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Real Name: Damien Chapel Mordred

Nicknames: The Vampire; Sire (of the Vampires); Arakrist Clan Leader

Gender: Male

Height: 6 feet, 4 inches

Weight: 250 pounds

Age: Unknown

Hometown: The location of Damien’s original human birth is unknown. He was Born Into Darkness in Los Angelos, CA.

Theme Music: “Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" by Marilyn Manson (click for lyrics)

Wrestler is: Extreme Heel

Main Fighting Style: Hardcore, Martial Arts, Technical

Valet/Manager: Raven (his wife)

Stable: CrimsoN

Finisher Move name: "Diablo's Rage"

Describe Finisher Move: Damien gets his opponent in a reverse DDT hold, raises his opponent up (as if to perform an inverted suplex), and then slams them down, powerbombing them onto their chest.

Trademark Move name: ***2 Trademarks*** 1)"Blood Mist" & 2)"Hellraiser"

Describe Trademark Move: 1)"Blood Mist": Damien spits a temporarily blinding red liquid into the eyes of his opponent. (The same thing as Gangrel's red mist).
2)"Hellraiser": same as Test's "Testdrive".

Biography: Damien's life before wrestling is pretty much a mystery. He keeps his past to himself, and anyone that questions about it either receives silence, or a beating. Formally known as Outkast, he was the leader of the dreaded stable, THE SICKNESS, until they disbanded with the closing of BLOOD: Version 1. Damien is a master martial artist, earning black belts in various forms of martial arts. His wrestling style is composed of hardcore, technical, and martial arts skills. He backs down to no one, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants, using force any chance he gets. He was the only 4-time World Champ in the HEWWF, and also a 2-time Tag Champ in the same Federation. After HEWWF closed down, Damien decided to enter the BLOOD Fed and wreak some havoc. He became the Vice Prez of BLOOD, giving him, along with Prez Michael and Silver Eagle (Commissioner), control over the fate of the wrestlers in the Fed. Damien and the Prez’s group then had some "differences", involving Michael being put in the hospital, and then dying, all due to Damien. Richard Rahl then joined Eagle to form a stable to take out Damien, which he has yet to do. Richard and Silver Eagle were taken out of action, courtesy of Damien, and Damien took over the BLOOD Fed as the Prez. His hated brother-in-law, Minion, had, for a time, become the Vice Prez, but since the re-opening of BLOOD, he has since lost his Vice Prez status. Damien is almost always found with his wife, Raven, at his side, as the two are practically inseparable. At some point in his life, Damien had been bitten by a freak that called himself a Vampire. At first, Damien didn't believe it, until incontrovertible proof forced him to realize the truth...the truth that he, too, is one of them...a Vampire. Not wanting to be alone, Damien turned Raven into a Creature of the Night, and she was happy to join him. Later, Damien gave his Prezidential Powers back to Richard Rahl, more content with just wrestling and fighting than being on the business side of the Federation. He has regained a liking for his brother-in-law, and has accepted him and Gabriella into the family, and into The Coven of Vampires, The Arakrist Clan, of which Damien is the leader. Damien has now formed a new stable, CrimsoN, composed of himself, Raven, Minion, and Gabriella. After losing his match for the Bloodshed Title, Damien is on the hunt to regain his championship.
Damien has spiky jet black hair and also a black goatee on his chin. He wears a thin layer of black eyeliner around his eyes, which are blood red. He always wears a tight black shirt of some sort and black pants. While wrestling, he wears a pair of black leather pants, which have a devil-girl covering his right leg. He also has black arm bands that extend from his hands to his elbows. Damien occasionally wrestles shirtless, revealing his 10-or-so tattoos, including the Japanese characters for "Vampire" on his back, at the base of his neck. He has his Vampire Cross tattooed on his left shoulder and red-&-orange flames running up his right arm. An abstract crow design covers the majority of his back, and other various symbols adorn his body.