The Wedding

(The illumination of a vehicle's headlights slice through the black of night. The source of these headlights, a custom-made black sports car, roars down the road, away from the Devil's Advocates. Inside the car, Raven and her unkown savior sit.)

RAVEN: Thank you for rescuing me, but...who are you?

MAN IN BLACK: That does not need to be known right now. Just sit in peace. I will get you to your wedding.

(Raven perks up, her eyes going wide.)

RAVEN: Really? Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

(A soft chuckle is heard from underneath the man's mask.)

MAN IN BLACK: Not a problem. The D.A. makes me sick. They kidnapped you, and during the time of your wedding, no less. If there weren't so many of them, I would've killed them all back there.

(The man in black reaches in his pocket and produces a cell phone. He dials a number and then puts the phone to his ear.)

RAVEN: What are you doing?

(He doesn't answer, listening to the ringing of the phone. Finally, on the other end of the line, someone picks up.)

VOICE: Yeah?

MAN IN BLACK: Hello, Damien.

DAMIEN: Who is this?

MAN IN BLACK: My name does not matter. But you might be interested to know that I have your soon-to-be wife in my possession.

DAMIEN: What the hell?! Who is this?! D.A.?!

MAN IN BLACK: No, no, not at all.What I mean is that I just rescued her from the D.A. She's unharmed, I made sure of it. I just wanted to let you know to get to your Coven. The wedding is still on.

DAMIEN: How in the fuck do you know what the Coven is?! No one should know that!!

MAN IN BLACK: Trust me, I know much more than you think.

DAMIEN: Who in the fuck are you?!

MAN IN BLACK: Don't worry about that. Just know that you will soon be together with your soul mate...that is, if you still have a soul.

(The man terminates the call, leaving Damien in mystery. Raven looks at the man.)

RAVEN: Just out of curiosity, why are you doing this? Why would you help out Damien & me?

MAN IN BLACK: Even a demon deserves to be happy.

(He pushes the pedal down even farther, accelerating the car faster down the road. After a while of driving in silence, the car pulls up to a sign reading "Dead End". He pulls the car off onto the adjacent dirt road and continues to drive. The barren land surrounding the road shows no sign of life. The headlights then shine on a barb-wire covered chain-link fence. Two figures that are standing by the fence squint their eyes at the car's lights. The figures, obviously guards, are each holding a weapon; one carries an MP5 submachine gun, and the other has an M16 slung over his shoulder and an Uzi in a holster strapped to his leg. The guard with the MP5 approaches the car. He taps on the window. The man in black rolls down the window, revealing his masked face.)

GUARD: And who exactly are you? (He points the gun at the man's head.)

MAN IN BLACK: (Gesturing to Raven.) I assume Damien has told you of a visitor who has possession of his bride-to-be.

(The guard considers this for a moment and then turns to his partner.)

GUARD: It's him. Open up.

(The second guard slides aside a portion of the fence, revealing an opening. The man in black drives through, following the dirt road as the guards close the fence behind. After a minute of driving on the road some more, a huge structure, the parking garage, looms in front of them, with an even larger complex, the Coven, towering behind the garage. The man in black pulls the car into the garage, looking at all of the parking spaces with the personalized vampire symbols on the walls behind them.)

MAN IN BLACK: I don't suppose that there is a "visitors' parking section", is there?

RAVEN: Well, seeing as we don't get any visitors, no.

(Raven points to Damien's space, where his Lamboughini Diablo rests.)

RAVEN: There's Damien's car. Just park next to it, in Xavier's spot. He won't care.

(The man nods his head and pulls the car into the space. As he and Raven get out of the car, he pulls out his cell phone once more. He dials a number and waits. When the call is answered, he speaks.)

MAN IN BLACK: Damien, we're here. Put the finishing touches on everything. And remember, you can't see your bride-to-be until the actual ceremony.

(He disconnects and directs his attention to Raven.)

MAN IN BLACK: Now, I've never actually been inside, so you'll need to show me where to go.

(Raven agrees and leads him through the front door. There, Lobo, Damien's friend, waits, dressed in a pure black tuxedo, complete with a black vest under the jacket and a black tie.)

LOBO: I'll show our visitor to the room. (He snaps his fingers, and a few seconds later, a female vampire walks up. She is dressed in a very tight purple sleeveless dress, with long purple gloves and purple platform shoes. The dress has a very low neck line, revealing quite a bit of her well-rounded breasts. Her bright blonde hair hangs to her shoulders in curls. Her immortal beauty suprises and astounds the man in black.) Raven, Lydia will take you to your room to get dressed.

