Real Name:
Jynxx: Unknown
Skourge: Unknown

Jynxx: Komidy
Skourge: Trajidy

Jynxx: Male
Skourge: Male

Jynxx: 6’3”
Skourge: 6’3”

Jynxx: 235 lbs.
Skourge: 240 lbs.

Jynxx: Unknown
Skourge: Unknown

Jynxx: Unknown
Skourge: Unknown

Theme Music:
”Born In A Burial Gown” by Cradle Of Filth (click for lyrics)

Wrestlers are:
Extreme Heel

Main Fighting Style:
Hardcore, Technical

The Nightmare

Borne In Blood

Finisher Move name:
Jynxx: “Razor Blade Smile”
Skourge: “Anathema”

Describe Finisher Move:
Jynxx: A modified piledriver (the “Nail In The Coffin” that Vampiro used to do in WCW/JCW. Also known as the “Michinoku Driver” as used by Taka Michinoku in the WWE).
Skourge: A violent swinging neckbreaker/reverse DDT (same as Luther Reigns’ finisher in the WWE).

Trademark Move name:
Jynxx: “Joker’s Wild”
Skourge: “Tortured Soul Asylum”

Describe Trademark Move:
Jynxx: An STK (which is an STO, except instead of having his arm around the opponent’s chest, Jynxx grabs the opponent by the throat, and then sweeps the legs out from under them, slamming them to the mat).
Skourge: A guillotine choke-hold (Skourge starts out by performing a DDT to the opponent; but instead of releasing the hold, once the opponent's head hits the mat, he wraps his arm tightly around their neck, putting them in an unescapable and very painful necklock).

Although their age is not known, it is known that Jynxx and Skourge are twins. The brothers came to the BLOOD Fed by orders of a being known as “The Master”. Their orders were to assist Gabriel “The Nightmare” Alcaine in whatever he needed. Nothing else about their history is known.
Being twins, Jynxx & Skourge look very much alike. They have the same body type, they are the same height, pretty much the same weight, and are both bald. Their distinguishing features come from their attire. Jynxx wears slightly-tattered pants and sleeveless shirt that are divided into 4 large squares of alternating black-&-red color (think: Harley Quinn’s outfit design from the Batman cartoon). His face is “painted” like a jester. Skourge looks the exact same, except his clothes are all-black, and his “face paint” is a white-&-grey skull. Like their partner, The Nightmare, their “paint” does not come off.