Pissing at Store

I was hanging around my house (all alone) in my thong topless. Well, I had already pissed my thong a bit for pleasure. I was 16, I think. Well I went to get a snack and drink to find out I didn't have anything. So I tossed off my wet thong and got pissed off to find out I had no more clean panties, so I used a pair of my mom's. I then threw on a pair of tan pants and I forget what top I had on. But anyways, I went to Weis and who else walks in the door right behind me than an ex-bitch of mine. When we had dated, we had our fun, but we hated each then and still do. Well the reason why she broke up with me is cause I like to piss myself and at this time I didn't like to do it publicly. But she followed me through the whole store and got in the checkout behind me. The line was quite long, so I turned around and started bitching at her asking why she was following me. Her response was to squeeze my bladder and have me piss myself in front of the whole crowd! I left my stuff there and ran out of the store and all the way home crying and could hear her laughing as I left.