(Lobo turns back to the man as Raven follows Lydia down the hall.)

LOBO: Follow me. I want to thank you for rescuing Raven. You don't know how much this means to Damien.

(Lobo leads the man into the corridor, heading to the huge black onyx double-doors at the end of the hall. Lobo opens the double-doors, revealing the large meeting room, the high walls and platform decked out in black and purple. The black pews are filled with vampires, all eager to see the unholy matrimony of Damien and Raven. Lestat, the leader of the Ravnos Clan, is sitting in the center pew on the front row. The platform is void of anyone. The black podium stands in the center of the platform. Black and purple candles sit burning in black candelabras, placed throughout the sanctuary. The man in black cranes his neck to look at all of the sight. Slowly, the vampires in the pews sense a non-vampiric presence in the room. They turn and see the man in black at the doors, standing next to Lobo. Some of the vampires snarl and growl.)

LOBO: It's okay. He's on our side.

(The vampires return to their conversations and Lobo leads the man in black down the center aisle and through a door at the back of the platform. They enter a short hallway, and go through a door at the end. A large room spans in front of them, where many male vampires and humans are getting dressed, preparing for the wedding. The Satanic Priest himself, the Reverend Marilyn Manson, is putting on his flowing black and crimson robes, getting ready to unite Damien and Raven in marriage. Azgail, one of Damien's friends and groomsmen, is sitting in a chair tying his shoes. Also present is Twisted J, the best man, buttoning up his black Oxford shirt. CrazyCaleb stands nearby, putting the finishing touches of his tux on. Damien is clothed in black pants only, his shirtless torso showing off his well-defined muscles. His bright red hair stands spiked, drawing attention in the dark room. He turns upon hearing the door, and notices Lobo and the visitor.)

DAMIEN: So, this is my soul-mate's saviour?

MAN IN BLACK: I guess I am. How are you, Damien?

DAMIEN: I'd be better, if I knew who you were.

MAN IN BLACK: It will all become clear in due time. Oh, by the way, I know of many people that don't want this wedding to take place. The D.A., for one example. So, I'm offering my services to help keep this place safe during this occasion.

DAMIEN: Fine with me. I appreciate it.

(Damien picks up his black button-up shirt and puts it on. At that time, there is a knock on the door. Lobo opens it and Minion barges through with a tux in his hand.)

MINION: Sorry I'm late!!

DAMIEN: Late for what? Why in the hell are you here?!

MINION: Because my sister's getting married, you jackass! What the hell do you think?!

DAMIEN: (Gesturing around the room.) Well, as you can see, I've already got all of my groomsmen. Looks like you're out of luck.

MINION: Fuck no!! It's my sister, dammit!!

DAMIEN: Aw, fine. I guess I can't be that mean.....Your dad's dead, right?

MINION: Yeah...

DAMIEN: Then you can take his place. You can give Raven away.

MINION: Thanks.

(At the doorway, Lydia peeks her head in.)

LYDIA: Ready, guys? Raven's all set.

DAMIEN: Thanks. Let's go.

(Reverend Marilyn Manson leads the pack down the hallway and through the other door that opens to the platform. Minion follows Lydia to the back hallway outside the sanctuary, to meet with Raven. Reverend Manson takes his place at the podium, setting the Book of Arabus on the podium. He waits as Damien stands at the bottom of the stairs, with Twisted J, CrazyCaleb, Lobo, and Azgail lined up, one on each step, up to the platform. The vampires in the pews silence themselves and look to the platform in anticipation. From somewhere in the sanctuary, dark-romantic Gothic organ music plays. One-by-one, each of the groomsmen walk to the back of the sanctuary and escort each one of the bridesmaids down. All of the bridesmaids are dressed in the same dress and accessories as Lydia. Twisted J escorts Lydia, who is the Maid of Honor, down to the platform. Each groomsman and bridesmaid takes their place on the platform steps. A beatuifully intricate Gothic dirge plays and everyone turns to the back door. Linked arm-in-arm with her brother, Raven steps into the sanctuary. Everyone gasps at her beauty. She has on a beautiful black-&-purple dress. The upper portion of the dress is very tight, with a very low neckline. Spanning down from the lower part of her breasts to right below her waist, the dress is black mesh, revealing her well-toned stomach and her bat tattoo at her waist. The lower portion of the dress is purple with black accents, extending down to the floor. She wears black-&-purple platform shoes. She has on a long black veil hanging down her back from her head. Her straight black hair hangs down to her shoulders. Beside her, Minion stands in his black tux, looking quite nice himself. He escorts his sister down the aisle, the vampires standing up in respect as she passes. Minion takes her to the bottom of the platform steps, standing in between her and Damien. Reverend Manson smiles and opens the Book of Arabus, and reads out of it.)

