BLOODflow - June 11th, 2004

June 11th, 2004

[The BLOOD Fed arena, Haven Hunter, is packed with fans, ready for the first show of the BLOOD Fed since it’s re-opening. The fans cheer as Daniel Keith and Pat Smith, the announcers, make their way out to their announce table, knowing that the show is about to start. After about a minute of waiting, the BLOOD Fed’s music plays over the new, massive sound system. Pyros explode onstage, lighting up the arena with a blinding glare. The fans roar with excitement. The cameras pan around and switch back and forth, showing the audience and all of their signs. Some signs include “Welcome Back BLOOD!”, “Damien should be champ”, and “Marry Me Velvet”. The camera switches to the announce table.]

PAT SMITH: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first edition of BLOODflow! This is BLOOD : Version 2.0! A new face and a whole new life has been given to this federation! We’re very happy to be with you, our loyal fans! We thank you for your continued support over the years! I’m Pat Smith, and sitting beside me is Daniel Keith.

DANIEL KEITH: How are you doing, everybody? As you heard, the BLOOD Fed is back, and we are ready to get underway.

P.SMITH: First show back on the air, and we’ve got an action-packed night for you! Tonight’s matches make up the complete tournament for the vacant Bloodshed Title!

D.KEITH: And being for the Bloodshed Title, all matches will be “First Blood” matches, We should have a bloody good time tonight!

P.SMITH: The first round consists of 3 matches. The first-round matches will take place as normal. The 2nd, and final round of the tournament will be a First-Blood-Triple-Threat-Elimination match. The winner of the match will be the competitor that has not been busted open, and they will be awarded the Bloodshed Title! Opening the night, it’s Velvet Dreams pitted against Damien!

D.KEITH: This will be a volatile match-up! These two are feuding enemies. After Velvet Dreams kicked Damien’s ass and humiliated him, Damien hired Gabriel “The Nightmare” Alcaine to give Velvet a beating... Need I say more? I’ve found out that Velvet has not, I repeat “not” received medical clearance to wrestle this match, but it seems he will wrestle anyway, and you know he’s gong to be hurting.

P.SMITH: Hurting, indeed. And Damien, I’m sure, knows where Velvet’s weak spots are after the brutal beating he suffered.

D.KEITH: Well, enough of the back-story, it’s time to get into the action!

LESLIE HOPE: All matches tonight on BLOODflow will be “First Blood” contests. In the one-on-one matches, once a wrestler has been busted open and is bleeding, that wrestler will lose the match. In the Triple Threat main event, once a wrestler is bleeding, they will be eliminated from the contest. The winner will be the person that is not bleeding, and will then be crowned the Bloodshed Champion!

[The newly-repaired BLOODtron, which had been showing Leslie Hope, turns to static. “Hate Opened Wide” by Celldweller plays. The static onscreen fades into Damien & Raven’s video. The arena lights flicker as Damien comes out onstage with his voluptuous wife, Raven.]

LESLIE: Coming down to the ring at this time, being accompanied by Raven, Damien!

[The couple walks down to the ring and they get in. The flickering lights change to purple, flooding the arena in violet light. "Jekyll And Hyde" sounds throughout the arena and Velvet Dreams makes his way onstage.]

LESLIE: And now entering, hailing from here in Verbanium City, Velvet Dreams!

[In Leslie’s voice, a small hint of fear and sadness for Velvet can be detected by Damien. To those that do not know of Leslie and Velvet’s relationship, she sounds normal. Purple spotlights shine down on Velvet. Instead of his usual smiling and showboating self, Velvet is obviously in pain. His left wrist has a soft cast on it, and he is walking with a limp. He is holding his right ribcage-area, and there are bandages on his head.]

P.SMITH: Well, as you can plainly see, Velvet Dreams is still suffering the effects of The Nightmare’s attack. As I stated a few minutes ago, he has not gotten medical clearance to fight this match. I respect his bravery, but upon seeing his condition, I’m skeptical as to whether he should even compete tonight.

