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Let us take you on a journey of unsolved mysteries of ghosts, the supernatural and extraterrestrial. Revealing some of the most isolated and mysterious enigmas of the mysterious world.

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Do you believe in ghost, vampires, poltergeists, witches and other spook stories?

Now be scared...if you DARE!

Theresa & Carol

We are the keepers of Mysterious World

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30/10/03 - Next part of our Egg Mystery has been released!
- New story in the Story/Poem section titled 'Magic' by Jay Gee. Take a look!

29/10/03 - The next few parts of our Egg Mystery have been released! Check it out!

27/10/03 - UPDATE - The figure has been revealed!!!!
- The figure is soon to be revealed!!! Check out the lastest update of our Egg Mystery story section!

13/08/03 - THE STORE IS UP & RUNNING!!!

The store has been re-designed with new links, new products & a great new style! We now update the products regulary so check it out!

20/06/03 - Sorry that some of the graphics aren't working at the moment! We're doing maintenance to the site and to the store! We'll have it all up and running A.S.A.P.!!
Thx for your patience :)

18/06/03 - First of all, YAY NO MORE EXAMS!!!!!! (means you get our full attention, so be happy!)
- The on page ad has been removed as we still appeared to be getting pop-up ads anywayz (not fair!) so back to annoying (but less!) ads :)
- There will be A LOT more updates soon now that we have all this free time! Keep checking back!
- You'll never guess what we just came across!


It's the original Mysterious World website that we started when I must have been about 9 years old!(Theresa - Keeper of M.W.) Lol don't laugh too hard when you see it, cos hey, all websites have to start out somewhere right?!

14/04/03 - New link system & new links! Check them out!
- New story in the Story/Poem section titled 'The Boxes' by Jay Gee. Make sure that you take a look!
- New poem in the Story/Poem section titled 'The Thing' by Theresa - Keeper of M.W. Make sure that you take a look!
- New poem in the Story/Poem section titled 'Virus Invasion' by Theresa -Keeper of M.W. Make sure that you take a look!

12/04/03 - Yes, we know, the ad at the top of the page is a pain!! But, hey!! It's better than the annoying pop-up ads that we used to have :) (they only pop up once and then they're gone for good!)


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