MANSON: "And in the end times, the sun shall fall to Darkness, and Darkness, in turn, shall give way to Death. And Death shall take its chosen victims, and only the immortals shall be spared, allowed to be together for eternity."

(Rev. Manson closes the book and looks down and Damien and Raven. Minion then steps back, allowing the two to hold each other, and sits on the front pew beside Lestat.)

MANSON: Raven, I've only just met you a few short months ago. You are a wonderful woman, and let me tell you, you couldn't have picked a better man than Damien. Damien, I've known y ou for years, and I am very happy to see you finally united with the woman you love, forever.

(Manson goes on, talking about Damien and his past, and what he knows of Raven. Finally, both Damien and Raven recite their vows. Then Rev. Manson begins to ask the big question...)

MANSON: Damien, do you take this woman, Raven, to be your--

(Suddenly, one of the guards, Dhuron, bursts into the sanctuary, blood on his face, and trying to catch his breath.)

DHURON: I sincerely apologize for interrupting the ceremony, but we've got an intruder! I unloaded my entire M-16 clip on his, but none of the bullets hit him! He's kicking our asses out there! He's up on the roof now!

(Azgail and a few other vampires start towards the door, but the man in black stands up and motions them back.)

MAN IN BLACK: I'm on it! Continue the wedding!

(He leaves with Dhuron. Azgail steps over beside Damien and whispers in his ear.)

AZGAIL: Can in trusted?

DAMIEN: He brought Raven here. He hasn't done anything wrong yet.

AZGAIL: "Yet." That's the key word.

DAMIEN: Let's just see what he does.

AZGAIL: Ok, it's your call.

(Azgail resumes his position and the wedding continues, with everyone a little bit nervous.

Meanwhile, the man in black rushes through the Coven with Dhuron. As they are running to the entrance, Dhuron pulls out his uzi and pushes it towards the man in black.)

DHURON: Here, you may want this.

(The man pushes his arm back, refusing the gun.)

MAN IN BLACK: Don't you see by now? This being cannot be killed by guns and knives. It takes something much more powerful than that.

DHURON: And what do you suppose you're going to do about this?

MAN IN BLACK: I have my own ways of dealing with beings like this.

(They make it to the outside, the cool night air welcoming them. They look up to the roof, where the full moon, hanging low in the sky, reveals the silouette of a man. Dhuron and the man in black use the ladder attached to the wall and climb up to the roof. Equivalent to 5 stories high, falling from this roof would greatly injure a vampire, and more than likely kill a human. They climb off of the ladder and onto the large, flat roof. The cement building beneath them is silent, the soundproof, 4-foot-thick walls and ceiling allowing no sounds in or out. They look ahead. The intruder is standing, frozen in his position, his body angled towards them, yet his head turned away. His blue, white, & black attire (which resembles Hurricane Helm's costume, in design), appears to be some type of superhero outfit. The intruder's light-blue, almost white hair hangs down at cheek-level, slightly flittering in the breeze. His long, blue-&-white cape hangs down to his ankles, also moving in the wind. A dark-blue mask covers the majority of his face. Dhuron unshoulders his M-16 and takes aim at the intruder's head. From about 50 yards away, the shot is an easy one for him.)

DHURON: Get off of our property now! If you don't leave the premesis immediately, I will have to shoot!

(The intruder remains standing with his head turned in the other direction.)

INTRUDER: Then do it. Pull the trigger.

(The man in black speaks urgently to Dhuron.)

MAN IN BLACK: No! Don't do it! Don't shoot! Trust me!

DHURON: Why should I trust you? I don't even know you! And I gave him his warning.

(Dhuron squeezes the trigger, firing a single round. The bullet propels forward in an extreme blur. As it is about to hit its target, the intruder leans his head slightly to the side, dodging the bullet completely without even looking. Dhuron stands in shock and disbelief, his mouth hanging open.)

MAN IN BLACK: Dammit! I told you not to shoot!

DHURON: How in the...hell?.....How in the hell did he do that? He's not a vampire!

MAN IN BLACK: No, he's something else.