D.KEITH: That’s right. There’s nothing wrong with throwing in the towel after the beating he got from The Nightmare. And who knows what torture he endured in The Mansion.

P.SMITH: But it appears that the Bloodshed Title is worth the risk of injury for him.

D.KEITH: Risk of injury?! It’s a guarantee! He’s going in the ring with a 100% healthy Damien! Velvet’s gotta pull off a miracle!

[Velvet gets in the ring, Damien staring at him with a smirk. Damien kisses his wife, and she exits the ring. The referee, Jim Lawrence, checks on Velvet to make sure that he wants to go on with the match. He says that he does. With that, Jim signals for the bell to be rung. Damien drops down to his knees and motions for Velvet to hit him in the face. Velvet swings with his good arm and lands a blow on Damien’s cheek, whip lashing his head to the side. He turns back to Velvet and laughs.]

DAMIEN: Is that all you’ve got after The Nightmare took care of you? He did a better job than I thought.

[Velvet balances on his hurt leg and kicks at Damien, but the vampire catches his foot. While still holding his foot, Damien stands up, continuing to laugh at his injured adversary. He then drops Velvet’s leg and delivers a powerful clothesline, sending the Dreamworld Leader to the mat. Velvet coughs, trying to regain his breath. Damien grabs a handful of Velvet’s hair and drags him up. Velvet tries to push away, but his body is too racked with pain to fight back. The vampire moves around to Velvet’s back and takes him down with the “Hellraiser”. Velvet clutches his stomach and side, moaning in pain. Damien drags him up once more and leans him against the turnbuckle. The vampire back sup to the opposite turnbuckle and takes off, running at Velvet, and he violently spears the injured man into the corner. Velvet falls down, clutching his stomach and coughing. Damien rolls him over and repeatedly kicks him in the ribs and stomach. Velvet starts to yell for Damien to stop, but he is interrupted as he violently spasms and begins to cough up blood.]

P.SMITH: God, it looks like Velvet Dreams has sustained some internal bleeding, both from The Nightmare’s attack and this vicious assault Damien has dished out!

[Velvet’s lower face is now covered with blood as he coughs up more and more. Referee Jim Lawrence sees the blood and signals for the bell.]

LESLIE: The winner of this match, to advance to the final match in the Bloodshed Tournament, Damien!

[The referee checks on Velvet as Raven gets in the ring to celebrate with her husband. As Jim Lawrence is helping Velvet up, Damien lunges over and sucker-punches him in the gut. Velvet falls to the ground again. Jim Lawrence moves over to hold Damien back, and while he does so, Raven stomps on Velvet’s stomach with her high-heeled boot and grinds her hell in. Jim Lawrence dashes over to push Raven back. Damien grabs Jim by the throat and gets in his face.]

DAMIEN: You touch my wife again, and I’ll tear your throat out.

[Damien releases his grip, and Jim intelligently exits the ring. Damien kicks Velvet one more time for good measure, and then he and his wife leave to the back. A team of paramedics roll down a stretcher to attend to Velvet. They get Velvet out of the ring and loaded onto the stretcher. The medic team rolls him up to the stage, to take him to the back, but their path is blocked as Gabriel “The Nightmare” Alcaine fills the entryway. He shoves the medics out of the way and stands next to the stretcher, reaching down to brush the hair from Velvet’s bloody face. Only then does Velvet realize who is standing over him. His eyes go wide and he weakly struggles against the stretcher’s straps. Gabriel begins to laugh sadistically. Gabriel slowly rolls the stretcher towards the edge of the stage, a rare smile on his face. Daniel Keith and Pat Smith stand and watch, horror on their faces.]

D.KEITH: Dear God, no... He’s not going to...

[Realizing what is about to happen, the medics run over to save their patient. Each medic is knocked down and out by The Nightmare. Gabriel smiles again, grabs the stretcher and shoves it hard, sending it flying off the end of the stage, to come crashing down on the concrete floor 10 feet below.]

P.SMITH: Holy hell! The Nightmare has just thrown a helpless Velvet Dreams off the stage and onto the concrete floor! We need to get someone out here to subdue this monster!

