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Susie's Page

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A special place for a special man - first of a ongoing series... eventually.
GRAND SPANKIN' (sorta) NEW DATED TRIBUTE - to a very worthy guy...
Amazing Discovery #572

This is the product of a woman with no life. This page will serve no other purpose but to confuse, annoy or anger the viewer. As time goes on, I or my equally insane friends will update when we get around to it. Until then, it's staying as is. If you don't like it, go look for some Japnese girls in polar bear costumes eating shit sprinkled with Corn Flakes (I'm sure it exists).
P.S. MySpace is Satan...

DISCLAIMER: I don't know anyone in any of the pictures posted, nor am I looking to make a buck off of them, though some have been tweaked purely for comic effect. Everything here is an extension of my internet and life travels. The only thing that is truly mine are the words, though I did not invent the alphabet.

When you've had your fill of the above, try this...