If you can't read this . . . bite me.

NBVBV- The Website Volume 3



Home Makeover Edition

Now with 25% more monkey

Disclaimer: Monkey does not actually enter your brain while you sleep and make you more sexy.


A promise to all my nbvbvites!

I will have new material up . . .eventually. For now enjoy my old material . . .most of which is so badly misspelled you can't understand them.



Tormented Brain Children


*Important Notice*

Space shrimps are invading your colon!

As a type this millions and millions of these tiny invaders have created settlements deep within your bowels, and are now plotting to taking over the world.

What can you do to stop this menace?

How can you possibly keep the world from being blowed up by these tiny terrors?

You cant!

But you can send me your insane ramblings in the form of . . .



Send your Tormented Brain Children Here


This Number Means dick. Trust me . . .no one cares about it.