The World Through The Eyes Of Jack Kreuger


JACK: Damn, she's hot.

(Jack Kreuger had driven past here many times before. He always drove slowly, thinking, contemplating, and always deciding to continue on, to just keep driving.

Jack's life sucked, in his eyes, at least. He was 32 years old. The passion had left his marriage right after it started, he had recently lost his job, and life was pretty much treating him like shit lately. His only escape, other than the occassional beer, was sex. More accurately, he assumed it was an escape. He had never actually cheated on his wife, although he thought about it frequently.

Sitting in his car, parked on the side of the street in downtown's red-light prostitution district, Jack is still deciding. If sex is what he really desires, all Jack has do to is look up and down the street to find all of the tits-&-ass he could ever want. He had been sitting in his car, parked in that exact spot, all night. He had his eyes on one specific gothic-looking slut who had been there since evening set in. He looks at his watch. The time is 2:33 AM. Has it been that long? Jack thinks to himself. He had first pulled into that spot at about 9:45 PM.

He looks again at the girl. She is still waiting for some big man to come and have his way with her. She is very sexy. She is about 5-and-a-half feet tall, maybe a little shorter. She doesn't look more than 21 or 22 years old. She is thin; not anorexic-looking, but a healthy-thin. She has straight, chin-length, black hair, black eye shadow, black lipstick, and black fingernails. She is wearing a tight spandex purple top, which zips up in the front and reaches down to the bottom of her ribs. Her D-sized breasts are perfectly rounded, and her nipples are hardened in the cool night air. The girl has on a very tight, very small black miniskirt. If she stands right, Jack can see the very bottom of her luscious ass. Her miniskirt has a low waistline, revealing her belly button and a tattoo of a bat beneath it. She also wears mid-thigh, high-heeled, black leather boots.

Jack has finally decided. He gets out of his car and crosses the street, keeping his eyes on the goth girl. Jack is a pretty good-looking man, so he hopes that this slut won't mind screwing him. He approaches her.)

JACK: Hey, baby, I see that you're not taken yet. What's your name?

GOTH GIRL: Finally, I was wondering when you would decide.

JACK: You saw me?

GOTH GIRL: You've been sitting there in your car staring at me since before 10 o'clock. How could I not see you? Anyway, my name's Raven.

JACK: Oooh, Raven. I like that.

RAVEN: And you are?

JACK: Jack...Jack Kreuger.


(A couple of moments of awkward silence pass.)

RAVEN: So, are you gonna fuck me or what?

JACK: Well...uh...

RAVEN: Dammit! I thought you'd decided by now! Do you want this or not?!

(She takes Jack's hand and rubs it along her upper, inner thigh, under her miniskirt. Jack is pleased to find that she is not wearing any panties, and that she is very, very excited. He spends a few seconds feeling her as she lets out a quiet moan.)

JACK: Ok, let's go.....I didn't even ask you yet, how much will it cost me?

(She pulls close to him, pushing her breasts against him, and she grabs his crotch.)

RAVEN: I don't want any money. I just want your dick.

JACK: Are you screwing with me?

RAVEN: Not yet.

JACK: No, I mean; are you serious? You don't want any of my money?

RAVEN: No. I'm all free for the taking.

JACK: Do you have an STD or something?

RAVEN: Hell no! I just want to have sex! And, since you seem to be so desperate, staring at me all night, I figured I can give this to you free of charge.

JACK: If that's the case, then let's go for it.

(Raven leads Jack into the building that they are standing by, which is an apartment complex. He follows her up a flight of stairs, and to the door of apartment # 6. She turns the knob, and opens the door. The apartment is organized like any other apartment. Couch and TV in the living area, fridge in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. She walks into the bedroom and takes off her boots, and then slides onto the blue comforter on the bed. Jack stands at the end of the bed and looks around.)

JACK: So, is this your place?

(Raven pulls him onto the bed and begins to kiss and lick his ear.)

RAVEN: No, it's just a room.

(She begins to unbutton his tan shirt, kissing him on the lips. He pulls back slightly.)

JACK: So, uh, what do you--

RAVEN: Drop the small talk!! Do you want my pussy or not?!

JACK: Yeah, but...

RAVEN: Have you ever had sex before?

JACK: Hell yes. It's just that...I'm, uh, I'm--

RAVEN: Nervous because you're afraid that your wife will find out that you came to me.

JACK:'d you know?

RAVEN: Trust me. That's not the first time I've heard that. Now, let's get down to business.

(She finishes unbuttoning Jack's shirt. She removes it and tosses it to the floor. She unzips his jeans and begins to pull them down, but she pulls her arms back. She pulls her skirt up and spreads her legs, revealing her vagina to Jack. He is about to finish taking his jeans off, when Raven speaks.)

RAVEN: Oh, Jack. One more thing before you fuck me.

(Raven unzips her top and takes it off, showing him her large breasts, but more importantly, showing him a necklace. A necklace which holds a ring. She takes the ring off of the chain and slips it onto her left-hand ring finger. He looks at her in confusion.)

RAVEN: I'm a married woman. And I don't think my husband is going to like it when he finds you trying to rape me.

(She smiles and begins to laugh.)

JACK: Rape you?! What the hell?! I'm not raping you!!! You offered yourself to me!!

(They hear the door to the apartment open. Without warning, Raven screams.)

RAVEN: Help!!! Help!! Damien!!! Somebody!! Help!!!

(She pulls Jack on top of her as Damien rushes to the doorway. He gets to the door, only to see some stranger with his pants down and shirt on the floor, lying on top of a kicking, screaming, naked Raven.)

RAVEN: Damien!!! Get this perverted bastard off of me!!

(Damien grabs Jack by the neck and throws him back against the wall. He knees hard in the gut, sending him to the ground in pain. Damien picks him up and launches him head-first into the large mirror on the wall, shattering the middle of it. Damien is about to break his neck when Raven says something.)

RAVEN: Hey, baby, I'm hungry.

(He grabs Jack by his hair and pulls him up to his knees. He turns his head and holds it, exposing the side of his neck. Raven leans in, baring her fangs to the barely conscious man, and plunges them in his neck, severing the main artery. Delicious crimson blood flows into her mouth. She drinks eagerly. After she is finished, she pulls her lips off of his skin and allows the blood to run down her face and chest. Damien runs his tongue along her chest, licking the blood off. He then moves to her face and kisses her. She slides her tongue into his mouth. The two stand there making out for a few minutes. All of a sudden, Damien pulls back.)

DAMIEN: He wasn't really raping you, was he?

RAVEN: No. I was hungry, and I wanted to play with my food before I ate it. Are you mad at me?

DAMIEN: Of course not. I think it's quite fun to watch them squirm before their death. Get dressed, we've got some things to do.

(Raven puts her top back on, adjusts her miniskirt, and follows Damien out of the room, leaving Jack Kreuger dead, his body resting against the wall.)