost signals for the bell and raises Damien’s arm.

P.SMITH: And Damien comes away with the win! He gets his shot at the Bloodshed Title at the next show!

LESLIE: The winner of this match, and Number One Contender for the Bloodshed Title, Damien!!

(Damien rolls out of the ring and kisses his wife. He grabs the Bloodshed Title and gets back in the ring. He taunts the unconscious Rigiher with it, standing over him. He then drops it on the Champion’s chest, and rolls back out of the ring. He and Raven walk to the back, “(s)AINT” playing as they depart.)

P.SMITH: That was an action-packed match, wasn’t it, Daniel?

D.KEITH: It was. And like I predicted, Damien leaves victorious.

P.SMITH: --Thanks to Raven’s distraction.

D.KEITH: (Dreamily) ...yeah...

P.SMITH: Daniel!

D.KEITH: (Startled) Yeah! Sorry! What?

P.SMITH: Nevermind. Now, I believe, we are going to move on to Minion’s second match of the night, this time against Wolferene.

(As he says that, Prez Richard’s theme song, “Reach” by The Juggernautz hits. Richard walks down to the ring with a microphone.)

RICHARD: I hope everyone here is having fun so far!

(The crowd cheers.)

RICHARD: Because it’s about to get even more exciting! The next match, Wolferene versus Minion, is now for the vacant World Heavyweight Title!

(The crowd cheers loudly, happy that they get to see a title match.)

RICHARD: Wolferene has proven himself worthy of a Title shot in the past. That is why Minion had to win the 1st match of tonight’s show in order to prove himself worthy.

(Fire explodes onstage and the lights turn red. “Pet” hits the speakers. Gabriel “The Nightmare” Alcaine comes out and walks halfway down the ramp, an even angrier look on his face than before.)

NIGHTMARE: Stop the damn music! Richard, what in the hell do you mean it’s for the World Title?! If I had known that during my match, I would’ve made damn sure that Minion didn’t win!!

RICHARD: You not winning your match is your problem, not mine. If you would have beaten Minion, then maybe you’d be the one in the Title match, so don’t try and blame anything on me.

(The Nightmare drops his mic and starts towards the ring, ready to take out Richard.)

RICHARD: Stop right there, Nightmare! If you take one more step towards this ring, you’re fired! I’ve taken your bullshit long enough, and it ends now! There will be consequences for your actions beginning this very moment. So I suggest you take your anarchist ass to the locker room if you want to stay out of trouble. As a matter of fact, why don’t you take the rest of the night off. You’ve already had your match, you lost, so you have no more reason to be here. Go ahead and leave...or else.

(The Nightmare ponders what he should do, before deciding to take the path of least punishment and head to the back. After he leaves, Richard addresses the fans again.)

RICHARD: So, coming up next, Minion vs Wolferene for the World Title, and a new champion must be decided!

(“Reach” plays again and he exits to the backstage area.)

P.SMITH: You heard it right, ladies and gentlemen, Minion vs Wolferene will be for the World Heavyweight Title!

Minion vs Wolferene (World Championship)

(“Fiend” plays over the speakers. Minion walks onto the stage and taunts to the crowd, receiving mostly boos.)

LESLIE: This match will be for the World Heavyweight Championship! Making his way to the ring for his 2nd match of the night, Minion!

(He runs down to the ring and slides in. “Crushing Adamantium”, by Faulty Emergency Exit, plays as Wolferene comes out to flashing lights.)

LESLIE: And his opponent, Wolferene!

(Wolf walks to the ring and gets in. Jack Frost holds up the World Title and then signals for the bell, giving the title to Leslie for safe-keeping.)

P.SMITH: This should be a very good match-up. We’ve got two contrasting styles, Minion being more of a powerhouse, and Wolferene dominating with punches and tackles. And since the title stipulation was just added onto this match, I think that it adds even more determination on both of these men. I like the chances of both competitors, but I’m going to side with Wolferene on pulling out the win here. Daniel?

D.KEITH: Well, I’m going to have to disagree with you, Pat. Minion showed us earlier that he has what it takes. I mean, he beat The Nightmare. Not many people can boast that accomplishment. And now, with the World Title in his sights, I think it will make his victory even more secure.

P.SMITH: You bring up a good point, but I’m still rooting for Wolferene.

D.KEITH: Minion.

P.SMITH: Wolferene.

D.KEITH: Minion.

P.SMITH: And, on to the match.

