(The scene opens up and the camera shows a drum set onstage, with an electric guitar and bass guitar laying beside it. The camera zooms out and pans around and we see a packed arena, waiting for the commencement of tonight's BLOOD house show. The camera switches and we see the announcers, Daniel Keith and Pat Smith, at the announce table.)

PAT SMITH: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the BLOOD federation! We have an exciting night planned for you with some very exciting matches. Not only will you see some great wrestling action here, but tonight, we have a special guest performace by the acclaimed rock band, "Disturbed"! They will be performing their hit song "Down With The Sickness". And you know what that means, Daniel.

DANIEL KEITH: Unfortunately, yes. That means the stable THE SICKNESS, made up of Outkast, Jonny Psyko, CrazyCaleb, and the Virus, will be out here.

SMITH: Speaking of THE SICKNESS, how about what happened to them at BLOODbath a few nights ago? All of them getting laid out by chairs courtesy of Silver Eagle and the Angel of Death!

KEITH: I loved it! It was hilarious! I was laughing my a$$ off!! Finally, Outkast and his gang got what was coming to them! I've got to see the replay of that!!

(The replay of the match, since it wasn't that long, is shown. After it is done, the camera shows Daniel Keith and Pat Smith again.)

KEITH: And what about the new team of Wang Fang and the Dark Figure? I didn't really think that would become an official team.

SMITH: Yeah, that was a shock to us all, I think. After the Dark Figure defected from the Tribal Warriors and was rejected by THE SICKNESS, he had to turn somewhere. And with Jet Li as manager, they will be quite a force to go up against.

(The members of Disturbed, vocalist David Draiman, guitarist Don Donegan, drummer Mike Wengren, and bassist Fuzz, walk out onstage and begin to get ready.)

SMITH: It looks like Disturbed is about to play. Come on, Daniel, get down with THE SICKNESS!!

KEITH: Shut up, Pat.

SMITH: Sorry.

(Disturbed begins playing "Down With The Sickness". As they start, the lights fade and green strobes flicker throughout the arena. When the first big climactic beat hits, green flames explode from the center of the entrance ramp. Outkast, Jonny Psyko, CrazyCaleb, and the Virus emerge from backstage. As Disturbed continues their song, the members of THE SICKNESS walk down the ramp and climb in the ring. They each mount a turnbuckle and taunt to the crowd. They all get down and walk around the ring, taunting and talking to each other. After Disturbed finishes their song, the crowd erupts with shouts and applause. The members of Disturbed walk down the ramp and past the ring, recieving high-fives and pats on the back from THE SICKNESS. Outkast jumps out of the ring and whispers something in each of their ears. Security pulls part of the guard rail out and the band sits down in their reserved front row seats. Kast smiles and grabs a mic from the ring announcer, and gets back in the ring.)

OUTKAST: Give it up for Disturbed!!! (The crowd erupts with applause once more. After the cheers die down, Outkast continues.) Okay, now down to business. Who here thinks that me and my boy Jonny got cheated in our match Monday?? (The majority of the crowd remains silent.) Ah, who the h*ll asked you anyway? The truth, whether you realize it or not, is that me and Jonny got our a$$es screwed by Silver Eagle and the Angel of Death. Not literally, of course, although I know that's Eagle's and Angel's favorite past-time activity with each other back in the Prez's office. Anyway, Monday, we got beaten because of steel chairs. So we lost a match. Oh well. Life goes on. I guess that means that we'll just have to destroy everyone and everything until you f**king idiots in the crowd and the Prez realize that we are the best. We'll just have to prove it, like we did over and over so many times back in the HEWWF. And Eagle, you remember that, don't you? You were there. Me and Jonny were the reigning tag champions for I don't know how long. Then you and the Archangel of Might beat us in a fluke. So what did we do? Oh yeah, we beat your a$$es down, regained the tag titles, and kept them until the HEWWF had to close down. Well, it looks like that's what we'll have to do here in the BLOOD fed. In fact, why don't we make that dream come true? Eagle, Angel of Death, get your sorry a$$es down here!!

(After a few seconds of silence, "Between Angels and Insects" starts to play. Eagle and Angel step out onstage, Eagle holding a mic.)

