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Real Name: Raven Belladonna Brisbane Mordred
(“Brisbane” being her Maiden name, and “Mordred” her married name”)

Nicknames: Rave’; Vampiress; Dark Goddess

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Measurements: 40DD-24-36

Hometown: Original human birth was in Pheonix, AZ. Was Born Into Darkness in Los Angelos, CA.

Theme music: “Count To Six And Die" by Marilyn Manson (click for lyrics)

Wrestler is: Extreme Heel

Main Fighting Style: Hardcore/Speedy

Valet: Damien

Stable: CrimsoN

Finisher Move name: The Edge Of Forever

Describe Finisher Move: A "Triangle Choke Hold" (A headlock applied by wrapping her legs around the opponent's neck, while they are on the ground, and for added pressure, Raven has one of the opponent's arms locked in the hold).

Trademark Move name: The Perfect Drug

Describe Trademark Move: Raven kicks her opponent in the stomach (or if the ref isn't looking, the groin) and, while they are doubled-over, she does an uppercut-kick straight to their jaw, knocking them out.

Biography: Raven is the wife of Damien. After Damien's first wife divorced him, he was suicidal...until Raven came along. She had her own ways of making him feel better, and got all of his suicidal tendencies out of him. After years of being a certified witch, she decided that it wasn’t for her, and left witchcraft to her friends. A little while ago, Raven was changed in a way...specifically, she's a vampire. Damien, who had become a vampire sometime during his life, came home one night and turned her into something better than human... And she couldn’t be more thankful. Raven, like her husband, doesn't take shit from anyone. She always stands by her man; where you find Damien, there you will find Raven. Raven is the sister of Minion. Minion and Damien had, a while back, gotten into a huge fight, and Raven had, of course, sided with her husband. Her best friend, Gabriella, is also the girlfriend of Minion, which made the situation quite awkward for Raven and Gabriella. Quite recently, though, Damien grew to like Minion and Gabriella, and has welcomed them into the family, and into The Arakrist Clan of Vampires, where Damien is the Sire (father/leader) of the Vampires, and Raven is second-in-command.
Raven is very gothic. She looks a lot like Chastity (the vampire assassin in the Chaos Comic Book 'Chastity'). She has short-cropped hair (about jawline-level), that is usually black, but she dyes it different colors on occasion. She always wears tight black clothing, which is very revealing. She usually has a silver Ankh necklace around her neck. She wears black lipstick and black eye-shadow, and of course black fingernail polish. A silver ring adorns her left eyebrow, and she has about 5 total ear-rings. She has a silver belly-button ring, with a tribal sun-like tattoo surrounding her belly-button. A black bat tattoo lies on her waist, extending down past her already-low pant-line. A tribal cross is tattooed on her right shoulder, and a rose with black thorns is on her left shoulder. On her lower-back is a tattoo of a black Devil's Pentagram.