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**These images were created using the “WWE Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain” video game, on the Playstation 2.**
**All images were taken using a digital camera, sorry for any blurriness that occurred.**

Real Name: Gabriel Alcaine

Nicknames: Gabriel; The Monster; The Giant; The Serial Killer

Gender: Male

Height: 7 feet, 2 inches

Weight: 325 pounds

Hometown: Derry, Maine

Body count: Confirmed victims – 47 ..... Unconfirmed victims - ???

Theme music: "Pet" by A Perfect Cirle (click for lyrics)

Wrestler is: Extreme Heel

Main fighting style: Powerhouse/Hardcore

Valet: none

Stable: Borne In Blood

Finisher Move name: "Darkest Dream"

Describe Finisher Move: A 'Last Ride' powerbomb.

Trademark Move name: "Monster in the Closet" ; "Chokeslam To Hell"

Describe Trademark Move: "Monster In The Closet" - The Nightmare places the opponent on the turnbuckle and gets on the apron. He then chokeslams the opponent off of the turnbuckle, outside the ring. This is sometimes performed through a table, frequently the announcer's table.
"Chokeslam To Hell" - a violent chokeslam

Biography: Gabriel “The Nightmare” Alcaine is an intimidating force, to say the least. This monster of a man uses his brute force to plow through anyone in his way. A convicted serial killer, Gabriel Alcaine earned the nickname "Nightmare" because of his murder tactics. His favorite way to take out his victim was to slit their throat while they were sleeping; and then leave a note saying that their worst nightmare came true and killed them. Somehow, whether it be by escape, parole, bail, threat, or otherwise, Gabriel is out of jail and on the streets. So for reasons unknown to anyone but Gabriel, he decided to become a wrestler...specifically, a wrestler in the BLOOD Fed. Having grown a liking to it, Gabriel decided to stay in the wrestling biz.
He is a very eloquent speaker when he chooses to be, obviously having attained vast amounts of knowledge in his lifetime. He knows how to kill quickly, but is also very fond of torture. Gabriel’s weapon of choice is a blade, usually a large butcher knife, but any blade will do. His murder tactics include his infamous “Sleeping Death”, slitting of the throat, strangling with the bare hands, bashing of the skull, death by extreme blood-loss, hanging by a noose, and suffocation, to name a few. Just don't get on the wrong side of Gabriel, or your worst nightmare might just come true....
Somewhat recently, Gabriel became a servant of a being known as “The Master”. Having been promised the existence as a Lord Of Hell once The Master took control of Earth, The Nightmare was pleased to help Him out. As a gift to Gabriel, The Master sent two of His followers, the twins Jynxx & Skourge, to assist him in whatever he needs. If Gabriel Alcaine is already an terrifying and destructive force, the BLOOD Fed can only shudder while thinking of what he can do with the ravenous twins at his side.
The Nightmare's attire is, well, quite odd. He wears black leather pants that have an inverted pentagram on one leg, black boots, and black elbow pads. The oddness, though, comes from the rest of his 'costume'. He wears a white shirt, spattered with blood, supposedly the blood of his victims. Gabriel has long black hair that reaches down just below his shoulders. His face is covered with a thin layer of white “paint”, and there is a "bullet hole" in the middle of his forehead, with a stream of blood from his wound on his face. (Although his face looks like it has paint and make-up on it, it is a real, non-healing wound.)