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Welcome the official web page of the colony of The Open Nordiques

The Colony of The Open Nordiques
(Les Nordiques L'ouvre)

The crest of the colony of The Open Nordiques.

A message fom Govenor Atchke.

I'd like to welcome you to The Open Nordiques (pronounced nor-deke). Here, the legends of the Quebec City Nordiques live on and Eric Lindros got what he deserved, a trip to Tampa Bay Lightning. We take pride in our customs like accepting Canadian and American at par, and want you to partake in our scenery and major cities of Theodore, Laflur, Roy, Beleveau, and the capital of Richard. (I'm well aware of the irony of having Canadiens legends as the names of cities). So see the native ferret population, spray paint some English road signs, and play some hockey in the land of the Nordiques!

Gov. Atchke Squirrel

The Open Nordiques flag

The Micronation of Footland
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The Redwall Forum
We must remove Saddam, not his victims.

Thank you for visiting The Open Nordiques. Come back soon!

Created on the 17th of July in the year of 2002.
Edited on the 6th of April in the year of 2003.