D.KEITH: I hate to bear the bad news, Pat, but I don’t think anyone can subdue The Nightmare.

[Gabriel lowers himself to the floor and walks over next to Velvet. The smaller man is covered in blood, partly due to the internal bleeding that came about earlier, and partly due to a gash that has been opened above his left eyebrow. Gabriel unstraps Velvet from the stretcher. He picks Velvet up in his arms like a baby, and begins whispering something to the barely-conscious form. Gabriel lets his feet drop to the ground and clutches him by the throat. The monster whispers something else, and he hoists Velvet up into the air, slamming him down onto the concrete with a massive chokeslam. More medics are standing nearby, wary of getting near The Nightmare. Gabriel turns and walks to the back, allowing the medics to run over and attend to Velvet Dreams. The fans begin to chant “Holy Shit!”]

P.SMITH: I cannot believe what we’ve just seen here, ladies and gentlemen! Velvet Dreams was the target of yet another wave of destruction caused by The Nightmare!

[Replays are shown.]

D.KEITH: I can bet that Velvet will be out of action for quite a while after tonight. Well, as the medics tend to Velvet, we’ve got to take a commercial break. We’ll be right back.

[The screen goes black, and then we see a commercial. The inside of a classroom is shown, with a teacher giving a lecture to the students. Most are bored, and falling asleep. Suddenly, the fire alarm blares, wakening the slumbering students. The class quickly leaves the room and, along with the other student of their school, jog down the hall and to the exit door. The teacher in the front of the group pushes the emergency door, but it won’t budge. He slams his weight into the door, but it simply won’t move. A couple more teachers and students all push on the door, trying to provide a way out, as the alarm is deafening everyone. The people slam into the door, shoving and kicking it, but it remains firm. Flames then snake around the corner and down the hallway, incinerating everything, students and teachers alike. The emergency exit door remains strong. A voice is heard. “The highly-anticipated debut album from Faulty Emergency Exit, ‘Spontaneous Combustion’, featuring the hit song, ‘Crushing Adamantium’, is on shelves this coming Tuesday. Get your copy, before they’re all engulfed in flames. ‘Spontaneous Combustion’, this Tuesday.

The screen goes black and then we see Daniel Keith and Pat Smith at their announce table.]

P.SMITH We’re back, ladies and gentlemen, after that horrible scene of violence that we just witnessed. Gabriel “The Nightmare” Alcaine has completely decimated Velvet Dreams. And for what? What reason did the huge bastard have?! It makes me want to throw up.

D.KEITH: Just point away from me, buddy. Seriously though, we’ve got to move on to our next match. Minion will take on Wolferene, First Blood style of course. This should be good, since neither Minion or Wolf are hurt, as Velvet was going into his match.

[The lights turn red and “Duality” from Slipknot hits.]

LESLIE: Entering now, Minion!

[Minion comes out onto the stage, wearing black and gray pants that have skulls on each leg, and a tight, sleeveless red top, with an “evil eye” design on the chest and a tribal skull design on the back. He turns and looks up at the BLOODtron to make sure his video is, like he ordered, without The Nightmare in it. Satisfied that The Nightmare has been edited out of it, he walks down to the ring, red spotlights following him all the way. He rolls into the ring and flips off the crowd as they boo him. The lights then fade to blackness and we see a full moon on the screen. A long, mournful wolf howl is heard, and then “Crushing Adamantium” by Faulty Emergency Exit plays. The lights slowly fade in, dimly lighting the arena. Wolferene comes out onstage, punching the air, getting ready for the match.]

LESLIE: And his opponent, Wolferene!

[He heads towards the ring. As he climbs in, pillars of flame explode onstage. Everyone in the arena ducks instinctively, not knowing what’s going on. The Nightmare comes out, holding a chair. He slowly and meticulously walks down the ramp, setting the chair on the floor when he reaches the bottom of the ramp. He then sits in the chair and motions for things to get going. Minion stares with hatred at his former best friend, now having to concentrate on both his opponent in the match, and his newest enemy. Referee Jim Lawrence signals for the bell.]