SILVER EAGLE: You called?

OUTKAST: Yeah, I called, b*tch. Don't talk to me like you don't know what's going on. I want you two to get down here and prove to everybody that you're better than THE ASYLUM.

EAGLE: What, you think we're stupid or something? Don't answer that. We're not gonna go down there into a ring full of 4 people.

OUTKAST: Yeah, that's what I figured you'd say. Caleb, Virus, if you would please, migrate to the locker room. Me and Jonny have some business to take care of.

(Caleb and Virus nod their heads and exit the ring. They walk past Eagle and Angel, glaring at them as they pass.)

OUTKAST: Okay, now it's even. C'mon down, boys. Let's play.

('Kast beckons the Tribal Warriors. Eagle and Angel look at each other, and then make their way down the ramp. They slide in the ring simultaneously. As they stand up, Outkast looks at them.)

OUTKAST: Before we kick your a$$es, I want to just say one thing. Angel of Death, you're the ref in my match against the Dark Figure this week. If you screw me over, which I'm pretty d@mn sure you will, then I will raise Hell to get to you. I will do whatever it takes to put you through as much pain as you possibly can endure. Cuz I don't want to take you out. No, then you wouldn't feel any pain. I want you to suffer, Angel, suffer in torment for all eternity. Are you willing to take that risk? Think about that when you help the Dark Figure out in our match, cuz I know you will. After you fast-count a pinfall or whatever, after you call for the bell and declare the Dark Figure the winner because of something you did, you'd better be running. With that said, bring your sh*t.

(As 'Kast is speaking, David Draiman, the vocalist of Disturbed, grabs his chair and jumps over the security rail, behind Angels' and Eagle's backs. The two Tribal Warriors attack 'Kast and Psyko, and an all-out brawl ensues. David slides in the ring with his chair, and slams it over Eagle's head. Eagle falls to the ground, conscious but dazed. He gets to his knees and David does a baseball swing with the chair right into his face. Needless to say, this chair shot wipes him out. Outkast and Jonny beat down Angel, and then hold him up, one on each side. Draiman cracks the steel chair into Angel's head. 'Kast and Jonny continue holding him up as David continues to beat him with the chair. Angel's forehead gets busted open and his blood flows down his face and drips into a small puddle in the ring.

All of a sudden, Dante comes running out, with a large metal pipe in his hand. Jonny, 'Kast, and David see him, and slide out of the ring. They group together beside the announce table. Dante checks on Angel and Eagle, always keeping The Asylum and Draiman in his view. Unbeknownst to Dante, CrazyCaleb and the Virus run back out and slide in the ring. As Dante hears someone sliding in the ring, he turns, only to get laid out by the two men. Psyko, 'Kast, and Draiman get back in the ring. David beats Dante repeatedly with the chair as Outkast gets his mic back. He looks down at the fallen Tribal Warriors.

OUTKAST: How you like that, Dante? You want to look all big and bad cuz you're a demon-slayer? Well, here's your demon! C'mon, Dante, slay me! Hehe, you stupid little b*tch...Hey, Prez Richard Rahl!! Can you hear me back there? What are you doing, just sending out your friends to get ripped apart by the wolfpack? Why don't you come down here and help them? Come on! Or are you just cowering back in your office, watching all of this destruction with a scared look on your face, with fear in your whole body? That's the smart thing to do. Send out your troops, and don't get hurt yourself. Don't worry, Rahl, your time will come...Well, Rahl, you want to bring in Dante to help you, Wang Fang, you want to bring in Jet Li to manage you and D.F. Well, as you can see, I've brought in somebody, too. Ladies and gentleman, say hello to the new manager of THE SICKNESS, David Draiman! (The majority of the crowd boos at them.) Whether you like it or not, you're all gonna be infected with THE SICKNESS...

('Kast throws the mic down and "Down With The Sickness" plays over the speakers. The members of THE SICKNESS, including David Draiman, climb out of the ring and walk to the back, leaving the Tribal Warriors, decimated, bleeding, broken, and unconscious, laying on the mat...)

Get up, come on, get down with THE SICKNESS