The World Through The Eyes Of Jack Kreuger

***part 2***

(The repeated drumming of fingernails on a desk is the only sound in the room. Raven glances at the clock. 2 hours too late. She looks at the door of the hotel suite, back to the clock, and then again to the door. She is sitting in a black chair next to a large, dark-brown wood desk. Her husband, Damien, is laying on the king-sized bed, dressed in only a pair of baggy black jeans, re-reading the original graphic novel of "The Crow".)

RAVEN: Dammit! It's been too long! Where the hell is Gabrealla?!

(Damien looks up from the comic.)

DAMIEN: I don't know. She's probably somewhere screwing your brother. Out of all people, why did she have to choose him?

RAVEN: What do you have against him? He's your brother-in-law. Why do you hate him?

DAMIEN: I have my reasons.

RAVEN: Well, I'd sure like to hear them.

DAMIEN: You will. Just not now. I don't want to talk about him anymore.

RAVEN: Fine.

(She looks at the clock again and stands up.)

RAVEN: I'm going to find her. Where do you think she'd be?

DAMIEN: Well, if she's with Minion now, they're all living at the Nightmare's mansion.....Do you think Nightmare will even let you in now that he's with the D.A?

RAVEN: Trust me, if Minion knows what's good for him, he'll make sure Nightmare lets me in.

DAMIEN: You going by yourself?

RAVEN: Yeah, I'm a big girl. I can hold my own. Besides, I know there's no way you want to see Minion and Nightmare.

DAMIEN: You know me all too well. Here, take the Diablo.

(He tosses his keys to her. She smiles, tells him she loves him and gives him a kiss. She then turns and walks towards the door. Damien looks at his wife. Her black hair has purple streaks in it. She is wearing tight, black leather pants that flare out at the bottom. Her pants have a low waistline, showing her thin purple thong. She also wears a black bra with a black fishnet top on over it. Damien looks her up and down and sighs in lustfullness as she goes out the door. He goes back to reading "The Crow".

Raven walks down the hall, heading towards the beautiful hotel's parking garage. She steps into the 6th floor elevator and pushes the "1st floor" button. The elevator glides almost silently down to the ground level. She exits the elevator and walks to the parking garage, directing herself towards the Lambourghini Diablo. Suddenly, a gloved hand covers her mouth, holding tight. Raven lets out a muffled moan as some sort of heavy, blunt object is slammed over her head. Her body involuntarily sinds to the ground as her vision fades to black.)


**A few hours later**

(Damien is still lying on the bed in the suite, flipping through the channels on the TV. He finds an old martial arts movie with Bruce Lee and begins watching it. Shortly after it starts, though, he looks at his watch. The time is 4:17 a.m.)

DAMIEN: Something's wrong. It's almost sunrise. And I know Raven would've called if she was staying at the Nightmare's place.

(He picks up the phone and calls down to the front desk. One of the hotel employees answers.)

DAMIEN: Hey, it's Damien, in room #666. I was wondering if you could do me a favor...

EMPLOYEE: Yes, sir, what do you need?

DAMIEN: Could you check in the parking garage and see if my car's still there? It's the--

EMPLOYEE: --red-&-black Lambourghini Diablo? I saw it when you brought it in a couple of nights ago. I like that car myself. It's a good choice.

DAMIEN: Thanks. Could you check to see if it's there? My wife supposedly took it a few hours ago, but she hasn't come back or called me...

EMPLOYEE: Certainly, sir. I'll give your room a call when I get back, ok?

DAMIEN: Thanks.

(Damien hangs up the phone, turning back to the TV to watch Bruce Lee, but cannot help but be worried about his wife. A couple of minutes later, the phone rings. Damien picks it up quickly.)


EMPLOYEE: Um, sir, your car is still there.


EMPLOYEE: Is that a problem?

DAMIEN: Yeah, but don't worry about it, I'll take care of it. Thanks for your help.

EMPLOYEE: You're welcome, sir. Call me if you need anything else.


(He hangs up the phone.)

DAMIEN: Dammit!!!

(Damien goes down to the garage and verifies that, indeed, his car is still there. He then goes back up to his room and picks up the phone. He dials a number and waits. Someone then picks up.)

VOICE: Hello?

DAMIEN: Hey, Lestat, it's Damien.

LESTAT: Ah, Damien, my good friend, what can I do for you?

DAMIEN: Well, as you know, the sun's going to come up soon, and Raven's missing. She was going to take my Diablo and go see Gabrealla, but the car's still here, she's not, and I haven't heard from her.

LESTAT: That's definitely not good. Is there anything I can do?

DAMIEN: Not right now, cuz of sunrise. If you see her or hear anything about her, let me know. You've got my cell phone number, right?

LESTAT: Of course. I hope something turns up.

DAMIEN: Me too.

(Damien hangs up. As the sun is about to rise, he takes all of the sheets and covers from the bed and drapes them over the window, preventing the light's entrance. He lays down on the bed in the darkness and promptly goes to sleep.)