(From somewhere, the intruder pulls out a Desert Eagle handgun. He takes aim and, as Dhuron is looking at the man in black, fires. The magnum bullet rips through the air, driving itself straight through Dhuron's right hand, which holds his M-16. He wrist separates as the bullet creates its path. The M-16 clatters to the ground. The silence of the night is broken as Dhuron lets out a howling scream. With his left hand, Dhuron grabs his uzi and fires at random, hitting everything in front of him except the intruder. Another well-placed bullet removes Dhuron's left hand. The intruder fires again, and the middle portion of Dhuron's head disappears in a cloud of blood. The man in black looks at Dhuron, already dead, and then shifts his gaze to the guns. He steps over them, pacing towards the intruder.)

MAN IN BLACK: Ice Moon...I didn't realize that you still plagued this earth.

ICE MOON: Then you are obviously not as all-knowing as you think you are.

(Ice Moon tosses this gun aside. He turns his body, directly facing the man in black.)

MAN IN BLACK: Why are you here, Moon?

IC E MOON: Is that not obvious? This wedding should never take place! The union of Damien and Raven will breed a new, unspeakable evil! This must not happen!

MAN IN BLACK: Oh, Ice Moon, is evil really that intolerable? I will give all of my strength to keep this wedding going!

(Ice Moon narrows his eyes.)

ICE MOON: Then you will give your life...

(Ice Moon dashes i, and the fight between the two starts.

As this goes on, the wedding continues. Manson prepares to finish.)

MANSON: Damien, Raven, I now pronounce--

(A huge thud is heard, followed by another, from above. Everyone looks up to see the ceiling begin to crack and shift.)

LESTAT: How is that possible?! That ceiling is 4 feet thick!

(The portionof the breaking ceiling, directly over the platform, starts to give away. The groomsmen and bridesmaids dash out of the way, moving towards the pews. Raven moves thre with them while Damien runs to the platform and grabs Rev Manson. He quickly carries him to the safety of the pews as gigantic chunks of the ceiling come crashing down on the platform. With the ceiling chunks also falls the body of the man in black. He slams into the jagged concrete pieces and his body tumbles down and stops, motionless. The vampires all look up to the large hole in the roof. The silouette of Ice Moon is there, the black shape of the body standing out against the full, white moon. He stares down at the gathering, happy with his act. Damien looks from the man in black to Ice Moon, and back to the man in black.)

DAMIEN: Fuck this! We're finding out who our "friend" is, right now!

(He walks over to the man in black. The body remains unmoving, not even showing signs of breathing. Damien grabs the black mask and rips it off. His eyes go wide.)

DAMIEN: Dante?!?! What in the hell is going on?!

(Minion, Raven, Twisted J, and CrazyCaleb all look at Dante, the man in black, in shock. Then, from in the mass of vampires, two people burst through, running to the chaos that used to be the sanctuary's platform. Damien turns to see that it is Angel and Trish.)

DAMIEN: Dammit! Why do I even have security?!

ANGEL: Damien! We must get to the roof!

DAMIEN: What are you doing here?!

ANGEL: I'll explain it all later! We've got to stop Ice Moon!

DAMIEN: Ice Moon? Who's Ice Moon?

ANGEL: That's our little visitor that just killed Dante. Come on!

(Damien concedes and runs with Angel, climbing up to the roof when they get outside. They step up to Dhuron's headless body, stepping in a pool of his crimson blood. Damien looks across the span of the roof to see Ice Moon standing next to the hole, in awe of his work. Sensing that others now occupy the roof with him, Ice Moon turns.)

ICE MOON: Damien. Angel. Nice to see you.

ANGEL: Shut up, Ice Moon! Your wicked deeds are done!

ICE MOON: (Laughing to himself) Wicked? Wicked? You are the ones that are wicked! This wedding only brings evil to this earth! By stopping it, I am helping to purge this evil from the world! I fight for good, and you and all of your friends will be destroyed!

DAMIEN: Look, you little punk-ass bitch, I don't know who the hell you are, but nothing is stopping me from marrying Raven. Especially not some "defender of good" asshole like you!!

ICE MOON: You think yourself so strong?

DAMIEN: You doubt me?

ICE MOON: No, Damien, I've learned never to underestimate my enemies. That leads to a quick defeat.

DAMIEN: Well, brace yourself for a quick defeat. Cuz that's what you're going to get.

(Damien and Angel charge Ice Moon, making the hero step back a little bit, almost falling through the hole in the roof. The brawl begins. The two-on-one fight gives Damien and Angel a steep advantage. As Ice Moon is getting beaten down, he slams his opponents back. A smile spreads across his face.)

ICE MOON: Hey Angel, you know that question you've been trying to solve? That answer you've been seeking? Well, it was me!