P.SMITH: Well, the match is officially underway, but you have to wonder, what is The Nightmare doing back out here? Hasn’t he caused enough damage already, damnit?! And we have to see him later in his match with Rigiher! What in the bloody hell is he doing?!

D.KEITH: My only guess is to psyche out Minion, for whatever reason. There’s a lot of bad blood brewing between those two, and it’s just threatening to spill out at any moment.

[As Minion turns away from The Nightmare, to look at his opponent, his face is met with Wolferene’s fist. A series of repeated punches and knees to the gut send Minion reeling into the corner, only to have Wolferene against him, barraging him with a flurry of fists. Minion covers his head, blocking as best he can in this situation. He sends an elbow out, which connects to Wolf’s chin, knocking him back a couple of steps. Minion knees him in the stomach again, and gives out a powerful suplex, Wolf landing hard on the mat. Minion knees down and repeatedly punches Wolferene in the head, until Wolf pushes Minion away and stands up. Minion gets whipped into the ropes, and is hit with a flying knee upon his return to the center of the ring. As Minion climbs up, he is hit with a punch to the stomach, punch to the kidneys, kick to the shin, and then Wolferene connects with an STO, sweeping Minion’s legs out from under him. He drags Minion up to his feet, but Minion slams his fist into Wolferene’s side and then follows up with a perfectly-executed DDT. Minion grabs Wolf and hoists him onto his shoulders, dropping him down with a Death Valley Driver. He drags Wolf over to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle, signaling for “Darkness Falls”, looking right at The Nightmare as he signals. But Wolf, always ready, leaps up and onto the turnbuckle, trying to perform a gigantic superplex. Minion blocks, locking his foot around the turnbuckle pad, and shoves Wolf down, landing on his back. Minion takes aim and leaps, hitting him with “Darkness Falls”. Minion then moves over to the corner again and begins to remove the top turnbuckle pad. Referee Jim Lawrence tries to stop him, but Minion just pushes him back, to where Lawrence can’t do anything about it. Minion and Referee Lawrence get into an argument, which gives Wolferene enough time to stagger to his feet. Minion, noticing this, grabs Wolf’s head and tries to slam it into the exposed turnbuckle bolt, but Wolf grabs the ropes and stops the slam. He delivers a back elbow to Minion’s head, and then grips Minion’s neck and slings him at the bolt. Minion’s head slams against the metal, whip lashing backwards, a slight trickle of blood trails from an opened cut on his forehead. Just to make sure, Wolferene tackles Minion to the ground and begins punching his forehead, opening the cut more, Referee Lawrence signals the bell.]

LESLIE: The winner, to advance to the main event, Wolferene!

[Jim Lawrence raises Wolf’s hand in victory. Gabriel “The Nightmare” Alcaine, who had waited patiently for the match to end, tosses his chair into the ring and enters. Jim Lawrence climbs out, not wanting to be near Gabriel until he has to in the match. Wolferene looks at The Nightmare, but having no ill-will against him, he drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring, heading to the back. Minion is on the mat, face-down, a small puddle of his blood surrounding his head. The monster grabs a handful of Minion’s hair and pulls him to his feet. He lifts him up by the throat and chokeslams him onto the chair that is laying on the mat.]

P.SMITH: Good God! When is The Nightmare going to cease this destruction?!

[Minion lays unconscious and bloody on the chair. Gabriel picks Minion up on his shoulder and then dumps him over the top rope, his body thudding down on the floor. At that time, “Light At My Feet” begins to play. Rigiher walks out onto the stage, staring at the ring.]

D.KEITH: Well, I guess we’re going to go ahead and have the 3rd match now.

LESLIE: Already in the ring, standing at 7 feet and weighing 335 pounds, The Nightmare! And now coming down to the ring, his opponent, Rigiher!

