"In Dusk, Darkness falls, until the Dawn rises on the Dead"

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**These images were created using the “WWE Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain” video game, on the Playstation 2.**
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Real Name: Azriel Charnel Brisbane

Nicknames: Azriel, The Daywalker

Gender: Male

Height: 6 feet, 8 inches

Weight: 275 pounds

Theme Music: "Astonishing Panorama Of The End Times" by Marilyn Manson (click for lyrics)

Wrestler is: Extreme Heel

Main Fighting Style: Power/Hardcore

Valet/Manager: Gabriella

Stable: CrimsoN

Finisher Move name: "Darkness Falls"

Describe Finisher Move: A ‘Shooting Star Press’ off the turnbuckle. Minion being such a big man, this move is very high-impact, and very risky.

Trademark Move name: "Drainage"

Describe Trademark Move: Minion puts his opponent in a headlock. He then drags them to the corner. Minion climbs up and sits on the top turnbuckle, pulling the opponent into the air, choking the life out of them, as if it were a noose. When he is finished with the torture, Minion just tosses them down from the turnbuckle.

Biography: Minion is the brother of Raven (Damien's wife). His previous history is quite troubled, and very disturbing. During his teenage years, he developed a taste for the Gothic and Satanic styles of life. He joined a Satanic cult, called "Broken Soul" in order to feed this desire. In the cult, he, in order to worship the Dark Lords and appeal to them, killed and slaughtered many innocent people. His reign of terror grew over the years, offering living sacrifices of his victims to the Dark Lords. His most prestigious "mission" was to kill his parents. Minion filled out that order without a second thought, lopping the heads of his mother and father off with an axe. At that point, his sister, Raven hated him for his deed. A fight between the two occurred, and they refused to speak to each other for years, basically disowning one another as a sibling. After the fight, Minion went deeper into his cult and progressed to the leader. Shortly after, however, the police found the cult's meeting grounds and arrested all but Minion and a handful of others, who escaped. Minion then took to the road, never settling down but traveling, reviving the "Broken Soul", starting up cults of the same name all over the country and moving on. When Raven fell into a coma, Minion put the past behind him and went to visit her, much to the surprise of Damien, who had never even known that Raven had a brother. Soon after, the two men became friends, fighting alongside one another in their quest to bring the Darkness into this world. Minion joined The Sickness (Damien’s stable at the time) and had been a strong and skilled ally of Damien. After a while of wreaking havoc with The Sickness, a "falling out" occurred between Damien and Minion, for what reason is still not known. Minion and The Nightmare had broken away from "The Sickness", to become a tag team of their own. Around that time, Minion fell in love with Raven's best friend, Gabriella. The friendship of Raven and Gabriella, for a time, had become troubled, with their husband and boyfriend, respectively, wanting to rip each others throats out. It took some time, but Damien now likes Minion and Gabriella, and has welcomed them both into The Arakrist Clan ( Damien’s Vampiric group) as daywalkers for the Vampires. Damien has even let Minion and Gabriella live in a room at the Vampire’s Coven (The Nightmare had kicked Minion out The Mansion, where he was staying). Now Minion has his sights set on getting the ultimate revenge for the complete betrayal of his former best friend, The Nightmare.
Minion is a very muscular man (almost to the effects of Batista in the WWE), seeming intimidating to practically everyone he encounters. His face is usually covered by his long, stringy, jet-black hair, with only a look of anger visible in his eyes. He usually wears a sleeveless black or red t-shirt with some kind of "demonic" or "evil" logo/message on it. He wears black leather pants and black combat boots.