(Inside the ring, Minion charges at his smaller opponent, but Wolf responds quickly and forcefully with a right hand to the face, startling Minion. The bigger man grabs Wolferene’s head and tosses him into the corner, rushing in with shoulder thrusts to the abdomen. Wolf blasts out of the corner with a right jab, left hook, and a short uppercut, sending Minion reeling in the opposite direction. Wolf runs up behind him and delivers a bulldog, slamming Minion’s head into the mat. He flips Minion onto his back and climbs on top of him, slamming him with lefts and rights to the head until Minion finally has the presence of mind to block the punches.)

P.SMITH: Wolferene is taking it to Minion, Daniel...just like I said he would.

D.KEITH: Shut up, Pat. Come on, Minion! Kick his ass!

(As if hearing Daniel’s cheers, Minion gets up and elbows Wolferene right in the face. He follows up with a massive sidewalk slam. He drags Wolf up by the hair and sends him down with a backbreaker.)

D.KEITH: He’s working on Wolf’s back, possibly softening him up for “Darkness Falls”...where after, he’s gonna win, Pat.

P.SMITH: Your childish argument has no effect on me.

(Minion drags Wolf up again, but Wolf counters with a sucker-punch to the gut and then kicks his legs out from under him.)

P.SMITH: Will you look at that, Daniel... Wolf’s winning again!

(Wolferene lands a couple more shots on Minion before the big man just shoves him away. Wolferene runs at Minion, but Minion lays him out with a powerful clothesline. Minion pulls Wolferene up and hits him with a huge powerbomb, sending tremors through the mat.)

D.KEITH: Wolf has got to gone after that.

(Onstage, The Nightmare’s pyro explodes, causing both Minion and Referee Jack Frost to look at the entranceway. But The Nightmare comes running, deceptively fast for his size, through the crowd in the opposite direction of the stage. He slides in the ring, turns Minion around, and then hits him with the “Chokeslam To Hell”. Jack Frost calls for the bell as The Nightmare begins to pick Minion up for more injury.)

RICHARD: Drop him this instant!

(Richard is onstage now, The Nightmare turning to look. The Nightmare laughs, pulls Minion up by his hair, and lays him out with a right hand.)

RICHARD: Security!

(10 uniformed police officers walk down to the ring. Richard follows them.)

RICHARD: Officers, escort this large pile of crap out of my arena.

(With a lot of struggle, the officers get The Nightmare out of the ring. They begin to escort him up the ramp.)

RICHARD: Well, Nightmare, I hope you’re pleased with that little stunt you pulled, because you just caused Minion to win.

(By this time, both Wolferene and Minion are standing, watching the Nightmare situation, both men in a lot of pain. Richard gets the World Title and climbs in the ring.)

RICHARD: Nightmare, hey, Nightmare! I’ll bet that you thought your attack would prevent Minion from winning this belt, right? Well, when I said that a new champion must be decided, I didn’t mean that it was a no DQ match... I meant that a new champion would be decided, whatever means necessary. So because of your little interference, Minion wins the match by DQ, and is the new World Heavyweight Champion!

(The Nightmare is so shocked that he doesn’t even move, but just stands there with a wide-eyed expression as Richard awards Minion the belt.)

RICHARD: One more thing before you leave, Nightmare. I want you to hear this... Next show, in addition to the already-scheduled Damien/Rigiher Bloodshed Title match, we will also have Minion’s first World Title defense. It will be Minion against Wolferene, in a rematch for the World Title! And Nightmare, you will be banned from ringside—and if you even think about showing up for that match, you will be suspended, indefinitely!!

(The officers pull Nightmare to the back. Richard drops the mic and he, Wolferene, and Minion leave.)

P.SMITH: Well, that was in interesting match. Minion was awarded the World Title because of The Nightmare’s run-in attack on him; and on our next BLOODflow show, we will have a rematch of Minion vs Wolferene for the title, and The Nightmare is not allowed at ringside, with suspension hanging over his head!

D.KEITH: Couldn’t have said it better myself, Pat.

P.SMITH: I hate to detract from the importance of this situation, but we’ve got a steel cell hanging over the ring that’s just begging to be used.

D.KEITH: Very true. Now, this match will be Mickey O’Neil’s first-ever wrestling match, and against our very own commissioner, no less.

P.SMITH: Sorry, Daniel, but I don’t expect there to be that much wrestling involved here. Mickey is known for his boxing skills, and the match is taking place in a cell, which doesn’t tend to keep it as sane as just wrestling.