[Rigiher walks down to the ring as Jim Lawrence climbs into the ring, moving to the farthest corner from The Nightmare. Rigiher slides in under the bottom rope and stands up, glaring at Gabriel.]

D.KEITH: It looks like we’ve got a brawl coming on.

P.SMITH: Well, we all know that Rigiher stands for everything that The Nightmare hates. These two are on very opposite sides of the spectrum, Daniel.

[Instead of signaling for the bell to ring, Jim Lawrence walks over to The Nightmare.]

JIM LAWRENCE: M-M-Mr. Alcaine, this being a First Blood match, you will have to remove your face paint so I can distinguish when you have been cut open.

[Indeed, Gabriel’s face, which appears as if he has been shot in the face, is covered in blood, making it look like he has already lost the match.]

THE NIGHTMARE: It’s not paint. It doesn’t come off.

[Jim Lawrence reaches up and tries to rub the “blood” off of Gabriel’s face. As Gabriel said, it doesn’t come off. Jim Lawrence exits the ring and talks to Leslie Hope. After a few moments of talking, she picks up her microphone.]

LESLIE: Due to The Nightmare’s unremovable “face paint”, Senior Official Jim Lawrence has disqualified The Nightmare and deemed Rigiher the winner, to advance to the final round.


[Gabriel climbs out of the ring and argues with Jim about his decision. After an unsuccessful argument attempt on the part of Gabriel, he knees Jim in the gut and hoists him up, giving the defenseless referee the “Darkest Dream” through the announce table, sending Daniel Keith, Pat Smith, and Leslie Hope jumping out of the way. Gabriel stares down at his unconscious victim. All of a sudden, Gabriel is knocked down from behind by Rigiher. As Gabriel is standing, Rigiher grabs the chair that Leslie was sitting in and cracks it over his head, sending The Nightmare to the ground. The big man tries to get up, but is sent down again with the chair until Gabriel ceases to defend himself, lying on the ground knocked out. Rigiher checks on Jim Lawrence as two medic teams run down, each group rolling a stretcher with them. Rigiher leaves to the back to wait for the main event, while Jim is being loaded onto a stretcher. The second medic team goes over to load up Gabriel, but as they are about to slide him onto the body-board, he sits up, fully conscious, causing the medics to jump back and away. Gabriel stands and pops his neck. He shoves the medics aside and heads backstage.]

P.SMITH: Holy hell, look at this carnage!

[He remarks as Jim Lawrence is being rolled away. The announce table is demolished, the announcers sitting in their chairs staring at the wreckage.]

D.KEITH: Well, this sucks. I thought the Spanish Announce Table was supposed to get wrecked at shows.

P.SMITH: Daniel, we don’t have a Spanish Announce Table.

D.KEITH: Oh yeah. Good point.

P.SMITH: Well ladies and gentlemen, Senior Official Jim Lawrence is now the 2nd person tonight that has been sent to the hospital due to The Nightmare, along with Velvet Dreams. And Minion was also attacked by The Nightmare, but we do not have word whether he was taken to the hospital or not. Luckily, it appears that Rigiher was able to stop The Nightmare from causing any more damage. Let’s go to the replay of just a few moments ago.

[Replays of the incident are shown.]

D.KEITH: Oooh. Painful.

P.SMITH: Well, Jim Lawrence was supposed to call the main event, but I guess we’ll have to get another official out here. That was just sick on the part of The Nightmare! The referee was just doing his job, dammit!!

D.KEITH: Calm down, Pat. The Nightmare’s actions are not excusable, but I can see why he got so angry. He didn’t even get to fight his match. He was DQ’d for something he couldn’t do anything about.

P.SMITH: Well, let’s hurry up and get onto the last match.

[“Not Ready To Die” by Demon Hunter plays. The announcers raise their heads to look up at the entryway. Silver Eagle comes out, mic in hand and an official’s shirt on his back.]

EAGLE: Well, it seems that we need a referee to fill in for this final match. And who better to call than Silver Eagle... Hehe. It’s time to find out who becomes the Bloodshed Champ, boys and girls.

