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The installation for Tagger Version 2.0 is very easy. Just follow the following:
1.) Unzip the tagger zip file
2.) Go to the unziped files and open config.php and edit the variables in it
3.) Then open style.css and edit the style of which you want your tagboard
4.) Open index.html if you wish to change the tagger input size/frame size/etc
5.) Get out an FTP Program, if you do not have one, I suggest you get one
6.) Upload all files in a directory called tagger.
7.) Chmode entries.db to 666
8.) Go to to view that tagboard
9.) If all is good, congradulations, you have a tagboard! YAY

Chmoding Files If you do not know how to Chmode a file, I suggest you read this. Its very simple. I use WS_FTP Pro for my FTP program. But my instructions should be about the same for other FTP's. Simply Right click on an uploaded file and click on Chmode. Then a window should come up with 3 rows of check boxes. Simply check them off like the following to make it 666.

  The above diagram is how you should check off the boxes. top 2 rows checked off, but leave the other row not checked. Then click okay. This will set the Chmode to 666. Thats all to it.
   Tagger, Created by Brian Benzinger of . Thank you for downloading Tagger Version 2.0, Hope you enjoy the scirpt. Tagger, Copyright 2002 +