(Raven's eyes flutter open. She feels the cold sensation of metal touching her. She realizes that she is standing, her arms tied up above her, and her legs are spread wide, chained to the floor. The strain of involuntarily holding her body like this is causing her a lot of pain. Her head is still throbbing from whatever had hit her earlier. Although the actual wound has almost completely healed, the pain is still present. She groggily looks around her, as far as her body will allow without shooting pain throughout her muscles. Around her is a large, 20-foot high, black-walled, dimly lit room, the high windows covered by thick black cloth. The only furniture around her is a black padded chair with a wooden end table beside it. On the table rests an elegant glass and a bottle of wine. On the far wall in front of her, a door opens. Raven feels a slight draft, and only then does she realize that she is naked. Indeed, she leans her head down and sees her naked breasts and she can tell that the rest of her is unclothed as well. She notices her clothes in a pile near the chair. She looks to the door. There stands a man. He is wearing black cargo pants, black shoes, and an unbuttoned white polyester shirt. He looks about 6-and-a-half feet in height, and average weight. On his head is a black baseball cap with a skull printed on it. Because of the high lighting and the cap upon his head, the man's face is completely hidden in shadow. He slowly walks over to the chair and sits down. After pouring some wine in the glass, he removes his cap, and Raven sees his face.

He has a scruffy beard that hasn't been shaved in a few days. His head holds short brown hair. And his eyes...his eyes. His right eye is normal, a beautiful shade of green. But his left eye has no pupil. It is completely white, void of any and all color, and a long scar runs from his lower eyelid across his nose, and down to his right cheek. Raven is slightly repulsed, but she continues to stare coldly at her kidnapper. He brings the wineglass to his lips and sips, never taking his good eye off of her. He looks her nude body up and down, her limbs held in position by the chains. He continues to drink his wine, staring in silence. Raven, her mind still groggy, looks into the man's eyes...rather, the white, milky eye.)

RAVEN: Who are you?! What do you want?!


RAVEN: Ok, Jack, what do you--

KIDNAPPER: No, my name's not Jack. That's what I want. I want Jack...I want him alive.

(Raven's face contorts into a look of extreme confusion.)

RAVEN: And who is Jack?

KIDNAPPER: Jack, my dear, was my best friend. Jack, my dear, was the only person in the world I trusted. Jack, you little bitch, was the man you and your husband killed after you deceived him into trying to have sex with you.

RAVEN: (Smiling painfully) Oh, yeah. Him.

KIDNAPPER: Jack didn't deserve to die. His life was already shit. You didn't have to kill him.

RAVEN: But he was trying to rape me! I had to defend myself!!

KIDNAPPER: Shut the fuck up!! I know the truth! I know you pretended to be a prostitute! I know you toyed with him only to kill him later.....And I also know that you're a vampire. Why do you think I have the windows covered? I don't want you to die...yet.

RAVEN: How do you know all of this?

(The man sips drinks more of his wine.)

KIDNAPPER: I just know.

(He sets his glass on the table and stands up. He walks over to Raven, standing just inches away from her. He looks intently at her naked body, gliding his hand over one of her breasts. She cringes and tries to pull away, but the chains hold tight.)

KIDNAPPER: You know, Raven, you really are a very sexy girl. Jack knew that. I know that. And you promised Jack sex, didn't you? Well, he's not here to take you up on the offer anymore, so it looks like I'm going to have to take his place.

(Raven's eyes go wide as she struggles against the unnaturally strong chains.)

RAVEN: Damn! Now I really am going to get raped!

(The man grabs her hair and unhooks the chains around her arms. He pushes her backwards so she falls to the ground, her ankles still chained in place. As he starts to unzip his pants, a female voice is heard from the doorway.)

VOICE: Hey, asshole, how about a threesome?

(The man turns around to see Gabrealla standing at the entrance, looking very sexy in her half-unbuttoned white shirt and black-&-gray plaid schoolgirl skirt, and looking very dangerous with a Glock-9mm aimed at the man.)

KIDNAPPER: What the fu--

(**BLAM!** Gabrealla fires off a single round. Before the man has time to react, the bulltet tears through his stomach, ripping through his other organs and out his back. He falls to the ground, holding his stomach as it is covered in red liquid. Raven stares in shock from the ground, splattered with the man's blood. Gabrealla walks over and unhooks the chains from Raven's ankles.)

GABREALLA: Get your clothes, babe.

(She helps Raven to her feet and Raven grabs her clothesfrom beside the chair and begins to put them on.)

KIDNAPPER: It isn't over, you bitch.

(Raven turns and looks at the man as she fastens her bra.)

RAVEN: What do you mean?

KIDNAPPER: He's coming...And you will be in his path. He's gonna get you. And you're gonna wish you had never been born.

(He starts laughing.)

RAVEN: What do you mean? Who's coming? Jack?

KIDNAPPER: No, Jack's dead, remember? The Pale King is the one who comes now...You're gonna wish you had never been born.

(Suddenly, somehow, the man sits up, reaches out, and grabs the gun from Gabrealla. Instead of attacking, though, he turns the gun to his own head and pulls the trigger. The shot echoes through the large, empty room as more of the man's blood covers the floor. The gun falls from the motionless hand, clattering on the cement. Raven and Gabrealla look at each other for a moment. Gabrealla then picks up the Glock handgun and the two hurry out of the building.)