...and the Darkness consumes us...

***part 2***

(The sun rises higher in the sky, the temperature of the city reaching up to 93 degrees, as the time nears closer to Noon. The black van that Minion is driving can be seen heading away from the city, towards the more isolated section, at the very edge of the county line. As Minion drives, the three vampires in the back attempt to sleep...without much luck. Finally, Lobo gives up on the sleeping bit and nudges Damien on the shoulder. Damien raises his head and looks at Lobo. Raven stirs a little, her head resting on Damien's shoulder, her arms wrapped around his body, but she continues to sleep.)

LOBO: So what's this whole "clan" deal you're talking about? You said you'd explain it on our way to the mansion.

DAMIEN: Okay, it goes like this: almost every vampire in the world is associated with a Clan in some way. Each Clan is made up of a lot of vampires, and sometimes, a few human loyalists. When you get down to it, it's for safety's sake. If one vampire gets discovered by a human or other creature and finds himself in trouble, he can just turn to the rest of the Clan for assistance. Usually, a few vampires get dispatched to help the other one, they kill the disturbance, and everything continues as normal.

LOBO: So it's like an exclusive club or something...

DAMIEN: Not a club at all, really, but if you prefer to think of it that way, feel free to. Exclusive: very. If we feel that a vampire is not good enough to do the Clan any good, they get rejected. If a vampire or human that is already inducted is found to be unloyal, they get killed on the spot, no hesitations.

LOBO: So, I assume that there are quite a few of these Clans, right?

DAMIEN: Right. I, and you shall soon, belong to the Ravnos Clan. I am proud to say that we are known to be one of the most violent, evil, and destructive Clans ever created. Our Clan has survived many, many centuries, and I am very proud to be a part of it.

LOBO: So, are you, like, the leader of it or something?

DAMIEN: Hell no...I can only dream of that. No, right now, our leader is the feared Vampire Lestat. I'm sure you've heard of him...

LOBO: Lestat?! You mean the vampire from those Anne Rice novels? I thought those were only fiction.

DAMIEN: They are disguised as fiction. In reality, every word of those novels speak truth. The humans don't have any clue, though.

LOBO: So, Lestat is your leader?...Is he a cool guy?

DAMIEN: Well, I'll say one thing...he's one arrogant son-of-a-bitch. I'm one of the higher-ranking vampires in the Clan, and he treats even me like I'm nothing but another vampire. He treats everyone that way. Sometimes I get fed up with him, but his vision...his view of the world...they're so true to what I think. I believe that's why he continues to lead us. And, other than his arrogance, his leadership skills are quite impressive.

LOBO: So, will I get to meet him?

DAMIEN: Chances are, yes. 99.9% of the Clan inductees are run past him. I'm sure you'll get to see him.

(From the cab of the van, Minion yells back to them.)

MINION: Okay, sleeping beauties, we're almost there, I'm at the bottom of the hill.

DAMIEN: Ok, thanks.

(Damien gently nudges Raven until she awakens.)

DAMIEN: We're almost there, babe. Wake up.

(The three vampires sit and wait as the van begins its ascent up the long, winding hill. After a seemingly endless climb, the ground levels out and the van comes to a halt in front of the huge mansion belonging to the Nightmare. The gigantic gray stone piece of Gothic architecture towers above the van, it's tall Gothic spires reaching into the heavens as the perched gargoyles act as security guards, watching over the property with their unmoving, stone eyes. Minion exits the van and taps on the back door.)

MINION: I'll open the front door, then I'll let you out, ok?

DAMIEN: Got it.

(Minion walks up and raises the heavy knocker on the front door, letting it clang down seconds later. After a few moments, the door opens, revealing the large form of the Nightmare in the doorway. Minion looks up at his partner, his friend.)

MINION: Damien, Raven, and the new vamp are here.

NIGHTMARE: Ok, let them in.

(Minion walks to the back of the van.)

MINION: Okay, guys, get ready...I'm opening the doors!

(He opens the back doors and the three vampires dash out and into the mansion as fast as they can, covering themselves with the robes. After making it safely inside, Minion shuts the van doors and enters the mansion himself, the Nightmare closing the front door behind him. The Nightmare turns to the three vampires.)

NIGHTMARE: So, Damien, who's your new friend?

DAMIEN: This is Jason Marcus Lobo...but I just call him Lobo. He'll be joining the Clan tonight. (He looks at Lobo.) Lobo, this is Gabriel, known to most people as "The Nightmare". He's not a vampire or anything, but he is a ruthless killer and I'm happy to have him as a friend. He's also in the Sickness stable in the BLOOD wrestling fed with me, Raven, and Minion.

LOBO: Cool. (He looks around the elaborately decorated foyer of the mansion, staring in awe at all of the intricate statues, carvings, paintings that the Nightmare has collected over the years.) So, what now?

DAMIEN: Now, we sleep. Hey Nightmare, you still have my and Raven's room shut off from the outside light?

NIGHTMARE: Of course.

DAMIEN: Good. Got anything else for Lobo?

NIGHTMARE: I'm sure we can find one room out of this mansion that he could use. You know that the majority of my house is cut off from the outside light anyway.


(The Nightmare looks at Lobo.)

NIGHTMARE: If you'll follow me, I'll find you a room.

LOBO: Ok. Umm...Damien, when are we waking up?


LOBO: Is the Nightmare or Minion going to wake us up? We don't want to be late to the Clan.

DAMIEN: Trust me, you'll wake up. It's kind of like a vampire instinct to wake up at sundown. See you then.

LOBO: Ok, good night, or good day....whatever. See ya.

(Lobo follows the Nightmare up the staircase, followed by Damien and Raven. Lobo and the Nightmare turn left, and Damien and Raven head right. The vampires all settle into their beds and sleep, resting up for the big night.)