[He tosses the mic to a crew member and gets in the ring. “Hate Opened Wide” plays, and the lights flicker, bringing Damien and Raven out onstage. They walk down the ramp and Damien slides in the ring. Shortly after, “Crushing Adamantium” hits, and Wolferene runs down and slides in the squared-circle. He rushes Damien and tackles him to the ground, already taking it to the vampire with lefts and rights. Damien is doing all he can to block the majority of the punches. Silver Eagle just stands back and watches, somewhat reveling in the fact that his longtime rival, Damien, is receiving a beat down. Damien pushes Wolf off of him and rolls away, jumping up, on guard now, ready for anything. Wolf moves in for another attack, and the two trade blows as “Light At My Feet” comes on. Rigiher walks out slowly, seeing no need to hurry, as his two opponents proceed to beat the daylights out of each other.]

P.SMITH: Here’s the last competitor, and it looks like he’s got a good idea. Rigiher is letting his two opponents wear each other down, and then he’ll slide in and dominate, I’m sure.

[Right as Pat Smith says that, Rigiher, who is just standing next to the ring watching, is kicked from behind by Raven. She shoves him into the ring and yells for Damien to get him.]

P.SMITH: Ooh. Spoke too soon. Raven is always the wild card of the match when she’s out here. You never know whether she’ll get involved or not.

[Damien knocks Wolferene down and turns to start kicking the downed Rigiher. As he is on the attack though, Rigiher blocks a kick and pulls Damien down to the mat as well. Rigiher punches Damien and stands up, turning the tides. Wolferene climbs up to a vertical base as well, and rushes Rigiher, spearing him down. He lays the punches on him. Damien glances over to the corner as he rises, to see that the steel bolt is still exposed from Wolferene’s earlier match. He grab’s Wolf by the hair and rams his forehead into the bolt. Wolf is dazed, staggering, but not yet bleeding. Damien grabs his head to slam it again, but Wolf blocks the attempt and knees Damien in the gut. He tosses a couple of punches out, and then DDT’s the vampire. By this time, Rigiher is back up, and he grabs Wolferene and body-slams him, locking a sleeper headlock on once he is down. As Wolf is fading from the sleeper, Damien launches an Enziguri-style kick to the back of Rigiher’s head, causing him to release the hold. Damien then grabs Wolf by the hair again and slams it into the bolt. Wolf turns to Damien, slightly dazed yet again, but still not bleeding.]

D.KEITH: Is Wolferene invincible or something? Damien can’t seem to take him out!

[As Damien is turned away from Rigiher, dealing with Wolf, Rigiher charges at the two, looking to hit the back of Damien’s head with a big boot. Somehow, Damien knows this and ducks at the last second, causing Rigiher’s boot to slam into Wolferene’s head. Wolf is out on the mat, and blood is streaming from his forehead. Silver Eagle motions to the timekeeper. The bell rings once to signify that a wrestler has been taken out of the match.]

LESLIE: Wolferene has been eliminated.

[It’s down to Damien and Rigiher. The two face each other from opposite sides of the ring as Silver Eagle helps a couple of medics get Wolferene out of the ring. They both charge. Damien lowers his shoulder, which connects to Rigiher’s chest, knocking him down. Outside the ring, Raven grabs Leslie’s chair and tosses it to Damien. Damien turns to hit Rigiher, but Rigiher is already up, and kicks the chair hard into Damien’s face, busting his forehead open. Silver Eagle signals the timekeeper. The bell rings, and Leslie gets back on the mic.]

LESLIE: Damien has been eliminated. The winner, and new Bloodshed Champion, Rigiher!

[Raven slides in the ring to check on her husband as Silver Eagle hands the Bloodshed Title to it’s new owner, Rigiher. Rigiher holds it up for all the fans to see and they cheer their heads off (not literally).]

P.SMITH: Our new champion, Rigiher! That’s great!

D.KEITH: I’m just glad it isn’t Damien! Go Rigiher!

P.SMITH: Well, that’s all we’ve got ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for joining us on BLOODflow! We’ll see you next time!!