Mickey O’Neil vs Silver Eagle (Hell In A Cell)

(Slowly, the large cell begins to lower. It reaches the floor as the fans scream with excitement. “Are You There?”, Mickey’s theme song, begins to play, getting louder and louder. The Irish Bastard walks out onto the stage, throwing rights and lefts into the air, practicing his boxing skills. The fans don’t really know whether to cheer or jeer him, so most of them stay pretty silent. Mickey travels down the ramp.)

LESLIE: Entering now, for his first match as a BLOOD wrestler, the “One-Punch Machine Gun”, Mickey, O’Neil!

D.KEITH: As Leslie said, the Irish Bastard is indeed a “One-Punch Machine Gun”. We saw in the tavern incident, how Mickey knocked Silver Eagle out cold with just a flick of his arm. He can hold his own.

(Once Mickey enters the cell and gets in the ring, the lights dim, and then turn a dim orange and yellow color. “I remember the first war. The way the sky burned.” The first lines of Eagle’s theme echo throughout the arena. As the music to “Ravage Ritual” blasts in, the lights around the entryway turn bright white, seemingly blinding. Once the lights fade, Silver Eagle is standing onstage, staring at the ring.)

LESLIE: His opponent, the Commissioner of the BLOOD Fed, Silver Eagle!

(He stares at the cage as he approaches, rubbing his hand across it, ready to bleed and let out blood inside its unforgiving walls. He enters through the door and climbs in the ring. Mickey is leaning against the corner, very unconcerned with his opponent. Referee Jack Frost talks to both men, informing them of the ways to win, and that anything is legal. Jack gestures for the opening bell to be rung.)

D.KEITH: It looks like Mickey O’Neil just doesn’t care about this match. Not a good emotion to have in your first match, I’d say.

(Eagle stares at Mickey with disgust. He takes a few steps closer to him and trash-talks the Irishman.)

EAGLE: What the hell are you doing? Get over here so I can kick your ass! I owe you a beating!

(Eagle, tired of waiting for Mickey to care, walks over and slaps him in the face. Mickey looks at him with a semi-surprised expression. He steps out of the corner and walks up to Eagle, in the middle of the ring. Eagle shoves Mickey back a step and then goes to land a punch on him, but the Irish Bastard, out of nowhere, nails Eagle with the “Blindside” knockout shot to the jaw. Eagle falls to the mat, motionless.)

P.SMITH: I believe that was the “Blindside” punch, Daniel! The very same punch that put Eagle down in the tavern!

(Mickey drops to the mat and nonchalantly covers Silver Eagle. Jack Frost gets on his knees to count. 1!...2!...3! Mickey has won the match. Jack signals for the bell.)

LESLIE: The winner of the match, via pinfall, Mickey O’Neil!

(Jack Frost raises Mickey’s arm, and the Irishman rolls out of the ring and leaves the cell.)

D.KEITH: What the hell kind of Hell In A Cell match was that?!

P.SMITH: Umm, it was, uh...short. Hmm. Well folks, Mickey has won the match tonight, and proves to Eagle, again, what he’s made of.

D.KEITH: That match sucked. I want my money back!

P.SMITH: Uh, Daniel, you work for the company. You didn’t pay to attend. And don’t give the fans any ideas.

D.KEITH: Oh, right. That match was, uh, great. Yeah, it was great.

(As Silver Eagle lays without moving, Mickey exits the ring-area and heads backstage. As he goes through the curtain, he is met by Richard Rahl.)

RICHARD: Well, could you have made that match any shorter? We’re supposed to draw the fans attention, and for God’s sake, it was a Hell In A Cell match! Use the damn cell!

MICKEY: Can Ihavemepay early?

RICHARD: What the hell do you mean, have your pay early? You get paid the same time as everyone else.

MICKEY: It’sjust that I needsomemoneyquick. Ijoinedup at thisFed so I canmakesomecash toliveoff of. Ineed memoneyto getfood.

RICHARD: Fine. But just this once.

(Richard pulls out his checkbook and writes out Mickey’s check. He tears it out and hands it to the Irishman.)

RICHARD: But since I’m doing this for you, you owe me something. At your next match, could you make it a bit longer? We need ratings.

MICKEY: Ain’t gonnabeno nextmatch.

RICHARD: What are you saying?

MICKEY: I’mgone. Done. Movin’on.

RICHARD: You signed on to a new very-well-paying job, and you’re leaving after one match?

MICKEY: That’sright,boss. Smartlad.

(He looks down at his check.)

MICKEY: ThanksRichard.

(The Irish Bastard grins and walks away, never to be seen in the BLOOD Fed, or Verbanium City, again. Richard watches as he leaves the arena.)

RICHARD: Dammit! Son-of-a-bitch Irish Bastard...

(The cameras fade out.)