(Ice Moon dashes to the edge of the roof and leaps off, his cape flowing behind him. Damien and Angel run to the edge and look over. There is no sign of Ice Moon.)

ANGEL: Where'd he go? Do you see him?

(Damien shakes his head "no".)

DAMIEN: What was that all about? The question you were trying to answer?

ANGEL: Well, do you remember Brother Leon? A while back, he was trying to help Dante and me find you and kill you...

DAMIEN: Yeah, I remember.

ANGEL: Well, the reason we never actually got to you...See, Brother Leon somehow knew where you were at all times. He had some kind of "gift" to sense where evil lies. And then, he died, rather unexpectedly. Murdered, actually. Now, it has just been revealed to me that Ice Moon is Leon's killer.

(Damien nods his head, showing that he understands. He turns and begins to climb down the ladder.)

ANGEL: So now what happens?

DAMIEN: First off, I'm going to finish my wedding. Then, you're going to explain to me what the hell is going on.

(Angel follows Damien down the ladder and into the Coven. They walk into the sanctuary.)

RAVEN: Damien, baby! What happened?

DAMIEN: He's gone. He ran away............ Let's go get married. Reverend?

(Raven smiles as Reverend Manson digs through the rubble and pulls out the Book Of Arabus. Damien and Raven hold hands.)

MANSON: By the power vested in me by the supreme Lord of Hell, Satan, I now pronounce you Vampire and wife, blessed with the gift of eternal life together. Damien, you may kiss your bride.

(Damien and Raven, smiling, embrace and deeply kiss each other. The vampires around them all cheer, along with Minion and CrazyCaleb. Damien and Raven pull back, still smiling at each other.)

RAVEN: I love you.

DAMIEN: I love you too, babe.

(Angel walks over to Dante's body. Dante is now breathing. Angel watches in astonishment as he slowly, carefully begins to move. Angel looks around as he speaks to Dante.)

ANGEL: Hey Dante! I'm glad you're okay, man! Where'd Trish go?

DANTE: (very weakly) Inside me. She fused her soul and strength into my body to keep me alive. She gave her life to salvage mine.

(Damien and Raven walk up to Angel and Dante, who is sitting on the floor. All heads and eyes follow them, to pay attention to the conversation.)

DAMIEN: Okay, man, what's going on? I thank you for all that you have done, but why?

DANTE: I don't think it's right for the D.A. or Ice Moon to stop your wedding. You have a right to be together. I know we've never really seen eye-to-eye on anything, Damien, but, truthfully, I don't want either of you to die. The D.A., Maverick in particular, was about to terminate Raven's existance. I know what it's like to have a loved one kidnapped and tortured. I couldn't bear to have that happen to you.

ANGEL: There is a time for war, and a time for peace. This is our time for peace.

DAMIEN: Thank you. But, don't expect us to become best friends or anything.

DANTE: (laughing) Oh, I know, I know.

(Dante starts coughing violently, his body very, very weak.)

RAVEN: Let me help you.

DANTE: What can you do?

RAVEN: I'm a witch, remember? I can heal you.

DANTE: Go for it.

(Ravenholds her hands out towards Dante, muttering words in anunknown language. Her normally-purple eyes begin to turn a fiery shade of orange. Dante's body goes rigid, laying itself down flat. After a few seconds, Raven stops speaking. Her eyes return to normal. Everyone looks at Dante. His eyelids flutter open. He breathes in the air and then exhales.)

RAVEN: How do you feel?

(He stands, effortlessly and painlessly.)

DANTE: Great. Thank you.

RAVEN: It's the least I can do.

(Twisted J walks up and puts his hands on Damien's shoulders.)

TWISTED J: Well, buddy, looks like it's time for your honeymoon!

DAMIEN: I guess it is. (He smiles and grabs Raven's hand.) Come on, baby. Let's go. Hey J, see you all in afew days. Keep your eyes on Dante and Angel, ok?

(Twisted J nods his head. Damien takes Raven out of the Coven and helps her into his car. Everyone follows them to the parking garage to see them off. Damien starts up the Diablo. He revs the engine a couple of times and backs it out of the space. With the pedal to the floor, the Diablo speeds away, to the cheering of the vampires. CrazyCaleb stands next to Twisted J.)

CRAZYCALEB: Where are they going for the honeymoon?

TWISTED J: I don't know. But I know they're going to have a lot of fun, if you know what I mean.

(Caleb smiles, laughing to himself. The scene fades out as the tail lights of the Diablo disappear into the distance.)