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christina is jesus

hiya! im christina! im 15 years old, brown hair, blue eyes 5'2, and i love long walks on the beach while chasing seagulls.. oh yes! i've bin told that im very strange.. and sumtimes funni...depends hoo u ask! plz sign mi guestbook if its werkin.. im not sher if it iz er not but oh well. i dont really have much of a life. im starting summer school july 2nd which iz just so much fun..NOT! i got mi 2 bestest buddies, kathleen and jeff.. and i dunno where i'd b without them. and kaitlin.. i dunno where this homepage would b without her haha thanx so much fer tha help kaitlin! so ya.. go 2 the linkies if there is any yet.. and.. enjoy! (u probably wont)

favourite bands


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